”She’s Chugging Vodka At 9AM!” – Chelsea Handler Gets Destroyed By Adam Sosnick

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Elizabeth Pipko, Adam Sosnick and Vincent Oshana reacts to Adam Sosnick destroying Chelsea Handler.

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This is pretty wild you you text me in The middle of the night yeah and I look At this I'm like you got to be kidding Me so apparently Adam has triggered Chelsea Handler where her team made a Video edit it with Adam responding to Adam as an alpha man and you should see What she had to say uh Rob please play This clip and we'd like to get a little Bit of reaction Three men in their 40s yeah and somebody In their 20s you're easily triggered Don't watch go ahead go ahead play this 45 of working women ages 25 to 45. by 2030 will be non-married no kids single Okay so you might say well what's wrong With that okay I'll tell you what's wrong with that Nothing I usually don't do things like This but when I have to listen to men Talk like that I have no choice but to Sedate myself with drugs and alcohol Lately I've been loud and proud about my Status as a single unmarried childless Wild woman and apparently some men Cannot handle that every time I go on Instagram I stumble upon sde morons like This guy pontificating about how unhappy Women like me must be if you think that You're going to be 45 years old no kids Not married and that you're gonna Genuinely be fulfilled in life because You made money best of luck to you honey Right now best of luck to you honey that

Clip was to an Instagram account called Ovation zero you got the Zero part right Anybody that follows that account is Getting zero Pikachu I'm sorry but if The child free Joyride I'm on triggers You here's a hint if you need Daily Alpha content to remind you to be Alpha You might not be an alpha take it from An alpha and the truth is studies show That single women live longer and are You want to know why because they wake Up every day and they don't have to Listen to like you anyway I have to go Because my single unmarried ass is about To perform at my sold out comedy show I'd invite you but there are no tickets Left bye wow yeah wow so what was your First reaction when you saw that by the Way well does anything scream I'm so Happy at chugging vodka at 9am I'm so Happy with my life as I'm funneling Vodka yeah as soon as I wake up yeah so Clearly she's triggered clearly if I'm In her position right now I'm doing Everything I can to justify my life's Decisions yeah and it's it's one of Those things where don't get mad at me Chelsea Handler get mad at the facts all I was doing was reading a report from Morgan Stanley pretty credible Source They gave a report called the Shi Economy right not the economy the Shi Economy and essentially what they did Was State some facts about how modern

Day feminism has I guess empowered women To you know work get that bag make that Money that's great but what are the Ramifications of those those decisions Well the ramifications is you might end Up Like Chelsea Handler alone single no man In your life and just banging a bunch of Random dudes that you meet on hinge and Ryan Bumble and if that's what you want Out of your life follow the Chelsea Handler path but if you want to be a Beautiful feminine woman like our friend Over here today maybe you balance having A career but also understanding that you Should also be a feminine beautiful Woman last point She called herself take it from an alpha Uh no dude wants an alpha chick with Packing bde telling him what to do and I Responded on Twitter and if we could Pull that up I said maybe that's why Guys like 50 Cent uh joke and the chef Whatever I forget the Bobby Flay Basically hit it and quit it because Yeah they'll bang you out Chelsea yeah But they're not gonna wipe you up and at The end of the day I think that is the The the what a woman is looking for news Flash honey men don't want Alpha chicks With bde maybe that's why 50 Cent Bobby Flay and joyke hit it and quit it at 48 Your beauty and humor for sure have Faded you drown yourself with alcohol

And drugs to sedate your sorrow and then I took a line from Wedding Crashers now Go comatose for me baby what do you Think about this that was a lot It was Um I don't know about the hitting and Quitting it situation I'm not a guy That's possible Um I don't know I got married when I was Very young and people seemed very Unhappy about that well you're still Married I am so married I know right I Didn't say I didn't say happily [Laughter] Wow there's still an opportunity I was 23. people thought I was Absolutely bad [ __ ] most people thought I was pregnant which I was not Um I don't know I think it's weird I Think the entire world seems to be very Big on encouraging people to do things That might make them feel better about Themselves so that everyone can be Miserable together like that kind of Seems like what it is from like Middle School people are bullying me people Really don't like when anyone does Something that might make them happy or Different because they want everyone to Be miserable together you know By the way do you know her story do you Know what happened to her when she was a Kid Chelsea yeah do you know what Happened to when she was a kid so

Apparently so I was actually like Curious to know like why is this girl so You know she does not seem happy and Then you see some of her clips Happy people don't try to convince People they're happy right you know how Somebody who is uh uh what happened Adam No he's pulling up you know how somebody Is you know trying so hard to convince You that they're good or they're happy Or they're successful or they're smart There's typically a very deep insecurity Pain there's something there right so For example you ask Michael the question Who's the greatest of all time Michael Says it's unfair because there's a lot Of different guys that came before me he Never says I'm the greatest of all time You ask LeBron LeBron says what I'm the Greatest okay it's a different Perspective This girl's brother died at seven or Eight years old and a family had such a Hard time with it that apparently they Stopped you know paying attention to her And she went through that pain as a kid Of what happened there okay so you don't Become like this by accident she's gone Through numbers of therapy sessions Conan O'Brien had Iran talking about why Did you have a guy pee on you in the Middle of the ocean and you post a video There's a video that came out live about Her with uh you know sex tape and all

This stuff I really wanted to be out There this is an older tape you know It's almost like uh A person you talk to that offends you First in case you are gonna make them Feel bad to kind of you know belittle You to feel better about themselves you Can't feel like she's going through it And quite frankly here's a challenge How many followers does she have go to Her uh account Twitter how many Followers that just click on a link what Is it 7.8 million yeah 7.6 million she Gets a lot of eyeballs a lot of people Follow her she's admired by people from That space if you actually go to the Tweet that she tweeted and read the Comments under her so go to the video That she tweeted and watch the comments So it's not like she's alone here zoom In a little bit so is he wearing a suit Uh to a misogyny discussion oh man okay There you go the first one the reason I Chose to be single is because of men Like this there's an overwhelmingly Large number of men would uh what is it Maturity of what does it mean maturity Maturity of babies who think it is my Job to be the mother is it shocking I Would choose fun vacations doing stuff With friends and making money over that And then some guy responds back LOL you Let random men online dictate how you Live your life remember your interview

With uh kumani and all you could do is Focus on the facts that he's a Muslim if Uh it was strange anyways so there's a Lot of people I'm almost 49 childless Unmarried and quite happy to not have to Pick up after a jerko jerk man jerkwad Man I have my dog and cat for the Company and I have it I mean that's the World I have my dog and my cat as long As she's got a vibrator she's happy as Hell but that's the comment right there She said and the pat that comes from True Adam you guys know this when you're She was on the Chelsea Handler show Which was like successful and she was Out used to be very funny Hilarious the writers were dope Everything was on point once that window Closes then you got nothing going on You're sitting there drinking she has to Come at people like you to make herself Roll up again I'm really good friends With Joe Coy and I think that whole Going on tour with him and we were Dating and everything was just a big up Her name to get draw his audience now She's selling out places again because Of that so that's how Hollywood Works Bro she's she's not relevant now she's Relevant again nobody cares about what She does whether I generally don't care Live your life get married don't get Married I literally could care less About I don't wake up and think about

Chelsea Handler but who I do care about Are the women that I speak to we all Know I do a show sawscast that I Interview Hundreds of wide variety types of women I've had women in their 40s break down In tears crying basically saying I'm Alone my eggs are frozen I don't have a Man I used to be hot now guys don't look At me the same I was fed a crock of [ __ ] By feminism okay but taking it a step Further I also interview a ton of model Volleyball that I was just at I was just We did rolling loud we did Ultra we just Did Tortuga interview a ton of women who Are all in their early 20s in their Mid-20s and they're going down this path I don't need no man I don't like all That and to see the writing on the wall Of what the future will hold I think is What I'm most concerned about nobody Gives a [ __ ] about what Chelsea does With her life it's the fact that her Eight million followers or whoever's Going to her show are going to be fed This bull crap and I when I see women Cry break down wish that they had a Better life than what they have now I Think that's the biggest problem by the Way do you have that clip about her day In the life of a modern family we played It a couple months ago a month ago I Don't want to play it again we played it It's pretty that to me is cringe is

Indicative of what's going on she wakes Up at six a.m she says she takes an Edible masturbates goes back to bed at Noon then she flies to Paris and she Meets a random dude on Raya bangs him Then you know just lives her life then She basically puts on a VR set of Goggles goes into the metaphor she's not A real person yeah she's she's she does This stuff For to capitalize on an audience to make Money the problem is if you're if you're A gal who's just an accountant and You're focused on your career and you're 43 and you follow Chelsea yeah nobody Cares about you you just you go home to Your dog your cat your vibrator and That's your life and you know when this Is gonna catch up on her when she's in Her let's say 70s 80s hopefully she Lives that long and she's not feeling Well there's shit's going downhill no Kids are going to be there no husband's Gonna be there to help her who are you Going to go to he's gonna just have help That you pay for when you want somebody That loves you and is genuinely caring For you to be there to help you because That what if she's she's almost 50. She's four it ain't y'all it's happening She's 49. yeah because vodka that's what Vodka does that's exactly well you know This goes back to a deeper issue Remember the Wall Street Journal uh

Story we talked about the decline in American values yeah right yeah about Not wanting kids not wanting families And I I kind of I think it's important For you to respond to this so somebody Said okay Adam so you're saying she's This she's in her 40s is that she has no Kids she has no this you're in your 40s You're not married you have no kids why Can you judge her but people cannot Judge you that was a question I was Asked I think it's a very good question For you to respond I think that's a I Get that question all the time are you Basically saying that men and women are The same I think it takes uh a while it Takes years for a man to mature to reach His status you know they say that men Are success objects and women are Beauty Objects by the time you're 40 Chelsea Your beauty has faded no have you ever Seen the sexual market value chart men Are judged on their resources their Money their age their income their game Their personality there's a whole host Of things that men are judged on okay Women eighty percent of the chart is Their beauty yeah news flash guys like Pretty women all right you're a model Congratulations like you wouldn't be Modeling if guys found you unattractive The that's what men are judged on and I Speak to so many young guys out there That are 19 20 25 they haven't hit their

Mark yet women aren't paying attention To them they have no money they have no Game they have nothing I'm like dude it Takes time to marinate women reach their Success on the front end okay I know Plenty of girls in Miami that are 21 25 Who basically get invited on Yachts Billionaires Yachts just because they're Pretty I'm sure you've been there you're On Palm Beach you get it no dudes are Getting invited on Yachts you need to Work your ass off to buy the [ __ ] Yacht okay so men and women are not the Same and the difference is my Outlook my Perspective I'm not that dude being like I'm single bro all I do is Smash and That's what I want to do the rest of my Life it's like no I've had my fun I've Done it all I've made money I've made Connections now I'm actually looking for The next phase of life so no the two are Not the same at 43 now I'm at my Peak Money financial status my work and now I Have what is known as options Chelsea is Completely out of art are you are you Saying are you saying she's your type is That kind of weird I could maybe 20 Years ago you like her and is it like do We need to say Chelsea if you're Watching this I would love to have a Conversation with you it's free it would Be great for you the chance of me wifing Up a 48 year old has been Chelsea Handler is non-existent if she has a

Younger 24 year old sister holler okay All right so any comments from your end Or can we skip to the next story no we Should skip Let's Get Serious we have to Put that out one thing here I love women I hang out with women my Best friends are women like other than My actual guy friends my co-host and my Show female I love women I get along With women I'm friends with women this Is not misogyny okay it's I want to see The best for women and I don't think Chelsea Handler's outcome is the best For women okay good get it off your Chest that's it you sound a little like Donald Trump So if you like this clip and you want to Watch another one click right here and If you want to watch the entire podcast Click right here [Music]

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