“Risking Her Reputation” – Candace Owens’ SHOCKING Claim Brigitte Macron Was Born A Man

Patrick Bet-David is joined by Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana as they react to Candace Owens claims that the First Lady of France, Brigitte Macron was born a biological man.

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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Let's do Candace Owens okay okay are you Ready for this one that's the one I'm Going to because I know you and her you Guys became best friends after UFC I Spoke with her longer than anybody I've Ever thought to in my life I'm listening To these guys first of all Candace has Got a sense of humor she and I'm sitting Next to Vinnie because I I sat uh uh uh Uh uh you're behind Trump yeah so it was it was you're here Sage is this side Candace is over here And you're hearing you know Vinnie and Candace and it's like hey how do you Feel about the these two guys they've Been on top of each other for over a Minute they look like they're enjoying It are you okay with that and literally They're doing commentary it's a sport And I said I would I would entertain Watching you guys react to a UFC fight 100% it would be funny as H but while We're there she's saying all this other Stuff and she said Candace Owens this is A story claims French uh first lady Bridget macron is a man what Listen Canon has tweet wagered her Career that French president Emmanuel Macron's wife was born a man it goes That French lady Bridget macron 70 was Actually born Jean Michel throg no Before eventually transitioning at the Age of 30 it further states that she did Not give birth to any of her three

Children and that her first husband 69 Years old retired Banker said to have Died a reclus in 2020 never existed she Went on to tell her followers why she Thinks this theory has legs the first Obvious thing she said is the first lady Is simply unable to produce any photos Of herself throughout the first 30 years Of her life guys how easy to deunk Debunk this if you say Candace no Actually you've lived as a man for 30 Years I've lived 30 years I'm going to Show you every photo of every that I've Lived that's W so she's fully going on Vinnie I'm going to let you take the Thing I just want to read Candace's Quote this episode is blowing up she Just did a whole reaction to this after Looking to this and this is actually Huge I'm willing to stake my entire Professional reputation on the fact that Brigit macron is in fact a man I would Bet Adam that is like she's she's dying On this hill yeah by the way by the way And trust me guys I sat there and spoke With her in the by the way in the Green Room me and her are so locked in Ivanka Trump comes and talks to her and she Goes hi Ivanka anyway back to this guy Like she was H and Rob I just sent you a Link that you could post for everybody To do the research because this is what Candace posted but guys let's break this Down so they're saying she was born Jean

Michelle too right um uh the source of This information on Bridget macron's Past life was In Articles published in September in the journal F the do citing The extensive evidence about this cover Up right um so the French social okay so The journalist who reported uh is Natasha uh Ray who was the author she Said that she had firm evidence that she Was born Jean Michelle trno a Transgender all right she's been Researching the Shady pass uh that she Disappearance of her alleged brother Now this is the weird part Jean Michelle Trano was last spotted uh with a highly Controversial Joseph du who was a gay Baptist pastor since found murdered mind You in the late 80s of the previous Century around the time when bit Appeared says Ray the pastor was the First advocate of gay marriages and Trans surgery and head of a pedophile Ring and the plot thickens all right Many suspect that duay had played a role That was similar to Jeffrey Epstein Blackmailing those in power but and Pat Let's and again Kansas Nails it on the Head how about take a blood test but Right but but what's what's a chromosome XY Tom or XX that's all you got to do to Shut everybody up she suing people or Produce pictures before your 30th Birthday and again this is like the Pictures of being pregnant again and

This goes to the Michelle Obama but I love you thank you this go Back to the Michelle thing just show the Photos prove everybody wrong okay but Here's here's even in depth that you Guys didn't talk about Emanuel Maron Mron is 46 his wife is 70 that's a 24 Year difference okay when he was 15 Years old in drama school that's when he Met uh his his she was his teacher his Teacher at 15 and she said that they Fell in love because she loved his depth Of poetry like what you you like boys Because they rhyme like nobody's talking About the fact that that's when they met And these three kids uh Candace pointed Out too he fathered those three kids and That that big Banker that you're talking About nobody could find them and then They said the daughter came out was like Oh he's dead but we don't the bear Everything is secret because you guys Have to mind our privacy but like I said Just prove everybody wrong grab your Brother put him next to you and guys You're all wrong to hell with all you But now you're going after the reporters Who are going in depth P look at This Rob can you show this are you Showing this this is the brother and That is her lined up the brother that They said is not that the brother is not In the picture anymore by the way this Is the this is the one part that was

Very weird can you go up and Google her Name can you Google her name go Google Her name Macon yeah if you can just Google her name and go to her Wikipedia Okay go to Wikipedia and go to her first Husband uh go all the way down you to The right spouses you see she has two Spouses go to Andre Louise whatever yeah Okay go and put him up there and I'll Try to find a picture of him go to Images only one picture of the black and White go go that's him there are no Other pictures of him that's so strange It's so bizarre and I'm telling you guys It's a little weird to and so the link That she the link that she gave me once I opened it on my phone P the the phone Went crazy because whoever did all that Research I'm pretty sure it's Natasha It's so in depth but at the end of the Day it's very very thorough at the end Of the day prove everybody wrong cuz There's a photo uh Robbie there's a Photo of the whole family I might to Send I think it's in here it's the photo Of the whole family and they're Basically claiming that the girl in the Lap of the mother is her but it's not It's the brother yeah look at the look At look at this document you mean to Tell me they didn't go In who did this who wrote this if he Could even get to the top Rob who Authored this do they even say who it is

Dude this thing is long it's long and Did they respond at all have they Respond she so she went after she's she Sued uh two she's suing for And something else but apparently Natasha Ray they went to her the French Police grabbed her find her but it's Like hey guys all you have to do let's Stop all this all this Candace all this Everybody hey guys my brother that's him Right there show his face or take a a Prick of blood take a little piece of Blood that's that's male blood or that's Female blood 23 and Me Do It For You Just prove it like what what's all this Why are you leaving it up to to chance You know what I mean like Michelle Obama When everybody's like you don't have Have any pictures of you pregnant on the Which she doesn't just show one shut Everybody up but then the other side's Like they don't have to do anything like When Obama when they're like show us Your birth certificate would it take Three years just show it you have it Show it am I losing my mind no well am I The only is this thing on theous OB the Nal I feel like I'm taking crazy pills Tak Rob go back that here's what I find Interesting about this uh like why out Of any issue in the world Candice is is So invested in this that she's literally Per her words willing to stake her Entire professional reputation on the

Fact that is a man hold we talked about It any journalist or publication that is Trying to dismiss this plausibility is Immediately identifiable as Establishment I've never seen anything Like this in my life the implications Here are terrifying I do not intend to Let this Story and calling of the other Journalists who look into this explo Explosive story and Report accordingly I'm not to let up on the story so it's Interesting of all the things in the World this is where she's at right here But I don't know when's the last time we Even mentioned Emanuel Ron macron's name On this podcast I don't even know if He's the president of France still is he Yeah he is uh you know he's part of the That whole Community that's sort of the Never Trumper of the the NATO Community I called you about a week ago yeah but It is failed here's what I'm most upset With they if you're a man and you're a Leader and you have options like this You're going to pick a lady 25 years Older than you buddy why would you I Don't know that's a weird that's what I'm most upset about here well that's What Candace is pissed off about Nobody's talking about the fact that you Met him when he was 15 that's when it Started okay that's called pedophilia Number one and number two she's tired of

The gaslighting because she feels as if They put them into Power Adam because They got dirt on them on some epin It's like listen put them into power do What we want say what say exactly what We want to do do the narrative do all These decisions because they got him cuz Guess what if they expose him and by the There's photos of him with Justin Trudeau if this is true at all and he's Into men there is photos and Rob you can Find them he kisses Justin Trudeau yes Adam I do kiss Tom once in a while in This nature but that's because I love Him but this relationship where's the One Rob where they're like up where They're kind of close and like uh to the Left of that up up no no up to the right Right right that one right there who Touches when's the last you touched Another man's head like that Adam this Is what they do in France you know you Never se you never seen grown men you Know kiss each other cheek I don't know I don't know if any of that there's Pictures of trump and Trudeau there's Pictures of trump and mcon make out with Tom there I don't know here's what Here's my only Question we're covering this here in America on the podcast dirty why what is The French media saying about this why Is this well guess what the people the Street the people in the street are

Wearing a blonde wig and walking around Cuz they know Adam they're not stupid Why responded he he responded denouncing The claims as fabricated scenarios he Just responded a couple days ago by the Way and he says the worst thing is the False information and fabricated Scenarios people eventually believe them And disturb you even in your intimacy That's what he said and then he Emphatically denies the conspiracies and Said it was a case of typical misogyny That women have to put up with nowadays The baseless accusations that Bridget Macron's trans has been spread by Voices Opposed to her husband including those On the political far right oh weird okay I don't know I don't know you listen to That show you listen to that in the Media and this is translated from French You know and I'm trying to make up my Mind whether that's just fallacious or Cunning lingo just show us your by the Way bring your brother to the camera and Basically do this to everybody do that Or show us your blood give us a little Piece of your blood look Vinnie I Respect you I respect Candace of all the Things that are going on in the world This is not even the top of on my list Let them deal with this in France I Could give a I listen I'm more Offended that a leader of a man would Marry a woman 25 years older that's some

Weird what about meeting somebody That's yeah 25 years older meaning at The age of 15 or 16 whenever this Relationship started going going after Politicians whether it's real like this Very possibly is or it's not is Sport And Pat said it last year it's going to Be the year of Investigations and you Could say investigations and accusations It's come true whether it's real or not It's just another one right attack Attack attack attack where's the Policies and things are going to help The people that are down in the the Economy Rob is this a people story this Is the PE can you show up if this is People this just came out yesterday by The way go go so that's People magazine Okay so go a little lower and and go a Little zoom in a little bit and go a Little lower they don't talk about the Trans stuff at all in this article but One of the things they talk about is the Following right there Emanuel who has Become president since 2017 Med Brit First when the non-resident was in high School in a November 23 interview Paris Match translated the independent BRD Shared how she never thought of Entertaining a relationship with her Student who was 15 at the time 15 hello For me such a young boy was crippling The two did not date right away what do Mean did not date right away what are

You talking about kept in touch while Emanuel was in college and later Reunited now they marriage continues to Get stronger Emanuel told CNN in 2017 Love is part of my life and my balance I Do believe that you don't build Something great and you don't behave Properly if you're not balanced and a Strong couple I've been with my wife for Decades Now have you what and she's part of me So who is Man anyway just a very she was a high She was a high school little bit weird Very weird at or 16 years and by the way Apparently there's some people that are Even saying she's not 70 she's 78 I Heard another one of those too by the Way I'm offended Tom the next time I Come and try to hug you and hold you Don't recoil like a snake and you're Going to act weird in front of all the People like show love Tom yeah I love You I'll Try so if you like this clip and you Want to watch another one click right Here and if you want to watch the entire Podcast click right Here

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