“She Wants To Leave” – Dave Rubin Predicts Candace Owens Leaves Daily Wire Over Ben Shapiro Feud

Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana are joined by political commentator Dave Rubin as they discuss Candace Owens wanting to leave the Daily Wire over her feud with Ben Shapiro.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Did you did you watch the interview Candace did recently with um uh uh the The rabbi I think which of it two rabbis There Rabbi Rabbi barley Ry can you playy can You play go and play this clip Rob and Just so the reference the backstory is That uh this Rabbi is accusing Candace Owens of calling Rabbi schmi Bo te's Daughter a hag so that's the setup right A hag which okay how dare you go into The misogynistic excuse me the the the Anti-semitic Trope of his hag daughter Something used throughout the late 18th And and early uh through the early 20th Century sorry sorry hag is now Anti-semitic that is a term of his hag Daughter that goes back into the witches Of of of Eastern Europe why did you have To call her a hag daughter just to be Clear because she's a Witch I think she's a witch that's not Because she's Jewish I would call I Would call someone a ha of any color I Think she's a witch what they have done Over the last two years I believe his Daughter is a hag I said that because That's what I believe you may disagree With me on that but to to say that That's anti-semitic is ridiculous I Would call any person a hag C well well here's my thing and I I Watched this entire thing it was really Really difficult because uh mind you I I

Don't think Candace Owens hates Jewish People but to to like for instance if I Called Adam just off the cuff I'm like You freaking you old ass hag for Somebody to have to go yeah for somebody To have to go all the way back to Whatever Century that he's talking about Be like what you're saying is Anti-Semitic it's like I felt this me Personally dat like he was searching for Something because I don't know if you Guys know uh Rabbi schmi I don't know How it is in the Jewish Community the Guy's a rabbi which is technically you Know holy she's like he sells butt plugs And dildos in a business with his Daughter Candice thinks it's not good in My opinion as well I don't think anybody In the religious sect should be in Business with their daughter of all People selling sex toys that's the angle She took to say that it's anti-semitic That she doesn't like Jewish people I Think it's just reaching and looking for Something to just label her which I Think is dangerous cuz like she's not if You saw did you see this thing Adam did You see the the the the interview with The the rabbi do you when you want do Yeah I'm saying do you think uh Candace Owens saying that Rabbi schi who he and His daughter are have been attacking Candace for over 2 years that her Calling the daughter ahead in her mind

She's like yeah this is anti-Semitic let Me go for that I'm going to let Dave Respond as well but I'll just say look I've been called and shout out to the Chat and all our friends out there I've Been called every name in the book for Jew for this for that it is what it is I Believe in free speech say all you want Inciting violence sorry guys I don't Play that game nor should we uh you know I don't know this guy or the rabbi but I Did do I watched the interview they they Have she said her words I believe like What any Orthodox person whether you're Jewish whether you're Christian whether You're Mormon whether you're Muslim they Have kids they believe in having lots of Kids so yeah it's fun to say butt plugs And dildos no they they have oils and Lotions and potions to help keep the Spark alive in your relationship cool I Don't really care they did an interview With your old friend Jen weager and Rabbi Shi and did right and and look and He's like I don't really give a [ __ ] About this the it is let's get to the Actual point here whether his daughter Owns some sort of sexual Orientation whatever it is I don't care That to me is so the most irrelevant Thing here it's uh the moral equivalency Of what Israel defending itself versus Terrorism that to me is what but but but Going to this though what her comments

To about Shi has nothing to do with Anti-Semitism it's just hurts by the way Candace is the one that went to Jerusalem when they opened the embassy She's not anti-jewish the fact that that Guy could take that ha comment and go Back to like that's like me sneezing Right now on Adam and going hatu and you Go oh you said Jew that's anti-semitic You did I'll say last thing and then I'm Going to let Dave do his thing uh what I Will say this you know there's people That overreach and that uh on all sides But especially on the Jewish side of Things so I'm talking about right now Guys my friends je not every criticism Of Israel or Jews is anti- I'm happy you Said that I'm sorry but a lot of it is Yeah I know there's a lot this is Reaching for something that's not there IE I don't even the hag thing going to The witches did you even know that You're Jewish no but that that's where You get reaching I called my grandmother An old hag I didn't know it was anti- Last point you know after the Holocaust Which people are still alive from the You had seven last points what are your Thoughts well that Jews are paranoid and That's what's going on putting aside the Specifics of that clip for a second um I Know it would be extremely good for the Internet and for the Warfare that we're All involved in for me to uh go after

Candace right now but let me just say That uh Candace and I were very good Friends for a long time I was at her Wedding she was at my house only a year And a half ago helping us pick out Strollers for our kids who weren't even Born yet um I in large part I kind of Discovered her when she was known as red Pill Black on YouTube and I brought her On my show we did a sign called YouTube Week where we take little YouTubers when I sat down with her in my house I didn't I actually didn't know her name until 20 Seconds before we started I said I think You're red pill black but what's your Real name uh we end she ended up staying At my house for like 10 hours that night We've had her and her husband over for Dinner many many times so in this case Um I don't think that I'm just not in The place anymore where I want to be Involved in the The Firestorm of burn Everything down uh as it as it relates To her and everything else I I would say Just on on Israel specifically what I've Heard her say she seems largely confused About a bunch of issues and I hope that She will talk to people who know a Little bit more about some of this stuff Than she is you know there was a video Where she was talking about the Muslim Quarter in the old city of Jerusalem the Implication being that Jew that Israel Keeps all of the Muslims in one quarter

And it's like the Muslim quarter which Has existed from the British Empire to The Ottoman Empire to we can go back and Back to the old temple in Jerusalem uh Israel which there is no apartheid where 20% of the population are Israeli Arabs Most of whom are Muslim uh and some of Whom are on the SU court and the rest of It I think she's a little confused about Some of the things but I think uh well I Hope you heard the overriding part which Is that I don't want to make it personal With her I don't really consider us Friends anymore um but that's just like A nature of the reality of the thing That we're all in you what do you think About the Dynamics of her and Ben at Daily wire where you know Ben made those Comments at that one event and was Recorded and it went to the public and You know I don't agree with this and Obviously intentions were high what are Your thoughts about that dynamic I think There's there's many layers to this Let's just remove the Israel layer for a Second there there's a pure business Layer to it which is that Candace has a Contract with daily wire I know nothing I truly know nothing about the nature of The contract or the how long it lasts or How much it's for or anything else but It seems fairly obvious to me she wants To leave the daily wire and I would say There's a little bit of the Tucker thing

Here too which Tucker is building a Network you know as the Tucker Carlson Network he's gone after Ben I would say In a fairly unfair way um repeated going After Ben's motiv saying he doesn't love America things like that who Tucker Tucker yeah Ben has repeatedly he did it On my show he's done it on his show said I'll be happy to sit down with you I've Offered to moderate it but you could Moderate it they don't even need a Moderator I think it would be a good Conversation to have you can have Difference of opinion on say foreign Policy or or any political issue without Going after someone's motives or saying They don't love America that sort of Thing but at a business level Tucker now Has a network that is in competition He's building a network now that is in Competition with the daily wire so it Would be pretty great to take out Ben Shapiro that's just reality you think That's what it is I I think that there Is an element of that I'm removing just The specifics around Israel or politics For a second and saying that there and I Think Candace to her own uh whether she Wants to join Tucker or do something Else after start the the Candace Owens Network whatever it might be I think There are realities outside of just like The political fights and that's why in This case it actually for me it has more

To do with that we were friends for a While I'm trying to honor and and Respect that we were we were quite good Friends not you know um and I I think She sees an opportunity here and she's Going for why why would why would Tucker See Ben Ben as's competition though Because if you're building if you're Building a a right leaning Network daily W daily wire is number one right so you Go for number one you're trying to take Out number one I I can't say that for Sure and again this is something I've Said on my show I would gladly sit with Both of them and discuss it I've had Both of them on my show obviously Repeatedly but I think there is some Reality there if Tucker's going well What is the new right what is the future Tucker's just doing that to bend because Not just not just I think there are Legit political differences but but Think about it if you're going oh this Guy's got the online Network that's the The right online Network and now I'm Trying to build a network it would be Pretty damn good if I could erably wound Him that that's just reality that that You would only do that if a guy is ahead Of you do you put Ben ahead of Tucker Oh Well in terms of business absolutely Well yes yes I do actually since Tucker Has yeah I think I let me get I want to Ask this very important for you for me I

Want to hear what you're going to say so You're saying to me post Tucker leaveing Fox and even previous to Tucker Le Fox Who had more influence in America Tucker Amongst conservatives or Ben prev before Leaving Fox I would say it was pretty Close to call pretty close to call not In our world not in the online world I Get it I get it in the online world it's All about the online people but Tucker Had a huge amount of influence when he Was on Fox it's a little hard to say how Much his influence is now that's not a Shot at Tucker by the way I get I see on X he has gajillion views on everything We don't know exactly how they're Quantifying views if you just skip past It and all that I I no I know you take The counter on this I'm I'm not even Saying that no I'm not taking a counter I I I I like both guys I'm not I'm not a Uh no no no in terms of influence post Fox right you would say his influence is Is way greater post Fox right yeah no There there's two different things There's the the the let's isolate Concerns the the isolate concerns of you Know uh Ben the the CEO hat the Israel Hat the conservative hat he put Israel 1 Conservative 2 daily wire three that's Just when he did that in that event when He called that candas he went Israel Conservative Jewish audience then he Went

CEO Candice part ofet he's not the CEO And he hasn't been the CEO coer Co-founder but but even your when people Think about daily wire they don't think About Jeremy boring they think about Ben Shapiro nobody we know Jeremy is the Operator we had him on we had a very Good conversation with him but you think Ben you don't think you know the Optics Of it yes I guarantee you if we did a Poll right now and you ask who is the CEO they would say Ben Shapiro when I Ask you the question okay so you have a Big responsibility because a big part of Daily wire's success is Ben Ben is a Behemoth of an influence but in in in Regards purely to Tucker versus Ben to Me you think Tucker doesn't have the Kind of influence in the last since he Left Fox as bendas no no no that's not Exactly what I said I think it's hard to Quantify influenced can you put up Chartable pull up chartable I don't Think it is because I by the way when You go to Twitter I agree with you Because some of the stuff on Twitter You're like 400 million views well it's Not really on YouTube 350 million Americans they're telling us things can You go up and type in Tucker just type In Tucker in that if you can and does Tucker's uh uh show come on it should Come on you know what just type in Joe Rogan type in Joe Rogan and right there

Joe Rogan Experience and if you can go To Apple uh go to Spotify podcast top America podcast just click on the first One there you go number one is Rogan two Is I don't even know Tuer three now go to Apple and by the Way and then keep going down huberman You know Bon you got Mel you got call Her daddy you got all these guys that You're going right yeah this is Spotify Is that what we looking at I'll go to Apple as well Lex you got all these guys Right you don't See you seey but no what I'm saying is You don't see there's Candace there's Jordan okay so now go back on chable and And go to Apple okay and any given day Joe's always number one on like a golf Score but obviously you know Apple has Different kind of algorithms keep going Lower keep going lower keep going lower You know you got huberman Ben is there 18 go little lower little lower little Lower uh uh uh on the L okay on the Apple side keep going L does does Tucker Even put his stuff on Apple yeah there is click on that click On that click on that real quick okay so Now we see the ranking there zoom in a Little Bit so okay so on Apple he's 65 on Spotify he's three okay so to the Spotify Talent he's way ahead to the Apple podcast uh Ben is way ahead to the

Twitter views I would say uh Tucker's Way way ahead on the Twitter views which Twitter is now getting God knows how Many people that are logging on on a Daily basis and I would say even on YouTube if you go compare data so I'm Asking this because I I uh I wonder if a Part of Candace's dealing with Tucker so Are you insin are you are you Speculating that maybe maybe Candace is Trying to leave to want to go join Tucker I think it's definitely so that's What you're thinking or or to start her Own network but I think what you just Illustrated there in that Tucker was way Down below Ben on one of them and on the Other and also the daily wire has a Massive subscription game I don't think Tucker has a subscription no he does not So think about it the daily wire is Gener I don't know what their rev is Maybe I don't even know if it's public But they're generating a huge amount on That side they they're real business They they're unicorn I'm not undermining Their business value I'm talking pure Influence pound-for-pound Tucker versus Ben right so all I'm saying is it's a Little hard to quantify I think we're Basic we're basically saying they're Roughly in the same world right like You're not giving me anything empirical Here that's showing me the Tucker is Blown out they're basically in the same

World but if you're Tucker and let's say You're 65 that you just showed us on Apple and Ben was what 18 well in the World that they live in a lot of those People were doing culture podcast and Fashion podcast the guy you want to go After is number 18 it's not the it's not The girl doing I'm trying to really I'm Trying to really in my mind wrap that Around you know to see if that's what if You took out the daily wire those Subscribers got to go somewhere I don't Think but I don't think Tucker's playing That game you see for me I asked three Questions I don't know I asked three Questions and I've been asking it for a While does Tucker want to be Roger alses Or rubert Murdoch I don't think so does Tucker want to be uh uh you know Rush Limba and you know just stay in this and That's he wants to have the biggest Influence politically on the Conservative side maybe does Tucker want To be Churchill to go from a CH Journalist to eventually become a President maybe I don't think Tucker's Goal is to be a billionaire I quite Frankly don't think he gives a [ __ ] About being a billionaire I think he Loves his life on the other side with Ben I think Ben is also a crusade guy And his loyalty is going to be to his Community uh as a Jew himself he's going To be supportive of that but I think

Since January since October 6th or 7th October 7th event that took place he is Proven hey zero compromise here this is Where I stand and in some you know areas It's hurting numbers wise and some it's Hurt him whereas I think Tucker is Willing to criticize his own side and The other side and that's where Tucker Has been able to stay a little bit more Fluid and gain a little bit from all Sides versus Ben isolated himself a Little I may be wrong well what what Would you like to hear from Ben that you Haven't heard when it comes to this no There's nothing about here I'm Armenian And I'm a Syrian guess what I'm going to Be Pro Armenia Pro Syrian yeah but I'm Also going to give my but by the way There's a video somebody made a video on Instagram or Twitter and a Syrian guy Well Patrick I don't like what he said About ass syrians that's that's my brand My brand isn't that I'm just going to Sit there and not be critical of even uh My own mistakes things I've done in the Past things our community's done I'm Going to be L talking about it our brand Isn't to be 100% blinded to whatever I Think when you do that but Candace works At the daily wire so she says whatever She wants so that so Ben again Ben is Not the CEO but she's expressing Whatever she wants and then he he's also He's a pundit right so he's allowed to

It's different I think it's different I'm not I think it's different I think The only reason it's different is you Know uh coming from a perspective of Somebody that you brought over to you Okay that uh uh you know your face the Face and then how you protect somebody On that side is a different story and And you know that was but are you saying He shouldn't criticize her if he thinks She's wrong about something the same way That she will criticize Candice goes After everybody that she disagrees with Yeah no I'm not saying he he shouldn't Criticize her uh I think what happened Post October 7th was in in in some ways Good in some ways bad not as an event Folks so don't put the good as in it was Good for what happened to the people Zero that's not what I'm saying it Immediately filtered out people's Positions and where they were at where What was tolerable and what was not Tolerable can we question some of this Like for example I think we I don't know We had on the podcast when the first Time when this event happened I'm like How do you not know we had the M how do You not Tim how do you not know that This was going to B Netanyahu you mean To tell me you have that good of a Intelligence the best intelligence in The world you guys claim for the longest Time mad that God knows how great you

Got but you didn't know what happened Where no you can't question that right Now Okay John Kirby said now is not Charlie Kirk no it was it was Charlie because we Was at that time and he was like all Over the place like was there a stand Down order how do we know there stand I Think for me it's the only thing where It's like Okay cool so that's where they Are that's where he is that's where she Is that's where they are that's where he Is perfect what a great way to identify Exactly where everybody's at after an Event that's all I'm saying the event Did that but for me I don't know if Tucker you Know like do I think Rogan's going after Anybody no Rogan's number one in 94 Countries Joe number one in 94 who is Joe gonna go after nobody you isn't that Making my point Joe has no need to go After that's why Tucker doesn't need to So to me totally but but he is going After Ben I no I think Tucker's going After ideas and by the way please keep This in mind you have to know this to Say that Ben is anti-American you guys Can say that I that's what he said That's what he said that's not what I'm Saying that he can say that that's his Position I'm not taking that position Understand but position I'm taking here Is and keep this in mind I have never

Spoken a Tucker I've never shook his Hands I've never been at an event we Spoke at the same event but I left he Came so we've I've done all those things With I like him yeah so I'm all I'm Saying so this is not and I've spent More time with Ben yeah Ben has been on My show I've been on Ben show by the way The experience has been great I don't Have an issue with the guy you know Ben Is you know when he's so focused even When we were going before the interview He was on his phone for 20 minutes he's Not really one that's going to be Talking too much he just may focused About it but this isn't about one side Or the other this is about the market Was able to identify who is who in this Conservative base And I think they're all relevant I think They're all necessary but I think the Lead dog there's no question about it The lead do in this space amongst the Benz the you know all the Tuckers the The Jordans all these guys it's Tucker I'm see I'm not so sure of that because A Ben has a company that as you just Said is a uni as an influencer not as a Business owner as an influencer as an Influencer meaning like like for example Also on the daily wire financially you Could say you know Dave pornoy is like You know I'm not but I'm not talking About money and business and Equity I'm

Talking purely influenced when it comes Down to this I think it's Tucker one I Think then it's everybody else and I Think Ben is definitely at two or three Spot in that camp I I don't know that we Can fully quantify that I'm not I'm not Saying you're wrong by the way I don't Know that we can fully quantify it but Clearly there's a gray area here that That you might be right can I change it For you you know who's in my who's you Know who's the number one most Influential Jewish voice ever since October 7th Worldwide John Stewart sasn oh God I Hope it's not John Stewart stew I'm going tell you what I'm Going to say number one most amongst the Jewish Community you can put Netanyahu In there Stewart in there Shapiro in you Can throw everybody in there you know Who I think is number one who I think Ben's number one Ben CH I think Ben's Number one I don't thought you were Going to pull a trick out But what I'm saying to you is I think Dur after October 7th it was he is Bigger than net Yahoo is what I'm trying To say to me his voice for that Community carries more weight than Anybody else that's all I'm saying can I Ask you guys policy question here Because I actually think you're both You're both right in a certain context I

Think it's not even question as far as Influence uh and notoriety it's Tucker It's not even a question from a business Side of things what he's put together at The daily wire if most people don't know Jeremy Bing's name they think it's Ben And the super team he's put together With Peterson and Walsh and Candace the Third thing that I want to focus on is The policy though because this comes Down to more policy Ben I think is Staying more true to what the Republican Party has meant in the past whereas Tucker has sort of adopted the magga Even though he talks so much trash about Trump he sort of adapted sort of the new Maga policy perspective and the question Of and this is what I want to get your Opinion on the isolationist perspective Versus the interventionalist perspective It's clearly that Tucker has now aligned Himself with the non-interventionist Camp the isolationist Camp Candice has Basically come under that as well where The Republican party used to stand for Free trade peace through strength you Know taking out our enemies we have to Now it's no Foreign Wars no funding of Wars uh no free trade how much of this Is a straight up policy debate about About intervention well I would hope That most of it is my guess is that That's actually not true but my hope Would be that most of it is as for

Intervention or not intervention or that Kind of thing uh what's interesting is Ben and Ben has pointed this out Repeatedly because Tucker has implied And again I'm not sitting here as a Lawyer for Ben but Tucker has implied Repeatedly that Ben has called for Troops on the ground over there and Everything else I was just in Israel There was not one Israeli literally not One I don't you could Google all day Long I don't think you can find one Influential Israeli that has called for Troops on the ground they want the Ability to finish a war themselves and They do need some help with weapons but The last thing that they want are American troops there because that will Not go well for America it will not go Well for them it won't go there go well For the region um most people post most People post Boomer are more isolation in General we realized that world policing Isn't working nation building clearly Isn't working my personal belief is that We should have allies who we have a Common cause with and we believe in Democracy with and have similar values And things of that nature and Israel Certainly in that part of the world is Obviously that um but that's a that's Like a healthy debate to have that's why Again I think when Tucker has said well Ben is anti-American or the implication

That he wants his children to die you Can find the clip if you want that's Where I think he's gone a little bit Overboard I have military age children They're going to send my kids to war None of your kids are going to war Bo Right right and I think that's where It's gotten a little bit sloppy where Perhaps there's a a little more of a Business angling to it than just uh than Just policy yeah I I I don't I don't Know if uh uh I don't know what Tucker's Going to be doing with TCN I I don't I Don't know I don't know if the um I Don't know either but it's calling it a Network it's on the right I mean it's I I I again I don't know what that brand Is going to be and I don't know what They're going to be he signed anyone yet He's he's raised 15 million bucks and he By the way everybody and anybody isn't Talks with them who wants to be a talent Who wants to take their talent somewhere They're going to have the conversation With what what Tucker is doing by the Way I will say one thing that I Completely agree with you on related to This is that watching people sort Themselves out now when you get the People who can actually explain what Their ideas are and understand history And do it honestly and that's a very Hard part of the the pundit class Because everyone's got their own

Pressures and why they do things and Some people want to fight with pundits More which is exactly why I just laid Out my can this thing the way it is I'm I'm past that point in my life and Career I don't want to do that um but The Sorting of ideas when you can really Like you have a good sense of what Tucker believes you have a good sense of What Ben believes you have a good sense Of what I believe and what these guys Believe that is good that is really good So the fact that that has been uh has Been illuminated to us a little bit more Over the past few months I think is Quite good doesn't mean that all the Other pressures related to business and Clicks and everything else don't exist But I think knowing what people think a Little bit more is way better for sure And and and you know great that that Gets you to say no yes absolutely maybe Sometime Absolutely not you get to pick and Choose and go through the people that Way that's the marketplace I would also Say related to the unfortunately related To Israel because it brings up a lot of Old hatreds and Jews do tend to be a Little more sensitive to you know say uh Genocide than perhaps other groups um That watching a lot of the pundit class Just pontificate on a bunch of things That they have no idea about and I'm not

Calling anyone out specifically here but And yeah this you see on mainstream who Have no idea of the history no idea of The British Mandate of Palestine a Country called Palestine never existed With a people known as Palestinians who Lived in it and if you look at the Palestinian national soccer team from The 1930s it was all Jews and the Palestine post which is now the Jerusalem Post was the Jewish newspaper And the Arabs used to boycott Palestine Because that's where the Jews lived like They have everything so backwards Unfortunately that uh that it gets Harder and harder in a time of Algorithms for people to tell the truth I'll wrap I'll wrap it up and move to The next story Tom did you want to say Something no can Echo Dave go look up at Your history it was massive Jordanian um Immigration of people who then Identified themselves as Palestinians Well there is a partite in the Middle East it's in Jordan and Lebanon do you Know that in Lebanon you can Google this Right now there are 30 some odd jobs That Palestinians cannot have in Lebanon There's no job as an Arab in Israel that You can't have Jordan is run by the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan and they Have about 60% Palestinians who do not Have equal rights as the rest of their Citizens so a lot of this is just it's

Just confusion and then I think it's Attached now to the fact that Jews are a Little sensitive to being exterminated 75 years after the Hol I I'll say this And we'll move on to the next story uh The one thing that has happened in the Last uh uh six months is the likes of Candice whose show and eyeballs it's Like almost every week's just trending Yeah every single weekend this is Trending it's not easy to do by the way This is a woman that just had her third Kid and you know doing the show and Having the family and all this other Stuff and it's like her husband you got To go and travel back and visit family There and you got to come back here and You got to do this and you got to do That her shows uh uh exploded uh Tucker Has obviously been exploding but even More because he is willing to go on the Road talk to anybody he it almost seems Like he is very accessible to anybody Look he'll get on a plan and go to to Romania and then he'll go to Russia and Then he'll go over here that takes a lot Of work most people don't want to do That and he's got a family and he's got And he's got the kids and he's got this So you got to give him respect so I when I watch data and numbers how the market Reacts purely Based on data you'll see That taking place and I think both of Them uh uh the audience is saying

Whether they agree or not they want to Hear what Candace has to say they want To hear what Tucker has to say and That's very hard to consistently keep Sometimes you can be hated but you still Keep your audience sometimes you can be They need to keep your audience there's People who are loved but nobody wants to See them anymore and there are people That are hated that they no longer want To listen to those guys anymore if You're loved audience still wants to Watch you and your hated audience still Curious to come back to you you're Winning and I think those two guys are Winning so uh uh it'll be interesting to See what happens here moving forward uh I think uh Ben necessary I think Candace Necessary I think Tucker necessary I Think all these voices are necessary in A Marketplace and they keep killing it Okay I can no longer remain in today's Democratic party Tulsi gabard says she Is no longer a Democrat a potential Tulsi gabard VP where we are being told That we just have to comply and go along With whatever they say American people Uh are smarter than this however we must Remain Vigilant to recognize their Propaganda for what it is pure life Unfortunately we live in a time where Free speech is under attack whatever They say goes and we we have to just Fall and the people who suffered under

Your reign as prosecutor you owe them an Apology Taking on kamla Harris on a debate stage Before I would look forward to doing That Again so if you like this clip and you Want to watch another one click right Here and if you want to watch the entire Podcast click right Here

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