Reaction To NBC Regretting Extending Jimmy Fallon’s $80M Contract

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth and Vincent Oshana react to NBC regretting extending Jimmy Fallon’s $80m contract.

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Embassy exec regret paying Jimmy Fallon 80 million contract extension As Fox knows great Gutfeld beats tonight Shown ratings The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon is reportedly losing the Raiding War to Fox News arrival Greg Gutfield the show is currently drawn in Less than one and a half 1.3 million Viewers compared to gutfeld's two and a Half million damn and even less than Stephen Colbert's Late Late Show on CBS Fallon signed 80 million out of Five-year extension with NBC nearly 19 Million months ago but has attracted 30 Million subscribers to his YouTube Channel and uh but this does not drive Up ad rates for the Regular Show there Have been uh there had already been Shakeups in the production staff and Fallon's contract may not protect him From further changes NBC may consider Buying out Fallon's contract and Replacing him with a host who can bring In more viewers I found this just really interesting Today because I I saw Fallon and then I Saw like three other articles on big Payouts going to NFL coaches getting Fired and this guy Matt rule Carolina Panthers he had gotten a four-year Extension for 40 million dollars so what Happens is at the peak you know NBC or The NFL or another Sports League to give These guys big extensions and and then

They don't play out so suddenly Jimmy Fallon basically goes one and eight to Start the year he's not driving his ad Rates up his YouTube channel isn't Helping The Tonight Show because they're Saying wow he's on social media he's got This and this and it's helping us and so There's a real little mini case study Here but the NFL has it right I looked Up into NFL contracts this is very Interesting and it doesn't sound like NBC did this with Fallon Um we were talking about uh non-competes Yesterday yep right well in the NFL when You get fired it's called please compete And let me explain what that means Please compete with me in the NFL Matt Rule under the terms of his agreement Which is with the team but there's also A um a jurisdictional element with the NFL Matt rule is going to get that 40 Million dollars but from who In the NFL what they put in contracts if You're under the age of 60 What's called The mitigation Clause you have to go out And find another job you have to and the NFL has got a whole team of lawyers and Investigators that follow you around and They're actually making phone calls for You getting you hooked up with colleges Or other teams you want to know why Let's say Pat you're the owner of the Carolina Panthers you're on the hook per The contract for 40 million dollars from

That rule because you're firing him After a 1-4 start and he lost the locker Room Get out so it's one of the rare firings In the middle of the Season well you're On the hook for 40. unless maybe he goes Back to Baylor and gets a five-year 20 Million dollar contract That gets deducted from the 40 guys So you know I'm 20. exactly right and so This happens all over the place in the NFL Cliff Kingsbury Arizona Cardinals People really oh you had a 20 million Dollar extension they owe him 20. unless Cliff gets another job let's stay on This topic here so it's interesting You're saying this so in other words if I uh uh you mean to tell me if somebody Right now called NBC And said hey where will if CNN called The embassy they don't have the money to But if CNN called Embassy and said hey We'll take that contract away from you Just ship them to us you mean to tell me They can't take that money away from uh NBC and pay that pay that to them Typically we don't know what the fine Print of Jimmy Fallon's contract says But typically in media they pay the Money to keep Fallin on his couch just In case they wouldn't want him to go to CNN and maybe blow up and be the old Jimmy Fallon competing with them wow They don't want that so they'd rather

Pay him the money he sits on his couch Figures out what projects he's going to Do what's he's going to invest in he Probably becomes a producer executive Producer starts putting money into Things that he wants to do but the NFL's Got it figured out instead of Non-compete it's please compete go get Another jobs tomorrow what a great uh Concept for NFL I mean I understand what That means go take the money elsewhere You know go make the money elsewhere but For great gut feel so NBC is free cable Isn't it it's free TV anybody has Fox News free cable it's not you have to Pay for it right you have to pay for Cable to watch Greg Gutfeld so let me Get this straight the one with the free Audience is losing the one that has you Have to pay to watch it 100 buy 2x that By the way that is absolutely Embarrassing to think about and can you Help from a successful producer the most Successful producer right now in all of The universe of cable and television is Greg Gutfeld he created the five he owns A big chunk of that show he's the most Successful in the biggest viewership He's King right now and and Pat going Off of what Adam said too uh Pat you Know why The camel is getting Kim is getting to See if he's beating both of them come on And when people say why you know why

This so is out there Tom when you watch Him on that college that's who he is There and when he walks into your house And you're parting he's that same guy When you watch CNN and you you Think like would you want to be at a Party and see any of these anchors from Lemon or whatever Cuomo's in there They're they have an agenda bro people Like real you know why Tucker's up There because Tucker is the same off as He is on CNN and all these networks bro They're not that's why these guys are Killing it and they're baffled by CNN And all these uh left-wing political People are going down bro look at this Adam yeah well I I just let's let's just Kind of go back a second okay just think About where we're at in America right Now this actually here we go here we are Guys Kumbaya not too long ago 40 years Ago 40 years ago the beginning of our Lifetime there was one king of late Night his name was Johnny Carson Johnny and that it was like the Walter Cronkite for news in the 60s what have You Johnny Carson in the 70s 80s there Was if you made it on to Carson as a Comedian as a performer that's it done You're now famous remember comedians Would do their four minute bit and if They got invited to the couch yeah it Was like you were amazing I mean Tom When you made it to the couch that one

Time time in 1976 yeah you started off In comedy it was like the groundbreaking That was the best that's why I started Writing how you made it here thank God The biz docs here they fired up but now We're we're at a point in America now Where there's so much competition every Single one of these then it went from From from Carson and went well and Letterman that was two guys right now You have uh in the rankings of order you Have Colbert Fallon Kimmel Seth Meyers Coco and yeah who's Coco Conan O'Brien Oh Corner Brian was the best was the Best yeah But now he has it's so saturated and They're all kind of cannibalizing each Other each of these shows like if you Add up their numbers Colbert's at 2.1 Million uh Fallon's at 1.3 Kimball's at One a little over a million so you're Talking four and a half Collective on The big three gut feeling is beating Kimmel and Fallon gut field is at 2.3 Million so this is what I'm this is like The five is the number one hey Tom Thanks buddy we'll get right back to you Thank you uh can I make my point yeah Make it Like the Cisco and Ebert over here but Here's the deal Gutfelt I watched it last night Ironically he's not a comedian no he's Not funny no he's not even that

Entertaining he is himself exactly okay He's not a stand-up comedian not at all He's entertaining he's got opinions That's great but when you have three This is kind of what I was saying before When you already know where the joke is Going and you have three Colbert uh camo Fallon and it just kind of Fallon at one Point was amazing with the roots when it First started yeah doing the music and The carpool karaoke is James Corden Still doing his show by the way I Haven't seen that but he's trying to get Into that restaurant essentially this is Where I'm going with this Um Gutfeld has Blue Ocean strategy Written all over them everyone's going This way let's just go this way and Let's just stay true to ourselves I'm Not shocked That he's the number one king of late Night but it's not because he's super Super amazingly talented and hilarious And has awesome stuff no it's just that It's the same old over here on the Left and he's just going a different Direction you know what it got really Worried I said it I've said this before Kovid killed comedy for all those people Because as soon as you start dancing and Going Jab yourself with it bye I'm done I'm Done was it coveted or was it Trump Because Trump's daughter Trump started

It yo you're 100 but coven killed it Because when they did when they had Needles on whatever like jab what the f What what that was Colbert that made me Go blind yeah look at this look you Like put a needle in it that's just Propaganda but that's what I'm saying That's where you know it was going thank You do you remember when um Uh Jon Stewart went on Colbert and they Talked about China how uncomfortable how Uncomfortable was Colbert do you Remember that oh Jon Stewart's like Jon Stewart who is as liberal yes An exception of liberal ideas as it gets Bill Maher Jon Stewart and he's like so How about that lab leak yeah Colbert was Like no okay definitely came from about Oh my God what about you know it was That story with the like the unkept Beard and the longer hair correct and It's like Jon Stewart's been in the tool Shed behind his house for two years Look at the body language And they're best friends by the 100 so It just it's I don't know it's Awkward you guys said a lot you made a Very good point going back only one Option now there's a lot of options the Numbers you gave gut filled beating Camel and Fallon at the same time I do Have a recommendation for NBC there's a Guy you can get for prop I can negotiate A good price for you guys his name is

Marcelo Hernandez he's on SNL guarantee You keep your eyes on him one of those Two is going to lose them either NBC's Gonna pick him up or the other guy's Gonna pick him up that guy's going I Would watch that show I would watch that Show that's where you're going no I like That guy a lot he's a talent you know What it is here's one of the biggest uh Things to uh uh that that happens to Everybody you have to be aware of you Have to be aware of so you go into the NBA first time you're going to the NBA You play against the great ones and you Say oh my God I'm on the same floor with Freaking Kobe Jordan oh my God I can't Believe I have to guard Jordan tonight Imagine you've just gone to the NBA Ison you're guarding Michael Jordan You're Byron Russell Brian Russell and You're guarding Michael Jordan Dominique's well Dominic's brother Gerald Wilkins the Jordan stuff yes New York oh you know so man so for what how Was your day today dude I can't even Believe dog you know when he was doing The turn he made that one shot I didn't Even know how to block it I tried I got Close but this guy's there's a reason Why they come and you're having this Conversation it's a childlike Conversation right so you know you're a Comedian you get your first shot like Marcelo called the other day Zoom yeah

You won't believe this I'm this and then He picks me up Chappelle calls us and Then we drive up and then in front of This and I cannot believe it and I'm at Madison Square Garden I'm like I'm Watching this guy he could have gone 30 More minutes I would have listened to Him because I'm watching a kid's dream Become a reality it's a beautiful moment To witness man when it becomes a reality Right it's when you win in business it's When you you know in in so many Different ways when you become a parent The first time in your emotional and Others and then comes Ten Years Later And then you become arrogant ungrateful You lose perspective and then you're no Longer that likable Now your interview is like yeah we lost In the playoffs so what I'm still making 18 million a year I'm gonna go to my Beautiful house I'm gonna go do this LeBron yeah that's annoying you know hey You know you better do this or else I Don't care if I lose half my Republican Voters I don't give a your name is Jimmy Kim Jimmy Kimmel yeah that's Annoying it's disrespectful this man When we come home at night at that time I haven't watched this since Jaylen I Went on Leno uh uh uh as a 14 year old Kid just to watch the game We snuck in Yeah just to see this guy perform and uh Anyways you watched him yeah freaking

Fine he took shots at everybody okay you Watch Conan he's fun to just listen to Right these guys became propaganda type Of guys they lost it but they also Became arrogant they also became Know-it-alls they also forgot how Awesome it was where a Jimmy Fallon if You go watch Jimmy Fallon's uh what do You call SNL audition I think you told Me about it I mean you watch this guy You're like then you want to see this Guy win right Talent so sometimes Somebody I was talking to a guy Yesterday who's in in deep trouble and No it's not Andrew Tate although he's Also in trouble but I'm talking to this Other guy And I was saying to him that guy's going In this Trail of the Fallon Kimmel Trail Where you're becoming annoying and You're becoming too arrogant I'm like Who's who's he talking to that can kind Of give him a different perspective Because sometimes when you're in the Camel position or a Fallon position You're in a web And you're stuck and you no one's Telling you what you need to hear to Pivot to One Direction Nobody is Everybody around you is just telling the Same same same same same same So you just keep going then all of a Sudden you become this arrogant guy that We have to fire and replace you with

Somebody else that's a little bit more Excited to be there that can stay child Like this is why the people who win long Term stay childlike the longest Elon Musk is still childlike whoever stays Childlike not childish childlike the Longest wins this morning you know we're Sitting here saying what you're saying About Tom you know what Phil I got from Tom this morning childlike Being childlike has nothing to do with Your age it has to do with a mindset to Stay fresh especially when your job is To entertain if your job is to make Deals who gives a but if your job Is to entertain you best stay childlike And gret Gutfeld to me yeah every time I See him the guy's childlike that's why Do you watch Gutfeld any of you guys I've seen them I've seen his Clips I Watch him on YouTube I like his Monologues you can tell you know what I Like about his monologues he'll say joke It's like yeah that was not a good one Let me rip this one out well you know What that was good okay you guys like That one it's a very he has got a Relationships Different too he's in front of a live Audience yeah there's people there which Adds another element to it which I like I just I want to know like if you're the CBS Showrunner the executive if you're doing

NBC ABC and at e it was just circle back 2016-27 it's so easy just to start on Trump it's such a weird time In America yeah of course you are and They believe me they would mess with Obama nowhere near Trump I mean not even Close at what point does the showrunner Or the producer say Hey listen We have officially lost half our Audience Why don't we be the ones to like bring This back in just a little let's beat Let's say you're you're because because Fallon doesn't go over the top like Kemo Or Colbert so I'm just wondering are They they must see these numbers and They must be like what the are we Doing I think it's laziness too so I'm Not to cut you off I think it's laziness As as a production team truck like why Talk about anything else just trump it Up but I I like what you said I I Wouldn't want all it took is one of them To go guys let everybody talk about Trump because that's all everybody's Talking about let's just be creative Let's go talk about other not just This guy and like I've said this before CNN the only way because CNN's losing Money left and right the only way They're gonna end Center and Center is If I'm telling right now Trump because The Santa's I don't know if it's gonna Help them if Trump wins the election

CNN's going to be right back on top Because that's all they're going to do That's all they're going to talk about I Think the Santos is going to hurt Everybody's ratings because there's Nothing nothing about them yeah You good Christian wholesome man let's Hear from our community I think you I Think You get to the get to the core of it You're asking is there a showrunner I Think they all live in a bubble they're Living in a bubble which orange man bad Conservative slap home anti-vaxxers or Unpatriotic and their loons or their Fringe their right-wing Fringe when you Do that you are ignoring the mass of the Audience and I think there was a day Where that was cared about but I think Media in the bubble I honestly don't Think those late night I think they are And to a large degree they're reading Talking points and it is kind of Propagandist I remember Letterman's first show on CBS after the Deals were done the big thing they Opened the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York Letterman does his first show he's Doing his opening monologue and Letterman had this real nostalgic sense About NBC because NBC gave him a shot he Was almost the successor to Johnny Carson he ends up on the after Johnny Carson saw it was amazing he cracks

These two jokes and then his buddy Tom Brokaw NBC news guy cameos walks into The CBS Studio takes the big cue cards And says Dave I'm really disappointed Those last two jokes were the Intellectual property of NBC I'm taking Him down the street and he walks off the Stage and Letterman looks at the camera And says and this was the shot for Warren Littlefield at NBC he says that's Odd I didn't think you could use Intellectual property in NBC in the same Sentence oh wow and it was but it was Funny and it was truly funny and you Looked at the balance and you looked at What Lena was doing and what Letterman Was doing and it wasn't political slap On parade and I think they've lost that I think now media is in a bubble and They've lost it so if you like this clip And you want to watch another one click Right here and if you want to watch the Entire podcast click right here Foreign [Music]

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