Reaction To Kevin O’Leary Being EXPOSED For Flip-Flopping On Bitcoin & FTX

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Tom Ellsworth, Adam Sosnick and Vincent Oshana react to Kevin O’Leary being exposed for flip-flopping on bitcoin & FTX.

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Was it on cheddar when they call that Kevin O'Leary and the guy says you know How did you go from being the person That was anti-bitcoin you were like Charlie Munger everything about that was Anti-bitcoin anti-bitcoin anti-bitcoin And then all of a sudden you turn into This guy that's you know I uh uh you Know uh fully Bitcoin and you know you It's it's the way to go and how did that Happen that was the CNBC interview and That was Andrew Ross Sorkin that called Them out well wait a minute you just Said 2018. have you seen this within 2009 This whole this whole thing here with What's going on with FTX and who's Involved look there are certain people That took sponsorship money there is Risk when you take sponsorship money Okay there truly is risk but then There's people That were bought okay when you do a Little bit when you do sponsorship money You have to find out what the product is Okay and if you have a track record of Saying yes to 100 a product that is Being sent your way guess what that Means you're not you're not endorsing Anybody You're simply taking money got You if you get if you get 10 people that Come your way and say hey we'd like to Be your sponsor the right number is Around 70 to 80 of them should be turned

Down you shouldn't just take money from Everybody watch what these guys by the Way phenomenal job to both of them look What they do to Kevin O'Leary just why It's painful okay to brace for impact Singing the blues right now at all Oh yes I'm singing the blues why because Your 15 million didn't pan out that you That's a lot of money this is a paid Spokesperson it's a lot of money you Didn't have to do much for that that's Pretty that's found money different Decision that's a different discussion Okay you know you can make that decision On your own but I'm going to this point If you want to save he's guilty before He's tried I just don't understand it But you went from Charlie munger's view On bitcoin to Michael Saylor's view on Bitcoin and I actually kidded you about It I said who are you you you you you May know nothing but you're never in Doubt you're so strident when you said It was just worthless and rat poison and Then six months later you're like this Bitcoin Bull and and I so I didn't Understand that conversion did that Conversion coincide with the 15 million That you got from from FTA do you hear That yeah no I was investing three and a Half years earlier than that I changed My mind back in early 2018 when I saw The Regulators in jurisdictions like Canada Switzerland and Abu Dhabi start

To change their minds I got stop you I Gotta stop you Um you just said you made this Conversion in what year I think it was 2018 I started investing Yeah okay well I just just for as a Point of fact for what it's worth uh May 14 2019 uh you came on television and Called Bitcoin garbage it is a useless Currency it is a useless currency that's What I believe By the way did you catch all of that Yeah I love it Yep putting their foot to the fire good For them so by the way shout out to Joe Kernan and Andrew Ross Sorkin who you Know hosts the the morning Bell uh on CNBC Squawk Box I believe is what it is I mean look they've they have you know How awkward it is to have someone that Maybe you consider a friend a colleague An investor Kevin O'Leary and call him Out straight to his face good then he's More of that you know that's credibility Right there and the reality is it's like Those are questions that you should Answer Kevin O'Leary he's like 2018 I Became a believer in Bitcoin it's like Well just Let's just check the tale of the tape Here in 2019 you called it a scam and Trash it's like garbage how does that Add up garbage I don't know not a good Look for Kevin O'Leary Mr Wonderful it's

Not but you know he got 15 million bucks For it again this is a perfect example You can't say yes to everybody we got These guys came up to me wanting me to Do what is a manscape right and they say Hey we'll pay this and then we'll pay This I know I'm like dude I'm not Getting up there talking about go shave You I'm not I'm not doing it now but Everybody that I don't care I'm not Doing it so number one I'm not doing it First of all that's not even a big deal Right no hey this casino site Pat will Will only pay half a million dollars to Do sponsorship and drive it to our Gambling website first of all do you Realize imagine the audience I want you Kind of watches the audience watching me Say the following yeah so look if you're Like me and you bet on games use first Of all yeah but but that your Bot now if You protect the ward and by the way let Me make a a very simple prediction to You we have some people we're doing Sponsorships with you know who they are Gold people Masterworks we have a few Company Aura you know udemy some of These guys were doing Partnerships with They could still screw up in the future But as of right now we feel very Confident about what they're doing it's Very clear we feel confident endorsing Having these companies being used Because we feel confident about what

They're doing today there's a massive Risk if you can just be bought with a Check and by the way you just watch SPF Saying I can own you and you just watch Kevin O'Leary SPF is right he just did Two very powerful men who runs who runs Shark Tank meaning he is the main Talent Of that show it's it's not anybody else He's not the riches Mark Cuban's the Richest yeah and Mark Cuban's the Sharpest but Kevin O'Leary is the one That's the most well-rounded Entertainer talker pushes the envelope he draws People into that show is there any legal He's the magnifications I don't think There should be I don't shoot it for Somebody going I'm all in even though They kind of know I don't think he Should be held should be healthy Accountable I don't think there's any uh Uh uh no no no no I don't think there's Anything you can do to Kevin O'Leary Because Realistically he didn't do anything Wrong he took money and he said this is A company to use it's on the Judgment of The individual that trusted him and says This is a guy that's telling me the Individual should have said how the hell Do you go from hating Bitcoin trashing Bitcoin I remember one time pompliano Was on the show with one of these things And him and popular are going at it and Pompliano selling you know he's a

Maximum Maximus yeah maximum he was he's Not as much as before they're going at It they're going at it they're going out Of energy this is garbage this is this This is that so if you watched him go Like that and then sudden flip well the Person that invested is also taking that Risk that how did you all of a sudden Think that person is going to flip this Quickly yeah you know so anyways that That's on the individual I don't think It's on Kevin O'Leary At All by the way Because it's a slippery slope it's like All right Kevin Leary he's a financier Investor he's on Shark Tank he's on a CNBC all right he took money but then Then you got Tom Brady then you got Steph Curry of course yeah Matt Damon Did some so like where does It go at the end of the day I don't Think they should be held accountable But they're gonna their brand and their Image okay is gonna take a hit and to Sing your Praises uh number one I I use Manscape I think I keep things real Clean shout out to manscape but how many Times because at one point in 2020 I was Kind of handling some of the sponsorship Stuff here and they pitched me to pitch You on the gambling stuff I said I don't Even want to bring this to Pat because I Already think he's gonna say no and by The way my entire brand is save that Money invest your time don't spend your

Time on useless stuff I'm like I don't Feel comfortable doing gambling stuff And I know Pat's not gonna do but to Your credit how much stuff do you get Pitched and you're like no no no they're Willing to pay to say and say are you Kidding me we can't do it but again no There's a lot of small YouTubers that Need the sponsorships totally get it There's a lot of small guys that get Started that you get a sponsorship 200 Bucks 400 bucks if you gamble great it's Part of your brand but make sure Whatever you're doing with sponsorship Is something that matches your brand no Matter how much people pay you but if They pay you you take it there's the Risk that if it flips your name's on the Line so if you like this clip and you Want to watch another one click right Here and if you want to watch the entire Podcast click right here

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