Poker Champion On How To Make Better Decisions Faster #shorts

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There can be a lot of mental baggage Around making decisions so I asked a World Poker Champion his method for Making decisions Under Pressure so we Have this concept called expected value On average what is the expected outcome From doing this and so the way they Calculated is for each instance it's the How good it is multiplied by what Percentage it is happening so I say like Flipping a coin right 50 chance of heads Are just a chance of Tails it evens out I'm going to pay you two dollars if it's Heads and you're going to pay me one Dollars if it Tails okay two times fifty Percent is one plus one times fifty Percent is 50. so every time we do this I bet a dollar expect to make a dollar Fifty so I'm making 50 cents every time We do it every action that we take has An expected value you have some form of Risk and some form of reward the way That my brain works through just getting Punched in the face so many times and Poker is just like is the risk worth Reward

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