Patrick Bet-David’s Multi Millionaire Diet

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Few days I've gone I was 25 years old 24 25 years I went to Highland in Hollywood Club had just opened up and it was like The place to be one of my friends uh X Was there with another guy and he goes To say hi to the girl the X comes pushes Him we got into a big fight the cops Show up and I said to the cop I said Listen you gotta let me go you I swear I Said you let me go I swear to God you'll Never see me here ever again he says Wait a minute I said I have big plans in My life I swear to God you will never See me here ever again I don't know why The cop let me go I never went back Again clubs was out of my life no matter Where you are right now whatever your Vice is today if it's video games if It's women if it's drugs if it's alcohol If it's whatever you got It's time to go on your diet and not Tell nobody about it

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