Resilience Will Make You Rich – Here’s Why 💹 #shorts

Here’s why you shouldn’t change direction when working on a goal, even when you hit a wall.

This is the thing I learned building all These products in college right I built Maybe in total about 36 and I took Classes in every Department you can Imagine right biotechnology medicine um You know electricity magnetism and and And I tried different fields you don't Make progress like this going in a bunch Of different directions you make Progress like this going in One Direction and when you hit a brick wall And you crumple you pick yourself back Up you go back you don't go in you go Again against the same brick wall over And over and over and over again until It cracks and then you keep running like Mario and there's another wall and you Crash through Again because those brick walls you're Willing to run through other people are Not willing to run through them them and The thing is Texas speech has been Around since like the 1960s it predates The internet but it's always sucked and I was like I'm just going to make it Really Good

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