“Puffy Flavor Camp” – Were Usher & Justin Bieber Groomed By Diddy As A Teen?

Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana are joined by attorney Alina Habba as they discuss Usher revealing that he was adopted by Diddy at 13-years-old and moved in with him.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Nickelodeon new CEO did you hear about This like out of everybody they could Have hired as a new do you hear about This no this is breaking news go rob Play play Nickelodeon not Diddy Nickelodeon just announced Diddy hired As a new president of Nickelodeon Studios according to Babylon B which Which by the way oh my God very Strategic why would Nickelodeon hire at A time like this that's kind of weird Well maybe he needs to pay for a legal Defense fund or maybe it's a s By the way it's funny do funny stuff This is this is you know obviously There's nothing funny about what Nickelodeon did with Schneider nothing And there's nothing funny about what He's doing but what a interesting angle For Babylon B to take the story to say That Diddy's not going there not I don't I don't even know if that's a current Picture no it's the foot of Diddy there Was a more updated picture of recently We we'll there he is that's the updated Photo of Diddy You Antonio Brown posted that no he Didn't Antonio Brown posted who Antonio There's no way Antonio Brown posted that Posted that can you go to his Twitter I Want are you saying That would never post picture like that City well Chris from value is like Vinnie uh he sent me this and said uh

There's no way he posted that um keep Going I believe he did he's got a punch I believe you Do okay can we by the way Direct ired by Dan Schneider you don't understand I Didn't see that the soundtrack by what The soundtrack by Jesus Christ oh my can we address no no it's Just a Pari the lawyer is quiet a par I'm not getting sued for defamation you Guys are going down aone can we address Some of the legal allegations on this is It something that we can even is that Where you're going yeah I'd like to know Traffing from a legal standpoint what This is even looking like have they even Arrested Diddy yet what's what like I Know you're not handling this case Whatsoever but everybody is talking About this it's nonstop here we go these Two gu Step Brothers are out here um From a legal standpoint what does this Look like the raid FBI so I mean you Know you're asking me about a raid when I've seen raids happen to my clients That have no business happening I Understand that there was a plane um With one of his uh they called it his Drug his drug Runner 25y old kid going To Ana he was arrested um I know that I Know that obviously there are Accusations of trafficking and you've Seen a lot of reels been coming up about Yeah that's his uh that that gentleman

Was arrested uh his drug mule drug mule Exactly and um you know his homes were Raided obviously he wasn't arrested he Was um on a plane I believe somewhere Near St Barts or in the Caribbean Somewhere and he uh was able to leave The country obviously viously there's no Warrants out for his arrest we would Know about that so something is going on Um do I necessarily believe everything I See no i' I've gotten a bit past that in The past three years so we'll wait and See and I think everybody has a right to Have a their day in court I'm not going To be a hypocrite I I you know you don't Know you know you don't know and by the Way I'm still waiting on the list from EP and how crazy and wa you know what I'm look I'm waiting for show us one Minute from one of the cameras that he Had in his house just one of them Because uh a report came out yesterday That uh somebody showed a little camera When they did the FBI raid they were Everywhere in the house little that's What they do to Blackmail you I saw I Saw it in um with Trump with maril Lago Um and I was with the president when That raid happened I was with him in New York and I I was sitting there when we Got the call that your home is currently Being raided and over documents over do Over documents and he had a right to Have that Biden didn't okay so so we're

Sitting here watching this hypocrisy and And I have to say you don't know you Know he he I never know you know he had An ex-girlfriend I think that was upset Her ex fiance she made accusations they Obviously have to do what they have to Do to investigate those those are Serious crimes sex trafficking real sex Trafficking anything with minors I have No tolerance for um are you talking About Cassie yeah yeah I just want to Show you two clips here's Usher On Howard St Rob how long is a clip that You have is this when he asked asks him Abouty flavor Camp go play this watch It's about a minute right okay wait till The end though to New York City and I Lived with Shan puffy CS for a year That's the crazy thing now that was La Reed's idea right we're sending you over To something called puffy flavor 13 let Us hear it go back 5 Seconds please go Back cuz what what he called it right There is what's key go Ahead that's the crazy thing now that Was La re's idea right we're sending you Over to something called puffy flavor Camp there you go to learn Camp that's What it was called and you're going to Go to Puff Daddy's he's in the 9s do you Understand what that's like Puffy's Place was like just filled with checks And oring like non-stop right no not Really hey it was curious I got a chance

To see some things yeah but you was 13 What were you see I went there to see The lifestyle and I saw it and it was And it was but I don't know if I could Indulge and understand what I was even Looking at it was it was pretty so Nobody tried to you know some woman Didn't come along say Okay what I did say is that there were Very curious things taking place and I Didn't necessarily understand you're 1 Was there schs was there Lil Kim Craig Mack all these people are hanging around Yeah man Faith Evans Mary J know nothing about this I was having a good time you know What I mean do have you doing any chores Are you doing dishes at all I mean they Keep you humble somewhat or are you just Like can you stay up 4 in the morning With them a party I mean I could I Actually stayed up longer than them and Do You how was that nor like how is that Normal at any time do you have the part Where they said would you let your kids Go there he goes hell no keep playing it Rob cuz I think it's at the end per damn I had Like yeah it's pretty crazy 14 years old You're a dad now would you ever send Your kid to puffy Camp hell no see yeah That's the thing I have kid I don't even Post and then you know the Twitter

Trolls we are her kids well I'm Protecting them and and and this is sad I mean this is sad and this one with Bieber the Bieber one yeah where are the Parents yeah and yeah well which parent Would say you know what we don't know You we know that you're a celebrity go And hang out with this guy for weeks on End by yourself and at what time at what Era is this cool in the most critical Years by the way yeah exactly how was This both how is this normal they both Turn into Superstars yeah that's the Sacrifice you make yeah that's the Sacrifice but one of them had to go to Church and he freaking lost his mind can You play this one how's this he's in you Ever seen the movie 48 hours right now He's having 48 hours with Diddy him and His boy um they're having the times of Their lives like like like you know Where we hanging out and what we doing Um we we can't really Disclose but um it's definitely a 15-year-old's dream um you know I I have Been given custody of him you know he Signed the Usher I'm signed to Usher I I Had legal guardianship of Usher when When you know he he did his first album I did Usher's first album I don't really I don't have legal guardianship of him But for the next 48 hours he's with me So Um and we going to go full Buck full

Crazy going Crazy what like that's disturbing by the Way why that's disturbing what what does Have to do with making music yeah that's Absolutely who this guy Rob who was the Girl um I believe this is a former Dancer of diddies who talks she doesn't Give specifics but she talks about some Of the things that she witnessed while She was there play the Clip oh yeah you know we all have Stories seriously we all have Stories mine is horrific and only five People know it well you're about to be Called and I probably will never tell it Yeah you're about to get subp since then I also very intimately aware that you Tell your truth and you become Victimized over and over and over and Over and over and over and mind you I Then interviewed him many Times there's I have a lot of stories Y'all I've been in Hollywood for 25 Years maybe longer 30 I got a lot of Stories Unfortunately um maybe I'll write a book One day but it just is so traumatizing That women just want to live every day And feel safe and when we revisit and And revisit we live in a state of Victimhood and nobody wants to live There so for those of you like why Aren't you saying something then because We just want to live we want to be happy

And we really want to forget the trauma So there's that well be called Diddy Made a statement um Rec's lawyer made a Statement or this is something that Diddy wrote right prior to everything Was going on he called it a witch H yeah Called it a Witch Hunt Vinnie you want To read this uh yeah uh for the last Couple of week and Rob I just sent you Something too if you could please show That for the last couple of weeks I've Said silently and watch people try to Assassinate my character destroy my Reputation and my legacy sickening Allegations have been made against me my Individuals looking for a quick payday Let me be absolutely clear I did not do Any of the awful things being alleged I Will fight for my name my family and for The truth Shan Diddy Colmes now this Came out Joy Reed MSNBC uh this guy said One of his friends was an intern and Look what did he said for him to get the Intern job check this out this I saw This last night personally Disturbed Many years ago okay I I I know this man Well enough to call him and say hey I Need a favor yeah and this might have Been 10 12 years ago that I called him And say I have a family member who I Want you to hire them as an intern Talking about did he uh I have never Talked about this publicly and I and he Said yes and they were flying around one

Of the interns Atlanta Miami whatever on The jet in the house whatever and then The internship stopped abruptly like Three or four months into it yeah and I Spoke to my family member like what Happened and they wouldn't say yeah and I'm like what what why did it end he Wouldn't say and years later they Finally came out and this a mail and Said that uh puff had said come home Stay the night with me or the internship Is over and they said absolutely not he Said absolutely not and the internship Ended uh but from there I was like oh Like like think about didy calling the Diddy said listen you want this job come Let's hook up and then you can get the Job and the guy said no like I think It's when are we going to stop Pretending that Hollywood the music Industry all these people from EP scene It's not a like it's not a secret but we All kind of just H like we brush it away It's a real serious is being interviewed Rob just check to see if there's audio Music in it or no this is mace if you Can check where the hell he been god Mace so check this out so mace this is Mace in 2002 okay he steps away from He's the guy that stepped away and look What he says in this interview this is 22 years ago go and by the way ma is an OG in church he went to church yeah is Well with him have you spoken to Puff

Lately yall talk or what well actually We not we not really on speaking terms But you know I still pray for the dude And okay I pray that all is well with Him well P you supposed to be releasing A gospel album what what came to your Mind when you when you when you when you Heard that Something's fishy out here with Diddy we All know that more than fishy what do You mean it's in the ocean and there's Fish on you what are you talking about Fish like and again why would stop Saying fishy it's there like epin Expos Epin got caught and they suicided him in Jail let's stop pretending this game Didan I'm tired of hearing the oh There's smoke there's fire the house has Burned to the ground bro how many more People is going to take to be like okay He actually I I was molested or raped I Don't understand why he wasn't arrested That's what I'm saying what what are we Talking about if if that's truly if they Had enough to go raid the home or you Know we'll see what comes now so they Arrested people they readed the home and See what they found and then you know What it is other who knows what they're Looking for pedophilia exactly like is There a warrant for him because you have To get you have to go to a judge and and There's an emergent judge for these Kinds of things and you say look we've

Done an investigation we've interviewed These people in a special proceeding or Or grand jury and we have reason to Believe XYZ we would like to uh go raid And then the judge signs off on it so There is a procedure for that so but but I'm so confused because like for Instance the Cassie thing right she Comes out she does all these depositions She does all these things and we see She's written it it's she's deposed Whatever uh affidavit she signed and She's like they they druged me they Raped me they did all these These are These are crimes how and money just Shuts it and it goes away no no pay her But you have to do time you have to come And face the legal ramifications for Drug buing and raping women and God Knows what he's doing with kids how does That work I got a video that I I I you Know obviously we're not going to play This video okay but not the audio one Please of course we're not going to play This video did you get this one working By the way the the video that there's This video with the audio of a security Guy says I don't drink champagne cuz he Always uh uh spikes the champagne guys Pass out and then and he said seriously Never want to see that vision from you Again and then boom and then boom but he This guy who is in the room Allegedly it's it's I think it's me the

You can the video audio recording it's The audio recording and he's putting it Out on Tik Tok it's gone viral it's Pretty fun I'm not going to play that Clip but go Ahad and play this clip Rob This is when this is December 14 2023 go Ahead but there's multiple videos just Play one of them the first one Rob go Ahead some storage Or some of puffy properties be getting Rated real soon this is three months ago Mhm they need to get to those tapes oh Wow they get one of those tapes yep with Him with those little people that's been Making the accusations Little People woo Man done wow but puffy the type here he Blow his brains out guarantee holy Or do like you did on that that Court Screw Uh Lie how they Did the next thing that's going to be Happening and um after this is now You're going to start seeing some Criminal investigations getting opened Psychic and um because when you get too Much of the smoke uh law enforcement Generally gets involved so that' be the Next thing that's will be happening to Puffy unfortunately for his sake y y'all Know I'm one believe if you ain't Getting psychological help getting some Type of help you can pause right so so Let me ask you guys a question so

There's a couple of things happening When he's talking about and this was in What month was it Rob February so it's January February and March so January He's like he's predicting which Apparently he does multiple predictions Up until the actual R he's obviously a Cooperating witness yeah oh for sure He's not predicting so what does that Mean coopera he's talking to the feds Yeah There's no question that guy's going to Be on the so so you know he's not he Doesn't have ESP the guy clearly was Working with the government and he not Nostradamus he has a deal yeah but but So there's two things though when They're saying that they're looking for Those tapes he could be talking about Obviously the law law enforcement the Department of Justice I they could also Be talking about what about the powers That be because the powers that be that Killed Jeffrey Epstein and I'm going to Say they killed Jeffrey Epstein scene Imagine those phone calls Alena where They're like you pick up the phone it's Like Hey listen this is going to come Out they're going to he's going to jail He's arrested he's in prison we got to We have to he's going to talk because we Have the footage what do we do with him How much of an option like what's the Percentage you guys would put that the

Powers that be the real people that on These mind you like the Boeing guy did You the yeah the guy that was so Overwhelmed by exposing them he shot Himself in his head in his car after Telling friends and family would never Kill myself there's a weird Trend going Around where when you speak the truth We're interviewing the lawyer in 2 and a Half Hours one lawyer yeah we're interviewing The main lawyer in two and a half hours Are you suicidal no I'm I'm not suicidal I'm not suicidal everybody I love my Life me too I love my life Tom you love Your life very much so okay good we're All in agreement on this everybody loves Life life rob you say it too Rob Rob say It put your pants on we're all good I Can no longer remain in today's Democratic party Tulsi gabard said she Is no longer a Democrat a potential Tulsy gathered VP where we are being Told that we just have to comply and go Along with whatever they say American People uh are smarter than this however We must remain Vigilant to recognize Their propaganda for what it is pure Life unfortunately we live in a time Where free speech is under attack Whatever they say goes and we we have to Just fall and the people who suffer Under your reign as prosecutor you owe Them an

Apology taking on KLA Harris on a debate Stage before I would look forward to Doing that Again so if you like this clip and you Want to watch another one click right Here and if you want to watch the entire Podcast click right Here

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