Reaction To FED’s Plan To Raise The Interest Rate With Half A Point!

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In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Tom Ellsworth, Adam Sosnick and Vincent Oshana talk about FED’s plan to raise interest rate with half a point.

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So fed to weigh higher interest rates Next year while slowing Rises this month Federal Reserve officials have a Signaled plans to raise their Benchmark Interest rates by half a point uh at Their meeting next week but elevated Wage pressures could lead them to Continue lifting to higher levels than Investors currently expect that's a Scary thought right there yesterday the Market responded to that data I think it Dropped by a couple percent yesterday Doubt it most officials on September Penciled in Rising rates in between four And a half to five percent next year That Landing Zone could rise between 4.75 and 5 and a quarter in the new Projections fed share Jerome Powell Outlined two possible strategies for Proceeding one would be to quickly raise The FED funds rate well above five Percent level broadly anticipated in Financial markets and then lower it Right away If it turns out they have gone too far Another would be to go slower and feel Your weight a little bit to what we Think is the right level and then to Hold on longer at a higher level and not Lose some policy too early Tom if I'm Reading this correctly am I am I Understanding that this guy is maybe Hinting in January doing three quarters Of basis point maybe up to a point

To just put a big shocker to the system And see how it responds yeah what we're Seeing is a episode of Dexter playing Out in the economy oh wow the economy is Tied with duct tape to a chair while Dexter looks in do I do half a percent With this tool or do I just take the Bone saw and cut off your arm on this Side and that's that's really morbidden I'm not trying to be funny with that but When I hear the FED talking like that Well maybe I do three quarters of a Percent in Um you know in the middle of December or Maybe I do a half a percent in January Honey does that mean you get laid off in December versus January I'm trying to Figure that out Marge you know it's like It's like this going back and forth but That's what he's saying what he's saying Is we got some indicators here that said That inflation is still a problem and He's trying to decide whether he does a Big increase yell loud at the economy to See if your kids stop and go to their Rooms and go to bed or if you just raise Your voice a little bit raised it a half A percent he's TR that's what when you Think about it that's what he's actually Trying to do he's trying to see if he Can get the economy to slow down a Little bit and does he do a big right Now or do a little bit in January but it Doesn't change what we were just talking

About that May June time frame is going To be the high point now the question is Just is it going to be all the way to Five and a quarter or could we get lucky And be four and a half ladies and Gentlemen both numbers are big and it's Not going to be a soft Landing if you're Saving your money if you're being Prudent the things we're just talking About planning for next year your future Will look right so what all the Craziness taking place I believe future Looks bright if you believe future looks Bright get your latest Future looks Bright hat of valuetainment it says Future looks bright here future looks Bright here we got them in white we got Them in Black we got them in red our Black on black sold out these are about To sell out if you haven't ordered one Yet we had a person in Michigan but one Then he bought three then when those Three people award in the office they Had to order 58 of them because people Wanted the future looks bright hat Especially during times like this Because ain't nobody's saying future Looks spread toward your future looks Bright hat click over here and to watch The entire podcast click here take care Everybody [Music]

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