Picking Business Partners… How Would Kobe Do It??

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The decision when I say decision how was The if you're looking at somebody that You're sizing up or if you're looking at Somebody to go into business with or if You're looking at a big Investments you Got to make what is the decision-making Process there do you call is there first You do your own research you take this Much time you call an advisor is there Is there a system yeah that's pretty Pretty simple for me it's it's do you Understand the business Is it a business that you can help in Some form or fashion Whether the barriers of Entry to that Business And then the entrepreneurs themselves The company that itself right do they Have a culture that you believe is Sustainable Are these leaders people that you Believe in are they people that are Obsessives And in turn have they created a culture Of obsessiveness so I tend to look at Those four factors and that's it that's That's big right there by the way I Don't know if you guys caught that right There that's pretty massive right there [Music]

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