Reaction To Kevin McCarthy Being Elected As House Speaker

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In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth and Vincent Oshana react to Kevin McCarthy being elected as House speaker.

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Kevin McCarthy elect the speaker to House ending days of Republican chaos And division of Washington Insider story Kevin McCarthy was selected as the Speaker of the house after a lengthy and Chaotic selection process that took Place over several days McCarthy secured The position after 15 ballots in the Early hours of the fifth day of voting He was able to win over more than a Dozen votes on Friday giving him the Necessary support to become speaker McCarthy's Victory came after a series Of events on the house floor including The confrontation between two Representative and a last-minute effort By McCarthy to secure support the Speaker of the house is second in line Of presidential succession Adam what are Your thoughts when you saw this did you See how many times it took for him to Get elected because breaking news he got He he is now efficient he's a speaker of The house yeah you do realize the Speaker of the House the third in line For the presidency this ain't no little Small task he just took Nancy Pelosi's Job by the way if you're I know we have A massive audience all four of you that Are huge fans of uh Nancy Pelosi she is No longer the Speaker of the House the The House minority leader is now Hakeem Jeffries out of uh New York and New York But I think this was a big deal this was

Something that if you like soap operas You know get a load of this you saw what Happened with Matt Gates and he tried to Yeah drama and then the other guy showed Up he tell you yeah just you know how They said like you don't don't watch the Sausage get made you know Pat you say Something all the time about like uh the Relationship we have with our parents I'm gonna try to use a metaphor with Politicians you say when you're young You idolize your parents right and then Um when as you get older teenager you Kind of villainize your parents right But then as as you become an adult you Tend to humanize your parent I kind of Look at that with politics especially With Trump and everything that happened With him is you're either like idolizing Trump right or anyone in in the Trump Camp uh or you're villainizing Trump and What I did genuinely with Kevin McCarthy Was I wasn't trying to idolize him I'm Not a fan I'm not trying to villainize Him he's an American I'm not Anti-establishment I'm not anti-kevin McCarthy I just genuinely tried to Humanize Kevin McCarthy and I actually Listened to his speech did you listen to His speech by the way when he became Speaker of the house after two days of No no no no no no no no no no no no it Was still his speech was fantastic it Was moving it was powerful it was real

You know he's got people on the left That obviously don't like him he's got People on the far right that probably Like like him even less you know the Freedom caucus everything you know the Matt Gates is of the world the Lauren Boberts of the world Marjorie Taylor Green but I actually just tried to Humanize Kevin McCarthy and you know the Knock on him is he's just like Establishment swamp creature he raised 300 million dollars but I actually Listened to his speech and when I tell You I was like genuinely moved when he Started talking about Lincoln and I'm Sure there's an element of like You know diplomacy and being a Politician and just kind of just but I Actually just tried to humanize him for A second and what he said was sometimes When he's all alone In this chamber He'll go stand where Lincoln used to Stand in the back of the room and just Sit there and watch everything I do it All by myself and this was the worst Time in American History Civil War and You know he just he just kind of got in The moment and I just went with it for a Second and man it was powerful and I'm Not a Kevin McCarthy fan I don't know But good for him I think as an American We're rooting for our politicians to Just get this together figure it

Out if we learned anything from the Midterms it's like we don't want The Fringe element whether it's on the left Or the right running the government well Here's the challenge here's what Happened I'll give you my my dick and Tom Vinny I want to hear what you guys Got to say uh is the the challenge you Saw between him and everybody else was a Couple different things remember day After January 6 he got up and he says The president have to do this with a Mask on Kevin McCarthy called that Trump Hardcore day after January 6th I think It's 7th or eighth when he did that You're saying two years ago two years Ago yeah and behind closed doors he's Been saying a lot of stuff about a lot Of different people and and people have A memory on what's been said and so what Happens when you're wanting this Position and some people wanted Jim Jordan and who he's a guy that's a tough Strong guy that's not afraid of going After them the only thing that he's got On himself is the fact that he took Money from Google but a lot of these Guys took money from Google here's what Happened with this guy He thought McCarthy he thought Two months ago three months ago this Shit's gonna be a red wave I don't need Any of Trump's people yep zero I don't Care what they have to say whatever Matt

Gates or this or this or that or Margarine you know Green Taylor and I I Don't know sir I don't have it here Nothing because it's going to be such a Big red wave the day it wasn't a red Wave Of course well some things was worth it For Trump fine you know a lot of people Say it was a word say for McCarthy Because the moment that happened McCarthy sat there and said holy I Gotta go back these guys and I gotta Make deals if it was a Red Wave he Wouldn't have to make deals with nobody So these guys went through you know What's one of the asks that they had the Whole negotiation why you won so many Different runs you know one that asks For us term limits one of the askless Terminal limits guess who doesn't want Term limits any of them there's no The establishment house the guys that I've been doing it for 20 30 years they Don't want to freaking agree on term Limits he wants to put term limits my Car so no no no not McCarthy does gates And those guys are pushing for terms of Caucus guys yeah yeah the younger guys So for me listen I think who came out of It strong and I know this is going to be Weird because Bill O'Reilly's like Matt Gates is going to pay price for this and The next two three four five years and He's going to do this Bill O'Reilly may

Be right everybody may be right we don't Know the whole story what is evident Is that no matter how much people try to Say about The the Trump Camp they did not win the Red Wave and it hurt guys like him he Has to still figure out a way to have a Relationship with Trump in the in the Interim uh a lot of this stuff is taking Place right now where these guys gotta Figure out a way to get along you saw Him the next day where Matt Gates is Like well you know I just want to say we Are very happy and everything's gonna You know we are we're going to be Working together we're going to be Unified we have to get this thing done We have to do this we have to do that he Says look six weeks people took six Weeks off at the house what's the big Deal between us finishing it up on Tuesday versus Friday and going four More days there's nothing wrong with it You guys took six weeks off yeah you Mean to them you can't wait four more Days so it did look like the Republicans Were divided publicly uh and then you Know maybe they're going to figure out a Way to work together but this isn't About Republicans and Democrats Adam This is my opinion this is about the Guys that are part of the club who have Been in this club for 20 plus years and It's the new guys coming up that are

Actually doing this who have a little Bit of real vision and stuff that they Really want to do versus the other guys Are like oh shut up with your you love America America is the greatest country In the world be quiet let us do insider Trading let us do this let us do that The guys that have been on for 20 years Cannot stand the newer guys because They're making them work they never like The newer guys that make the older guys They're like the squad they're like the Squad they're like the squad they don't Seen all those guys those guys are Knowing to Democrats That's so that's their equivalent great Example that's exactly what it is you Said the Matt Gates and all these people And from what I saw Adam it was just Like the Republican party you guys won You guys don't got your together And I get it there's all Trump and this But it's like you uh a Democrat kind of Was in the running to get the the Speaker of the house like what do you What are you guys doing you have this Great opportunity just like you said get To what the hell's going on like this is A moment where everybody could show like Working together that Unity stuff but Like you said to get those right to get Those establishment people out bro They're you're not gonna budge those People aren't moving bro they set the

Rules so that they can have that forever I don't know if you watch I'm pretty Sure Adam some of those Judiciary here Is where like Chuck grassy did they look Like they're 105 years old well Chuck Grassley is 100 years old and it's like Bro those people are making decisions The Joe Biden these people they're Making decisions bro and I love my Mother to death She's 75 when I talk to My mother you could tell she's doing Fantastic that's not somebody that I Would be like Mom make a decision on She's out of the loop when somebody's 80 Something years old or whatever we're Giving 90. Chuck we're asking them You're making decisions for right now I Just don't trust you and yeah there's People whispering in their ears but come On man we need that real change that's That's the real change is let the Younger people come in there like just Like you say it all the time Adam put a 45 year old present in there did we see That guy and just going after that Adam I'm I'm dead serious this week I'm doing The Gavin Newsom pre-bet in Vegas I'm Not even joking that guy because he just Did something too bad he just he's doing Something presidential he just made a Comment Rob where he said he just said Something that got controversial stuff About what's that I don't I don't know What it was I think it was yesterday he

Said something about California something controversial and They're like that's the that's the Candidate there's like three different News outlets including Fox they just Said Biden's about to come out and Announce his candidacy that he's running He's announced his run but he ain't Gonna run it's so it's like a low by the Way I hope he runs yeah me too I hope he Runs on the flip side it is embarrassing That they even are allowing this guy to Go through what he's going through it's Embarrassing you know you know how you Know how um at the end of Reagan's uh uh Career what was happening to Reagan he Was having his um he had Alzheimer's yes We had a relative who had a Brink who Had a a uh what do you call it a Aneurysm and he did not look good the Last six months of his life and this is A man that's a very handsome what's Going on what are you what are you doing Here you want water yeah okay so there's This man in our family good looking guy Very famous influential Unbelievably known in the Iranian Community but when he had his aneurysm It was not a good look on how for him to Be remembered the last six months have You noticed that Michael Schumacher you Don't see any images of him their family Does a great job protecting his legacy The driver yeah the Schumacher had a

Terrible accident skiing accident like He's pretty much he's not he's well he's Not doing not not he's not doing well He's on his way out he's dead yeah he's Just he's he's got nothing and the Family has done such a good job Protecting his legacy where the only Thing we remember is that face with the Red uniform right smart uh I I I I think If Joe Biden's uh a father of mine or a Brother of mine uh uh his wife I would Sit there and I would say look the Legacy you don't need a second term to Be president Your one term is your president If you're like this right now the way You're talking how the hell are you Going to be talking in 2027 okay listen Thank you Husband thank you Dad thank You brother bro let's just kind of kick It and let somebody else that's younger Go compete for your spot which is Newsome and again I'm talking on the Democrats I'm not talking about I want To so I'm just saying on the Democrat Side let's go let somebody else go run But it's time it's not uh there's a part But the families got to step in and say Pops you gotta you gotta kind of kick it Right so Pat why do you why do you so as Thinking as on the Democratic side what Why do you think that they're because I Mean he's gonna announce it that means They kind of want him to is that who

They want to go against Newsom because He'll have you know it'll just be a Landslide or is it that they don't have Anybody else really to go against Newsom Who we know is going to be the front Runner we're not stupid let's see what Happens what happens with news you saw You saw what Neil deGrasse Tyson said Yesterday it was very powerful what he Said yesterday I said what are Indicators of success okay and part of The discussion about schools which is Writing a book on I really curious to Know what he's going to talk about with The book with the new schools he says Okay four indications of success for a Kid one is great but that's only one of Four two is social how they are with People we never grade that no one gives A you were socially good yeah You're probably socially very popular in School but that's one of the two right Three is ambition hey the kid wants to Do something big with his life you know What the fourth one was capacity to Recover from failure yeah okay do you Realize Newsome his opponent once asked Them a question that the stuff that he Did with his brother or whatever Whatever the stories that he has and the Way he handled it and you know Newsom to Get the criticism that he's got in all These years and guess how he handles it Of course he's not a good person that

You would want to be best friends with The Newsome's not on the list of you Want him to be a running mate that's not That guy but for a Democratic candidate To be a face the guy has access the guy Is over overcome negative publicity Attacks on him so many times he is Dealing candidate for the Democratic Side the ideal candidate is him believe It or not the recall is the ideal Candidate for him to be a politician That's going to handle a future Impeachment that nusa may go through in 16 years yeah okay so so if you're Looking at it from that standpoint Newsom's your guy so if you like this Clip and you want to watch another one Click right here and if you want to Watch the entire podcast click right Here Thank you

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