PROTECT YOUR PEACE – Motivational Video

They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.

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Will Tidwell
Tik-Tok: @neighborhoodhero96

Clifford Starks

Nathan Harmon

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[Music] One thing I know is that every person in This life We all got a story You see in our story Is where we come from What we've been through in our life You know the things that we've Experienced And those things about our story is what Makes us who we are You've seen one thing that I found to be True was that in that story there's Gonna be some Horrors There's going to be some ugly times There's going to be some bad things But a lot of people like to talk about That A lot of people don't like to talk about The pain The failures The mistakes The adversities You know those times where we almost Quit The depression the anxiety The Suicidal Thoughts We don't like to talk about that You see but the thing about it is is That If I wouldn't have went through some of The things that I went through in my Life Then I wouldn't be who I was becoming to

Be So I know a lot of people are looking to Find their purpose what they're meant For what they're meant to do and so Hopefully the story that I'm about to Share with you helps you along the way Helps you move forward in your journey Uh one thing about me I've done a lot of things been been a UFC fighter I was I'm a coach I'm an Author entrepreneur I'm just having fun On the journey and that's the start of It have fun on your journey enjoy your Journey but I will say this The hardest part on my journey Was the transition from being a fighter To going down into entrepreneurship and The reason it was so hard I had so many people pulling at me And telling me what was right and what Was wrong And that was the first time I really Really got confused on what it was that I needed to do I didn't know what to do And so I had to go internally again And I had to remember who I was and what I stand for And when I did that everything started Becoming clear again [Music] We as people we absorb A lot of things we absorb behaviors and Attitudes and we will absorb how we Process we are a people that are very

Much we cross-pollinate pollinate with Behaviors like there are a lot of times Like I always tell students right like You can tell me who you are that's cool But truthfully show me your friends and I can kind of tell you who you are Because who you surround yourself with Will affect you and you will begin to Sing the same Symphony of their song A Lot of times the challenge is for us as Sometimes as students or young adults we Are around parents and systems of care That we didn't ask for and that we can't Really get away from if they're not Dealing and processing with emotions and Traumas and just life skills properly And so it's it's challenging for some of Us man that we're around maybe family Members and people that we are kind of Growing up with that maybe they're not Dealing properly with their emotions and Traumas and their attitudes and their Behaviors see my dad didn't mean to Teach me Necessarily how to navigate trauma and Adversity I learned to deal with Pressure the way that Dad dealt with Pressure [Music] So I went from being this kid that I had It all had the two parents had the nice House where everything went my way all My life for the most part That's what my whole life changed and

I'm homeless now Like I remember watching my mother have To sleep on people's couches I'm Sleeping on people's floors we having to Steal just to eat like I remember that [Music] And I had to find a way man to deal with The pain of what it is I was going Through in my life Unless I was gonna go crazy And so it got to the point where I just started writing You know I just started writing about The different things that I was going Through in my life the different things That I was dealing with in my life And I found something so beautiful I found my purpose [Music] I found out the reason I was put here And what it is I was supposed to do And so I started thinking about it like I love that question when people say why Do you do what you do Because to me knowing why you do what You do knowing your motivation and your Reason for something you do is more Important than what it is you do any day So when people used to ask me that Question like Z why do you serve your Community why do you write why do you do All these things that you do man I said Man you don't even understand that There's so much bigger than me

[Music] The most important thing about finding Your purpose Is intentionally going after What you want Go after the thing you want to go after Because you'll learn different lessons Along the way you'll learn things you Didn't even know you were going to learn But as long as you're intentionally Going after what you want Then you're going to give that extra Effort and when you get that extra Effort you are living purposefully When you're living purposefully you have Purpose So ask yourself the question What do you want what do you want to go After And when you get that figured out Start going after it have fun along the Way If it's your first time doing it hey Good luck on your journey good luck on Your mission you're going to have a lot Of fun I'm telling you go after what you Want there's going to be a lot of noise Telling you you should do this or Telling you you should do that do what You want to do and go all in and go all Out remember there's greatness in you [Music] You know but I was talking about the Social and the emotional Mass the fake

Face it's the fake smile it's going Through the motion and on the surface Everything looks just like it's fine but When no one's around you you're Screaming but you're silent You're struggling but you're quiet Because I began to realize this to do How my father and my mom did bad and Tough and difficult things like we don't Talk about it we don't let anybody in we Isolate we keep everybody at an Arm's Reach distance And I think in the a world because of The internet and we're more Interconnected and we always are trying To find ourselves uneven intentionally Competing and comparing deep down in a Lot of us we find ourselves wanting to Fit in with groups and crowds and clicks To people And so for me because I cared so much About what everybody else thought about Me and as I was kind of watching how Mom And Dad dealt with adversity I kind of Caught One of their habits too that fake face That fake smile Because when I was going through that Storm in my life and I was going through All those things in my life I realized that Not only was the things I was writing about and the things I was Speaking about the things I was talking About it wasn't just helping me through

My hard times but I was helping so many Other people that was going through the Same things I was telling my story And when people say Z why do you serve Your community why do you give back why Do you do such things like that Man because every time I give out that Warm meal to somebody I remember when I was in that same Situation I remember when I was wishing somebody Would have something for me to eat Somebody cared enough to take care of me The way I'm trying to do for other People and I promised myself that I Would never go back to that place and I Promised myself I would never feel Powerless enough so I couldn't be able To help other people the way it is I Want to That's why I do what I do [Music] Foreign

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