Reaction To 3 Crypto Billionaires ‘Dying’ Under Mysterious Circumstances

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In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Tom Ellsworth, Adam Sosnick and Vincent Oshana discuss 3 crypto billionaires dying under mysterious circumstances.

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These stories that are spinning and then You hear a story that comes out uh that Three crypto billionaires died I don't Know if you saw that one or not if you Want to pull that up go a little lower Zoom in and go a little lower three Crypto bosses died in recent weeks I Think these guys were all uh Billionaires uh Nikolai mushairian 29 Years old Tian Tian kulander 30 years Old and Via slav turn around 53 years Old all of a sudden they all die within A week it's kind of weird you know what Countries they're from I mean it's all Over the place one is Russia you know Anyways you can kind of see where these Stories uh are coming from Russian Entrepreneurs are one of them you know The causes of vets are helicopter stay At the top say at the top I was reading At helicopter crash while sleeping and Drowning kind of weird helicopter crash While sleeping and drowning those are The three different those are the three Which kind of that's a little little Weird crash near Monaco and then yeah so So this is kind of weird now here's the Part Um Some of these guys who know a lot if They know I don't know if you've seen The story or not if not I can read it For you Michael if you're not following It so the 50 or 30 year old Russian is

The third cryptocurrency boss to be Found dead under his mysterious Circumstances after helicopter crushing Harmonica and did it appears at the Crash occurred in good weather Conditions and after another passenger Allegedly canceled the flight last Minute thus raising suspicions For these very reasons the deputy Prosecuted from nice who visited the Scene said that the fault of a third Party cannot be ruled out Terran Co-founded the trading and investment Platform libertex and Forex club and was Flying from laozane with an experienced Pilot in single engine h-130 helicopter When it crashed around 1pm on 25th of November to 35 year French pilot was Also killed anyways we can go on with All these stories so here's the part so You're seeing how Maxine Waters and many Of these folks he had an event with Bill Clinton he had an event with a lot of These guys they're being extremely Extremely respectful to this SPF guy now As a street person who grew up watching Power plays and different kind of things Being done and who respect the two for What motives They're being very careful with this guy Does he know some things that they want They don't want people to know about is There some speculation there do these Three bosses on the crypto side that are

Going there's a lot of conspiracy Stories theories that you're hearing About Just a lot of weird things going on in Your space okay do you have any Commentary on everything I just said Here Yeah well uh helicopters are dangerous That's my first car you know probably 10 To 20 acts more dangerous than traveling In an airplane and uh you know Kobe You know died in helicopter lots of People died in helicopters so so uh That's tragic if it's just a helicopter Rack there's a war in Ukraine there's There's Russians ukrainians are are Caught in a life and death struggle and So there's a difference is if LeBron Kobe and Michael died the same week it's A little weird no I'm I'm agreeing with You if if you're a Russian with access To a huge amounts of amount of money Moving freely through Europe in the Middle of a in a time period when There's a war between Ukraine and Russia Right you got to wonder what money was Moving to whom and and right maybe so I Asked what country maybe maybe you Stiffed the wrong person I don't know uh But I you know I don't have any insight One way the other what I'd say What I'd say is uh you know be careful Around helicopters that's my first thing I'd say

Second you know it's not it's not easy In Europe right now for a Ukrainian or Russian right I don't it's not easy for Anybody especially for for someone in The middle of a war it's tough time Third Third I think everybody wants to Interview Sam because Sam's the big get And if you can get him in front of your Committee you get all the TV cameras on You it's a huge media you know score and Uh it's not very often that someone that Stole 10 billion dollars is willing to Give interviews right uh you know and my My thought about that is it's obvious he You know he stole billions from Creditors he stole billion from Investors he stole billions from Depositors you know uh they're gonna do Five movies probably three TV shows four Books and there's going to be a thousand Lawsuits and you're gonna be reading About this horrific findings for the Next five years on this thing You know and it may take years and years For them to sort out everything that Happened And uh so it's not surprising to me that The oils of Justice would move slowly Just because it's so complicated But if you're in the industry and you Have a modicum of Common Sense and some You know life experience you look at it And you say what happened well

It's pretty obvious what happened it's Kind of like they got high on on free Money you know I created a 100 million Dollar token it became a billion dollar Token that I could borrow against it Holy crap I could borrow two billion Dollars against a billion dollar token If you could borrow two billion dollars Against a billion dollar error token and It only cost 10 million dollars a day to Get your air token to double in value Wouldn't you be tempted to recycle the Money you borrowed back into the money You counterfeited so it just got to be Too easy and once they got to that point Right they go from nothing to he's he's Worth nothing in 2018 or 2019 to being Worth 20 billion dollars now now you've Got politicians you've got Clinton You've got you know Tony Blair you've Got everybody in the world wants to talk To me I'm on the front cover of every Magazine You know it goes to your head and then You just want to go harder and then at Some point you start to embellish and Cut Corners this way in that way and and It's It's like if you're going you know speed Kills You start going fast enough at some Point you're going 180 miles an hour Down a highway and then you decide to Take a rocky road and you fly off the

Side of the road and everything is just Fine until you go off the road then you Look down your eyes it's a 500 foot drop And you're going 180 miles an hour at That point you're going to go up in a Ball of flame you can't pull it back Order your future looks bright hat click Over here and to watch the entire Podcast click here take care everybody Foreign

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