Patrick Bet-David’s Top 5 Books – MUST READS for Entrepreneurs!

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Let's talk about you what books to Recommend here a couple things number One must read Blue Ocean strategy if You've never read it it's got to be at The top of your list Blue Ocean strategy They've sold four and a half million Copies and it tells you how to Differentiate yourself from everybody Else in Roofing specific formula on how To do it so Blue Ocean strategy is Number one I would probably suggest you Read power versus Force because Sometimes Founders and seals make the Mistake of feeling sorry for themselves And it's a problem if you feel sorry for Yourself so this book Tower versus Force Really challenges you to uh look at People in a different way and look at Yourself in a different way so Blue Ocean strategy power versus force today I would probably add unreasonable Hospitality to it I would add crucial Conversations to it today and if you uh Like marketing and kind of want to Figure out a way to even be more Competitive I would read a book called Positioning

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