“Prosecute Him Too!” – Jon Stewart BUSTED For Over Valuing NYC Home By 829%

Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana are joined by attorney Alina Habba as they discuss Jon Stewart’s hypocrisy after being caught overvaluing his NYC home by 829% despite accusing Donald Trump of doing the same thing.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

John Stewart okay John Stewart story Comes out I think it's a New York Post Story page 11 if you guys want to go to It okay so John Stewart found to have Overvalued his New York City Home Alina By 829 what after labeling Trump's civil Case not victimless John Stewart Criticized Trump's civil case over Inflated property value stating this has Never been prosecuted in response to Experess framing the case has not Harmful it was revealed that Stewart's Tribeca duplex sold for $17.5 million in 2014 a staggering 829 more than assess value at 1. 1882 Million internet slutes uncovered Steuart's property history leading to Accusations of hypocrisy steuart's Penous sale price after exceeded far Exceeded its assessed value raising Questions about his own benefit from Overvaluation with political commentator Timoy Tim Tim P alleging did John St Commit fraud when he sold his penthouse For 17.5 million if if that's the case Rob is this the clip or what what is This here this is a clip of John Stewart Talking about the Civil fraud case and How it's not a victim is C so how Different is this case versus what They're accusing Trump of Doing I I I don't even know where to Start with this you almost turned into

Anderson Cooper right I Almost I'm so angry by watching that I Actually hadn't seen that I heard the Story um um it's no different but the Reality is that Trump actually didn't if Anything his properties were undervalued He put Dural at some a couple I don't Even remember the numbers but der's Worth way more than it was on there I Mean the statements were actually Undervalued and and his statements were Prepared by an Accountant accounting firm not a small Accounting firm a major accounting firm Who put a cover sheet saying do your own Due diligence folks but this is what we Estimate we're worth just like anybody In New York it it's like okay let's even Say in some madeup land the numbers were High which they weren't let's say that Okay then you got a sheet that says Right on the front excuse me do your du Own due diligence on top of that who's President Trump going to Deutsche Bank He's right you know what John Stewart The only thing that was right you're Right he went to Deutsche Bank he didn't Go to a mom and pop he went to one of The highest ulated Banks to get to get Loans that he actually didn't need it Was solely because of you know mortgage It's what you do it's how you make money It's better to have a mortgage sometimes When you don't need it and they got paid

Off early they made money okay and who Is the victim now in his case I want to See what they do with it is he going to Be investigated for three years where Are you Tish yeah where you at yeah You're going to go after your own no one Is above the law show me yep ex show me And by we can help her if Laticia James Is watching that clip should be used in Her case against him by the way let me Help you Laticia you should play that Video I'm sure you'll be allowed to play Videos I'm not but you will you know Let's see it happen let's see no one is Above the law I I can't when I hear that The hypocrisy in that statement show me 829 overv value of his New York City Home and that's a personal profit why Don't they use the same consumer statute Against him like they used against Trump Is John Stewart actually going to court For this no no not yet but I'm happy to Assist no not yet no no this is just Showing assess was 1.88 or whatever the Number and it sold for 17 or 18 and a Half I think that saying he got he got Yeah look we're highlighting the Hypocrisy it's all hypocrisy it's Hypocrisy it is and it's and again let's Double standard you nailed it and let's Talk about John Stewart for a second He's a shill for the left still Trump Derangement syndrome at the highest he Had to come out of retirement just to

Talk [ __ ] about Trump for this year for Election Because nobody's watching The Daily Show Nobody let's be honest nobody watches it And that victim that you're talking About I mean don't get me wrong talented I I don't watch none of that crap but uh That victim remember the victim list the Victim John Stewart's victim yeah lost $4 million on that deal and you nailed It Leticia James will help you he shoots Out of New York the address he's on New York 11th a in 52 Street that's the what That's where John Stewart Daily Show They shoot there go get him go get him So I want at least I want the people to Understand guys that's taxpayer dollars Okay you want to talk taxpayer dollars Let's talk taxpayer dollars the Trump Organization Donald Trump creates Thousands of jobs thousands of jobs they Pay hundreds and hundreds of millions in Employment taxes to the state of New York do you know what you just did Tish You are running businesses the Trump Organization that makes the city money More money than you will ever making a Judgment yeah you are that's year after Year you're pushing businesses out of The state of New York the stewards of The world the Talking Heads the Silliness the silliness for politics you Are hurting the state of New York Because people are watching and don't

Tell who here has not heard from Somebody in New York I'm getting the Hell out everybody the majority of the People that I've talked about except for The ones that are in their little bubble That you know like uh Robert dairo who Who when they asked him like hey what's Up with this crime the the National Guard he's like yeah I I don't see it Yet because you're guarded dri you're Guarded with people with guns so you Don't see it but again and I've been Saying this for a while uh Alina until It spreads and it starts hitting them Like with anything with the open border Until one of their kids God forbid Something happens with their kids or Their family where an illegal does Something to them then their tune stays The same but wait until it starts Happening to them no but even when that Happens they'll somehow blame Trump That's what they do they'll say that Well Trump didn't finish building the Wall well why didn't he finish building The wall because you wanted to mess Around with an election bring in Millions and millions [Music] [Applause] Taking on KLA Harris on a debate stage Before I would look forward to doing That Again so if you like this clip and you

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