Reaction To Steven Crowder’s Feud With Daily Wire

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Bryan Callen, Adam Sosnick and Vincent Oshana react to Steven Crowder’s feud with daily wire.

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Crowder does a video For those of you that don't know who Crowder is he's got six million Subscribers a comedian conservative I Mean the guy's a rock star funny comics He should oh he should be doing it he's He's yeah on top of billions of views And he does his 27 minute clip 28 minute Clip and when you're watching it you Don't really know who he's talking about But he's upset about a contract and Everybody's like well is he talking About these guys is he talking about Those guys he's with the blaze is it the Blaze I said this is it that and then Eventually you know within a few hours The CEO of uh daily wire does a one hour Video responding to it explaining that He was talking about them because the Entire Market was talking about this my Phone kept blowing up people saying did You see this did you see that I'm like What tell me what's going on here and Then uh anyways so apparently these guys Were offering him 50 million dollars For four years is what the contract was And uh all in they're going to end up Investing around 100 million dollars Into Crowder but it would be him having To move everything with them Responsibilities of 190 something Episodes per year if you miss one it's This much if you get a strike it's this Much all these different things that's

In there which you know one side is like Well that as a business owner you have To have that the talent is like well you Know I think I'm worth more you should Pay me this you should pay me that but It all got public and there's a lot of Different uh you know some are saying Why did he do it public it should have Been private some are saying good that He did it there's so many people in the Talent space that you know want to uh uh Have this be known because sometimes Talent gets stuck like you know back in The days rappers or singers that would Get a contract and then boom they're Like you own this you own that and it Was you know a lot of people got Sony Had an issue with that when they Michael Jackson one time got up and called that You know Tommy mccola I don't know if You remember that or not oh yeah there's A bunch of this in that space so uh uh We're gonna see what happens next with This but these are you know these are Two big names you're talking about who's The underpal is he with is he he's with The blaze he's with the blaze okay but He's got independent and he's got stuff That he does with the blaze is it Possible though that this contract was The first draft that their lawyers Gave him you know what I'm saying Sometimes you'll in negotiations lawyers Come at you with a terrible deal and

Then you go get serious and you send it Back so I wonder is this was this the First iteration did they even see it When they sent it you know you know uh So when when the when the company that Made an offer to uh by us I'll never Forget what he told me best thing he Told me when him and I were talking he Has done a couple hundred deals okay This guy's name is Brian Adams he's a He's the biggest heavyweight in Insurance right now you build a company 10 billion dollar companies what he's Done he's done very well for himself And he says look here's here's one thing That you have to keep in mind If this deal doesn't happen it won't be Because you and I don't want to be in Business together it's because lawyers Screwed it up okay he says every time Our lawyers get to a point where the Deal is not going to work out you and I Have to get on the phone together that's Right okay it was the best Council by The way on what he gave So two weeks into it our side of the Lawyer the one we had from New York One of the most feared lawyers in all of America and I'm not being like I've Dealt with so many lawyers over the last 20 years we've spent I don't know 12 million dollars on legal Fees 11 million dollars in legal fees so When you're dealing with lawyers lawyers

Come in many different shapes and forms He's the same ebull of lawyers this guy Is the most feared lawyer ever wow So there is no how's your day going There is no how's your day going okay I'm here to do the job here's what I'm Doing and he goes at their throat holy this is the shittiest contract I've Seen in my life you're trying to take Advantage of this what kind of a bunch Of this is this you guys are corrupt you Guys are this and he's gone so so they Call me you know you're lawyer just told Our 13 lawyers this did you know this So let me give them a call so I call him Up so our board we talk to each other And I give this guy a call I say man Listen I love the fact that you're a pit bull You're our pit bull but maybe try to be A German Shepherd for a minute instead Of a pit bull you're a little bit like You know yeah you say well listen this Is what you pay me to do this is how I Do business this is why I'm the best in The marketplace and I'm gonna stick to What I'm doing wow I said I totally get It go from a 9.9 to try to get to an 8.8 If you can right So he's good for two weeks every two Weeks By the way this one for six months every Two weeks we had to have a call like This do you know how many times a deal

Almost fell through if I told you nine Times that's a small number okay yeah It's not worth it to me it was so many Times that the deal almost fell through So for here there needs to be listen bro Our lawyers work for us your lawyers Work for you yeah they're going to write Up a contract that benefits us and your Guys are going to fight for what's Benefits you and we're really dealing With 20 different things here okay under 20 different things you can't tell me All 20 things are important to you Neither can I tell you 20 things are all Important to me I have to tell you what Are my five most important you tell me What are your five most important and Let's negotiate the bottom the middle Ten is that fair yes I don't know if That was that took place here because Once the deal happens you got to get the Lawyers to talk if you guys negotiate Money it's a problem And again I don't I know nothing about It I don't have a relationship with Crowder your friends I him and I have Never spoken to each other he's going to Be on the podcast here so good yeah he's Going to be on the podcast here next Couple days is he he's coming in he's Coming in yeah so I don't I don't have a We're working on everything up in the Area I don't know if you don't know he's Not coming for stand-up they reached out

And he's getting we've been going back And forth but seashells with penny for Yeah we have something set up for next Week which we'll be announcing here Shortly uh so so and then I don't have a Relationship with the folks at Daily Wire at all so it's not like hey I'm Friends with these guys we had a Conversation I've never spoken to the CEO of daily wire we've never broken Bread we've never exchanged email Nothing uh but normally when you see Deals like this The job of daily wire is to write a Contract that benefits them and the job Of you know Crowder as a big face of Getting the type of eyeballs that he's Getting is to protect him let the Lawyers do the Dirty Work once you get Involved it's messy yeah I agree it's Messy it's going to be uh and by the way Jordan Peterson apparently tweeted Something and then he took it off oh Really yeah daughters podcast Michaela Yeah yeah Um Saturday I've never met her but how Does it get to this point like we're in An eyeball attention economy yeah this Is pure speculation is any of this for Views about none of that no this is just What business gone ugly and they should Have kept it under wraps like how does This get to the pop culture status Unless at least if your card unless if

Your name is last name is Kardashian Where your business model is for your Personal life to be public yeah Everywhere you don't want your personal Life to be public okay you keep it to Yourself This is not stuff that you want To be public you just don't want to be Public in it's public so if you like This clip and you want to watch another One click right here and if you want to Watch the entire podcast click right Here

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