“Right To Defend” – Ron DeSantis EVICTS Squatters From Florida Homes

Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana are joined by attorney Alina Habba as they discuss Florida Governor Ron DeSantis proposing new legislation to allow Florida homeowners to evict squatters from vacant properties.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

The santis eliminates squatter rights Yeah okay gives power to Cops to remove Offenders because a couple squatters in New York one guy Venezuelan illegal Venezuelan I believe is teaching people How to actually go squatting in New York I don't know if you saw this stepbystep Process on how to do it and how they're Protected and this is what the SST does Governor desanta signed legislation into Law eliminating squatter rights stating We are in the state of Florida ending The squatter scam once and for all the New law effect of July 1st criminalizes Squatting and empowers pro uh Property Owners to swiftly remove squatters Addressing previous challenges where Squatters were treated as tenants Requiring lengthy legal battles for Eviction the santis highlighted the Severity of the issue by comparing Florida's approach to States like California and New York Rob do you have The video of him explaining this go and Play this Clip does your house belong to you or if You are not using it can someone just Come in squat for a period of time and Then claim that they have a right to be There this so-called squatter scam is Something that's happening around the Country there's even videos telling People how to go in and take over an Empty house uh that was never how the

Law was supposed to work uh and in Florida uh we are going to take action Today to end this scam and to protect The private property rights of our Homeowners you should not have anyone go On your property and take it over uh and Then try to assert some rights it's Absurd uh we're going to put an end to It today and we'll be leading the way Yet again in the process the one thing Got to give this guy credit to policies And getting stuff done like from that Stuff marketing but the stuff some of The stuff he does Sting so you know what This makes you want to do as a real Estate uh as an investor yeah like okay If I'm going to buy a house if I'm going To buy properties if I'm going to rent It out if I'm want to do something guess What come to Florida you don't have to Worry about it because you in California God forbid you moral a relative director They had a person living in one of their Houses in Valencia they're like we can't Get some of these people out what do you Mean you can't get the people out well Because the law the way it works you Can't sell it you have you have to wait For this you have to wait for that Literally you have to go through that Process I'm glad the fact that he's Doing this in Florida it's true and and I think there was a sheriff in Florida That actually said something thing in a

Press conference and said in the State Of Florida if somebody breaks into your Home you have the right to use a weapon And shoot yep I love that I'm a second Amendment girl so I love I'm all for That because in the world that we're Living in I hope you're you're armed and Ready if I left my house and somebody I Came back bro you know what I'm going to Do I'm going to call and have them bomb It like for the termites and while They're in the house and I have a rob You the the the one of the clips I sent You if you don't mind I have a Feelgood Story for everybody at home cuz I know We we covered the story of that Venezuelan Elite legal migrant Influencer that was on Tik Tok making Those videos remember that guy uh for Squatting motivational speaker amateur Lawyer guess what he's now a fugitive After fleeing ice custody and he posted A snotty sobbing clip over being Threatened by very powerful people his Family's being in danger and people Looking for where he's staying and his Accounts being look look look at our Friend look at our boy poor kid but look At this idiot Yeah no this the music he has a Bo in His nose like he's crying because now He's can't squat the baby situation They're going to take the baby away and Now he feels threatened for his life so

Now all that all those videos that he Made where he was like everybody come Here take advantage he's in places Showing how to how to steal and not get Caught good for you I know where he'd be Nice and safe and comfortable California Caracus oh yeah no [ __ ] get out of here Bro yeah this guy this is the guy what Did he do this is the guy feel free to Use your gun oh let me see this we don't Know what homeowner which homeowner shot At him um I guess they think that they Did something wrong which they did not If somebody's breaking in your house You're more than welcome to shoot them In Santa Rosa County we prefer that you Do actually um so whoever that was her He's my hero I don't know who you are But I would love to meet Saturday take that you'll shoot a lot Better no no back back up 30 seconds see The other part of it If you take a gun safety class listen Whoever that was you're not in trouble Come see us you're not in trouble we Have a gun safety class we put on every Other Saturday and if you take that You'll shoot a lot better and hopefully You'll save Tax Mone this is where this is California Florid Florida florid Santa R is in Florida yeah Santa Rosa County Sheriff I Love you Sheriff Johnson bro because I'm

Telling you right now if people see that Video that won a squat they're going to Like nah let's probably not let's not do That let's go to New York let's go to New York why squad over here but but What are squatter laws across the Country though like what is the most I'm I'm on this Newsweek article from two Days ago talking about different Squatter laws you know by State Arkansas In Arkansas squatters can claim Ownership of a property after seven Years of occupying it unless it it's Like a adverse possession yeah so you Can sit so it's it's the same thing by The way this is good for people to know It's like one of those law school things That they teach you and every state Different but let's say that you have uh A fence on your house and your house is Actually 5 Acres but your fence in 3 Acres of that five acres and then your Neighbor starts using the two acres that Aren't fenced in it's like adverse it is Adverse possession after a certain Amount of time the years depend on the State so because you waved your right to Effectively protect your space they Could say hey I've been using this 2 Acres for the last 11 years effectively It's mine oh wow wow and then you're in Litigation and all kinds of stuff so It's really funny they could do that but They could come after Trump and take his

Home in 6 months oh my God it's crazy Yeah it it literally says that it Becomes they must shoot proof of their Presence of the property including Having made improvements to to the Property and paid property tax the Squatter must not be sharing the Property with anyone else California Squatters in Golden State can claim Ownership of a property after living There continuously for 5 years as long As they can this is this so there There's a law and family law there was And it's pretty much debunked now but There's and I'm not a family law Attorney I'll say that could you imagine If I was it' be hilarious um but there Is a a case there it's the same thing if You're in a relationship for a certain Amount of time and you're living and Acting like you're married you're Effectively married and can get let's Say you break up it's like having no Prenup and you lose half your stuff Isn't that the very in law school they Teach you about uh the actor Lee Marvin And Michelle triola right I think that Was the and that's why the right thing To do is to create term limits in Marriage and you cign got it there Should be term limits okay you go to the Kids you go to the In-laws hey we're Running for a second term I don't think It's a good idea I think you guys cut it

Right let's have a debate oh my god I've Been reelected 21 years in a row I'm Undefeated and I I'm campaigning against So proud of you man you're like you're Like some of these Senators that stay For 40 years that's so funny I'm not Leaving hilarious well by by the way how They make you you want to talk about Squatters the reverse when you're Getting divorced you are not like in New Jersey I have friends that are getting Divorced and they have to stay in the Same house as the person they're getting Divorced from because the person that Leaves could look like they abandoned The property oh my God imagine oh my God So now you're getting divorced and you Have to stay in the house and by the way If I was the governor I would say we Have to document it to make sure you Guys are getting along so record it Vlog It cuz it's so entertaining pure Entertainment here's a Johnson family This afternoon at 6:00 yeah this is my Bathroom I'm not watching Clment no dinner for you yeah oh my God That's so funny I want say just like Joe Biden to the end till I end my marriage Drooling down a flight of stairs you're Way that's well listen Tom we're proud Of you buddy so I can no longer remain In today's Democratic party Tulsi gabard Says she is no longer a Democrat a Potential Tulsi gabard VP where we are

Being told that we just have to comply And go along with whatever they say American people are smarter than this However we must remain Vigilant to Recognize their propaganda for what it Is pure life unfortunately we live in a Time where free speech is under attack Whatever they say goes and we we have to Just fall and the people who suffered Under your reign as prosecutor you owe Them an Apology taking on KLA Harris on a debate Stage before I would look forward to Doing that Again so if you like this clip and you Want to watch another one click right Here and if you want to watch the the Entire podcast click right Here

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