Recreate Yourself! – Why You Should Not Be a One Trick Pony

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The market is always going to be wanting New people with new messages and a Creative way to deliver a message to an Audience that they weren't getting Before and there's a unique connection With an audience that you're going to Find right then when you find that Audience you'll find say 50 000 people That follow you in this and I like the Way Ryan says things I like what he Stands for hey you should check it out You should check it out then that goes To 200 000 and maybe goes to a million Maybe it goes to 2 million then you Flatline and at that point you found Your audience maybe you grow half a Percent maybe you grow a percent maybe You grow ten percent a year but you're No longer grown the way you were growing So what do you do now well at that point Is where a lot of people get stuck to Recreate themselves and they become you Know one-trick Pony this is all I can do You know this is all I can talk about And this is all I can tell you kind of Getting stuck at that point right so for For me it's constant Recreation mode of What we want to do

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