Patrick Bet-David Predicts Tucker Carlson’s Next Moves

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Tom Ellsworth, Adam Sosnick and Vincent Oshana talk about Tucker Carlson’s next moves.

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What Joe Rogan is for podcasts and Tucker is for cable TV I agree period Right okay so at this point you've made Money Uh uh you have a lot of haters you have A lot of fans you have a lot of True Believers you know what you want and What you don't want you're living a life Where you know the way you're doing Everything your podcast your show you Get to dictate your terms and you're Seeing what's going on in politics today And and and this is the part this is the Part you have to be thinking about I've Seen this happen different types of Things to different people there's one Group that you see people at that age That they've been disappointed and hurt So many times that they trust fewer and Fewer and fewer and fewer and fewer People in their life and you almost Become cold and what I mean by cold is I Mean literally You become cold nothing is attractive When somebody says something to you Because all you think about is that's Also what they said to me yeah that's Also what that guy said to me and that's Also what this person said to me Paul you're just like the other person But it sounds good it sounds convincing So you're more You're harder to convince you're harder To crack you're harder to persuade you

Know the typical things that maybe got You excited hey we're going to pay you Two and a half million dollars a year For five years they're like What can't I buy with the current life That I have everything but I do think to Some people when this happens you sit There and you ask yourself I'm really Concerned about what's going on with America I'm really concerned with what's Going on with certain things during Covet a lot of stuff was exposed you Either become such a deep True Believer That your fight is not for real reason You're a parent you have all these other Things that's going on with you I think Tucker's a True Believer today and There's a part of him that he's sitting There saying I give all this stuff to Fox for all these years I gave you the Number one show I'm not number two I'm Not number four I'm not number eight you Know what it takes to be number one let Me tell you what it takes to be number One you have to read every story you Have to read every book you have to Follow what everybody else is doing you Have to study history books you have to Go do hours on top of hours on Saturday While everybody's kicking it golfing You're reading articles on Sunday Morning while everybody is kicking it Relaxing sleeping in your reading Articles the number one of any space

Does things that number two dozen two or Three or five even dreams about this is A guy that's willing to do the work Willing to put in the legwork is smart It's intelligent is funny it's sarcastic And is still young at 53. and you're now Sitting there saying what do I do next Well if if he's a crusade guy and he Loves America as much as he shows that He loves America I think the next phase Maybe uh he has one or two choices do I Chase the billions Do I go make a few hundred million Dollars because he hasn't made a few Hundred million dollars yet he hasn't Made that kind of money before do I go After that or do I kind of step up right Now run for office or do I go somewhere What do I do or all these people that Have had to answer to maybe I'm gonna do My own thing today and I want to build My own Fox I want to build my own sin These are the things that he's thinking About himself but he can go any of those Directions and he'll succeed but you Better believe a guy that's going to be Pitching him today it's not going to be The pitch from the movie Air it's going To be a very different pitch really You're pitching to a 19 year old oh yeah Good boy so the parents of the night Those parents I've never seen money Before yeah those parents have never Gotten real money before they still live

In the same house that they've lived in For five generations the Jordan family This guy's seen money before this guy I've seen everything before and he also Knows he's the best of the best of the Best today so how long will that last What am I going to do with it those are Some of the things he's thinking about Tom I I agree with that because it's It's like this is now a chapter That Um I kind of I kind of see it as You know there are certain proxies that You see every now and then in Professional sports Um Brady went to Tampa and was Successful Um by the way I I think Tucker's got a Lot more than three seasons left in his Bag yeah of course babies I think he's Got 20. I think Tucker realistically has 15 to 20 Seasons left Peyton Manning went to Went to Denver and was the last piece That they need but he did it on his Terms and he had three fantastic seasons And I think Tucker's got that kind of an Opportunity and this I believe in many Ways they may have done him a favor you Know why because everything I was Reading this weekend media is changing It is changing and in many ways I think He has been given a tremendous Opportunity at a time where all these

Media Outlets are are struggling and you Everybody you have to remember BuzzFeed At one point I believe was worth 1.6 Billion dollars today it's valued at Slightly less than 100 million that's Crazy and they're on the market right Now yeah that's it says 82 million Dollars today 81.69 by the way speaking Of of money because how much money is Going to be a factor for Tucker because I'm looking at the highest paid cable News talk show host you know number one Is it's not even close Sean Hannity Number one I think he makes 45 million Dollars a Year's net worth 250 million According to Yahoo news there's a lot of Yahoo uh articles out there I mean that Sarcastically but what you can't really Uh trust everything you see online but You know we'll go with Yahoo on this Number two Anderson Cooper makes 12 Million bucks a year number three Laura Ingram she makes 15 a year shirt net Worth is 40 million number four Rachel Maddow MSNBC and number five Tucker Makes eight million dollars a year it Could have been he might have had an Adjustment his contract recently as of 2022 net worth only 30 million because There's other reports with that how much Is money going to be a factor I mean if You're going to get Tucker you got to Pay him eight to ten million dollars a Year minimum

What do you think You what do you think of what like how Much he's gonna how much is demand me a Factor for him for him It's not about how much is money going To be a factor for him there is money Being a factor there is that's what You're worth Period okay you know I don't know if That makes sense or not look my market Value is XYZ today And here's what I'm willing to do for XYZ today I can bring this I can do this And I can do this and here's what I'd Like this thing to be structured as I'm Willing to do five days a week I'm Willing to do this this this this that You know there's a lot of creative ways Right now on what to uh uh what offer to Make to a guy like Tucker I got two guys Call me texting me asking hey you know If if we were to structure an offer form How would you structure it for a guy Like Tucker and uh there's there's Different ways to structure uh but it's Not going to be money for him at this Point because something one guy said oh He's gonna go to Newsmax okay he's gonna Go to newsmap because it's still you Know right leaning that's that's where He's going to go next it's going to be Newsman I don't know he's going to go to Daily wire because he's going to go There to team up with Ben Shapiro

Candace Owens Jordan Peterson he's going To go there no no no he's going to go to Rumble you know those guys are a Publicly traded company two and a half Billion dollars they're gonna throw Money at him they'll come out of nowhere And go race capital and give money at Him and he's going to go to rumble no no No he's gonna go do his own thing with Daily Caller he doesn't need to go to Him there's so many different things That you're talking about today Tucker gets to sit down with his wife And the people he respects Says here's what I want Okay what do you think I should do Well I think you should consider this And this and this and this okay do you Still want to create shows yes do you Want to go politics I have no desire to Politics do you want to start a company I don't want to start a company I like My life Starting a company as a starting pilot a Stunt company is it's a terrible life When you start a company you don't have A break you know like hey I'm gonna go Take a two-week PTO good luck starting a Company there's no PTO when you start a Company it's a very different thing does He want to do that I I don't know I think I think you know Look at Michael being a player versus an Owner what was he better at playing it's

Not even Tucker's a player yes Kenny own Equity can he have Investments can he Have equity in a deal like a William Shatner Priceline okay like a you know Kobe Bryant Water uh what is the vitamin Water or 50 cents yeah so these guys the Equity play is the way to make the money Without having to do the day-to-day Stuff of operating so but there would be Many creative ways Tucker's gotta take The next if I'm Tucker right now I'm Taking a week off and I'm telling Everybody I'm good man give me a week I'm spending time with the wife and I'm Hanging out with the family and I'm Doing my own thing and then sitting There talking to the 10 people I trust The most and I'm inviting them over to My house I'm sitting there talking I'm Saying so what do you think And and in a way you're going to bring Those people not to ask them what do you Think they're going to be asking you Questions okay and good friends in your Life will ask you questions and they're Going to prompt thought that made Thoughts you didn't have before and then He's gonna say okay well this is maybe My next move that I'm thinking about Doing great let's go play ball so if you Like this clip and you want to watch Another one click right here and if you Want to watch the entire podcast click Right here


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