“She’s a Useful Idiot!” – Is Greta Thunberg Manipulated By Big Media?

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Charlie Kirk, Tom Ellsworth and Adam Sosnick discuss whether Greta Thunberg is manipulated by big media.

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How naive is Greta but she came to the Became the face of the movement when she Was 12 years old I mean she dropped out Of Middle School to pursue this you know Not exactly an expert she just cared About the environment respect Now I think she's 18 years old right she May have single-handedly brought down Andrew Tate arguably but the you know She's no expert right I mean she's not The Doogie Howser of of climate shout Out to that show I know you watched that Back in the day but how naive is she and Everyone listens to Greta especially on The woke left but does she actually know What's really going on is she actually Understanding budgets and rois and Investments like could she possibly Understand this as much as scientists What are your thoughts on Greta so I'm Actually gonna surprise you a little and Say I I have a lot of respect to for Greta she basically listens to what Pretty much everyone tells you the world Is ending and she's at least taking the Consequence of that and saying well if This is really the end of the world we Gotta do much more than all these adults Are saying I I you know I I respect that A lot she's misinformed but it's not her Fault it's really because pretty much Everyone in the media in the main media And you know Camilla Harris as we just Heard is telling us this is an

Extensional threat unless we do Something about it we might all die I I Think it's you know respect that she Took that consequence what we should Take from that is of course not to say Oh she must be an expert she's just you Know regurgitating what she's heard we Should say maybe we shouldn't scare our Young people this much because there's No justification for scaring this much It's a problem but it's not the end of The world and there's a huge difference One makes you you give up everything and Makes you give up your school uh the Other one is one of the many challenges We need to fix in the 21st century she's Some people would say A useful idiot is what she is she's She's good to be used as a pawn to Validate more of their point and connect With younger kids students and Oftentimes adults are afraid to go after Somebody that's younger because you seem Like you come across as a bully it's a Perfect person to use and abuse Others who have opposing views it's Extremely strategic she's certainly been Used by a lot of people uh and and she Has had that sort of moral Teflon as They call it you know the she's a kid How can how dare how dare you how dare You're criticizing yeah and if you're if You're just if you're just watching Peripherally and you see that you're

Like oh my God this girl cares so much But then you see the pictures of like Where she's getting fake arrested In Germany I believe you have that Rob And that you believe that there a lot of It is is grandstanding and showcasing of Course for for clicks and eyeballs yeah This image right here so what you what You see is her being arrested and then What you don't see behind the scenes I'm Sure you can if you keep looking at the Images pops yeah she's actually really Talking to them basically selfies she Looks like she literally look she's not An expert this this girl unfortunately Is being used and her shelf life is Happening you know what you know what I Want to do something I want to do Something can you do me a favor and play This video I saw this video so check This out this video uh Rob you're Allowed to use your voice buddy you're Doing sign language watch this year Watch this here you just got to see this It's phenomenal okay watch if you know It don't say anything Tom it ruined the Joker stuff just kind of watch it have You ever seen this or no that's what I Have not seen this can human beings be Programmed watch this go ahead watch This Despite what you might be thinking These two circles are not equal I repeat These two circles are not equal one is

In fact larger than the other which one Do you think what I need you to do is Determine which one that is so please Raise your hand if you leave the blue Circle is larger than the red they look Exactly the same blue looks maybe a Little bit all right please raise your Hand if you believe the red circle is Larger than the blue All right very good now before I said Anything about these two circles what Was your first instinct Equal right because they look equal the Reason why they look equal is because in Fact they are equal these two circles Are identical yet I got just about every One of you to raise your hand and say That they're not So what do we learn That you can be manipulated like that to Believe in something that goes against Your Natural Instincts just just imagine Just imagine as a child you're taught That the blue circle is larger than the Red if you say it enough times you Convince yourself that's the truth If you're told to lie enough times it Becomes part of your reality wow and if Enough people are taught that lie that The blue circle is larger than the red Well now it becomes part of the culture And if that culture then passes that Misinformation along to the Next Generation Well now it becomes tradition

Oh my God What do you think about this when you See this what's your reaction how much Truth is there with with the credibility Of how they're using this to get people Say no it's real it's real it's real let Me say oh maybe it is real yeah let me Buy into it right that's totally real We've seen things generationally in the United States that were started by one Political party that were adopted by Another and then his and now you look Back in history wait that's not the way It is this political party said this When it started I can look at history But we've gone through generations where It's been appropriated the other way It's uh it's all over the place this Pretty much describes our educational System by the way bingo This is our educational system for the Most I gotta sit there and listen to This programming of my kids and they're Going to come down and tell Daddy hey Daddy the red circle is bigger than the Blue Dilly it's not no it is because my Teacher said so your teacher is also Brainwashed okay uh uh but I don't care How many times you show me that video That blue circle is what you're Convincing you think the blue is bigger Than the red we all know you think the Blue is bigger than the red but I think They are genuinely equal and they both

Have a voice in America and I'm talking About those two sir yeah no but but There's credibility behind the fact that All of us fell for this now by the way None of us are like above this nobody Can be like well let me tell you because Of my IQ score when I went to men's you're also part of this we're All victims of this to some point okay At some point you fell for this okay if You fell for Russia you're part of the Circle problem if you fell for the Russia collusion if you fell for the Covet you're also part of the problem Everybody was convinced it's only one Way or the highway there was no need for Debate there was no need for com for Discussion what was that one story you Told about the teacher she came into the Class and she basically said hey guys I Want to tell you kids that if you have Blue eyes you're smarter than anyone With brown eyes yes and then all the Blue-eyed kids are like yeah we're Smarter than you and then the teacher Came back the next day she goes actually I had my facts incorrect it's actually The brown eyed students that are smarter Than the blue and all the brown-eyed Kids and then she came back the third Day and she's like totally kidding you Guys are all completely equal but it's Just sort of proving your point like if You can fall for a narrative and you

Know you're gullible and you don't Question things white people are racist maybe they're gonna believe they're Racist and I've wasted all my money Giving to the protesters on behalf of The marginalized red circle because it Was the same size the whole time and We've been marching in the streets damn It we're equal yeah how much of the Problem is this Bjorn well I think There's certainly part of this uh that We're that we're easily manipulated on Many of these things because we don't Have a good connection to most people Don't have any good intuition about what Is global warming if you think back uh On acid rain do you remember acid rain In the 1980s uh this idea that air Pollution would actually kill off the Forests it was huge in Germany and I'm More familiar with the Purple Rain That's Prince that has known as things In Germany uh a majority of people Actually believe that acid rain would Lead to uh there'd be no forest in Germany in the year 2000 which of course Was entirely true untrue and we've had Many of these kinds of uh conversations Now all of them have partly they're Partly true But they are also massively exaggerated So I would tend to say this is much more A question of of there being so much Interest in pushing a story because it

Makes for policy makers get to save your Your life you know we get to save you uh It means that you get to spend a lot of Money and it means that you get to Control the conversation for a decade or So so I get why this happens and and and I think in our sort of excitement of Getting rid of this we shouldn't forget There are real problems out there but we Should just have a sort of sense of What's the right level of concern and we Have no good sense in that and I think Pat brought up a very good point at the Very beginning this conversation about Like where gen Z Falls uh in terms of Where this is on their list of Priorities and this is at the very top Of their list and it's because a of Course you want to care about the planet Like what kind of psychopath doesn't Care about the planet I think we can all Agree we have one planet despite what Elon Musk is trying to do on Mar I'm not Moving to Mars anytime soon like we all Care about Earth but then also the age Thing is a big thing if you're 14 years Old if you're 16 years old you're 18 Even you can't vote you don't have a job You haven't been to college yet you're Not worried about Prices and home prices and mortgages and The stock market these are not concerns Of yours but the Earth you can do Something about that you can care you

Can actually tangibly do something quote Unquote to help the environment and That's why this comes the top of their List so I can completely empathize and Understand why young people treat this As such high priority but if they're Only hearing one side of the story why Would they ever know otherwise the only Reason they're hearing that is because That that they're talking about this Because that's what they're hearing Correct and that's what they're being Taught so they're going to school and The teachers are telling them this the Biggest problem so if you like this clip And you want to watch another one click Right here and if you want to watch the Entire podcast click right here [Music]

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