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Was reported dead this morning R.I.P I just forgot my YouTube password I Haven't posted in a couple of months now Making this my biggest break since I Want to say 2018 which is like four or Five years and now after stepping away I Don't think I'll be going back to my Previous style of video at least for the Foreseeable future which weren't a Really interesting topic for discussion So before I took a little break here not Even really a little break before I Stopped uploading recently I really got Into like the YouTube game baby we're Talking shock value challenge analyzing Retention click three making 10 Different thumbnail variations for video Video style just absolutely squeezing That retention and watch time out of the Viewer and it did fairly well I'm doing This in the confines of the kind of Finance space which is a little niche It's not as big of a market as Entertainment or gaming or whatnot so Getting around you know around 500k Views on new uploads is not bad for Again being in the confines of the Financing businessy side of YouTube so Even though I kind of unlocked the Method method and got to enough level of Understanding in regards to getting used On YouTube to where I could potentially Maybe tap into a more mainstream market I don't know if I want to go down that

Route I love a good Mr Beast video I'll Watch him in all 10 different language Variants But we've seen how the study of Mr Beast Kind of led to a lot of YouTube feeling Exactly the same people are just Replicating the same exact retention Tactics and because they're carbon Copies of each other a lot of these Videos just feel soulless like there's a Huge Twitter Community around this down To accounts analyzing the color choices And color palettes of different Thumbnails and this study and style can Work you can get a ton of views from Implementing these retention hacks and Over analyzing all of this data but in The process you're not really building Community and it just kind of feels Empty I'm sure you could tell I'm a huge YouTube consumer I absolutely just Gobble up all kinds of different content Just the machine that takes in calories And spews Out YouTube watch time so I'll Oftentimes find myself watching videos Where I start noticing these viral Retention tactics and it just throws me Off it makes me want to click off the Video because I can sense them watching This Mystery Box stay around till the End of the video to find out what's in This Mystery Box give me at least 10 Minutes of watch time and you'll find Out what's in the secret mystery box at

The end of the video you see what I mean It just feels so inauthentic like you're Getting manipulated into watching the Video like you're just a cash cow Getting milked for your watch time for Like a few steps behind Tick Tock where Next thing you know people are gonna Start adding Subway Surfer gameplay on The sides of their video maybe toss in Some Family Guy Clips those Minecraft Reddit Tick Tock voiceovers that car Game where where does this end but my Point being I feel like going for these Broader audience broad Market type Videos you slowly become more and more And authentic and you go on this dark Path of trying to outdo yourself every Video Until suddenly you find yourself Filming in a forest in Tokyo And the views although higher and higher Become more empty and more meaningless And you kind of just start making Content for the sake of content type Videos top five chat GTP businesses to Start in 2014 regurgitating type of Videos and honestly that's kind of what I've been experiencing it's a huge part And the shift in content that I'll Likely be making moving forward I don't Want to make content for the sake of Content retention centered type videos That steal 10 minutes from a million People every week when I first started Making business videos what kept me

Going were the thousands of DMs I was Getting from people who were watching The videos following along making money Online from them and improving their Lives and become ultra high net worth Individuals as I have and I don't think I want to trade that for a higher but Much more meaningless and disconnected View count it's cool it's a huge ego Boost to get a ton of views but I'm Blessed to be in a position where I Don't have to do that to sustain myself Financially I I don't like the Meaningless nature of it and the Audience doesn't really get much out of It either so really there's no point so One because retention Focus videos make Me sick at this point too I don't want To make soulless content for the sake of Content type videos three I don't want To make videos where I say the same Thing over and over again with a new Title I think I'll be changing my Approach in regards to YouTube to a more Authentic but likely and consistent Format I was initially going to have This main Channel be a big swing video Type Channel and have a second Channel Where I can upload more authentic Content that I'm actually interested in But I'm not sure that's really what I Want to focus on right now which is Where my other non-virtuous more selfish Reason behind this change comes into

Play when it comes to making money I Think I would much rather stick to Making a bulk of it outside of YouTube Because although I've definitely had Months where I've made more off of YouTube than I have with e-commerce it's Still always been a struggle for me of Whether to focus more on Ecom or to to Focus on making higher effort YouTube Videos and the problem with doing YouTube as a business is that it's very Difficult almost impossible to do so Without just ending up with a high Paying job I believe it was Colin and Samir who put it this way where a Regular business is structured like a Pyramid you have your CEO you have some Board members some Executives some Managers some employees a YouTube Business is like a reverse pyramid where You have the CEO AKA The Creator some Managers advisors editors point is if You take the CEO from a regular pyramid Away it's still structurally solid it Still stands whereas if you do that with A YouTube business you take away the Creator it tumbles you just can't have Mr Beast without Mr Beast so in making This decision it also just makes more Sense from a business perspective for me To focus on my work outside of YouTube Because honestly at this point for me to Grow my income with YouTube I'd have to Either get more loose with the brand

Deals I accept start posting Regurgitated videos every day or go full Guru mode get predatory with course Marketing sales team and start upselling On crazy services The Matrix is strong which is stuff that I'm not really comfortable doing I do Have a course that I fully stand by but I wouldn't want to price it at a point Where people would be spending their Last dime on it and then hire a sales Team to coerce viewers into doing so so I could make like 10x more money with This kind of thing but it would require Me to do things I don't really want to Do and to sell out and I don't think I Really want to sell my soul like that And so if I combine that reasoning with What I'm seeing with Tick Tock ads right Now it just feels like a special moment In time like the early Instagram brands That used Facebook ads to propel Themselves into evaluations in the Hundreds of millions I know I've talked A lot about this and now there's other People hyping it up but still I don't Think many people realize how crazy this Whole Tick Tock advertising thing is Coming from a world five years ago where I would need to hire an actor use high Quality camera gear spend hours and Hours editing advertisements only for Them to get banned because of strict Facebook ad guidelines and try to figure

Out that algorithm to or now you pay Someone online to film some iPhone Clips With your product run that as a Non-targeted tick tock ad campaign and It makes more money I just personally can't let that slide And instead focus on making top five GTP Business videos like outside of new Projects I've even been just taking old Stores that I've ran through with Facebook ads old products clapped out Banned Facebook ad accounts slightly Optimizing them refreshing them to look A little more modern and through Tick Tock they can have a second life so in My eyes a couple more years of Consistent sales and building up brand Equity with econ Brands not only can Result in good income but also some Nasty exit potential whereas with YouTube there's not really a light at The end of the tunnel it's more of a Hamster wheel where you work all week or All month on a video you uploaded boom Quick dopamine Spike and then you're Back to square one you're only really as Good as your last upload so to me it Doesn't really feel like I'm building Anything and it also doesn't come with The freedom and location neutrality that Ecom provides you so I'm just not sure I Could fully execute on my Ecom schemes While simultaneously working as is a Full-time content for the sake of

Content type creator for Susan so Actually no there's there's a new YouTube working for Neil Mohan don't get Me wrong I still love creating on YouTube but I think moving forward I Want to treat it more as a hobby that Stems from a more pure Place rather than A place of trying to manipulate people To click on your video and then use Retention tactics to keep them watching Throughout the whole video and just Attempting to get more views so that's My update and what I've kind of been Busy with over the last few months I appreciate all the kind DMS asking if I've passed away I have not Thank you for watching when will the Next video be uploaded I don't know but I hope that you enjoyed this one and Have an amazing rest of your day peace

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