“Sexual Aggression” – Reaction to Tate Brothers Detained on U.K. Charges

Patrick Bet-David is joined by Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana as they discuss the recent arrest of Andrew and Tristan Tate in Romania!


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Andrew Tate detained in Romania handed UK arrest warrant spokesperson says Online influencer Andrew Tate was Detained in Romania and handed arrest War issued by British authorities his Spokesperson said Tuesday Tate 37 and His brother Tristan were detained Monday Evening for 2 24 hours on allegations of Sexual aggression in UK case dating back To 2012 and 2015 spokesperson Matia Petusco said four women had reported T To UK authorities for alleged sexual Violence and physical abused but the Crown prosecution service decided not to Prosecute them the alleged victims then Turned to crowdfunding to cover the Legal cause as they pursue a civil case Against them T is charged in a separate Case in Romania with rape human traffick And informing a criminal gang to Sexually exploit women Adam I mean it's So obvious what they're doing it's Insane before you even read that I'm Like let me guess the sex crimes and Adam read that Adam what's sexual Aggression mean hey girl give me your Number like what is that they've Revealed their hand it's clear how many Times have I asked you what's going on With Tate like we haven't like it's Almost like the Calm before the storm we Haven't heard anything about what's Going on in their case in months they Were released from house arrest they're

Doing podcasts more than ever on Rumble Now they just did an Oscars podcast on Sunday night I gave I sent rob a clip of Moment where they're they're by the way He they were going after John Cena They're going after the gay agenda they Said some crazy stuff that I mean but Bro at that point though like you know That they're looking for you I would Tone it down you know everybody tells Trump to tone it down like keep going Right that right there that's from Rumble Nice you and I were at the height of our Fame we were offered $50 million and When we escaped this Matrix attack when We're no longer tied up inside of the Legal system I'm going to tell you which Company offered it to us so you may as Well kill me now cuz I'm going to say it And we were offered $50 million and we Basically had to have certain opinions On LGBT and certain opinions on Israel Palestine and we had to wear certain Clothes and dress in a certain way and Do certain things and we would be Protected by the media establishment They have said we spend a lot of money On Advertising mainstream media so the Mainstream media will never attack you Because they cannot go against the post A child of the people who finan them Basically we hit the gay wall and we Declined and after declining we ended up

In a jail cell and it's very interesting Cosmic Cosmic yeah wow how' that happen And it's very interesting when you sit And talk about how they're out to Humiliate men because they want anyone Who's seen as masculine and seen as a Hero and seen as a role model to face Humiliation so that the people who look Up to this person are no longer inspired And then and then he gets arrested right After this BR and I thought about this He's and Andrew Tay can he transition And become like a a female like Andrea Tinsky he did that um on the second Podcast we did in Bucharest he said I'm I'm now the most famous woman in the World right here why can't he transition And be like I'm not Andrew anymore beat All he tweeted right after the arrest I'm not sure how he tweeted if it was His people he said the Matrix is afraid But I only fear God uh this there was Some writing on the wall here I don't Know if you saw this this was maybe a Week or two ago he was pulled over in Romania yeah uh given a drug test he Passed given a breathalyzer he passed Here's the Tweet right here the Matrix Is afraid but only fear God you know we Like these guys we're rooting for those Guys do we agree with everything they Say no but do I agree with everything Anyone says no but this is the the times We're living in is that if you don't

Like somebody and to this extent you Don't like what they're saying or if They're going counterintuitive to the Message you character assassinate them You try to jail them and as he famously Said the third bullet ends up in the Back of your head so we're rooting for These guys I have no clue what the hell They're going for but they're trying to Extradite them to the UK now it's it's Again this is my opinion it's pretty Clear to me Romania has found nothing of Course well he's still there he's going Out he's driving his Bugatti he's going Around he's having fun like he's there's Probably a sense of comfort where he's Like I know this is all but he Also well there was a there was the fear They had was that these guys were about To escape Romania go somewhere else so That's Apparently one of the things that Hey uh they may be running away so let's Get them before they do and all this Stuff that they're spinning uh and doing What they're doing now here's the thing What what percentage of this is you know Just literal like hey the guy the girls Raised the money and they're not going After them civil and ukaine that's what The case is okay that's one second Option is there comments they made Sunday night that hey here's what we're Going to do whether you do this or not We're going to come out and talk about

Who gave the $50 million offer to them Who Could That 50 million be is it BBC That that offer him the money I don't Think so is it who is it who would it be Who knows maybe there's going to be Somebody that they're going to out the The house that's going to explain who it Is um reveal who it is three is this What's happening because it's getting Closer to election year and he they are Very loud Spokes person on what he said the other Day the only person left that's going to Be saving America is going to be Trump I Think he said that on something last Couple weeks four is it really the fact That they're Worried you know of what they're going To doing with girls who knows you pick And choose whichever think you you think It is then maybe just delaying them for Their popularity to decline and for Their relevance to kind of disappear and Then for them to be like okay now we'll Let you come back in okay now we'll let You get back into doing what you're Doing the thing with the establishment Is you could kill off someone's momentum But if someone really has a message You're only killing them temporarily You're not going to kill them Permanently you can slow down momentum You can slow down from them saying a few Words right now but the world is

Naturally curious and they're going to Curiously want to find out what these People have to say no matter how much You try to hide them from watching it Someone's going to have to hear what They have to say that their message is Going to get out there Tom did you have Any thoughts on this or you're sitting There pretty quiet no this is Unsurprising but this is this is Horrifying you know you've got now UK Courts on these these these guys didn't Kill Kennedy and they're being Extradited at Great cost great publicly From Romania to here so somebody doesn't Like what they're saying and somebody Doesn't want them to say more and now You've got a a a what's this 2012 a 10-year-old case this is 2012 is the First case so this is unsurprising to me They have pissed somebody off they Continue to piss somebody off and Romania found nothing they they remember They had him in jail for a while then They put him in house arrest for a while And then they finally had to set them And say now you can go to your own home For house arrest and then there was Nothing and now all of a sudden well There's nothing and now the four girls Are in the UK they did do a crowdfunding Thing what the hell does the Crown Court Care about two guys who had a dispute With some women compared to all the

Things that you could be worried about Something is up below the surface and These guys have pissed somebody off and They're not going to let it go and you Know what it's Interesting whoever it is they can't say What it really is this is going to Backfire dramatically when's the last Time we talked about Tate publicly on The podcast it's been months it's been Months look they're doing their thing on Rumble they're not even on YouTube They're not even on Tik Tok they're on Rumble you know the thing with Rumble is You're kind Of speaking to an audience that already Agrees with you right you're not Speaking to the general Public it hasn't look as Tate massive Still say respect to Tristan yes but It's not like they're worldwide news now If you go Google Andrew Tate look at all This Yahoo news what else is there CNN Reuters Rob help me out here I don't Have the eyes set like this punch Washington Daily Mail Guardian yeah it's Headline news on all these different Things yeah good point so it's going to Backfire dramatically their whole Intention is to diminish his star power It's only going to make it Greater his His star is shining bright today and It's going to backfire dramatically for These idiots this is what we're going to

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