“Return To Law & Order” – Has Donald Trump Won The Black Vote in 2024?

Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, and Vincent Oshana are joined by Stephen A. Smith as they discuss why more black Americans are supporting Donald Trump in the 2024 election.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

God bless your mom for raising a man Like you I know the tribute you did six Years ago was it 2017 what did what year Was that it was a he passed away in 2017 2017 I remember that was very heartfelt And uh we're having dinner the other Night you and I we're we're in uh uh I Think Tom was with us and a couple other Guys were with us we're in we're in La We're in maestros right and uh you had Your Toyota Cora parked Outside What my car car it's a bull okay if you Know the brand bull you know it's like Italian bull they made a great movie About wanted to go after Ferrari AKA Lamborghini but anyways we're having Dinner and I'm watching certain things You do when I'm out with you man you're Like would you guys be okay if I break The bread and I grab the bread and You're like versus you're out there with Middle Easterns we're going to be like All right bro here let me give you off Your plate stepen and then the way he Does everything the way you speak to you Know I think to myself always mannerisms Mom how she raised you was your mom a Republican or a Democrat my mother was a Republic I'm sorry she was a Democrat at The polls she was a republican at home Oh wow oh and that's one of the Misnomers to be quite honest with you About a lot of folks I certainly don't

Speak for all anybody all black people Or anybody But when it comes to black folks this is What I've known Most of us have conservative Values and we might go to the polls and Vote Democrat because we're sensitive to Our communities we're sensitive to the Plights of the desolate and the Disenfranchised we want to have a level Of sensitivity to that we certainly want Folks to get equal Opportunities um we're monitoring race Because as I told John McCain who I Interviewed years ago gu so when I had The show quite frankly on ESPN to John McCain was a guest of mine so was Donald Trump by the way but Don John McCain was A guest of mine and kept in touch with Me wow up until the day that he died Because he appre he told me that he Appreciated um the the the fact that you Know I was you know I I was I was Reasonable I was I wasn't somebody I'm Not a person that looks at you and be And thinks because you're white you're Racist you're a republican you're racist I I don't play that it's like I can look At things syst which is what I try to Preach to White America all the time When I'm talking about racist I'm Talking about systemic I'm talking about A system that is designed to do things That assist in in in in elevating one

Group while marginalizing the next I Don't look at individuals that way I Never have you as an individual in the System just like I am and you could be The most decent person in the world and You and you're a white person that does Not mean that you're a bad person just Because you're white I don't get caught Up in that nonsense I don't allow people To do that with me but I bring all of That up to say that in my home when you My mother and father was like this one Rule of law it's ours it's not a Democracy we ain't negotiating you we're The boss you do what the hell we tell You to do and when you get old enough You can go out on your own and do what You want to do and live by your own Rules but until then I mean that's just The way it was when when you talked About you know gay rights they didn't Mind that when you but if came and you Talked about transgender and you talked About well you know what I I you know I Believe that I'm a member of the Opposite sex that I happen to be that Happen that my body happens to be right Now no maybe it was a different time you Couldn't come you couldn't come to my Parents like that you know you couldn't Come to my parents and be like you know What I don't like the way you treat me I'mma have you arrested they be like Really let me whip your ass now you

Understand saying by the way let them Come get you you think forer care is Going to be better than this house good Luck with that this is not a democracy You do what you're told and so you know Strong national security monitoring Borders and stuff like that my we from The West Indies my mother and father Were born in the islands St Thomas in Antiqua you understand that I mean it's So so it like they're looking at stuff And you could see the issues that we Have with immigration right now oh my Mother and father be like get your Behind the the back of the line like we Had to Who Do You Think You Are you I Mean that's how folks act law Enforcement during the whole social Justice movement and you saw riots in The streets and stuff like that throwing Up your hands to a police officer my Mother my father would have looked at me And said I hope they Whipped Your Ass my Mother would have been like if they Throw you in jail I won't even come Visit you she's like the law is the law You obey the law when I got a speed and Ticket my mom said how fast were you Going she didn't sit up there and say The cops are profile of me how fast were You going what did you do let's deal With you first it's real easy to point The finger blame let's deal with you and That's what my mother taught me to be

And so because of that I would tell you Democrat at the Post but conservative at home I don't Say republican conservative my mom yes You think today today that's different Dan versus today a lot of weird things Have happened the last you know uh four Four decades you think your mom today Would vote conservative or you think she Would vote conservative wouldn't think About voting Democrat today wouldn't Think Because she would Believe that the Left is you know being held hostage by The progressive left that the Centrist That's in them that long was believed to Have existed from the 60s to the 90s Etc Has evaporated and there is no way that My mom would have supported today's Democrat based on what she is seeing out There in the streets of America she Wouldn't do it now that's not to say That only left leaning cities you know a Mayor a governor Etc that it only Happens where Democrats are are are in Charge but the fact of the matter is That's how it looks more often than not And she would see that particularly in New York City the second my mother saw The national guards in the Subways of New York cities of New York City Democrats would be dead to her Thatto because my mother was really

Really big on Law and Order now so am I But in a different way what I mean by That is I'm in New York I'm in La rather Down the block from M From at one time last year they weren't Letting in more than three or four People in the store at a time cuz folks Is getting robbed and so when you hear a Trump or somebody else talking about Law And Order I'm like you lucky as him you Lucky it ain't me because if you're Talking about interfering with Business okay I'm not allowing that to Happen you better thank your heavenly Stars it ain't me in office because I Wouldn't play that we we we going to Hunker down we going to clean up these Streets because when you allow things to Get in the way of business collectively We All Fall the opportunities that are Available to you in this world come Because business is thriving when Business isn't thriving everything will Crumble and I believe that and most People I know believe it it's just that Some are more hesitant to acknowledge That than most I don't have a problem With acknowledging it I understand so so Let's let's stay on that very very Interesting and how much how much in Your mind you know the the Christian Church came up with those wristbands Wwjd right and what would Jesus do do You do you ever have a uh uh you know a

A you know what do you call it a Imaginary wwmd like do you do you sit There say what would my mom do like do You process it that way I I I I tell you This um I say what would my mom think Because there's a lot of things that she Would not have done that I've done um When I got let go by ESPN in 2009 my Mother was a person that put her head Down worked tirelessly punched that Clock put in those hours went home got Some rest woke up again again punched That clock and was committed to doing That me I was a person that and I am a Person I believe in hard work I don't Believe in being outworked I believe in Putting my head down and being on my Grind but I do believe that it earns me The right if I'm a productive person if I'm productive because that's the first Order of business you ain't got no Reason saying nothing when you ain't Productive but when you're productive You've earned certain privileges and I Believe one of those privileges is to Speak your mind and so for me whether It's Disney whether it's anybody else That I've worked for you know I've been Very very big throughout my career on Making sure that I have the air of People who matter the decision makers And what have you so they always knew Where I stood now when we go outside and We go out into the public we Warriors

Together I'm not going to betray my Teammates but inside those walls oh you Going to know where I stand you going to Know why I stand the way that I where I Stand and we're going to deal with it From that reality and the reason that I've always been able to cultivate those Relationships uh throughout my career is Because I've always been big on not Defining success for myself before I ask Them what their definition of success is For the company that I'm working for I Don't believe that when you go and work For somebody else you get to sit back And say I'm successful well do they Believe you're successful because if They don't believe you're successful What doesn't matter and that was one of The reasons that I ended up really Really falling flat on my face in 2009 When I lost my job I saw people Screaming my name at Arenas in the Streets everywhere I went they knew who Stephen A was and I saw me and myself in Commercials and stuff like that and I'm Like I'm the man I thought I made it and When it came time to Negotiate I had those emotions they had Their data and their data told them Something different than what I thought I deserved and so when they ended up Saying this is where it is take it or Leave it and I left it you know my Career nearly collapsed because I put

Myself in a very very uh dire situation Because I wasn't aware of my value I Didn't study the business I didn't have The data and I went into negotiations Operating based on emotion as opposed to What they defined as success which was Their data And it was the greatest lesson that I Ever learned in my life and and what has Done for me on a personal level I can't Say enough about I I I I I I don't I Don't think I'm exaggerating when I say What I'm about to say I think it truly Made me a man because what happened is Is that at that moment when I was forced To look at myself as I wrote in my book Straight shooter when my mother forced Me to look at myself and to contemplate All the decisions that I had made and The detriment that I had done to myself It primarily came from arrogance yes Immaturity yes but all bred from me Being ill-informed about my own business I thought I was getting to Define my Value and when I learned that that Doesn't work I've been about the Business of studying the business well Enough to understand what true value is What it equates and quantifies into and Where you measure up in that Stratosphere and from from that point Forward the reason I say it's made me a Better man is because it's allowed me to Depersonalize practically everything and

To see things from the lens of a Business and a business person and as a Result when you talk to me I know where You're coming from so I'm not offended By whatever you bring to the table for Me I understand you're just conducting Business I embrace it that way I either Agree or disagree but I don't Harbor the Emotions and because I'm not harboring The emotions you don't have to worry About me overreacting or reacting in a Very negative way or being a bit Truculent or anything like that I get it I understand it and it's made me a Big Boy by the way at that time when you Were going through this you were 41 42 Years old just did you see today's Sports center posted that video by Andre Drummond I did not see it today oh well It was such a great video Drummond is Sitting there he's coaching a bunch of Young kids he's telling the story about The fact that he got a $100 million Contract and it was on Instagram rob you Just had it Just go to where you were at you had it Just a minute ago when you were on Instagram it reminded me of what you're Saying but let me let me go back to Where you brought about was 41 let me Say this real quick Please age doesn't matter it's what You're exposed to I wasn't exposed to The lessons that I had to learn in 2009

Until 2009 I didn't know I really didn't Know I had never been placed in a Position where I had to negotiate and I Thought I was negotiating from a a Position of strength and all remember I'm a newspaper guy so you didn't have a An agent when you're in the newspaper Industry you go there you get an Interview they offer you a salary you Take it a leave it and you move on it Wasn't until later on in my career I had A couple of you know I mean I had one Contract prior to that in 2003 and then they paid me $225,000 for X number of appearances and then a few Years later they came to me with my own Show and that was a negotiation with Mark Shapiro who's now the president of The WME who represents me that's my guy You know you had that going on and then That but he was gone by then so I didn't Have his guidance he had gone over he Had departed to take over Six Flags Okay Did clock Productions all of that stuff For Daniel Snyder who owned a former Washington Redskins that's now A Washington commanders so he was gone and That was my guy I didn't have the Guidance I didn't know better I just Didn't know but I can no longer remain In today's Democratic party Tulsi gabard Say she is no longer demat a potential Tulsy gathered VP where we are being Told that we just have to comply and go

Along with whatever they say American People uh are smarter than this however We must remain Vigilant to recognize Their propaganda for what it is pure Life unfortunately we live in a time Where free speech is under attack Whatever they say goes and we we have to Just fall and the people who suffered Under your reign as prosecutor you owe Them an Apology taking on Harris on a debate Stage before I would look forward to Doing that Again so if you like this clip and you Want to watch another one click right Here and if you want to watch the entire Podcast click right Here

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