Prevent Headaches Upfront By Setting Expectations -Patrick Bet-David

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99 of all my headaches and my life Happened because I didn't manage Expectations up front and something's Telling me you and I have done this Together marriage you didn't set up an Optional agreement that at the beginning Causes arguments afterwards money why Are you buying that Louis Vuitton purse Babe babe what do you want me to do why Are you buying that why do we have to Give ten thousand dollars to your Parents your parents the moment they Know we have money every month they want Mom I'm so sick of helping your parents Friction friction instead babe here's What I want to do moving forward what's That I don't want you to ask me for a Penny anymore on money you want to spend On your mom and dad or you're on your Nephew or niece I don't want you to even Ask me for my permission so how about we Do this what's that babe There is my Money there is your money there is our Money Stuff that you want to do with your Money you don't need to ask me for Permission stuff that I do with my money I don't need to ask you for permission

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