“Seize His Assets” – Letitia James Plan To Bankrupt Donald Trump REVEALED!

Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana discuss New York Attorney General Letitia James targeting Donald Trump’s assets as part of his civil fraud case.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Wall Street Journal uh did a story on The fact that he's got around $400 Million of cash sitting there is what he What he has right now Networth does Around $3 Billion right $400 million of cash 355 They're so close to wanting to deplete Him and this Leticia James person you Know what she wants to do the B the bond Situation but do you know what she wants She wants to seize his assets she wants To seize his assets she wants to Yellow Tape red tape around the buildings and Saying hey these assets have been seized By they want to seize they want that Visual because he can't postpone for 464 Right now in a New York civil case and They're speculating that Trump's going Around asking for money from different People they're saying the meeting with Musk was about that and there's a lot of Republicans that are saying why don't Some of these billionaire Republicans Come out and give the money but the Reality of is of it is the the the the Dark strategy of cornering Kim with Things like this with the specific Amount of money to hurt him so they can Seize his asset to embarrass him guys It's going to be so nasty the next 6 Months it's going to be so nasty the Next six seven eight months on what They're going to do but all of this Stuff comes together they fear this guy

Being in the white house I don't know Why they fear this guy being in the White house there's no doubt you know You know when I'm when I give sort of The Devil's Advocate thing you know I'm I'm I'm so completely disenfranchised With the Democratic party as it stands You know I'm registered independent I've Never voted for Trump but there's a lot Of people like me that are like yeah I'm Not a fan of Trump's Bluster and his Rhetoric but I just can't get condone What the Democratic party stands for at This point but there's a lot of fear and There's a lot of I I actually empathize With a lot of the people on the right That understand that there there is some Sort of whether you want to call it a Witch Hunt whether you want to call it Election interference you know this guy Was a half a million dollar right and Leticia James who campaigned on the fact That she wants to prosecute Trump she's Out there basically say saying that She's going to try to seize his asset so This 464 if you just want to go down the Rabbit hole of Trump's money FTM follow The money Trump's worth what give or Take about $3 billion is that fair is That a fair number of that there's According to Wall Street Journal yeah so Well that's a fair that's incredible s Exactly I agree with you so of that he Has about they said about a half of

Billion dollar of cash give or take four To 500 million of cash Fair number so What they're basically saying is he owes 355 from the um fraudulent asset Inflation valuation uh case that there's 100 million of interest that he owes on Top of that plus you have the egene Carol that was like what $92 million so The guy owes a half a billion so what Are his options cuzz by the way the Interest is gaining $100,000 a day is that insane so how's He going to pay it so number one I think A judge rejected the $100 million Bond So how's he going to pay this off Because he is he going to deplete all His cash and pay it off you're not going To do that are you going to borrow Against your assets he has $2 and5 Billion dollar worth of real estate Assets to borrow against would you get a Loc a line of credit against that would You start borrowing money from big-time Friends maybe that's why he's meeting With Elon or he's going to have to do a Fire sale of his real estate either way If you just look get it unbiased they Are coming after Trump and they want him To pay a lot of freaking money the end Of democracy no no you're seeing it live Look exactly what they're doing right Now what democracy from cheating in the Elections to taking out an opponent to Ruining the country I mean what do you

Mean the end it's h it's ending in front Of your face if they and the people are Cool with this like what are we even Talking about what are we even talking About look you know you can arm yourself And you can oh I am you and I yeah two 2 a brother um you can arm yourself and You can protect your home or you can rob A convenience store you can use a gun in Both ways one is very illegal one is Wrong and the other is exercising your Right under Constitution protect your Family this is judicial activism that They're attempting to use the letter of The law to rob a convenience store They're they're basically using laws to Basically commit crime in broad daylight When when you deny bail to someone you Den deny bail because you think they're A flight risk for instance you have Somebody in Miami is arrested because They were caught with 100 pounds of Cocaine like last year around Christmas The guys on the boat why did they deny Bail because they thought they were Going to get their buddies to fly him to Colombia and Escape Escape Justice Trump Is not a Flight Risk he actually wants To stay here and be president I think Let me let me check nope nope he's Pretty clear about that he's not going Anywhere so and he's posted a so he has He has had $100 million to post sort of Bail on this the other thing is these

These things get suspended under appeal Here's what happens they say hey look if You lose the appeal you are going to Have to pay interest on your judgment do You understand that Vinnie yes you and Your attorney say yes okay well then We're going to suspend the payment while We go to appeal cuz that's part of Here's a phrase due process so what I Worry about is not the threat to Democracy I've worry about the threat Todo process and what when you read About weaponizing the judicial system to Me that is not a an inflammatory phrase That is an appropriate description of What they're trying to do they're using The judicial system to rob the Convenience store and that's what is Appalling to me here he's posted the Bond let's go to appeal and let's see if This goes and you know what scares him About appeal what scares him about Appeal is November 5th the elections Over he's elected they're worried about Everything gets wiped off at that point But that's the opportunity to correct The judicial activism this is this is What is horrifying to me is that he's Got the bond and under appeal these Things get suspended he's not a Flight Risk so they're using all the things That they would use against a drug lord Against him where they're weaponizing The justice system in plain diue Tom

Stay let's stay on that topic let's stay On that topic so what what are reasons Why democracies Fail B well there's there's the crumbling Rome crumbled when they failed to honor And respect the Roman people and stopped Serving the people and the Caesars Became corrupt and the whole thing fell And that's really if you look I just Summarize the fall of the Roman Empire They failed to serve the country and its People became corrupt unto themselves And ultimately they killed one of each Other Caesar Julius Caesar they even got together we're all Corrupt and you're the most corrupt here Here you go guy and they killed one of Their own and ultimately the whole thing Fell cuz the people didn't have Confidence in government even the guys That led didn't have confidence and Guess what foreign enemies came in and And filled that up and that was it you Read so just on the History Channel I Remember doing this we didn't talk about It one podcast Invasion by by uh Barbarian tribes economic troubles and Over Reliance on on slave labor the rise Of Eastern Empire uh overexpansion and Military overspending I don't even sound Sounds familiar government corruption And political instability weird sounds Like us the Rival of the Hun and that

Migration of Barbarian tribes Weir That's so weird um what's the other one Christianity and the loss of Traditional Values weakening of the Roman Legions a Lot of that sounds like what's happening Here right now is that crazy those are The those are the eight reasons that Rome fell and six out of eight of those Are happening right now in the United States yeah and we talked about the Bases that we have all over the world How many 800 bases and we're trying to Basically you know I'm I'm not I'm not In the isolationist camp and I'm Certainly not in the interventionalist Camp and getting involved in every Single foreign warrant out there there Needs to be a balance out there Dave Smith and Candace Owens had a great Conversation about stop trying to turn The American Empire into an actual worldwide Empire and just focus on it being an Actual Republic this is what happened to Rome they tried to expand they tried to Intervene in every single war and if you Try to win every single War you can't Win the war at home and basically you Crumble within then you get into the um Lack of confidence that a lot of people Think that the elections are stolen Everything like that whether that's true Or not they believe it so there's a lot Of people what's the stat out there

There's basically Um 50% of people Americans can't tell The difference between facts and Opinions okay nearly half of respondents 56% sorry 46% struggle to differentiate Between facts and opinions people don't Know what the hell's going on here at This point so at this point you know It's you know the information age is Officially over meaning that we have Information at our fingertips whether You call it Google whether you call it AI whatever it is we are now officially In the end in the era of Confirmation And validation what the hell is true What the hell is not true so that's a Major problem in our democracy at this Point is facts and and opinions uh Differentiate Tom go ahead well and you Look at France you know the French Revolution the monarchy you know treated The people like crap and It ultimately Led to a strong leader in Napoleon Rising out of that um you go from the Storming of the I and help me out on History you go from the storming of the Bestile to the rise of Napoleon and and Basically the Execution of the king because the King Was treating the people like crap Ignoring things and so a great country And a great you know societies fail Usually when the government turns its Back on the people and becomes corrupt

You could probably put that as the Headline Pat and that and all the things About Rome and then barbarians come in Your army becomes weak your vision is Gone how much corruption do we have with Our government right oh my God it's a Member it's it's the least trusted in The history of America I can no longer Remain in today's Democratic party Tulsi Gabard said she is no longer a Democrat A potential tulsy gathered VP where we Are being told that we just have to Comply and go along with whatever they Say American people uh are smarter than This however we must remain Vigilant to Recognize their propaganda for what it Is pure life unfortunately we live in a Time where free speech is under attack Whatever they say goes and we we have to Just fall and the people who suffered Under your reign as prosecutor you owe Them an Apology taking on Kam Harris on a debate Stage before I would look forward to Doing that Again so if you like this clip and you Want to watch another one click right Here and if you want to watch the entire Podcast click right Here

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