Reaction To World Food Prices Hitting Record Highs

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In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth and Vincent Oshana react to world food prices hitting record highs.

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World food prices hit record high in 2022 this is a Reuters story okay world Food prices hit record high in 2020. I'm Gonna go to you here because I know you Eat healthy food so the food and Agriculture organization FAO and the United Nations has reported that its Food price index which tracks the International prices of the most Globally traded food commodities has Reached the highest level on record Averaging 143.7 points in 2022 up 14.3 Percent from 2021 the index has already Gained 28 in 2021 due to economic Recovery from the impact of covid-19 Pandemic the increase in food prices was Largely driven by the invasion of Ukraine by Russia in February 2022 this Is again now that that's Reuters has to Add that part to it yeah And it says it says wow food prices have Uh since partially recovered the FAO Serial meat Dairy and vegetable oil sub Indexes all reach record highs in 2022 While the sugars sub index reach a 10-year high so you you like to buy Healthy food are you noticing anything Pat besides I buy um I buy the online Grass-fed grass finish because you know Meat if you see a steak in in the Supermarket it's like this if you buy The natural one it's half the size Because it's you know they're feeding it Only grass it's not grain no steroids no

Steroids at all uh that that company I'm Paying almost 30 percent more and I even I know the lady that owns it I'm like What's she's like she's like this is it Is what it is so she's so you know she's Telling us Like I I literally can't all the prices When she tells you that do you believe It I 100 believe it because I because I Know her and then I'm at uh Publix I'm At the supermarket here and uh I go buy The eggs they're and the good ones and This is a public this isn't at like Whole Foods or whatever almost eight Seven something for eight dollars I was Like what I'm gonna just open like a Chicken coop in my apartment and just Have a laying eggs I mean my neighbors Have dogs I'm gonna get dude it's in and I eat like four eggs a day that's seven Dollars go it's going like that and I'm Not I eat yogurt I'm not I eat organic Yogurt but it's getting to the point Where I'm like holy I have to eat Half of what I'm eating and I'm getting Hungry didn't think because I eat a lot And it's I'm seeing it bro just for the Sake of it I have a restaurant Recommendation high-end for people that Want to take their date on can you show This restaurant that uh it's hot If you're trying to impress a girl That's where you want to take oh my God Big right there and so look at the world

Oh my God honey we made it I will say We're loaded with eggs that's actually a Great idea I will say this that's Hilarious most people take their girl on A date we'll go to a nice steak dinner But if you take your girl on a date what Are you spending at a nice dinner right A nice dinner eggs today eggs don't Order anything and I'm a real good one 300 yeah a couple hundred bucks easy you Know what might be a bigger turn on for Your girl what whatever you want at Publix baby get in there get anything You want don't you stop by the way this Is not an advice Adam is given this is Adam's Playbook this is yeah yeah we're Going to Publix but whatever you want That's like talking dirty it's like You're like you know what you're gonna Get foreign Look at these memes 600 BC gold 1900 Money Pablo's money today It's insane it's insane it's all we're Gonna say Tom it's no no what I was Gonna ask you is what are you doing About it Vinnie I mean what are you Doing how are You as a comedian Role here or to make sure that CCI comes Down there's a lot of people like you Out there trying to eat eat healthy and Try to figure it out what do you suggest In the middle of this well yeah well I'm I'm cutting back I'm literally cutting

The food in half the which is I'm being Dead serious are you joking I'm being Dead seriously you're not cutting I'm Like eating I'm saying I'm eating less Of the good and now I'm being Forced to buy the non-organic but I'm trying I'm literally trying to find The one that's the least unhealthy I'm Still not doing the sugar I'm not Doing all that but bro it's getting to The point where it's now like because Mind you I have obligations in my life That I take care of some people and I do Some things but it's like I'm getting to The point where I'm even telling people Like send money to it well I can't do it Anymore I can't like I you want to Borrow money I it's over because the egg Situation is getting ridiculous so Blake Why don't we invest in a freaking that The other building that you what do you Think there was 600 chickens in the back Car that's exactly right you think they Just made it here 17 parking space The goose that laid the golden egg was a Fairy tale our 600 chickens is real baby Yeah but if you do actually want to be Solution oriented actually unfortunately The thing that you genuinely have to cut Out of your life is your FNB budget as Far as going out to restaurants Nightclubs that kind of stuff take out Doordash ubereats that's the stuff That's weighing you down yes maybe you

Usually spend a hundred bucks at the Grocery store now it's a buck 20. I get It that 20 is not going to change your Life so yes eggs are going to be a Little bit more expensive yes you're Going to spend a little bit more at your Local supermarket yeah but that's still A way better option than the alternative Which is eating out at restaurants yeah And so unfortunately a lot of Restaurants if this economy does Continue in this direction where we're Seeing this recession who's really going To take the hurt are these small Businesses these restaurants these Employees at these restaurants 18 months trying to get back on their Feet after the government told them It trickles down so now that the money's Like this and the food dating and Everything is getting ridiculous because Hey I'm not taking them out I'm not I Can't I'm sorry we'll just go home and Chill he's gonna go home and chill ready Netflix and chill and make your dinner Pack you know like my mom could cook I Could oh I'm not a chef like my brother My mom but I know how to cook bro it's It's ridiculous let me have an idea for You matter of fact if Tinder and Bumble Is listening to this okay do you know How you go on Yelp yeah You know how you go on the Yelp app and You get to choose restaurants based on

One dollar sign two dollars three or Four yeah Tinder and Bumble has to put With a grill Point listen I only I'm Cheap I'm good I'm good with I'm good With Denny's I'm good with Fridays It'll be eggs how many eggs How many eggs I don't know by the way that would be The funniest thing if they did for one Day on April fools I'm a cheap date and For girls like I got no standards one Drink gets me drunk I'm going home with You one glass of wine you're my kind of Girl you know so if you like this clip And you want to watch another one click Right here and if you want to watch the Entire podcast click right here [Music]

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