Reaction To Woody Harrelson Silencing The Woke On SNL

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Vincent Oshana and Tom Ellsworth react to Woody Harrelson silencing the woke on SNL.

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Woody Harrelson who was the actor from a Lot of different movies he was in white Man can jump I don't know It's just a great actor man he was a and A lot of different he wasn't too anyways Played the clip on what he just said on SNL and then people's reaction I'm gonna Send you something to show how the Entire media reacted to this go for it You know the movie goes like this the Biggest drug cartels in the world get Together and buy up all the media and All the politicians and force all the People in the world stay locked in their Homes and people can only come out if They take the cartels drugs and keep Taking them over and over wow I threw The script away I mean who is gonna Believe that crazy idea okay Now do me a favor show or show what I Just texted to you and show how the Market reacted immediately after that SNL went live you have to see what these Guys said if you can put this up I'll Give you just three stories if you can Just pull these things up you know oh He's he's out of his mind he has no clue What he's talking about go ahead and Make that bigger check this out uh uh See if we can open it up boom check this Out Woody Harrison uh Saturday Night Live monologue makes covet conspiracy Jokes variety it's a rolling stone Woody Harrelson spreads anti-vaxx conspiracy

During SNL Monologue huffpo Woody Harrelson Rambles about weed and Anti-vaxx conspiracy in a cinema can you Imagine this is a guy that is in Hollywood he's a product of your Industry which by the way when I saw him Talk about what he said here do you Remember Woody Harrelson in the movie 2012 where he was a conspiracy theorist On the top of the mountain saying the End of the world is coming yeah do you Guys remember that whole thing of course That's the first thing I thought about I'm like did this guy if if the media Really wanted to do a good job taking a Shot at him they would Play a clip and Saying he hasn't left this movie yet He's still a conspiracy theorist from The movie but they didn't do that but They missed the mark anyways when you Saw something like this but it was the First thing you thought about first First Pat hilarious ballsy because think About it you're in one of the most Liberal cities on the one of the most Biased left-leaning shows I wanted to Ask you guys and Adam maybe you could Even ask Marcelo do they have to approve Your monologue he's reading it off a Teleprompter the fact I mean the fact That they're always always left-leaning Good on them for going you know what the Hell with it go do it it might help with With um with viewership but if you think

About it bro I I commend people like That that take their platform to kind of Poke fun to make like but make their Point as well and what what a perfect Time especially when all this lab leak Crap is coming this was last Saturday Pat this is the most recent one I say Good for him I'm curious to see I want To know what happened maybe somebody in His family or something happened with His life or how his career is going to Be effect there's another clip with him And Bill Maher maybe I'll just find that One on Twitter we'll go ahead Adam what Do you think about when you see this I'm Just wondering if a retraction or Apology is coming soon yeah you might be Like I misspoke this was on my friend uh I was smoking a lot of weed yeah but I Think one thing we can all agree upon I I again I'm not the conspiracy theory Guy what what I what I what I will say Is I'm very comfortable calling out big Pharma because there's no money made in Immunity like there's no money to be Made in let's just naturally immunize uh And just go from there how much how many Billions of dollars did they make from Vaccines so to me calling out big Pharma Uh there's there's nothing wrong with That at the same time you know not Everything big Pharma does is bad you Know that's that that would be sort of Disingenuous they they do provide drugs

That do save people's lives Cancer Treatments diabetes the list goes on and On but there's there's no doubt this Kind of leads to a bigger question of Whether you know Health Care should be Nationalized or whether it should be Um basically a for-profit organizations Like this but it's fully in the right if We just establish anything to have this Conversation to have this debate if There's anything we've learned shutting Down one side's opinion is a road to Nowhere okay and that's where censorship And communism sort of shows up and That's not what America is so hopefully I'm not guaranteeing it hopefully we've At least as a society are starting to Learn our lesson that not shutting down Opinions uh is the way to go [Music] It sounded like Adam's about to run for Local city council or mayor or Congress Or Senator but go ahead go ahead Adam Actually before we go my mom's my mom Text me this right now tell Adam I think He looks great that Sanchez guy is crazy And he's a nice guy after the show I Love you all that's my mom that's right Mom thank you no I think I think It was a really gutsy move and whoever Wrote that monologue is equally gutsy And whoever green lit it is also gutsy And they're letting the blowback come to Woody Harrelson yeah uh and unless you

Completely go off script uh Saturday Night Live is Produced and there's a producer and they Do edgy things with monologues and they Play off the uh personalities that are Saying one more thing about SNL do that Because because Tom if it is an SNL Monologue then then let's see what he Said to Bill Marcus this is definitely Not a monologue so why don't you play This real quick and then Adam I'm gonna Hear what you got to say yeah I Definitely want to hear that this is the CDC promoting that we have to do all of These things right I just I don't like Profiteering in war you know think of The billions of dollars that have gone To Big Pharma but I was getting back to My original point the last people I Would trust with my health Is Big Pharma and big government because Neither one of those white strike me as Caring in place spoken as the perfect Redneck hippie If that message doesn't mean it's all About profit exactly you're all about Profit and both sides I've seen the Profit they've made I think they've done A lot of studies about vitamin D and how Important it was when the people who had Low levels they were much more Make money selling vitamin D is it that Kind of what's the worst that's just it Man there was only one thing you know I

Remember Mac didn't got made into a you Know horse tranquilizer uh a horse Whatever it is which it is but also used By humans if you'd use my millions and Millions uh uh Hydroxychloroquine got uh made Ridiculous Um and there was only one thing that Could work and that's the vaccine right And so ultimately because of that Billions of dollars was made right well You know the drinking on that show too That's Woody loose his shoes are off He's playing with his feet and he's just Telling you how it is they're definitely Smoking some weed 100 should call them Afterwards saying Woody what was that I Just got a call you were gonna be on Transformers 28 and you're done Oh my God you were gonna say something Well I was gonna say something about SNL just Because what we've seen as of late is There again there's this return to Normalcy covet has made everyone go Insane and Donald Trump prior to that Has made a lot of people on the left Lose their freaking mind we're all Familiar with Trump derangement syndrome So who played uh Trump on SNL for all Those years Alec Baldwin anything Happened to Alec Baldwin as of late it's In the middle as of late lately anyone To get murdered by Alex Baldwin as of

Late so if you see what's happening with Woody Harrelson you're right this was Scripted they knew this was happening a Month ago you had Dave Chappelle say Some wild ass what's happening is Just like how CNN who's their new uh uh CEO Chris Licht like okay a lot of these Liberal left-leaning establishments are Basically saying listen guys Can't just go to one audience and Eventually Jimmy Kimmel is gonna have to Veer right same with Fallon same with Colbert you can't just do the same Shtick it gets old so kudos to SNL for At least uh going down a path of calling Out both sides which they used to do Right kudos to CNN for even covering the Uh the thing that happened in Ohio they Did it way more than Fox did so you can Either learn from what happened or Double down on what happened and I I Like to see Outlets that are traditionally only Left-leaning at least Embrace other Opinions that's a step in the right Direction call me diplomatic call me What you will I'd like to see I also put A my media hat on and I think about it That somewhere inside SNL this week and It says well he's taking the heat but The phrase SNL Monologue is in the Headlines and I hope people tune in next Week to watch 100 whereas Chris Licht is Actually trying to get ratings back

Rather unsuccessfully and he's had People like Don Lemon you know have his Issues but at SNL I think they took a Bet I think a producer said all right Let's give it a try and I think they're Kind of happy about it because Harrelson's getting the uh the Heat and They got a little publicity and says hey Big things happen on SNL tune in next Week and come check out By the way before we go away from this Story this is a 2012 article so this has Nothing to do with politics this is Under Obama And this uh Kaylee rkl writes this Article 12 diseases in the lucky places They're named for go let's look at some Of these 12 places By the way that's almost been eradicated By the efforts of the Carter uh Foundation okay so the next one is West Nile Virus German Measles keep going Racism Ross River fever races Ebola hemorrhagic fever Marburg virus disease Lassa fever Lacrosse Encephalitis Encephalitis okay St Louis Encephalitis Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Lyme disease and Spanish Flu by The way they don't know if it's really From uh Spain or if it's from France or Italy it's a debate so they don't 100 Off at Spanish from Spain or not to Correct that the point is hey a lot of

Yes named after the location Normal to uh uh name the you know a Virus from where it's at so maybe by the Time this is over they're going to Finally name it properly so if you like This clip and you want to watch another One click right here and if you want to Watch the entire podcast click right Here [Music]

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