PBD Shocked At How Confident This Kid Was


PBD Shocked At How Confident This Kid Was

Yesterday Mario brought a couple people Here one of the kids was talking to me Hi how are you sir so I love your work You do the guy is 12 years old I said Why are you so confident he says what do You mean mom and dad are standing right So why do you talk so eloquently and Confidently it's not normal for a 12 Year old to talk like this well sir I'm A very confident young man I said hello I want to tell you I said I Hope you thank your mom and dad for Raising you this way because this is not Common to this is not common to be Disrespectful discount confident as You're at 12 I hope when you leave this Place you say thank you to Mom and Dad Because without your mom and dad you Wouldn't be the way you are right now And I looked at the parents in front of The kid and I said I salute you I salute You and I thank both of you for being Great parents we ought to recognize Great parents and we ought to call out Bad parents

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