Reaction To Teenagers Smashing Car Windows In downtown Chicago Prompting Police Intervention

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Elizabeth Pipko, Adam Sosnick and Vincent Oshana talk about teenagers smashing car windows and promoting police intervention in Chicago.

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Chicago Mayor-elect condemns teen takeover chaos But says it's not constructive to Demonize the youth hundreds of young People descended on downtown Chicago for Two nights of chaos with two teenage Boys being shot during the Mayhem Chicago mayor-elect Brandon Johnson Condemned the behavior but warned Against demonizing youth who have been Starved of opportunities in their Communities nine adults and six Juveniles were arrested in connection With the Takeover with most of the Arrests bring being for reckless conduct Johnson called for the creation of safe Spaces for you to gather under adult Guidance and supervision Johnson's past Support for reallocating funds from the Police department to other social Services come under attack during the Mayoral race but he has since distanced Himself from that position saying he Will not reduce the police budget while Arguing that hiring more officers will Not solve the city's crime problems okay Do you have the clip to show what Happened in Chicago Rob if you got it if If you don't what do you what are your Thoughts on what's going on Chicago Right now It doesn't look good I would hope it's a Wake-up call to a lot of people but how Many more of these things needs to

Happen you know for them to have a Wake-up call you know the the people who Are paying a price for this are the same Ones that voted for this guy right and Elected them I mean it's possible that's What they deserve or maybe that's what They want and those that don't want that Either moved or vote differently but if You stay there you have to be okay I Mean no one wanting to raise a happy Family wants the state I mean they can't Remain there if that's their priority so Chloe they have other priorities you Know Have you seen any of these clips on What's going on crazy I've seen a few But Yeah it's pretty wild there's literally It's lawlessness in Chicago bro when Cops don't want to show yo you know Pat Cops won't go to certain neighborhoods Because of the gang situation like They're just like listen you're on your Own just take shelter and just get the Hell out of there basically she's Nailing like how do you keep voting Because money they just got rid of Lightfoot the new guy he's this is his Horse yeah he's worse but they keep Voting him in and I feel I mean Obviously some people can't leave but if You if you vote these people in and this Is what you get Say it's on you yeah you know what I

Mean so explain to me the context here Because I've seen some ridiculous Clips Here this is this was an organized teen Takeover was this Just a bunch of teenagers saying you Know what we're gonna we're gonna Organize and just go Raise Hell burn [ __ ] down and just pray about Buddy Nobody was shot no innocent person was Shot or nothing it was just like hey Let's just go down there and call us and Wouldn't feel this are they not what are Their demands are they angry about Something what did something happen well No there was no killing there was no Nothing it was just you know what F the City and let's let's just can you raise Rob can you pull up that video of the Mob beating up the woman trying to enter Her house yeah and I'm talking about Look how many people are beating this Girl not this one no not this one you Did it right before yeah that's it That's it right there look there's this Lady like she's just trying to get into Her look at that be in the living 30 People just start beating the [ __ ] out Of her that's attempting you're stomping Her in the head that's attempt okay Murder for what reason for nothing Nothing could you imagine if that were 30 white people beating up a black guy Oh forget it what did you imagine what Would be happening if that was 30 white

Guys beating up a tree she's like I Didn't do anything boom and she's just Getting stomped out this to me is Disgusting if you don't call all out [ __ ] like this whether you're black or White you're Asian you're Latino you're Part of the problem I was disgusting That's the moment Chicago so there's no Guns I wish she had a gun because I Would have shot everybody's ass that's Trying to stomp me on my [ __ ] head That's ridiculous bro yeah we're doing And guess what she should be moving out Of the city her next thing after trying To arrest people and bring them to court Move the hell out of Chicago if she's Even functional right now you know that She's gonna be interviewed across the Board you know Fox is going to bring her On and if I'm CNN MSNBC yeah I bring her on also Unbelievable bro unbelievable you bring Quran also yeah you think you think They're going to bring her on well they Should there's a difference between There's a lot of things they should do They would never talk about the story That's [ __ ] this is against their Narrative but that is [ __ ] takes it Imagine living in Chicago on purpose by Choice seriously imagine being a Full-grown adult and waking up in Chicago looking at the entire globe and Then looking around you at the [ __ ]

You reside and then saying yes I want to Live here then somebody response back And he says this after tweeting this Thousands of people from Chicago replied Something along the lines of shut up you Wouldn't last a day here would I get in Shadowrun as some sort of Defense kind Of proves my point completely doesn't Right so we agree Chicago is a Crime-written dump I mean listen that That's exactly the point one of one of The things that happens is I had a sales leader I talked to one Time and I S and I would have we're Having a back and forth and I said you Realize who likes you She says what do you mean I said think About which one of your sales people Like you Just says who I said you're losing your Best salespeople And you're keeping the worst ones You prefer people listening to you And you know wanting to just like you And kiss your ass 24 7 over killers that Want to compete Dominate and get to work You want people to just conform to you And fear you rather than people people That want to go compete you can always Tell a person's identity by who they Keep and who they lose we got a lot of Vice presidents in our insurance company I watch some of our guys and they keep Killers they're a killer I watch some of

Our guys they lose their killers and They keep their complainers their Complainer it's just what it is so a City Who does things like this guess what You're going to lose the person that Just wants to go to work and create a Business and you know send their kids to A good school and just do their part They're not allowed they just kind of Want to do their part those are very Much of positive citizens that you want To keep you lose the you lose those People you don't have a city they're Going to go to a different place so you Know somebody said the other day there's An article from Insider bash in Florida And it says something like uh remote Work is killing Florida as a retirement Paradise look at the title remote work Yeah it's killing Florida as a Retirement Paradise did you understand The title are you getting what they're Trying to say okay so let me read it to You for some of us people that are not Columbia grad uh you know Brilliant Minds that uh uh let me go to this page Now so check this out Florida's Rising home prices are Threatening the state's reputation as a Retirement Haven median home values on Florida are 33 compared to last year Compared to an 18 Nationwide increase The eight of ten most overvalued home

Markets in the US are in Florida the State has long promoted itself as an Affordable retirement Paradise but Increasing competition from private Investors combined with the rise of Remote work has contributed to the work Uh to afford housing and housing prices Threatened to end the middle class Stream of spending final days in Florida Unless Florida builds more housing and Raises wages the trend of rising home Prices May delay young people's Retirement plans and threaten the State's economy Who's gonna fall for the [ __ ] the same Person now can you can you let's find Out who the writer is go find who wrote This article and let me guess Gabby you Went to Columbia click on her profile That's so funny come on no just click on Her on her name it's gonna take you There and tell us who she is right or Brooklyn she worked at The Verge the Drift above the Nations other people She's the co-founder veterans what School did you go to Gabby can we go Find a gabby Del Vie there's not a lot Of them out there what school district Zoom in there's a this is a difference Immigration report advice news makes Sense prior to advise she was a reporter At Vox and writer at Online daily beasts All of those things tells you who she is Yeah all of those things tell you who

She is NYU okay same thing makes sense didn't You just talk about NYU earlier yeah Exactly so there you go you want to say Something like this Good for you this whole remote works you Know bash in Florida as a place to be Listen guys the workers the independent Thinkers the people that want to be left Alone the bad asses you want in your Community are moving to places like Tennessee Texas Florida Idaho I can give You five other states and they're Leaving places like Chicago Illinois New York California I can give you five Other states they're living it's just What's happening anyways what are your Thoughts on this story here yeah no I Agree with everything you said I don't Understand who would stay there unless It's someone who has to and A lot of people are probably in that State but it could go back to what you Said about like American values changing If your values are I want to raise a Family and put food on the table and Make sure my kids grow up to be normal Citizens of the world you would not Remain in Chicago so either people's Values are changing Um and we're not understanding what People are starting to align with or People simply can't get out but there's No one would willingly want to stay

There and have a normal responsible Happy family life so if you like this Clip and you want to watch another one Click right here and if you want to Watch the entire podcast click right Here [Music]

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