Patrick Bet-David Reveals The Right Way To Negotiate

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I used to be the one where negotiating Was about 100 me winning and the other Person losing and then I noticed as a 20 Year old people weren't coming back to Want to keep doing business with me so That's not the right way either you have To do it in a way where you're making Money they're making money someone's Always going to get a little bit of a Better better deal right you know and It's always like MCI I think it was MCI And atnt or somebody like them when Somebody bought atnt and the company That bought a TNT they they were bigger So ATT is like well we're not okay with You buying us why not it says because of Our name he says of course if we buy you We're going to use your name not ours So to ATT that's a win because they Wanted to keep the name at T to the Other companies like we don't care what The name is we're big we want to buy you Foreign

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