“Return To Sanity” – Donald Trump’s Bond Reduced To $175M Following NY Appeals Court Ruling

Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana discuss Donald Trump’s bond being reduced from $464 million to $175 million following an appeals court ruling.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

First story I want to get into is Trump With what happened with a civil fraud Fine here's some things that we need to Know about on this case uh 13 Trump Properties that New York AG Leticia James can go after if he doesn't pay up So this was a story from last week They're going to go after this property They're going to go after that property Everybody on the left was fired up about Them going after all of these properties And they were so excited about it first One was a seven Springs the property Spanning over 200 acres in Westchester County was fraudulently valued by Trump's Trump at 291 million remember This article is written by Insider just So you know so the words they use you Can see certain words they're using Whereas an actual Networth is $25 Million according to Forbes so this one Here they can go after they can go after Westchester golf Club which is valued at around 15 Million assessed initially at 15 million Depending on what the number again your Trting what Insider saying 40 Wall Street okay is the other one you got Trump Tower Triplex apartment you got Trump Tower commercial space you got 1290 Avenue of America's Trump World Tower Trump Park Avenue okay uh they're Saying it's worth 101 million but Claiming up to 350 million 6 East Street

57 Street Trump Plaza Trump Park Trump International Hotel and Tower Trump Palace all of these things they wrote You know which one they didn't write They didn't write Mar because even CNN When they said Mar Lago was worth only $18 million later on they came back and Said Mar Lago can be sold today for $240 Million even they realize what the value Was however Trump can now post smaller Bond in civil fraud Case New York appeals court granted Donald J Trump a significant Victory by Accepting a bond of $175 million in a Civil fraud case providing relief from a Potential financial crisis this smaller Bond offers a crucial Lifeline for Trump Preventing the New York attorney general Office from collecting the Judgment While he appeals Trump's lawyer argued That the trial judge $454 million Penalty was excessive and Unconstitutional emphasizing the Likelihood of overturning it on appeal The penalty stem from accusations of Inflating net wor to obtaining for uh Favorable loans leading to interest Payments etc etc right anyways so this Just happened Tom how big of a deal and How big of a victory is this for Trump Well it it's not a it's a victory for Trump but it's a return to sanity for The court when you have a judgment like This when you go to appeal you have the

Opportunity to wait if you were to look At all the Judgment look at the asbest Case look at the um what was the uh uh Camp leun that had the water Purification issues um and the poisoning Of of soldiers you take a look at all These fraud cases nobody gets a nickel Till all these cases they get appealed They get appealed peed they get appealed Nobody gets a nickel because we have due Process and so asking him to put the Full amount up it's like saying never Mind never mind we're not going to worry About um you know the appeal process or Due process you just put the money here Well she wouldn't get the money it would Be held by the state and so bringing This back down is just like bringing Bail down you know when you've committed A crime or something they they have bail To ensure that you'll show up in court And so moving this down is the right Thing to do because it's what happens in Our court process they were treating him Differently this is a return to sanity This is the right move by the courts and By the way there's a lot of people not Speaking into the microphone that want This to happen because other civil fraud Cases and stuff they don't want it to Happen either yeah by the way do you Know what was the amount of Bernie maid Off's uh scheme can you pull out what Bernie made off scheme was how much

Money did he scheme from people they Gave him life in prison right that's not That's lot can you pull up how much life He's dead now what's the do watch this Year in 2009 the southern district of New York charge Bernie made off for his 64 billion doll Securities fraud Ponzi Scheme it was one of the most prolific Financial crimes in American history it Is the most prolific Financial crimes do You know what his bill was do you know What his do you guys know what his bill Was no I want you to guess what his bill Was 10% okay 10% will be 6.4 billion Right do me a favor go pull up no not That high Go pull up Bernie made off's bail amount Right there December 2008 was arrest in Charged Securities for a made off posted A $10 million bill in December 2008 Remained under 24-hour monetary and House arrest in the Upper East Side Penthouse Department until his guilty Plea on March 12 2009 this guy stole 60 Plus billion dollar from people in New York just $10 million this is actual P Like it's actual scheme like theft and It's only $10 million go ahead Tom and By the way it was 24-hour monitoring in House arrest because you want to know Why they were scared that he might go Somewhere that there would be no Extradition something that big for a guy That old he's only got 20 years left

They thought he would flee the country Is Trump going to flee the country no he Wants to stay here and run it he's the Most recogniz now check this out go to SPF can you go to SPF real quick what Did SPF do SPF lost how much money we Know the number it's $32 billion I think It's what the number is if you want to Count kind of a uh if you type in he Cost he cost he lost $32 billion Overnight that's the number but if you Zoom in type in 32 billion zoom in right There uh FTX was valued at $32 billion Okay so what's his baill can you put up Sf's bill amount okay Sam bankman freed Baill baill amount yeah $250 million Okay on how much money on 10 billion $32 Billion you put 50 so now these guys Actually did a crime yeah both of them And were Flight Risk yes both of them Committed a crime on the other end Everybody got paid appraisals were done On both ends no lender is coming out but You go after him to deplete of all his Savings and his cash for a crime that's Done by who way of doing business in New York that's been like that for decades You want to do something like this if if This stand The way that they're doing what they're Doing can you pull up the a video of Frank Lun by the way on what he said Rob I think these kind of go together if you Go to Frank's video here's Frank okay

And what he's saying I don't know if That's the video yeah check this out Guys sweetheart of a lady go play this Clip real quick I want you to remember This moment and don't forget it if the New York attorney general starts to take His homes away starts to seize his Assets it's all going to be on camera Pundits are going to sit there and Scream about this this man cannot be Elected you're going to create the Greatest victimhood of 2024 and you're Going to elect Donald Trump if they take His stuff he's going to say that this is Proof that the federal government and The establishment in the swamp in Washington and all the politicians Across the country and the attorneys Generals and all of this that this is a Conspiracy to deny him the presidency He's going going to go up in the polls Just like he went up every single time They indicted Him isn't it it's wild he's right but do You agree with what he's saying I I I 100% right in the past polls that have Been going on for a year now when Georgia when Stormy Daniels when all This stuff you go after him and the Polls go up we have the evidence of that Happening for the past year like and Tom None of their tactics are working and Let's let's say it out loud what's Happening from 2016 they cheated with

Hillary and the DNC didn't work four Years we had to hear that and Then we had to have all the impeachments Right 2020 Co from China randomly our Lab BLM antifa in the streets everything Cheating got them out there now this is Cheating out in the open this is them Going Hey listen we know he's number one We have to take him out they're not even Hiding it anymore and I think every time They do like this and you nailed The time his numbers are going up and They're making him look out to be a Freaking martyr period so like I always Say FTM follow the money uh by the way Breaking news with everything that Happened with true social Trump has now Doubled his net worth Trump's net worth I sent this to you Rob is Now we're going to get into that in a Minute 6.5 billion dollars so I know We're going to talk about true social But always follow the money so we've Always talked about how back in the day With JFK or whether it's Abraham Lincoln It was actual assassination right lately It's turned into character assassin Ation what they've realized with Donald Trump you can't assassinate his Character cuz he said everything in the World and Beyond yet he's still here so Now it's Financial assassination and That's how they're going after him so Leticia James look I don't know much

About her here's what I do know 2018 she Called Trump an illegitimate president She said that cool so now the election Interference it sort of making sense by The way there's a whole Dei woke Nar Straight rich white billionaire Patriarchy you know black female woke Agenda you know there's a storyline Right there but the thing I know about Trump Teflon daong like this guy doesn't Quit I sent you videos videos of like Whether you like Trump don't like Trump Love Trump hate Trump there's certain Things that remain to be True this guy does not stop bro have you Had tea today or not I have tea it's Fine where's your tea I'm warming it up Baby where's your tea I don't I don't Can't I'm okay I'll be good drink your tea so The um you're not going to kill Trump Here's just some videos to put in Perspective play this one right now if You think Trump is going away Democrats This is his Mantra check this out never Ever quit never quit and I've seen People quitting and if they would have Held out longer they would have been Successful I've seen it so much I've Seen some of the most brilliant people In the world that never made it because They were quitters they were just Quitters they would quit they would they Just couldn't take it they couldn't

Whatever now you have to also have Flexibility though you can't necessarily Say I'm never giving up I'm going to and You got to be able to weave and Bob you Don't have to go through a a concrete Wall when you can go over it or around It or under it or something you have to Have flexibility you have to always be Able to change course a little bit but Don't quit one of there you go so you Know whether it's 175 million now they Reduced it to versus what the 575 Whatever the number was this pales in Comparison to what Trump dealt dealt With in the 90s this guy owed almost a Billion dollar $900 million to be exact When the bankruptcy and the casinos and The hotels basically shut down so he's Used to this look at him now with true Social 6.5 billion whether you like him Or don't like him this dude don't give Up that for those of you guys that watch The podcast regularly and maybe you have Hot tea like me with honey or you drink Your coffee to the coffee Community I'll Most likely join you guys in 5 years but At this point I still don't need coffee We have these new mugs and by the way This new mug that just came out it's the Pbd podcast mug with future look Sprite On it so let me kind of show this to you And I'll tell you what we're running on This podcast and Kelly took care of this Let me pour this so I don't burn my I'm

Taking I'm I'm acquiring one of those After this watch this here so you pour The hot water in there if it's hot and Guess what it turns into by the way While you're having this hot tea or the Drink let me see if this thing is hot it Is hot all of a sudden slowly but surely You see the color changes I see it to The pbd podcast Colors oh that's sick And yes you'll see the red and the blue Of pbd podcast color coming in I you Like one of those models on those late Night like buy the QVC back in the day Your pbd QVC here's what we're doing we Got the value taming mug you have two Different op four different options on Whichever one you want to get whether It's the gold the black the red the OG Red or the black you buy two you get the Third one for free pick and choose which One you want the Link's going to be Below the discount code is going to be Pbd mugs I believe right Rob pbd mugs Plural pbd Ms and what's the website to Go to VT merch.com find the mugs order Two and you'll get the third one for Free so if you like this clip and you Want to watch another one click right Here and if you want to watch the entire Podcast click right here N

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