San Francisco Supervisor EXPOSED For Wanting More Police After Pushing To Defund

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Mike Baker, Adam Sosnick and Vincent Oshana react to Hillary Ronen being exposed for defund police hypocrisy.

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You have to see what this woman says and She's still in charge so in 2020 this is Her tweet I want to make it clear that I Strongly I believe strongly in defunding The police and reducing the number of Officers on our Force for decades we've Had an imbalance in our City's budget With hundreds of millions of dollars Going to San Francisco PD to have them Do work they are not qualified to do Okay work at the date okay August 16 2020. okay bookmark that by the way they Lowered a budget by 120 million dollars The mayor during that time okay so now Go back to the tweet and watch her video Of what she says go to the video of what She says you just had to tweet out there Okay play the clip this is watch this We've been begging for more footbeats And for more officers In the Mission District two weeks ago Again this department to give the Mission what it deserves in terms of Police presence All year long and I have been told time And time and time and time again there Are no officers that we can send to Missions it hurts and I feel betrayed oh No Hillary by the department I feel Betrayed by the mayor I feel betrayed by The priorities of the city it is not This Board of Supervisors priorities we Want our residents safe her name's Hillary her name is

Shots getting assaulted getting killed Because in the mission chief It's not theft and the mission people Are getting shot and killed and the Mission people are getting beat up and The mission people are dying no Sherlock Go on Twitter and look at her last tweet Go go just go to her account right there And look at her last tweet okay zoom in Her last 323 at peace out Twitter time Is precious we'll be using time I spend On this forum having direct productive Conversations with the people of San Francisco good luck to you lady so this Is the part where yeah you know you know As sad as it is because a guy who Created a great company that's created Thousands of jobs who moved to Miami Because he didn't feel safe in the Middle of the night gets stabbed a week After this a week and a half after Whatever two weeks after this comment She makes and she's the same person so Now why don't you come out and apologize About your original uh policies never About the fact that you felt about Defunding the police now you want to Talk about I feel that they're not Wanting to protect the city Sarah Foster Is an actress yeah I love that you found Anybody who any anybody who makes it on Vanity Fair you're like left of left You're part of the camp 100 you're

Qualified she slams San Francisco for Being a weird so go go to the Bottom to read the entire quote of what She said right there I have no words Right there at the bottom go a little Lower little I have no words San Francisco is a complete I'm a Registered Democrat and feel confident Saying liberal politicians are ruining Cities disgusting my heart breaks for This family okay and this is the Daughter of David Foster by the way 16 Time Grammy winner 16 time yeah you know It's crazy you know you started us off With UFC and all that funny story so you Know the guy freaking stole my keys that Were running around Vinnie and I run Around the whole time the whole time we Go to the uh guest services and the one Guy in front of us at Guest Services Vinnie remember this he goes oh What's up man yeah you telling me Baby what's up jersey huge fan I'm like What's up buddy he goes I'm a cop in Jersey yeah I just came down here with My girl to have a great time UFC boom Oh Tell Pat I said what's up I said what's Up he goes I gotta tell you you know how They say talk about defund the police Let me tell you something was he talking About New Jersey police He said before coven He said they would get between 80 000 And a hundred thousand applicants

To join the police force he goes you Know what it is now in a year fifteen Hundred yup did he not say those numbers He did this is his story I said what I Got that it's the same story yeah it's a Ridiculous increase a decrease and I Said so how are you gonna find uh police Officers now he goes we're just gonna Have to lower standards no you just got To move to Florida come on down here we Like cops his name isn't it so if you Like this clip and you want to watch Another one click right here and if you Want to watch the entire podcast click Right here Foreign

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