Reaction To Apple Threatening To Pull Twitter From The App Store

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In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Kevin Sorbo, Tom Ellsworth & Adam Sosnick discuss Apple threatening to remove Twitter from the App Store.

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Apple has mostly stopped advertising on Twitter do they hate free speech in America Tim Cook doesn't respond No one's saying anything so then the Threat comes out that they're thinking About potentially dropping the Apple app I'm sorry the Twitter app off of Apple So wait a minute you're going to Potentially drop Apple Twitter app off Apple yes if that happens Tom what Happens think about it if if Apple drops It off guess who has to drop them off Afterwards Droid because they have to Match the two what happens if they drop Twitter off the app well most people Don't know is there are 51 Android-based handset manufacturers in The world do you think one of them would Like to make 20 million handsets a year For Elon Musk I think so also if you Look inside cars your telematics inside Your car that's an Android device Android is ubiquitous and it would be Not difficult for must to get a phone Look look at the technology puts into Tesla look at he's got net dashboard This this would not be a difficult thing To get an Android manufacturer make an Android based phone and put it on there Himself and I think people know it I Think Apple knows it and I think Google Knows it and so the question is I Believe from a capitalist standpoint one Of those and probably Big G alphabet is

Waiting for this to blow over because There's a lot of money to be made a lot Of money to be made on Twitter I think He he would have another phone not by Tuesday but he would have another phone And that is not what Apple would want in America but um the two get another phone How long does it take to get another Phone You have 51 out there that are making Phones right now They're making phones for all these Houses I think with a technology has at His disposal I don't think it would take That long it would not take a it would Not take a year to get it out probably Wouldn't take it this is what's been Going viral right now if you can show This on the screen this is what Everybody's been talking about I think a Tesla phone would do well I don't know About a Twitter phone I think a Tesla Phone designed by the engineers I think People would buy a Tesla phone and it Would be kind of sexy hey what do you Have out of Tesla well Tesla already has The app you can start your phone you can Program your car you can do everything On that so there's a lot going on I this is the same thing that happened Like four years ago or whatever three Four years ago in Georgia if you Remember there was an abortion thing They were coming up the heartbeat built

Yeah Hollywood all up in arms because They love murdering children so they Love childhood sacrifice but we can talk About that later Um so oh we're gonna pull out we're not Gonna film in Georgia anymore so what Happened nothing nothing happened Because Georgia has the number one Industry right now for filming movies And TV they are completely sold out I Know Dan Kathy Chick-fil-A CEO his Studios are totally booked for the next Two years 100 booked all these big 300 Million dollar movies go out there they Can scream communism socialism all they Want they like you said they're still a Capitalist business they want to make Money they're going to go 30 35 back From from filming in Georgia I got a 300 Million dollar action movie I'm gonna Get 100 million dollars back of course They're going to stay in Georgia it's Insane these these are just idle threats Trust me all the stuff will pass over They're not going to do anything because They they know down the long run they're Gonna they're gonna lose so wait a Minute so let me get this straight so Let me get this straight so I'm gonna Play The Devil's Advocate and I'm going To play only the paranoid survive you're Saying there's no way Apple drops the Twitter app No way Apple drops a Twitter app off

Their iOS You don't think they will Tom both of you guys I don't think they Will I think it's I think it's a risky Bet baby I think it's a very risky bit I Think cooler cooler heads will prevail They're going to talk about this this is The line look what you just pointed out Just now they're going to look at Everything down the road and they say Well you know that doesn't really add up Personally because someone else's gonna Jump in and take this business away from Us so I think if Tim Cook's put in a Corner does he like pull it and put him On probation and then say we have an Agreement for this and then put it back You know I could see a head fake Pat I Don't see Tim pulling it down so so I'm Going to give you why he would and then I'm going to give you why he won't and Then let's have this nice debate yeah so I have a question for you on Elon I can Ask you before let me just go okay you Can ask the question about Elon so Here's why I believe he could and this The one thing nobody is paying attention To Apple faces shortfall of 6 million IPhones okay the new ones that came out The pros because protests against Covid-19 restrictions are impacting Production Reports say so if you read This story on page six and it talks

About uh The Six Million shortfall the Tech giant as a factory in Zhengzhou City located in the central Chinese Province of henan where a recent Covid-19 breakout occurred Foxconn the Company that makes iPhones for Apple Runs the factory person familiar with The operations inside zhangju Factory Who requested to remain anonymous tool Told Bloomberg the estimate the Estimated short film production could Change they added the that it depends on How fast fastcon can uh coax uh co-works Workers back into the plant etc etc Okay So If if there's one word we did a case Study on my Tick Tock account very Interesting and we made this video Yesterday I'm going to show you numbers and I want You to tell me if this makes any sense You ready I'm going to show you a case Study okay this video is going out in a Week or two I didn't want to start a Tick tock because I knew what was going On with Tick Tock and anything tied with China I was not comfortable with and People said no listen the bike dance got To be careful I said let me do a case Study on Tick Tock and see if this thing Works so we start uploading videos all Of a sudden a couple videos get 5 Million views three million views two Million I'm like okay cool motivation

Does fine all this stuff does fine Couple things are doing fine then Data this is pure data for you to do Case study we looked at what's happened With my Tick Tock account the last two Months versus prior to the two months so We took two timelines one was from June 7th of this year to August 5th so to try To track these numbers here I know we Don't have it there to see it it's June 7th to August 5th Tom if you're tracking This two months yes August 5th and then We did August 5th to November 23rd okay If you're tracking August 5th to November 23rd which means August 5th to November 23rd a couple days ago and then Prior to that we went June 7 to August 5th June 7 to August 5th I uploaded 264 Clips on tick tock Of the 264 Clips uploaded on Tick Tock We broke it down in four categories how Many of them got zero to twenty thousand Views how many they got 20 to 100 000 Views how many got a hundred thousand Two million and how many got over a Million here's the numbers zero to Twenty thousand 99 videos uploaded on Tick tock Twenty to a hundred thousand 111 videos A hundred two million 45 and 9 got over A million and my Tick Tock account was Small fifty thousand followers eighty Thousand followers during this period Then my Tick Tock account hits 260 000

Followers and here's what's happened in The last two months this is 722 videos Last two months versus 264. let's look At the data out of seven hundred and Twenty two thousand twenty two videos How many Tom you think got over 20 000 Views Well if it was going to be the same you Should have had about 400 of them out of 720 Clips only two got over 20 000 views 720 got zero to twenty thousand views Only one over a hundred thousand did you Understand the number I just gave you Guys 722 only two went over twenty Thousand views we're looking at this Case study Raul from India is giving me The message saying what the heck is Going on here then we found the bogey on When everything changed on August 5th I Uploaded a video criticizing China on Tick Tock oh that's right you did the Rap thing ZZ not the guy for me I Uploaded the clip on China on Tick Tock Yep like this everything just went Through boom all the way down China you Can look at it August 5th is what the Date is but here's the point the point Is by the way the same Clips they're Watching the same Clips we measured on Instagram got 9.5 million views got 9 500 views on Tick Tock yeah 6.8 million Views 3.8 million views 2.9 million Views 2 000 views five thousand views Three thousand views on Tick Tock

Comparison Instagram to tick tock so as Much as Instagram is woke Tick Tock is At a whole different level the reason Why I think Twitter could potentially do this I mean Apple could take Twitter down is the Final reason what is one of the scariest Things that happened after 9 11. what Did George Bush and is in the Department Of Homeland surgery Yeah outside of TSA they came out with One other thing what did they come up With outside of TSA they came out with Something called the Patriots okay what Did Patriot actor really say to us what Can they do that they could look at all Your stuff they can do what they can Look at what do they need my permission To investigate into they can do anything Right they don't have your they don't Need your permission specifically it was Two things to go into your cell phone Records and also to subpoena email Suppliers so now anything that you've Whoever you've dialed and talked to Whoever you've emailed they can get the List let me tell you if Patriot Act was For America what Tick Tock in China is Doing is for the world and if Tick Tock In China has the kind of data where they Can track what's on your phone you're Given a permission Rogan read this on His podcast and people were blowing away That thing got a few billion views

Everybody's sitting there oh it's right You read the Privacy read the Privacy Report saying they can look at your Finger what movements you make on your Phone Tick Tock has the right to measure That on your phone on other apps you're Logging on to it's tick tock is Patriot Act on steroids and if Apple drops Twitter off their app it has to do with Tick Tock it has to do with China that's How all of these things get tied up on The flip side of it I'm a Tim Cook fan Okay uh I don't know if a lot of people Know or not Tim Cook is a uh he wouldn't Say this publicly but if you've read About him and if you've read books on Them I've read a lot of different Material and books on this guy he's a Gay Republican okay he's not a Democrat He is a republican he grew up in a very Uh conservative family he ended up Becoming gay himself but he is somebody That fiscally Obama didn't like some of The stuff that he did when they went to Him tell us what happened with the phone In San Bernardino says I'm not going to Be doing it they didn't like the fact That the FBI have the information so so Now we're gonna find out if Tim Cook's Backbone if he's gonna stand up to China Bullying him because he's gradually Moving production away from China to India and other places we're going to Learn a lot about Tim Cook over the next

Three to six months I don't think it's Going to be 12 to 24 months I think it's Gonna be three to six months if they Move Twitter off the app China and Tick Tock Are more powerful than people think if He doesn't Tim Cook is a g and we're Going to find that out next three to six Months that's my opinion I may be wrong Order your future looks bright hat click Over here and to watch the entire Podcast click here take care everybody [Music]

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