“Proof of Checks” – Byron Donald’s Destroys AOC Over Biden Accepting Money From China

Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana are joined by political commentator Dave Rubin as they discuss Hunter Biden’s business partner Tony Bobulinski exposing the Biden Crime Family’s criminal activities during testimony with AOC and Byron Donalds.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

AOC and Byron uh uh Donald so if you can Pull this up so here's AOC going against Uh Tony binski balinski who did business With the bidens and look out she asks The question and when she stops Tony From speaking then watch what Byron Shows at the end of his clip you have to See this folks go ahead Rob I have a Quick question simple is it your Testimony today that you personally Witnessed President Joe Biden commit a Crime I believe the fact that he was Sitting with me while I was putting Together a did you witness the president Commit a crime is it your testimony Today yes and what crime do you have you Witness how much time do I have to go Through it it is simple you name the Crime should you watch him steal Something corruption statute Rico and Conspiracy what is what is the crime Sir specifically wait you keep up you Asked me to answer the question I Answered the question Rico you're Obviously not familiar with Excuse me Sir excuse me sir angry excuse me sir Rico is not a crime it is a category What is a category of crime that you're Then charged you have charges long 100 You have charges sir please exact Statute under Rico well it's funny in This committee room everyone's not here There's over 18a lawyers my time icla my Time sir I reclaim my time

Clearly what we are seeing here Today is a continuation of The 15mon Saga of the Republican majority lost in The desert impeachment 101 had to get to My speech the majority party whomever is Raising impeachment must Accuse what You play the byon Donald clip now watch This watch what he does okay one by one By one in the proper sequence of proof Of checks checks and then look at when Biden gets his check what the date is And look what he put in the description Of why he got that money go ahead Rob Now to the money flow this is this is Where the rubber meets the road on August 3rd they actually stipulate Through WhatsApp test text messages the Exact stipulations of the deal on August 4th $100,000 is wired into aasco PC from CFC infrastructure Mr chairman I want to Submit for the record a a a portion of The bank statement for the time period August 3rd of 2017 to August 31 2017 Stipulating $100,000 going from CFC into The bank account of Hunter Biden through Aasco DC without objection to ordered on August 8th 4 days later $5 million is Then transferred from the Northern International Capital account of $5 Million to Hudson West III Hudson West I3d is a bank account controlled by Hunter Biden and Mr gon Wang AKA Kevin Dong who was the CFC associate that

Money comes from a Northern International Capital Bank account a Bank account that is tied to the CCP Mr Chairman want to submit for the record The bank statement demonstrating that Transfer without objection to ordered Okay moving On on August 8th the same time period There is a wire transfer of $400,000 to a Wasco PC from the how the Hudson West the third bank account that $400,000 Mr chairman I have the transfer Records in the bank accounts from the August time period I want to submit that For the without objection to ordered now Here's where the fun stuff comes in Everybody and I got a minute to do it so We're going to get this Done on August 14 there is $150,000 that is transferred from a Aasco PC which is controlled by Hunter Biden to Lion Hall Group which is Controlled by James Biden I have the Records here Mr chairman of the $150,000 that has gone to Lion Hall Group from aasco PC I want to submit That for the record without objection It's ordered on August 28th and I Believe we have a screenshot for Everybody in the room on August 28th Mr Chairman we have the withdrawal ticket From Lion Hall group watch this that is Signed by Sarah Biden who is the wife of

Jim Biden for $50,000 to withdraw from Lion Hall group I want to submit that Withdrawal receipt for the rec that Objection to ordered Bingo on September 3rd on August 28th actually Mr chairman We have the deposit reference into Sarah Jones Biden's account on the same day She withdrew it from Lion Hall I want to Submit that objection to order last Document here we go on September 3rd 2007 from Sarah Biden's own personal Account there is a check that is written To to Joseph robinet Biden Jr the President of the United States today for $40,000 signed loan repayment a loan Repayment by the way that Joe Biden's Own personal accountant Mr Eric scharen Has no record for here we go I want to Submit that for the record Mr chairman With that objection to ordered to the Members of the committee it is clear That the source of this money came from CFC and that CFC is a company that is Directly linked to the CCP and and uh Actually the chairman of the CCP the Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party Chairman gping with that I yield boom so That is just like bam so so AOC wanted Proof he just gave it to you so here's My question though and I want to ask all You guys so careful for Trump was Impeached for a phone call that they Thought they heard no there was no Actual proof when when they impeached

Him for the whole phone call for the Ukraine zinsky whatever right now that We have all this proof it's black and White How is how's he not getting Impeached is it because they don't Control the house and the Senate is that Crazy doesn't that like here's the proof He's guilty he was doing Shady deals With the sun with China and nothing's Going to happen going have to go to Court just like how Trum if there had been a red Ripple not A red wave just a red Ripple there would Be an impeachment on unbelievable though There would be an impeachment they would Have the seats not a red wave just a red Ripple like do do you see why people Have lost all hope in in in the the Judicial system and this and Congress And like what the hell are we even Talking about the the hunter Biden thing Has just been so obvious from day one That something was not right there first Off that he's selling art that he's an Artist it's the easiest way to money Launder period because it's subjective In how much it's worth so if you think That someone in their right mind is Paying $500,000 for a piece of shitty Ass art Hunter Biden made in a day Because it's they like his art and it Has nothing to do with getting Access going to double in value that's Two of them like crack cocaine on one of

Them why I bought it you're bad dude That's number one but number two then he Works for barisma he works everyone Knows this already but he works for Barisma a Ukrainian Energy company when He's a crackhead with no expertise in Ukrainian energy or anything else for 80 I think it's 80 grand a month and it's Like why the hell did he have that job It has a little something to do with who His dad is and do you remember that at The height of the craziness before Trump Was impeached when when Don Trump Junior Remember it came out that he had lunch With a Russian on the Upper East Side And people were going bananas bananas And nothing came of it and it's like the Yes the double standard but the thing is Nobody there we don't have a functioning Enough system anymore to ex to for Anything to happen when the so we all See it we all see it but they can't get It through the Senate the Congress is Screwed the courts are now I don't want To say the courts are corrupt but the Courts are they're I'll say it for you They're very corrupt the courts are well No state courts for sure state courts For sure although do you see that the New York state supreme court it's all Black women now so that's very exciting A great di score that's to do through Diversity equity and inclusion they got All black women is statistically spoiler

Alert but you know what's going to Happen to Joe Biden absolutely nothing No of course exactly that's not going to I mean what it's going toen I mean but What we can go down from there and Filter down what we just saw number one Uh Byron Donalds is an absolute Beast He's here in Florida there's a reason That he's sort of risen up the ranks of The GOP cuz he's just a common sense Dude forget about playing the culture Wars black aay this just a a genuine Good dude there's a reason that he's Being considered for potential VP for Trump that's a um and you saw he just Went fact fact fact fact where you have AOC out there just going feeling feeling Feeling feeling I don't know who her Boyfriend is but I would certainly Prescribe her some vitamin D I'll let You do the math on that but the reality Is Hunter Biden is they're setting him Up to be the Fall Guy you know he's the Whether it's the gun stuff what's their Tax evasion stuff the crack cocaine you Know now he's blow Caso out here Painting painting So nothing's going to Happen to Biden and Hunter's going to be The Fall Guy we first learned about this Guy Tony balinski remember it was October of 20 during the election Hunter Biden Tony balinsky I remember we had That we did the debate in Dallas at this Point everyone's like who the [ __ ] this

Balinsky just crazy four years later He's still dealing with the exact same Thing hey Adam I just drew some Concentric skir circles kind of Scribbles and I wrote what I think of AOC i' I'll sell this to you for 50 Grand right now you have a deal sir I'm Surprised you didn't charge 100 Grand I Overpaid I can't I can't read what I Said That's allart you should tax the Rich tax the [ __ ] I can no longer Remain in today's Democrat party Tulsi Gabard says she is no longer a Democrat A potential Tulsi gabard VP where we are Being told that we just have to comply And go along with whatever they say American people uh are smarter than this However we must remain Vigilant to Recognize their propaganda for what it Is pure life unfortunately we live in a Time where free speech is under attack Whatever they say goes and we we have to Just fall and the people who suffered Under your reign as prosecutor you owe Them an apology Taking on KLA Harris on a debate stage Before I would look forward to doing That Again so if you like this clip and you Want to watch another one click right Here and if you want to watch the entire Podcast click right Here

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