People Will Think I’m WEIRD When They See This

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When will you know that you have won the Game That's not going to happen It's not it's not going to happen Because I'm not playing the game for With a timeline of saying oh once I Become a billionaire once I make 100 Million or once I make a half from like Okay hey someone asked me that hey Pat What does it feel like that the company Today based on evaluation is worth this Much and you're pretty much worth a few Hundred million dollars according to Paper That part to me is a must to do what I Want to do with my life so the vision You know I I wrote a 96 000 word fiction Book that I cannot launch until I'm out Of PHP because people are going to think Of me they're going to think I'm weird Because it's kind of cast division long Term that'll give people a lot of Perspective what are some things I want To do in my life and if the man upstairs Gives me 80 healthy years It's going to be a good movie to watch So stay tuned

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