Reaction To Ye Defending Hitler With Andrew Schultz

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In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Andrew Schulz, Vincent Oshana & Adam Sosnick discuss Kanye West defending Hitler.

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But did you see what Kanye just did I Mean this is a wild guy it's rare that You're on a podcast with Alex Jones and Alex is the normal Well [Laughter] Alex Commercial when Alex Jones is Distancing himself from you you got some Problems and when he's like yeah I was Just like no uh Kanye we don't with Nazis right right he's like I love Hitler yeah Jesus Christ are you this When Alex Jones is deferring to Extremeness oh God and he's just like if You get the calm down from him you're It's unbelievable let me let me just Read let me read it because this is this Just happened so Kanye West tells Alex Jones I like Hitler this is what he says He's appearance on Far Right conspiracy Theory Outlet Info Wars uh turned into a Chance to uh preach anti-semiticator now Keep in mind this is a Daily Beast story As the star formerly known as Kanye West Praise Adolf Hitler with the within the First 30 minutes of the broadcast uh ye Who face uh uh was until whose face was Entirely hidden behind a black mask if You can show that to Malik Malik in the Back not Malik here yeah So here's what happened he says you're Not Hitler Jones said you're not a Nazi Well I see good things about Hitler this

Is what he said later adding every human Being has value that they brought to the Table especially Hitler now this is what Kanye just said and then he gave Highways he gave credit to highways to Hitler for some reason yeah he didn't Make highways I don't think Hitler made Highways no I don't think so but he's Trying to say that everyone has Something good about well no Hitler was Known for being a very much a if you Read He could make a highway no no no no no No no no no what what he he was he was a Guy that liked buildings if you read the Book mine comb for some of his material Yeah he was a guy that liked buildings So if he says that I'm not sure if you Build roads or not but that was his area Of Interest yeah but like that like okay I'm not sticking up for Kanye at all but It's like going off age like like what If like in all this craziness if you're Like dude he bowled the 235 consistent He was a good like yes he did What he did but did you ever see the guy Bull like he had some good you can't say He didn't have anything but it's one of Those things where it's like do you need To say it exactly that like shut the okay we don't need to hear about it Bro like like Bill Cosby made a mean cup Of coffee But guess what he pushed in it you

Know so it's like I don't know yeah I Think that he's trying to be you know Inflammatory the thing about Kanye is Like none of these ideas are his own Like Kanye's Kanye is just finding out That he's not as good a producer of Intellectual thought as he is of music I Agree and he just what he's always done Is just sampled things and that's what a Great producer will do that sound is Really great that sound is really great When I blend them together I can make Some of the greatest music ever but now He's doing that with rhetoric and he's Just trying to get attention which is What he did obviously with music and It's just not he's not good enough at it He's he's not good enough at making These things who he can make musical he Can take music you would think you would Never listen to yeah and put it together And you go holy this is a Masterpiece yeah he's not good enough at Talking to make the things that he says Cool and fun now he can be hilarious It's undeniable the guys even when he's Saying the most up things you're Like holy is he really did he bring Out a Yahoo for Netanyahu did you see That he brought out a net and a Yahoo Because he's talking about Benjamin Netanyahu that is you didn't see When I have nothing What you gotta be kidding me talking

About the Israeli Prime Minister yeah Yeah yeah yeah yeah I guess I gotta talk To my buddy Ben uh Benjamin then yeah he Goes Oh my god dude So let me ask you how much how much of This like on Twitter I posted the story And the guy responds back and he says Something which you know on what Responding to what Matt Walsh said I Don't know if you guys saw that much Yeah Matt Walsh responded and he said I Want to read this to you if you can go To um I don't know if you can pull this Up or not but I do if I could find it so He says well what's the difference Between what Connie is doing is that it Zoom in a little bit Yeah if I was an Optimistic man I would at least hope That Kanye West is mental breakdown and Self uh immolation would persuade Conservatives to stop falling madly in Love with every celebrity who says one Thing they agree with but I'm not an Optimistic man Connie is a former uh uh Zoom in artistic genius who's been Unraveling for years now pushed and Prodded Along by people who pretend to Be in his corner it's sad to watch the Whole thing is just sad okay so a guy Said well what's wrong with what he did When he says all love all people one guy Says Jesus loved all people Matt what do

You say about what he's doing okay so They're going back and forth right how Much of what he's doing One guy said it's pure self-sabotage He's not even aware that this is taking Place is he does he know what he's doing Does he not know what he's doing where He's self-sabotaging is he self-aware is There like an outcome this is going to Be my campaign because Trump went out There and said a few things and then it Worked for him this is how I'm going to Get all this people behind me what do You think he's he's doing does he know Does he not know what he's doing I think That he's addicted to attention I think He's hurt probably like you know you're You're famous for long enough you've Been taken advantage enough in your life Because people find ways to extract Money from you right so I think it's Very easy to be hurt and feel restricted And he's probably a guy who wants Complete freedom but he's not willing to Put up the money for it so like when you Look at like you know Kanye's history he Put up money to try to create a fashion Brand and he lost like I don't know 25 Million dollars or some like that So now apparently he's very averse to Ever putting money up so like I got These ideas I got these ideas but he's Not willing to put the money up so with The Adidas thing it's like you don't

Have to do it with Adidas make your own yeah oh but you don't want to put The money up exactly so once you sign The deal for someone else's money They're gonna have a say And that's just what it is I think it's A gift to give the guy to call him crazy Like we only call people crazy that we Love right like you people love Kanye so They're willing to go he's just crazy There's no such mental illness as like I Hate Jews now you know what I mean like It's not like it's not like you get Depressed and you're like ugh I really Hate the Jews yeah you know what I'm Saying like it's like you are choosing To take that anguish or despair you're Going through and like funnel it into a Lens but it's still a choice to do it And I don't know if we would accept the Same thing I don't know if somebody was Like hating Asians or hating black People if we would go I think it's Having a little bout of mental illness I don't know if we'd give that up to Them I think there's two things going on Here with him clearly he's not willing This is number one clearly he's not Willing to seek counsel or listen to Somebody I'm sure there's people telling Him Kanye bro I've been your friend for X amount of years I've been a business Party of yours I'm a fellow rapper of Yours I'm a political figure brother you

Gotta stop and he's just like don't tell Me what to do dog you can't tell me what To do like there's that yeah a hundred Percent and everybody's in his corner is Making money off him and that's the Trickiest thing is like when everybody Around you make money off you they're Not going to be honest you're oblivious You got blind spots but now losing all This money yeah number two if I may uh The whole Jewish thing yeah clearly he Was burned by some Jewish business Partners okay let's just back up a Second he's he was worth as of like a Month ago a couple billion dollars they Did all right yeah they were doing okay For you Kanye yeah but what's transpired In the last few months yeah okay number One so these Jewish business partners Record Executives maybe you know took a Little off the top he still was worth a Billion took a little bit then go paper So these Jewish record Executives go Deeper he's getting a divorce from Kim Sure Kim's lawyer was Jewish oh okay all Right so another Jews with me and Who's Kim after that Pete Davidson I guess he's kind of Jewish Right and you see what he did now Allegedly you can Google this he is now Converting to Judaism to troll Kanye That's hilarious this is what's Happening right now Shout out Pete that is

That is really funny Davidson converts To Judaism and latest Kanye troll I Don't know what he went through but like Is that way could you show that picture Is everything hello He's not willing to listen when even People he trusts are like dude just Whatever it is I don't tell me what to Do yeah and then he's just double Tripling quadrupling down in the Jewish Thing yeah and then like the business Kim's lawyer he's now he has to pay her 200 Grand a month okay and that's based On what he made for the last five years Let's say yeah not what he's worth now That's how that works yeah and then just To add insult to injury the skinny Tatted up dude that's been your Bit your your wife yeah uh is now Converting to Judy's into the so He's just got so much hate in his heart Right now yeah and there's we talked About what uh power versus force would You please just explain that and we can Even pull it up right there power versus So this is this is a powerful book so I Read this 20 years ago just go to images Go to images the way it describes it the Difference between power and go all the Way to the right with the colors yeah Click click on it and uh zoom in there's A smaller one that's not so this is a Book honey you must read today zoom in Zoom in zoom in zoom in so everybody can

See it so there's levels to power versus Force okay at the lowest level zoom out A little bit zoom out a little bit zoom Out a little bit yeah all the way to the Left side it starts with shame so you're Ashamed you're humiliated which Connie Is right now humiliated guilt so you Blame he's blaming Kim and everybody Else apathy feel sorry for me nobody That's the lowest level of power grief Regret maybe he regrets something with His marriage with career whatever he did Fear he's afraid it's creating anxiety Every low level area is him then it's Got desire he's creating craving Attention which is what Andrew just Talked about right now then it's anger He's angry produces none of those Qualities are attractive then it's Pride He's warning down yeah he won't back Down so the first level of humanity the First levels that you actually have some Power and you're free it's courage yeah Okay courage to be wrong neutral let me Hear both sides that you're willing to Improve you're accepting people's Mistakes you're willing to reason love Joy and obviously all we all the way at The highest level when you look at this If Connie read this book if he was Willing if he had the courage if he was Accepting that there's some of it on him I don't know I think you'd have a Different uh uh weight so what all the

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