”She’s a Victim of Mental and Physical Abuse!”- Should We Ban Gender-Affirming Care For Youths?

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Tim Pool, Vincent Oshana and Adam Sosnick talk about whether we should ban gender affirming care for youths.

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You know so that one right that I Watched this morning and the way she Pitches it you know at six years old she Knew she was a you know he knew he was Stuck in a man's body and it was a she And then Mom and Dad supported her going Through the transition and you know and Then she takes all these pills and Everything and you see you know mermaid She swims like mermaid but it's a boy This this this this guy is now so Parents supported that anyways take it From here to where it's at today he's Not put on 100 pounds I think he weighs 240 pounds 230 pounds he responded to a Lot of comments that was said on her Channel Matt wall Shapiro bunch of other Guys what's your biggest frustration With jazz Jennings and DeSantis in Florida so the simple version is I think Jazz Jennings is the victim of severe Psychological and physical abuse from uh Her family I don't mind using you know Pronouns for someone like uh for a Transfer person I have friends who are Trans Pronto things nothing to me uh Jazz you you can't be six years old and Decide to permanently stare realize Yourself and that's what happened with Jazz Jennings Jazz will never have Children Jazz underwent puberty blockers And hormone replacement therapy which Resulted in an inability to reproduce And actually have what I would just keep

Family friendly and call adult sensation Uh the left likes respond saying how Weird that you would bring that up bro I'm not here to be shamed I don't care Um my I'm we're talking about the future Of this country and what we are Determining to be a good or bad thing So so if you watch the videos of uh well Let me slow down Jazz Jennings was three Years old and they said they thought Jazz was trans at six Jazz says Obviously you mentioned I'm trans uh I I Believe at seven years old they're Showing Jazz off and and the families Doing press and stuff like that jazz the Puberty blockers prohibit the Development the adult development of a Human being in terms of their uh sexual Characteristics which results in a bunch Of very very serious and severe Complications the the reason this uh has Become more pronounced in terms of like The reason why we're talking about it Now Several years ago when discussing the Issue of of kids and trans kids uh I Talked about how I felt Jazz would Eventually come out and be Biola and be What we would just describe as a Straight male or something that effect What happened was Jazz before the age of Puberty was saying on TV and things like That that uh she was attracted to boys After this age around 13 or 14 Jess says

I'm pansexual I'm attracted to everybody Today jazz is dating women at least According to the reports I'm unsurprised To hear that jazz is biologically male I'm not surprised that a biological Males attracted to females that's 98 of Biological males so when you look at a Story like that then you go back to the Story of John money John money was a I I I don't even know what to call him He took he was a doctor who took two Children sick Name by the way this is a Horrifyingly evil man who tortured Children okay he's not a good guy not Not a good guy at all he they were they Were they were two children David Reimer Of course and I think um uh his bro David and I forgot the brother's name so They were they were twin boys uh one had A botched circumcision John money went to the family and said Gender is a social construct if we Surgically alter the baby we can raise This male as a female and they will Never know the difference and they'll Live a happy life John money then forced These young children to engage in Simulated sexual acts on each other They both ended up killing themselves When you look at a story like that you Have some concerns about uh David Reimer Eventually committed suicide at 38 it's Very sad and his brother died of an Overdose at 36. uh so maybe they weren't

Twins maybe I was wrong with it when you Look at a story like that you have Concerns about whether or not we should Surgically or medically alter children Who can't make these decisions for Themselves if a six-year-old comes to You and says they know something it Doesn't necessarily mean they do so I'm Not going to pretend to have all the Answers but now when you look at the Story of jazz Jennings where we Currently are and my issue particularly With the DeSantis Administration that Wanted to make this a fight I'm here uh Here's what happens a video emerges more Recently Jazz Jennings has become Morbidly obese severely depressed Suffering from very serious mental Issues Jazz Jennings mother says on the Show That she wakes Jazz up in the middle of The night grabs the dilator lubricates It and says if you don't stick this in Your vagina I will let me explain to you What a dilator is when someone undergoes What they refer to as bottom surgery it Creates a permanent wound that is not an Insult that is not meant to be derisive It is a it is a fact statement the wound Attempts to close trans people have to Use what's called an acrylic dilator With lubrication to force it into the Wound to make sure the wound does not Close the purpose of this wound is so

That man can penetrate it with their Penises for sexual gratification If if jazz is not engaging in this Dilation I would make the assumption That jazz is uninterested in keeping This wound open Jazz's mother is on television saying I wake her up in the middle of the night And say if you don't stick this in your Vagina I will in another clip Jazz's Mother says if she goes off to college And that thing seals up I will ring her Neck And a lot of people I got to turn a Phrase and I'm like I don't care okay if You have a child you're now an adult who Has undergone all of these surgeries and Jazz had several complications very Serious complications where because of The puberty blockers sexual Characteristics do not develop you can Then not perform an actual what they Would call a penile inversion Vaginoplasty to to create a wound for The purpose of sexual gratification of Like if if a trans person wants to have Sex right you can't do it I look at this and say okay look I don't I don't know where we draw the line on Whether or not Jazz as an autonomous Adult is going to say they're satisfied With their life and we should stop there I simply put it this way If I'm in my apartment and I hear a man

And woman yelling and I hear pounding And yelling I mean you might want to Investigate you know you hear a woman Screaming like ah you might want to call The police I'm not saying you do every Single time you don't know what's going On but I kind of I I'm kind of concerned About if you hear muffled screaming of a Woman and a man yelling at her and then Banging and you go I'm sure there's two Sides to this I'm gonna mind my own Business Ah that's not me that's not my Moral framework my moral framework is Either I go knock on the door and ask Them if everything's all right or I just Call the police and say look sounds like This guy might be battering this woman Cop might show up and they were like Playing a game of Twister or something And she's playing a race car game who Knows who knows when you have a video Where the mother says to Jazz and this Is part of the viral video that came out You are Your Own Worst Enemy Jess says I'm depressed I don't feel like myself I Keep going negative the mother says I Know you are Your Own Worst Enemy I'm Like that sounds like psychological Abuse in and of itself not that much When you then have a video of the mother Saying if you don't stick this in I will Do it well that sounds like a threat of Physical Force against a person who is Rejecting this this Medical Practice

You're imposing on them if you then say If she does not I will ring her neck you Combine those things and I'm like I Think this woman is severely brutalizing This this individual does that not Warrant The Descent Administration to humbly Knock on the door and say is everything Okay can we speak with you privately it May be in the it may be ultimately that Jazz Jennings says this is fine you're Belonging out of proportion does this Not warrant The Descent Administration To say hey TLC we'd like to see the Footage that you have because you've Been documenting this family for a Decade because we're concerned about Potential abuse that's going on instead What happens is when I tweet this video And said where's Ron DeSantis this is All happening in Florida I get a Response from Christina Pusha and Jeremy Redfern that the Press people for uh DeSantis Rhonda Santos doesn't have a Time machine he can't go back five years And prevent this from happening and then They turn it into this how dare you Criticize Ron DeSantis you're a grifter Who wants click bait and I said okay you Know what here's where I'm at I'm sorry Christina and Jeremy and the Distance Administration I had no idea if Um if in Florida a person can go on Television and say that they're going to

Force a dilator into a wound of of their Child and if they don't do it they're Going to ring their neck if that is Legal and acceptable in Florida I am sorry I made the mistake of Thinking there should be some kind of Inquiry into whether or not that could Be abuse well my question for you guys I Suppose is play the video and then ask Me if you think this warrants A simple question being asked with a Knock on the door With her I'm worried about like her Mental Well-being and her dilation and then she Leaves my house we have a dilation Problem that is a concern we don't have That watchful eye they tend to go back To Old patterns I have woken Jazz out of A dead sleep and taken the dilator and Put the lubrication on it and said here You take this and you put it in your Vagina if not I will but jazz is bad Even when I'm home once a day how old is Yes Okay it goes away in college and that Thing seals up I bring her neck can you Imagine what a demon now what do you Imagine Jazz what show is this on what Channel is this on it's TLC it's called I think it's called IMG I got a few Questions uh legally questions I'm gonna Ask okay I know you're going hardcore at The santis with this and he's got a

Million things he's dealing with and he I didn't even know I said where's Rhonda San Jose I get that let me just kind of Give you my side and and trust me if You're on if you watch our podcast some People would say we're not a DeSantis Podcast because I challenge uh hardcore Marketing book launch anyways I'm not Going to go there all I'm saying to you Is so number one TLC has a legal team Okay before TLC thinks this is okay to Put up their lawyers have to say no we Can't put this or else it's going to be A lawsuit okay so every every media at That size is gonna have something like This like when you publish a book you've Done this before where you know the Salmon and Schuster Loyals will come in And say yeah this story you have you Have to use a different name you can use This person's name because it's going to Be a lawsuit we wouldn't have nothing to Do with it okay great so you can go Independently you know launch it or you Can go through them but their lawyers is Going to have that call with you so Check I don't know what TLC did their Responsibility number two If jazz is 22 and uh she is defending in That one reaction video she made she Says my mom's the best mom in the world No she didn't do anything wrong I'm not Regretting any of my decisions right now She did the right thing because I'm so

Glad she did that I'm just a depressed Person I'm just going through hard times In my life I've always been like this And so she defends that so that kind of Is if you're saying the person next door That you go to husband and wife it's you Know to the loud you know what's going On I want to go defend and then she said We're just having rough sex and that's We do that every night so unless move Your apartment to a different place or You can hear this every now because this Is how we have sex and we're over here Happy about it so what do you say now Okay you can now defend it so if the Daughter who's now 22 an adult is saying This that's not something that you know They can do anything with you know if It's a kid to me the concern is five Years ago if it's 22 that's why they're Saying five years ago because she was 17. yeah at that time you're 100 right I Don't under my problem isn't with TLC my Problem is the 11 years ago ABC she Showing it with the verbiage that They're using making it seem like this Is okay and then now this person's being Turned into a hero as a mother and other People are watching this and you're Hearing stories about how Dwyane Wade to Defend the santis if there's anything That you're getting with people that Have trans kids the scientist is running Florida okay Dwyane Wade comes out and

Is being interviewed I don't know if you Saw this one or not just recently he Says well you know I just you know as Much as I love Florida and you know we Love the no taxes and a lot of great Things over there we have a lot of great Uh friends I just didn't feel safe for my child and All this other stuff and now we're going To move in they're living in LA right Now because he's doing a whole Hollywood Thing himself Gabrielle all that stuff Great that's a choice that he made but That to me would be the ultimate example Of what a gr what a job DeSantis is Doing with the state of Florida that is Forcing people like this to say like Where does Jazz Jennings live right now Are they living in Florida Broward Virtual school by the way is 15 minutes Away in Coconut Creek and and you go There right now and the mother is good And the mother and the whole family Lives here that's where they're at I Believe yeah yeah okay yeah so so for Them go ahead oh no I I I want to you Can finish I'm sorry yeah TLC The Lawyers the age where she's at today the Santa's five years ago I mean let me let Me let me give you a hypothetical if uh If you saw a video of a father I'm an adult man says every day I wake Up my daughter and I grab the penetrator And say you stick this in your vagina or

I'll do it would you arrest would you Would you go and be like okay hold on There a minute like let's let's let's go Have a conversation with this family I I Would contact that Media company to say What makes you think this is normal for You to play well and and I would I would Want to uh I would want to investigate The parents that are doing that at the Time uh yes knock on the door knock on The door is everything okay here I mean That that sounded kind of like what's The context of writer now I understand The response is the dilation is a Medical practice that jazz must right Must do but if Jazz isn't doing it does Not imply jazz is uninterested in doing It and saying you're going to ring their Neck or hold or or do it don't forget it Twisted I I understand exactly what You're saying and I'm with you I mean There's no let me address the law Enforcement thing uh victims don't Prosecute the state does uh the victim Is not necessary in the prosecution of a Crime if the police are made aware of a Crime it doesn't not matter what the Victim says if a woman is battered by Her husband and there is a witness the Police can say ma'am I understand you're Claiming it was just rough sexing do it All the time but we have witnesses Saying he was beating you in the face And they will still if they choose to

Arrest that man I don't know about that This is not a strong case the reason why It's not a strong case is because There's thousands of videos like this of Parents who have said things like this About their kids and people take it as a Joke to me this is this is uh this is Catastrophic that the mother is turned Into a hero to me that mother is a Disaster and a in a menace to society Because other mothers look at her as a As a uh what do you call it as a hero so I would say I understand your argument On some what you're saying somebody my Argument is knock on the door I didn't Say criminally charge him and and for One thing on the Twitter front I said Where is Ron DeSantis you know what Christina and Jeremy could have said hey Tim Rhonda Santos made this illegal We'll take a look at what you're talking About thank you have a nice day instead They turned it into Tim's grifter and a Liar you know Rhonda Sanchez doesn't own A time machine I don't even know about That part we have push out here before And you know I'm not here defending Push-up we last time I spoke to push-up Was the last time she was here so I Don't know whatever that time frame was Uh no but what what I'm my argument back To you is with that yeah could they have Handled in a different way sure if if You if you and I went and interviewed

Top 100 most liberal Americans who are All about this transgender community and We ask them name me the number one state Or Governor that you feel the least Safest to be able to do anything you Want to do with trans and lgbtq and Teaching kids about these types of Things at an early age I'm willing to Bet a hundred thousand dollars that a Hundred out a hundred will have floored In their top three agreed yeah yeah so So the point is that that credit goes to The guy at the top that's getting a lot Of heat for what he's doing to fight Some of these battles so if you like This clip and you want to watch another One click right here and if you want to Watch the entire podcast click right Here [Music]

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