Pizza Pilgrim’s: The Inspiring Story of Survival During the Pandemic

Amidst the chaos and uncertainty of the pandemic, where countless businesses faced closures and struggles, there emerged a remarkable tale of resilience and determination. In this blog post, we delve into Pizza Pilgrim’s inspiring story, a testament to human willpower and ingenuity during challenging times. Join us as we explore how this beloved pizzeria not only survived but thrived, embodying the true spirit of entrepreneurship in the face of adversity.

Pizza Pilgrim’s: The Inspiring Story of Survival During the Pandemic


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses around the world faced immense challenges. The restaurant industry was hit particularly hard, with closures and restrictions causing revenue to plummet. However, amidst the chaos, one pizza company not only managed to survive but to thrive. This is the inspiring story of Pizza Pilgrims, a London-based pizzeria chain, and how they turned a setback into an opportunity.

Faced with a Huge Setback, They Turned It into an Opportunity

When the pandemic hit, Pizza Pilgrims saw an overnight decline in revenue by a staggering 60-70%. With dine-in services banned and foot traffic reduced, the future looked uncertain. However, instead of bowing down to defeat, the founders, Thom and James Elliot, saw an opportunity to adapt and innovate.

Government Support Eased the Burden

To ease the burden on businesses, the UK government announced that they would cover 80% of employees’ salaries. This support allowed Pizza Pilgrims to keep their loyal staff members employed during these challenging times. While some businesses decided to shut down temporarily, the founders believed that keeping their pizzerias open and offering delivery was the best course of action to support their employees and serve their customers.

Pushback and Resilience

Although the decision to keep their restaurants open received pushback from some, the founders held steadfast in their belief. They recognized that providing employment to their staff, who relied on their jobs for their livelihood, and serving their customers was of utmost importance. By implementing stringent health and safety measures, they ensured the well-being of their employees and customers alike.

Receiving Calls from Bored Managers

After two weeks of continued operation, Pizza Pilgrims started receiving inquiries from bored managers wanting to reopen their locations. These managers saw an opportunity in Pizza Pilgrims’ resilience and adaptability. Recognizing the potential of expanding their operations, Pizza Pilgrims decided to reopen one of their previously closed locations, allowing them to cater to a wider customer base.

Pizza-Making Kits Through Instagram

In addition to reopening their locations, Pizza Pilgrims came up with a novel idea to generate revenue during the pandemic. They began selling pizza-making kits through their Instagram page. This creative approach allowed customers to have the Pizza Pilgrims experience in the comfort of their own homes. The kits included all the necessary ingredients and instructions, empowering pizza lovers to unleash their inner chef.


Pizza Pilgrims’ inspiring story of survival during the pandemic showcases the power of resilience, innovation, and adaptability. By refusing to succumb to the challenges brought on by COVID-19, the founders turned a setback into an opportunity. They kept their pizzerias open, served their customers through delivery services, reopened a location, and even introduced pizza-making kits. Their unwavering commitment to their employees and customers allowed them to not only survive but thrive during these challenging times.

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