Reaction To San Francisco $5 Million Reparation Checks For Black Citizens

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Michael Malice, Adam Sosnick and Tom Ellsworth react to San Francisco’s $5 million reparation checks for black citizens.

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San Francisco To consider five million reparation Check for black citizens uh and it's It's actually they're getting pretty Close to it uh are considering a draft Plan for reparation package that would Pay five million dollars on some Payments to eligible black residents in Addition to eliminating personal debt And tax burdens and providing guaranteed Annual income of at least 97 97 thousand dollars For 250 years To an underest under under determined Under undermined number of blacks guys I'm a little bit flabbergasted let me Read that one more time burdens and Providing guaranteed annual incomes of At least ninety seven thousand dollars For 250 years The plan also proposals allowing black Families to purchase homes in expensive Cities for just a dollar Critics have slammed the proposal as Financially impossible with one estimate Suggesting it could it could cost the City roughly 50 billion dollars and Another suggesting that each non-black Family in the city would have to pay at Least six hundred thousand dollars However proponents argued that five Million dollars figure is actually low When considering the harm caused to Black community the state of California

Is also considering its own reparations Proposal that would cut 360 000 checks for every eligible black Citizens so the state of California can I point something out sorry yesterday I Was reading and it's very interesting When did California abolish slavery in California they never had slavery that's Correct that's a trick question and then I look back at all the other states that Actually had legalized slavery Massachusetts Connecticut it was really Shocking California has never had Slavery so even going back into California history to say well at this Point we really feel the state you know Was was not acting and had done this and Had these laws no so how does the state Offer reparations for something that Actually historically it never actually Did so you're thinking in 2022 it's 2023 And it's not reparations for slavery It's reparations for racism so they're Talking about California had like Discrimination would they have those Covenant Clauses in a contract like if I Sold you a house above Dianne Feinstein Michael Huffington when they ran against Each other I think it was in 94. it Turned out they had a house they had a Clause that says I will never in Perpetuity sell this house to an African-American and people ignore them But they're still in the books so this

Is paying for all of that um and the Point is it's never going to and and the Point of reparations right Pat you Burned down my house you give me the Value of my house and some cost you know Suffering then it's I have reparations I Might I'm restored back to zero the Point of reparations is once it's Resolved you move on but does anyone Seriously think that if this actually Happens that's like okay racism is done And we're gonna move on to society and People are gonna stop complaining about Racism California of course not I'm in Favor of this because the faster California gets driven into the ground And the more of uh kind of a Understanding that you know government Is just basically a Shakedown system the Better will be for everyone But how does it work because it's San Francisco so it's a city so it's not the State right so they'll figure it out oh They'll figure it out yeah they just try To ban 3D printers in all of California Because there the law says I don't know If they passed it yet but if any object Is used primarily or largely to 3D print Guns it's going to be uh they're trying To ban it in California Can you can you find that article yeah Look up 3D printing it's right there I Just saw it Go the fourth one yeah California passes new three the uh

That's 26 that's an older one yeah if You can find a newer one It was just in the last couple of weeks Pretty wild to be thinking about this Five million dollars so you know what it Makes me think about when I was talking To Roland Martin and Roland said I grew Up in this community and I'm okay and What happened I left why'd you leave the Community everybody left I don't understand if you really want to Help the community why are you leaving The community well because everybody Else left So anyways he'll respond to this on Twitter with some kind of a Lincoln and File and I like it when he does because It allows me to go and look up a few Other things But uh What's gonna happen If they can buy expensive homes for a Dollar Okay so you mean to tell me they can go Buy homes expensive homes at a dollar And they're going to get 5 million n97 Grand over how many years 250 250 years Man if they're gonna lift 250 years That's respect right but no no not Necessarily if inflation like five years 97 000 is gonna be worth like a soda Yeah But but if you think about that then Here's a perfect case study for people

That are going to say well I can't Believe you if people if they do this You're actually right if they do this Just to see what happens as a case study It's a great case study for everybody Else let's see what happens I'm actually Really curious what happened oh yeah go For it do it give them the money let's Move forward let's see what happens to San Francisco let's see if San Francisco Becomes a better City let's see if it Becomes more vibrant let's see if more Business owners want to move to San Francisco if it does then guess what we Officially have a case study if it Doesn't you also officially have a case Study that it doesn't work I I think we Maybe have some I agree with that and I Think we have so many case studies out There when you take a look at Mega Lotto Winners and what they do they Effectively allow their relatives to buy A house for a dollar because they just Give it to them and when you take a look At also athletes of all diversities and All backgrounds you take an athlete That's suddenly given the this monstrous Contract when they get drafted by the NBA and the NFL remember hockey and Baseball you have this rookie contract That goes five years as you know Pat but Then you've got the sports where you Just walk in the door and you've won the Lotto right because you're one of the

Top three kids coming out of uh college And there you go and then you buy a House for your mom and you give a car to Your brother and you give house to your Sister go take a look at the condition Of those assets and go take a look how They care for them I'm telling you we Have many cases we have little mini case Studies that follow exactly what you're Showing people will not take care of it I want to see it though I want to see it we figured it out let Me actually we have something in the House they say right here can I say some More things that Chinese were enormously Oppressed in in California so they're Going to be next in this list and They've I would they have more of a Reason historically with with California Than the African-Americans do so Reparations for them as well why am I Wrong what a noble requests make more Sense for them sure there were all this Laws that was my question is the Slippery slope effective here because Right here it says why don't you throw Iranians in there there you go Used to live in California go there for Vacation now I live in Florida I think We should figure something out there Where's your Iran is only Americans know About oppression if right if you watch The corporate press you and I our Families we don't have oppression

Nothing happens no one left the elevator When we said very healthy upbringing you Know it was nice And just clear your throat real loud and Go for it rose water ice cream It's a slippery slope effect so it says It's going to cause the city roughly 50 Billion dollars so let's say you know You're a white guy you're an Asian guy You're a Latin guy whatever you're Iranian guy and you're like yeah all Right cool I agree maybe this is Something they should do let's you know Make right the sins of our forefathers All right so let's say you do agree with This okay great by the way part of this Is each non-black family in the city Would have to pay at least six hundred Thousand dollars so hold on so as a White guy all right maybe you can make The argument all right well you're not Black you're you're forefathers were Maybe the oppressors all right it's time For you to pay all right well now the Mexicans got to pay though the Asians Got to pay the Native Americans got to Pay like where does it end like how do You determine who ends up paying so if It's only if it's all non-black Residents so now we're all paying so my Family just moved here four years ago or 40 years ago from Mexico I have to pay For some it's just like where does this End politics isn't about logic or reason

It's about power And that is kind of central to Anarchist Thoughts so what you're saying makes Logical sense but again this isn't even About reparations in the sense of Reparations of making people whole this Is simply a basically a cash grab and a Way to kind of get a voting block uh in Place in perpetuity quite obviously but Wow if you're going for a voting block You already have the vote it's this is Liberal cities it gets sentenced so this Also appeals to Karen because white Liberal women Love Stuff Am I Wrong Love Stuff let me tell you Karen I'm gonna Tell you right now I'm telling you right Now Adam I want to see this happen oh Yes I'm for it as well I want to see it Happen and you know who else I want to See duplicate this New York City this is Oh do it I want I want San Fran to do it New York City to do it Chicago to do it LA to do it do it let's see what happens This is why I donated money to John Fetterman I want to see I want and he's My candidate for president I want to see This happen the faster the Senate Becomes Arkham Asylum the better it is Forever There's a part of it that's funny but There's a part of it that honestly for Me uh we have a relative and I'll tell You what this guy was a very prominent Figure on TV okay very in the Persian

Community and at the tail end of his Career he had a stroke and the family Was okay with people coming and visiting Him and there's no way he would ever Want people to come and see him in a Condition like that it was horrible if You know what I'm talking about and the Sun was not okay with this like this is Not cool for this to be happening I'm Totally but I can't say anything I'm a Nobody in the family to say hey guys What are you doing here they have to Make the decision if something like that Happened to you and I and if my wife put Me into public I would be I'd be waiting for her in heaven For her to show up and say what were you Thinking allow me to be in public Fetterman's family and Democrats to just Put him up front like that to say well He's great he's this he's that that's a Form of abuse what they did to that guy He could have quit at any time you're Removing agency from him he has Aphasia He's not literally like Terry Shiva Brain dead yeah and this guy's entire Life has been seeking political power This is the monkey's paw right it's like You have a Genie's wish it's like I wish I was sitting here it's like all right But it's gonna cost you he's like I Don't care and now I'm hoping for the Day when some on the senate floor when His head just explodes and covers 99

Other Senators with brain Parts blood And skull bed you would want to see that Oh desperately well you are an anarchist There you go I'm an American yeah like Every American worth his salt wants to See a senator's head just like JFK head Explode out of nowhere you just took it To a whole different level your game Just went to a whole different level so If you like this clip and you want to Watch another one click right here and If you want to watch the entire podcast Click right here

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