“Right People Finding Each Other” – Patrick Bet-David Meets Donald Trump At UFC 299

Patrick Bet-David is joined by Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana as they discuss Patrick meeting former President Donald Trump at UFC 299 in Miami.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Donald Trump rocks UFC Crowd Goes Wild Uh former president Donald Trump the Presumptive GOP nominee for president 2024 appeared at the UFC fight on Saturday night at Cass Center in Miami Florida where a soldout crowd went wild As he entered the stadium As Trump Walked in alongside Dana White the event Organizer gave him a walk-in music and a Crowd went insane it says wild but I Want to say insane some reporters even Noticed noted that the crowd shouted USA And F Joe Biden when Trump appeared Earlier in the day Trump rallied with Supporters in Georgia so this guy oh God I'm I'm with Dana on the back we're in The back with Dana with a bunch of Different guys having great Conversations and Dana says you won't Believe who texted me last night at 2:30 I said who he says Trump text me at 2:30 Saying look I'm in Georgia doing a rally I'm going to try to make it okay he says Then I get a text from him 8:00 in the Morning saying I'm still trying to make It because the rally is going to be in Atlanta then that day we're at the cigar Line at the comedy club 5990 live guys In the bus are like he's not going to be At the UFC tonight because he's still Talking at 6: p.m. he's still talking in Atlanta so the team's like you know cuz Everybody's trying to see is this guy Going to come is that guy going to come

Cuz Joe burrow and all these guys going To be there anyways you go to the fight Next thing you know 10:00 all of a Sudden the place goes wild 10:30 Something like that and you look up yep It's him all the phones are on with the Lights he walks in Rob if you want to Just kind of show the entrance just for Like 15 seconds Rob can you go to the Video of uh on Twitter uh without the Music of what we did with the truck if You can go to my Twitter account and we Got this flag guys I had this idea I saw This guy with this truck with a 30 foot Flag on his car I said we have to get This flag anyways our camp reaches out To him this guy was nice enough to say Don't worry about getting a flag how About take my flag wow anyways we we Work it out this is Vinnie right so we Show up look at look at how did you hire This male model to show up guy is hot Look at this hot male Model your truck surfing look at the First of all this isn't for laud though This is not at the fight but look at the Size of the flag and the truck right and Vinny's on top on top of it anyways We're at the UFC with Chris Cuomo and All these guys T we're in the back of Look guys we got to get this thing lined Up Sam's in a car we pull over I don't Even know where we are to put the flag On Sam just randomly pulled over goes

Right here guys by an apartment complex We pull up in front of the UFC with the Flag the crew knew the UFC knew they had Us a spot in the back at the end when We're leaving there's a thousand people At Val they're seeing this flag Screaming USA USA USA and while we get Into the arena Rob can you pull up that Uh uh go lower on my profile if you can So we go a little lower right there pull Up the picture right there uh this is us We're sitting right in between Dana and Trump literally the first between them Go little lore on the video and this is The handshake the famous Trump handshake That he back of my neck that's the back Of my neck it's Vinnie taking it go Ahead There It Is by way and I how's Your shoulder way pulled it out are you Ready for this and I told you yesterday I figured out the Trump handshake method Is tell if you're my high if you're like 5'8 or you're a female he shakes and he Gives you a little nice like you're cute Like I'm cute you're a female I'm a Female to him right then if you get a Little bit taller Like Pat he'll he'll Bring you in and kind of let you know Like hey I'm tall too but if you're Bigger like Nick Bosa he does the arm Shake and then slaps the [ __ ] out of you To let you know like by the way Nick bza Is a mammoth I've never by way Trump is There talking I was like this his neck

Muscle was bigger than my arm he rning He look he looks like the hulkk coming Back down yeah oh my God this guy a Monst what's crazy that was the first Time you've ever actually shook his hand Yes like that yes we've never had an Interaction I've been to events but I've Never had an interaction with them crazy Shout out to he put us right beh Literally right behind him and I must Say Trump when the fights are going he's Watching every single moment focus and Then how many times did he get up he Didn't say no to one person to shake his Hand and bro just the energy of that Place he's he's the truth well he looked At Quan I were just a few feet over he Gave us one of these over oh really he G That's at least respect at least you Know he loves it's on baby it's on and The right people are finding each other And this election's about to get real it Is important for America it's important For capitalism and it's about to get Real and take a look at the energy at The UFC and look at the energy in those Videos Pat from Georgia and then take a Look at the Biden pep rally in the small High school gymnasium in Georgia and Tell me you don't have a flashback to 2016 when Hillary was doing picnic Rallies in backyards let me let me say One thing about this and then I want to Go into the story that he has with the

Tik Tok and why he doesn't think we Should you know ban Tik Tok do you know In in the world of competition there's a Lot of different types of people you Face that you're competing interestingly So if you're patient enough you it takes About 10 years to realize who real Competition is because most people are Going to come in they'll fizzle out and They'll go this guy competed for 6 Months and he beat you year later Couldn't last he quit right 2 years boom They Fizz a lot 3 years boom they Fizz a Lot 5 years they Fizz a lot there is Nothing more intimidating literally There's nothing more intimidating four Things I figured out right outwork out Improve out strategize Outlast outwork Fine out improve great out strategize Comes with time Outlast nothing is more Intimidating where you put the fear of Death in your competition if you can Outlast them nothing because your Competition is sitting there saying man I got guy is going to slow down because There's no way he can go after this and This and no one's by the way if anybody Said well he's not going to make it cuz He's given a talk in Atlanta nobody Would have said anything nobody would Said anything they're like yeah of Course he's giving a talk in Atlanta but But when you have someone that all of a Sudden is able to be at five different

Places at the same time and show up Forget about guys forget whether you Like him or not it's like McCain going Up against Obama you know it could be Anything Obama was everywhere okay Campaigning forget about whether you Like the competitor or not whether you Agree with his policies or not try Outlasting this man named Donald J Trump If you do good for you if you don't he's Going to beat you and he's he's a very Unique character because he was up there Till 2:00 in the morning you know when He left the arena when the fight was Done Ivanka was sitting right there Kushner was right there their son was There for ianka told me was his their Son's first fight ever first fight And it was it was interesting that whole Dynamic Rogan's here Cormier uh John but Uh uh very very unique experience it was Great but if you've never been to UFC We're planning on taking next year I Wouldn't be surprised if we took 100 People to I told Dana I said Dana I may Take 100 next year and uh great got to Give a shout out to our guy Dustin Porier oh my God amazing also sugar Sean Ali was it was card that needed the face Cuz we were there I thought he broke a Like his skull it was just bow and then Dude by the way give it up to Vera Vera's chin he Didn't full in the arena it sounded like

Something shattered no it sounded like His face broke right you're like really No no no do you hear the sound everybody Thought his face cracked yeah it was bad Is it that uncomfortable sound that you Heard but it was it was a great it was Interesting only in Miami do you hear The chance for the I think he's uh from Ecuador I want to they were going crazy For but most importantly what did Dilly Boy say about Joe burrow oh my gosh so Let me tell you man Dilly doesn't even Know because Joe B comes up he's Standing right in front of me says oh [ __ ] what's up how you doing I said What's up Joe and we had a nice I said Joe not only are we the biggest fans of Yours my son dresses like you and by the Way if for some people that Rob can you Show this picture cuz we really really Like Joe Jo is cuz both us talking to Trump and he's just standing there and Looks at pan goes hey and they're having A com they go photo he goes hell yeah Puts on his slick glasses Rob let me Send this sick this this is how much Dilly loves uh Joe that's his guy burrow Yeah but listen I mean the Dylan on Jersey day this is what he wears Rob I Just send it to you so I I messaged Joe I said Joe was great to seeing you and Uh no burrow I said it was great seeing You I said uh this is how much uh people Tell you they're fans but this is a

Picture of Dylan dressed as you on Jersey day and he says I got to get him The right jersey that's not the right Jersey for him to wear anyway so Dylan Has no clue what's going to happen and Dylan doesn't listen to this podcast Because he should be in school right now Exactly that's where he should be he's Not at this little stuff look at that Little guy dude this guy is just yeah he And by the way no one told him to get Those glasses no nothing that's all him By the way he's been picking his clothes Since he was a Eur and a half really Dylan's been picking as close as he was A year and a half he gets it yeah Mr Beast was there Logan Paul all these Guys it was a good event this is what We're going to do anybody that places an Order of let's say $50 or more minimum One future looks bright hat cuz I want a Million people this year wearing this Gear there was so many people in the Arena independently wearing the future Looks brigh gear and it's so confusing For people who are pessimistic when they See somebody say the future looks bright But this is what I'm going to do anybody That places an order of uh you know $50 Or more okay between now and Thursday But specifically anyone that places an Order every for every $50 you place an Order you get one ticket in the drawing And I'm going to get I don't know I'm

Going to get four tickets to the next UFC fight okay I don't even know where The next UFC fighter UFC 300 and I'm Going to give two people two UFC tickets Rob if you can give me those Sam just Bring it to me just bring it to me it's Okay and here's what we got these are The things that we have right now for International women's day we just got These pink uh uh uh uh look at that yeah Pink future looks bright hats that are Here sville are these on the site so Rob Hats let's make sure they're on the site We got these two futur looks bright uh Women's hat pink to choose from and then We got the new navy blue navy blue if You're like a police officer we got the New navy blue future looks bright let's Make sure and these aren't the site Rob Can you show these things being on the Site you place the order of the hats oh That blue is sick $50 or more for every $50 we're going to do a drawing and on Thursday I'm giving away four UFC Tickets that that's the one right the Navy blue and then uh sunville I don't Know if I see the pink one on there so If you can make sure that gets on there As well but uh that's what we're going To do make sure you place your order Okay it's uh April 13th Las Vegas Perfect there you go April 13 Las Vegas I'm going to give away four tickets so If you like this clip and you want to

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