“She’s For Sale” – MSNBC’s Ronna McDaniel Flip Flops On Trump Winning 2020 Election

Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana discuss MSNBC hiring former RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Rona McDaniel joins NBC after pressure Campaign from Trump to resign from the RNC Rob do you have the video of him H Saying that I was asked to leave the RNC See if you have the video if you don't Have it it's not hard to find it's on Twitter so former RNC chairwoman R McDaniel joins NBC news as an onair Contributor with her debut schedule for Meet the Press this Sunday making her First interview stepping down from the RNC uh as reported by The Hollywood Reporter okay anyway she's there to give Insider perspective and while this is Going on they were not too happy about It okay MSNBC doesn't plan to put xrn C Chair Ronald McDaniel on the network so Now they're going back in forth cuz That's a story the day NE the day later And then by the way I think that's the One right there that you had I think That's the one right there can you zoom In to see what the day is March the uh Zoom in and that's exactly the one for Why not speak out earlier so yeah that's One can you play that clip real quick so That's her on Meet the Press I think a Couple days ago right well let's talk About the election now Donald Trump says One of his first acts if he is reelected To a second term would be quote to free Those charged and convicted of crimes Related to January 6th do you support

That I want to be very clear the Violence that happened on January 6 is Unacceptable it doesn't represent our Country it's certainly does not Represent my party we should not be Attacking the capital we should not be Having violence I said it that day I put A statement out that day that this is Not acceptable if you attacked our Capital and you have been have you and You've been convicted then that should Stay so then but to the question though Do you disagree with Trump saying he's Going to free those who've been charged I do not think people who committed Violent acts on January 6 should be Freed so you disagree with that he's Been saying that for months why not Speak out earlier why just speak out About that now when you're the RNC chair You you kind of take one for the whole Team right now I get to be a little bit More myself right this is what I believe I don't think violence should be in our Political discourse Republican or Democrat and I disagree with that I Agree with him on a whole host of other Things let's close the border let's make Sure we have good incomes for people Let's make sure we do a lot of great Things but on that point I don't think We should be freeing people who Violently attacked Capitol Hill police Officers and and and attacked the

Capital and and by the way do you have The clip of her saying you know that Biden wanted fair and square you know Because there's another clip with her This this interview continues with here Saying a bunch of different things and Then truck Todd loses his mind and then We'll go to that one almost comes watch This one here folks watch this one here Stop you because you did say you just Said Joe Biden's a legitimately elected President this is the first time you Have said this I have said it many this Is this is what you said a year ago to Chris Wallace I want to play you what You said are you saying as the chair of The Republican party that you still have Questions as to whether or not Joe Biden Was the duly elected President Joe Biden's the president no I didn't ask You whether he the president I don't Think that I think there he won the Election I think there were lots of Problems with 2020 ultimately he won the Election But ultimately he won the Election but there were lots of problems With the 2020 election 100% And that's Fair but I don't think he won it fair I Don't I I'm not going to say that he Didn't weird he didn't wait guys I can't Hear go back I want to see what saying Go back want it fair at that point can You say as you sit here today did Joe Biden win the election fair and square

He won he's the legitimate pres fair and Square he won it's certified it's so you Know when you do that when you do that When you do that here's what happens When you do something like that uh you Know how much it cost for her to say That you know what her salary is with NBC can you pull up what her salary is Well she just sign like she actually Sign what they're offering her I mean Obviously the number is give or take for $300,000 Ron McDaniel will flip for you Wow and change her opinion that's all She's being paid that's all she's being Paid for $300,000 you know what she needs to Watch she needs to watch the movie A Scent of a Woman mhm and she needs to go Watch the speech all the way at the end Okay and and hear what Colonel what's His name Colonel Frank Frank what what He says at the end and see what the Other kids or the son of the other guy What he was uh you know you could buy Him off and all this stuff and the School you can buy him off but you Couldn't buy out but not a be man when He goes yeah he goes but Charlie wasn't Selling Wasing he go he was off George Sitting in Big Daddy's pocket that's Right but guess who was selling Rona McDaniel was for sale $300,000 and You're you're saying it with a straight Look on your face that there wasn't so

So let me ask you this question that Whole story of New York Post that was Going viral with Hunter Biden that Twitter files came up and revealed based On what taibe and Barry Weiss wrote with Elon Musk and releasing all of that Stuff and saying that yeah they were in Communication with the FBI and everybody Don't release that you don't think that Would have flipped the vote you know how Many people said they would have voted In a different way you don't think now She may if you want to categorize and Isolate each issue and say look was There voter mailing drop all that stuff Okay maybe isolate that okay you can say Yes or nobe you can sit them but to say There was none with Twitter after the Files came out and after 50 intelligence Agents agents coming out and saying There is 100% nothing going on with that Laptop and they fooled America into Voting for that guy you can sit there With a straight look on your face and Say no you lost credibility and by the Way just so you know Ron McDaniel just So you know this so not only did you Lose uh you had some but now you lost Credit ibility with the party that you Were the chair woman for but guess what They're thinking about you at NBC that You flip again if Fox gives you $500,000 You go throw NBC under the bus your First sale is what it is can you play

How Chuck Todd reacts to this Rob if you Don't mind go go play the Chuck do clip And see what his reaction was for this Play this clip here watch this folks Dive Right In what were your takeaways Look let me deal with the elephant in The room yeah I think our bosses owe you An apology wow for putting you in this Situation because I don't know what to Believe she is now a paid contributor by NBC news so I have no idea whether any Answer she gave to you was because she Didn't want to mess up her Contract um she wants us to believe that She was speaking for the RNC when the RNC was paying for it so she has she has Credibility issues that she still has to Deal with yeah is she speaking for Herself or is she speaking on behalf of Who's paying her but once at the RNC she Did say that hey I'm speaking for for The party I get that that's part of the Job so what about here I I will say this I think your interview uh did a good job Of exposing I think many of the Contradictions and look there's a reason Why there's a lot of journalists at NBC News uncomfortable with this because Many of our professional dealings with The RNC over the last six years have Been met with gaslighting have been met With character assassination so it is You know you can pause you just cross Theine with character assassination you

Guys are like he's talking by the way Like what a what aill but by the way by He makes a good point no he does make a Good point like not to trust her oh yeah 100% because well first of all yeah but Ronald McDaniel this just goes to show You like what Trump has had to and go to Deal with this is the head of the RNC This is her character by the way this Doesn't happen overnight that's the type Of person that she's always been Patrick Like she's he has the deal with these People that's why when when people go oh Well Trump assigned uh Christopher Ray And FBI I'm like bro he has no freaking Choice this is the setup establishment You know what VI's marketing team needs To do VI's marketing team needs to cut The clip from the part where he says Come on up here and apologize to the Entire Republican party K McDaniel I'll Give you my time and then they need to Cut small clips of that 15 seconds of What she just said about Insurrection About what she just said about the Election about what she just said that There was everything needs to be cut and Then goes back with that laughing ah Laughing the fact that he was right Because all of this validates that this Guy when he had this moment can you play This clip Rob the brass he had when he Did this go ahead and play this CLI we Were there for this one of course

President I think there's something Deeper going on in the Republican party Here and I am upset about what happened Last night we've become a party of Losers at the end of the day was a Cancer in the Republican establishment And speak the truth I mean since Ron McDaniel took over as chairwoman of the RNC in 2017 we have lost 2018 2020 2022 No red wave that never came we got Trounced last night in 2023 and I think That we have to have accountability in Our party for that matter Ron if you Want to come on stage tonight you want To look the GOP voters in the eye and Tell them you resign I will turn over my Yield my time to you and frankly look The people there cheering for losing in The Republican Party think about who's Moderating this debate this should be Tucker Carlson Joe Rogan and Elon Musk We'd have 10 times the viewership asking Questions that GOP Primary voters Actually care about and bringing more People into our party you think the Democrats in the back you think the Democrats would actually hire Greg Gutfeld to host a democratic debate they Wouldn't do it and so the fact of the Matters I mean Christ I'm going to use This time because this is actually about You and the media and the corrupt media Establishment ask you the Trump Russia Collusion hoax that you pushed on this

Network for years was that real or was That Hillary Clinton made up information Smile answer the question Go they don't show up She's Frozen so so so the reason the Reason why this is important is because More of these things that happen right Now you know how the college football Season ends and a team loses the BCS Championship bowl or whatever it is or NBA championship somebody loses or MLB But the team that loses has number one Highest odds of winning the following Year right for many different reasons Right now VI has to be at the top of the List for 2028 okay there are so many Ways to sell VI's story for 2028 so many Things he did that if there was not a Trump in 2024 he would have had all of Those Trump magga voters been on his Side okay if there was no Trump now Obviously there's a person that's in his Way which is who the man that you know Created this America first concept and The magga and all the stuff that's given Inspired Viv to become without a trump Maybe there's not a VI being inspired MH But all I'm saying is 2028 he's a number One draft pick right now for Presidential candidate for 2028 and he's Validating every time R McDaniel does What she does with NBC this just Validates all those points that he made Tom so there's two things going on here

The first thing is let's let's step away From the fog for a minute and look at it The ve was right Ron McDaniel did a bad Job leading the party you're supposed to Lead on strategy pulling people together You're supposed to lead on fundraising Pulling people together and you're Supposed to win when there's an Opportunity to win she was not up Against Obama she was not up against Bill Clinton she lost and so she did a Bad job at her job and guess what Accountability she should be fired Resign leave you know CEO gets package Whatever it is she should leave part one Part two in politics you always walk Down the street to New York and you do One of two things you go to a publisher And you get a book deal or you go and You become a pundit look at the look at Um saki she got her show all these People there's there is a there's a path You don't have to go hacking Through the Jungle there's a well-worn path to go to New York and get your book deal or get On on media and now she goes on media And NBC now let's think about it why did The bosses at NBC put her on the media CU that's what they're supposed to do They're supposed to see if they can Bring voters so they're like hey you Know she's conservative way over here on The left backstory ad rates down Viewership down n BC News MSNBC news

Ratings suck suck k suck so the bosses Are trying to do something next Innovative campaign to see if maybe they Could bring somebody on that'll bring Some lightning bring some viewership Instead they had what's called organ Rejection Pat can tell you if you hire The wrong person into the wrong culture Into your organization you're it's Catastrophic and your organization Despite what you say I'm hiring this new Uh VP of sales and he's coming in here She's coming in here we're going to take Him if the organization is a wrong C It's like organ rejection they are going To reject and that person will certain Be gone and that's what's happened here Because NBC is the journalist and I Can't believe Chuck Todd uses that word He should go look it up to the Dictionary used by Walter kronite he's Wrong you are shills you are Talking Heads you are telegenic people with a Producer in your ear Chuck let's talk About what it really is and they're out There it's organ rejection they're like Hey oh my gosh one of the enemy is here Now they're bringing up good points she Is for sale flipping back and forth but The NBC bosses went to do what they Always do bring somebody in who's Available can you bring viewers can you Do something from the other side but she Did a bad job she was fired and she's

For sale I mean that that's what this But but but but they've been losing Nailed this they've been losing since She when when did she become chair of The RNC how long has she been in there8 So think about it losing losing 2020 Losing like bro it's almost if they they Put her ass in there on purpose cuz this Is her character then she flips now what Do you mean no they didn't put her there On purpose here's what's going on you Think there's loyalty in any like you so Because Adam you believe in this party I Don't believe in I believe in the yaa Party and they're all on the same team It's wrestling I don't I'm not one of Those Red Wave Blue Wave they are all on The same team they all make us the Illusion of oh my God they're fighting For us it's all [ __ ] she's she's Exactly what the swamp is it's Rama McDaniel 1,00% here what's going on Which they the the Democrat the other Side what I'm saying is you think the Democrats put R McDaniel as the chair of The RNC no no I'm just saying it's Literally the exact opposite of that Hold on a second Adam since she's been In what has happened to the r the Republican National Committee I'll tell You losers they lose Vinnie can I tell You what's adad here's what's going on With Ronald McDaniel the reality today Is she is politically homeless what do I

Mean so I actually watched I watched Meet the the Press every Sunday I've Watched it forever with Chuck Todd and Now Kristen Welker is actually doing a Pretty good job she has left right she She's pretty more left more left than Right no she has tons of people on have You ever watched the show definely not At did she push all that [ __ ] agenda During Co and everything she's she's not Credible at all I'm talking about since She started the show Meet the Press a Few months ago it's actually done a good Job okay here's the reality of what's Going on here when I say she's Politically less Kristen Welker pushed Her she said she played the Trump quote Played the vet quote about losing her Response was cuz you can't def defend Losing 2018 2020 2022 and potentially 2024 you can't defend that so what did She do she gave the Dei inclusion Narrative well since I've been chairman Uh chairwoman of the RNC um despite Losing all those elections we've elected More women more people of color and she Kind of went down that route well Reality is they're not winning but why Do I say she's politically homeless it's Because the GOP as we know it the RNC as We know it no longer exists it is the Maga party and we know this who's the New chairwoman of the RNC Laura Trump a little nepes so thank

God okay but that's my point good for Him okay so what we the reality is Whether Trump wins whether Trump loses We shall see nobody has any clue what The future of the RNC or the GOP will be After Trump VC maybe we s she but we all Know Ron McDaniel's madeen name and it Is Romney yeah she's as establishment as It gets the reality is is in the RNC Whether you're Romney whether you're Cheney whether you're Pence you don't exist anymore in the Party we we played the clip of a at the Uh debate in Miami well Tom and I were There at the debate in California with Pbd as well it was completely the Opposite [ __ ] show Tom absolute [ __ ] Show arguing crazy California was low Energy poorly assembled bad so it was Such a [ __ ] show we could literally walk On stage and say hi to the candidates we Did you slapped pence in his ass I went Up to Mike Pence and I was like hey Great job VP Pence I think you're going To win this thing you got this after we Stepped on thege the stage I did a video He's like thank you thank you he's like Ron McDaniel how are you I turn around I Put the camera around Point what's your Point I'm like this guy's got no chance The point that I'm getting at is the Establishment is gone from the Republican party so she has no future if She tries to go right to the Maga route

Yeah they don't want her she tries to go Left to the Democrat liberal route they Don't want her we talked about Chuck Todd who by the way used to host Meet The Press for a decade Joe Scarboro who Has the biggest show on MSNBC mik Brazinski douche he's like I would never Have on my show condemning the hell out Of this who's her father Adam who' you Say r m McDonald R M's a she's a Ramy M Ramy and where not her father huh where Family M where's his where do that guy Stand that's her family though right Where's understand he's anti-trump he's 100% establishment so what I'm saying is She's the perfect person to put into the RNC to make the RNC lose every single Time by the way by the way you know who Falls in that category kinzinger you Know you got Walsh what's his name Joe Walsh we had him on and was actually you Know super entertaining you're a Democrat you're a Democrat he's part of Get out of here right now there's quite A few people that are part of that group That can't handle working with a guy Like Trump they just can't hand work so Immediately they go to the other side as If finding a way to get under you know The anti-establishment community skin But what you do is you're permanently Your credit score imagine your credit Score goes from 820 overnight to 450 With that Community it's done you're

Finished it's done and it's not 450 for A year and you recover and fix your Credit in 3 years your credit score Stays 450 for the rest of your life in Politics that's exactly what happened Here it's not and by the way you're Making a very good point that she Doesn't have a party today and all this Other stuff but if anybody was on the Inside that could give her feedback on Strategy this were probably the worst Move she could make but there's there's One thing um that could be a slippery Slope downside because if you're part of The Republican party now known as the Magga party Unfortunately if you don't fully Embrace That the election was stolen and you Don't fully Embrace that January 6 was Just a peaceful protest You're no longer part of the party so There needs to be a home and a big tent Within the Republican party that says Yes we might differ on some of these Things you know she had to basically Bend the knee and say that Joe Biden is The president by the way breaking news Guys he is but I think it's a little Scary and dicey that the Republican Party will now castrate or kick out Anybody that doesn't fully Embrace Election DM that's hard to do and and I Will tell you why it's hard to do this Has got nothing to do with magga anti-a

Anything like that this has got to do With do you know how to read the Twitter Files showing that a story the US Government contacted Twitter to say take The story from New York Post down the Oldest paper in America take it down It's not true and 50 intelligence Agents signed to say this is all a fraud 3 years later we find out it is and Hunter Biden says I want to do this Public because I want the world to see That you guys are full of [ __ ] and then He has the court last week guess what Seed is the only one missing with his Name tag sitting there his you have a Very hard time convincing that Community To say no that didn't affect the Flipping election after 67% whatever the Number was that came out saying I would Have voted differently if I knew that Story was right and the Intelligence Officers wouldn't have come out and said There was nothing there yeah it's kind Of hard for people that are able to Reason and think for themselves you're Fully right I'm giving you zero push Back by the way when did Elon Musk and The Twitter Files come out give me the Date on that three years October 22 okay So the point that I'm getting at is You're absolutely right zero push back Twitter files there's something Shady Going on with the New York Post however

That has nothing to do with the actual Nothing Shady the post the post Published an article and they were told To SP It my before the old man yells at this Guy oh really finish your point well Here we go again it's been 20 minutes to Get to a point I'm waiting with thirsty Ears dud can can we put Tom to bed soon Guys this has nothing to do with what Actually happened in the election in Georgia in Pennsylvania In Wisconsin in Michigan if any any any Of those court cases held any water and Won anyone any of those cases this would Be an entirely different conversation Fully agree with the Twitter thing but You lost every single cour but you can't Say that because that hold on because What he said is Actual you're you're not Adam let me Finish what he said I'm imitating Tom Right now that's fine imitating listen What he's saying is that is eting hold On hold on what he's saying with the Agencies with 81 FBI agents working Having an office at Twitter is cheating Stopping stories is cheating and for I Said that I agreed with hold on so tell Me about the court for tell about the Court cases anything if you think I'm Going to hold on if you think I'm going To trust the courts look what the hell's Happening in New York with that piece of

[ __ ] and Laticia James I don't trust any Court if they could do that [ __ ] to him Right now when people go well in the Courts one they bought and sold the Courts a long time ago I don't trust Anything about the judici what do you Mean the courts every Court in America You don't trust anything hold on hold on If zero I don't trust even in Georgia The Republican Governor I don't trust The judicial by the way way by the way Let if we take again Adam if we take it Based on what you're saying yes which is The argument to be made okay yeah so They need to prove that point but the Argument it stops at Twitter with Twitter files that's where the argument We don't even need to go to the next Step because that one story when Chris Uh what's his name Comey uh Comey is That his name Chris uh what was the Jim Comey Jim Comey Jim Comey got fired James Comey James Comey when James Comey Came out and he said what he said about Hillary Clinton's emails wow shocking Couple weeks before that yes lost Through the election okay so yes you Want to sorry sir yeah loster the Election right okay when did New York Post share the story about Hunter Biden Laptop pretty much around the same time As when it happened with come but the Difference was yes they asked Twitter to Take it down did what Comey did with

Hillary Clinton's email affect the Election You could argue yes for sure I Would argue for sure yes if Comey Doesn't do that does Hillary Clinton win I would say the percentages would Increase significant we're on the same Page Co if the New York forget about all The other counties that you're talking About if new York Post story isn't taken Down and if those lying Intelligence Officers that came out saying there's Nothing in that laptop would that have Change the election for 2020 it would Have increased Trump's odds for sure Same as Hillary Clinton same as uh uh Trump's right so even Steven is what You're saying no what I'm saying is what Comey did impacted the I was shocked That he did it to be honest with you I Was shocked that because he could have Done that November 6th right he could Have done that November 10th but he did That and by the way till today I Guarantee you deep down into turn inside Hillary Clinton is furious with the fact That he did what he did oh he should Watch his back oh he's on the hit list For sure but but all I'm saying is the Same exact way that what Comey did in Mid October hurt Hillary Clinton's Chances is the same exact way that the Government getting a hold of that Article by New York Post affected the Election to me I don't need to go

Through the next steps I'm just simply Going to stay there and see the fact That there was influence there by the Way that's the one that's the Comey one October 28th can you see when the uh Story was for New York Post Hunter Biden 2020 election what what day was that Except that's October 28 I'm actually Curious to know what exactly that day Was well you know how you say you know It's like a NBA playoffs it's 32 and all That so ultimately with interference It's 1-1 Comey affected the outcome for Clint no no no no no no no no no no no No wait wait now now you got to be Careful what you're doing here because Because one was doing his job Comey did his job and actually said what Happened love him or hate him guess what Even the folks who voted for Trump if Comey doesn't do that Hillary Clinton Would have been your president so as Much as you guys give Comey hate if he Would have waited 10 days Hillary Clinton would have been a two-term President just so you know that very High likely that happens right so he did His job but on the other side that's Called fraud cheating that's called Election interference for the US Government agencies to contact Twitter In an email saying take this story down And then 50 Intelligence Officers Signing their name permanently those

Guys as the last name is in disgrace to Have a lie like that that you affected What happened and you destroyed the Country being divided the way that you Did because you played games Comey love Him or hate him he did his job the other Ones manipulative deceptive and they Caused the election to flip that's the Argument I'm not going to the court the Court stuff great it is what it is I'm Straight there my for me the buck stops Right there if we know that happened and You agreed that that was gamesmanship And manipulation and you've read the Twitter files the rest of it is Irrelevant to me that's where I stand With that but anyways go ahead I'll give You a final thoughts before we move on From the story I'm with you guys on the Twitter stuff ugly sloppy disgusting but Here's what I can guarantee on November 5th what's the when's the last time we Had a blowout election in the United States blowout out Carter as long as We've pretty much been as long as we've Pretty much been alive Tom you were Already probably 2530 at that at that Time there's only been close elections Only I mean I was an intern at Tallahasse capital in 2000 during the Closest election of our Lifetime whatever party doesn't win big I guarantee you this time around Trump For sure like what are the chances if

Trump loses actually loses he says yeah I lost fair and square I'm out of here Guys zero so get ready for a rigged Stolen election well with the well with If the polls and everything is happening Right now it'd be like how are people The polls are in his favor so if it Happened right now and Biden has one of Those overnight [ __ ] jumps then guess What there's something fishy going on Adam this mail and ballot stay home [ __ ] covid like it's in your fa like They're they're not even hiding anymore And going back to his point there's a Difference between getting caught and Then actually cheating somebody's doing Their job let me ask you one question Vinnie yeah um let's just say 49 states In this hypothetical World um there's act let let just let's Just dream for a second okay there's Actually no cheating no cheating there's No cheating okay it's a secure election All the votes are counted there's no Shady stuff overnight nothing Shady HP Okay I'm going to dream right now go Ahead I'll close my eyes and Trump Actually loses yes does Maga you yeah Actually say that Joe Biden won the Election if we're in if we're in a dream And B believ land of course Adam cuz cuz We're Dreaming but I don't dream I'm Awake and in reality Adam they have been Cheating since he mentioned out of his

Mouth I want to run for president There's no more there's no hold on There's no more Russia this it's out in Front of your face so and now the people Are finally you guys are finally waking Up not the cool people the the the dumb Sheep are finally waking up and it's Getting worse and it's getting worse and He's getting more more popular so if it Does come down to an Adam and something Crazy happens where they keep us from Voting you know mean if you ever watch House of Cards some crazy terrorist Attack happened to keep everybody then Guess what it is but if we were dreaming At him I mean you were on a cloud and I'd be like yeah 100% okay so let's just Go for reality in a second well now We're coming back to real life would you Accept a fair and free election if Joe Biden wins let me period right right Now let me let me stop stop stop we have Plenty of stories to get into and and And we're not doing this let me simplify Question for you do you believe an ID Should be required to vote um I'm on the Side of yes then they will we will never Know if the election is going to be real Or not because if out of 16 out of 50 States in America no V voter ID is Required that's 220 22 how's that electoral votes how's that Legal okay let me let me let me just say This here because what you're asking is

Impossible 16 states in America require Zero ID to vote and that's 212 electoral Votes great point then non photo ID Required meaning you can bring your an ID without your picture on on it that is 11 out of 50 states that's 69 electoral Votes it's over with that that's 281 out Of 538 so your scenario does not exist Because you and I agree that there needs To be an ID to vote there is a monopoly If you can't even ask a logical question On these states 16 out of 50 states that You go to that you don't need an ID to Vote do you think you need an Ida to go Through TSA Pre do you think you need an ID to go through TSA do you think you Need an ID to get on a flight do you Think you need an Ida to get into a club Do you think you need an Ida to order Liquor do you think you need an Ida when You get pulled over do you think you Need an ID yes but to vote which is a Million time bigger decision no no no we Trust you bro go ahead no I think to me First we have to fix that if right now We fixed 50 out of 50 states moving Forward we're using blockchain Technology with video you go like this And all the stuff that we already have And you your voter ID matches your voice Matches everything it goes through it Matches your eyes then I would say you Lost and you won we move forward but the Current system I think what you're

Presenting in a perfect world I would be Willing to invest my life savings in Las Vegas to say there is zero chance There's a victory zero because there's No way in the World you would actually want an idea to Be no voter ID required you would agree To have a policy like that in a state And you have a lot of common sense in This area you can actually sit there and Have common sense and say yeah it Doesn't make sense that 30 what is it 27 Out of 50 states in America don't Require a photo photo ID to vote that Makes no logical sense to you MH yes or No again I'm on the side of show your ID Show your ID when you go to a bar show Your ID when you go to cigarettes show Your ID to vote I will give you a little Cat the states that don't acquire an ID Do you think they're red or Blue red wrong they they're blue so the Blue states that are already blue that Are already voting blue they don't Require an ID so they're not flipping States now if Michigan Wisconsin Pennsylvania um Arizona Georgia didn't Require an ID I'll be like hell yeah we Got a problem here there is some issues What do you think those guys do what do You think that's a locked up like for For you have a lock up in these Communities that you're you're not Needing an ID to be done of course you

Have an advantage over your competitors You're starting day one with an Advantage there is no debate there bro The debate stops right there like if if You if you want to know what logical People who work their asses off would Like to see is to see that their votes Are being counted accordingly based on Proper verification with voter ID keep The same set of standards for everything And we're not doing that so That is where a lot of Americans sit There and question the system because if You really want you know there's I vote Every year I I believe you're supposed To vote we had certain people that say I Just don't vote and I don't I'm going to Sit this one out I think that's also Irresponsible to do so because you're Setting the bad example to other kids And other people but there's a reason There's a certain community that doesn't Believe that their vote matters is Because of this when 27 out of 50 states Don't require you to have a photo ID and In those same exact States I need an ID To drink to do all the other stuff there Is gamesmanship going back I know we Want to move on so if if it was that That the case all the states require Photo ID Trump wins do you think Trump Wins by a landslide like like the Reagan Thing I would I would trust it that's What I'm saying I would trust it if we

Had that so that is the problem that I I Want to have a system that I trust I Remember at one point in in the Insurance company I was running Tom will Remember this Tom in the you've seen me Frustrated behind closed doors with many Different things with business right There is camera there's frustration most Of the time Our job is not to reveal whatever the Frustration is my dad once told me when I him and his my him and my mom would Fight he would say never fight in front Of the kids because you know you and I Need to fight privately some people want To fight publicly about real issues you Can fight about silly like stuff that We're doing right now nothing wrong with This we're having conversations and Debate which is what America needs but You have certain issues behind closed Doors stays between the two of you guys Right what's the one thing if you've Ever seen me be furious about And and Jennifer would agree with this Moral would agree with this T would Agree with this Mario would agree with This Alexis would agree with this what Do you think the one thing is uh Dishonesty and basically fraud or Manipulation okay so that's what people Do but I'm talking about internally Where we could have controlled something That was frustrating oh um self

Self-inflicted wounds meaning with data Do you remember leader bulletin back 8 Years ago whatever the time you you Should remember this vividly right Because self-inflicted wound like you You fail to audit your own report you Put out on a report and it shoots Yourself in the foot it's just so Meaning when I can't look at the leader Bulletin and it's not 99% accurate what Do you trust when you're voting you Don't right so we we invested $10 Million in a software so this goes away You're never going to get 100% but you Want 99.9% accuracy because you're Dealing with technology right and the More and more and more you increase it From 95% to 98% to 99% to 99.9 and then Sometimes there's crashes all this other Stuff that happens if we don't have a System and a software that you watch and You see who wins and who doesn't win Then a person doesn't trust that system I think whoever wins office on the Conservative side if there is something That I would like to see happen Policy-wise is in my top five is create A method of voting that more people Trust the voting system we have plenty Of technology and Concepts in other Countries being done that we can also Supply here but why are some people not Interested in that maybe because it kind Of hurts them a little bit I would like

To see that happen and if that happens Guess what nobody else can cry when they Lose nobody else can [ __ ] if they lose Not anybody from the left not anybody on The right because we trust the system That for those of you guys that watch The podcast regularly and maybe you have Hot tea like me with honey or you drink Your coffee to the coffee Community I'll Most likely join you guys in 5 years but At this point I still don't need coffee We have these new mugs and by the way This new mug that just came out is the Pbd podcast mug with future look Sprite On it so let me kind of show this to you And I'll tell you what we're running on This podcast and Kelly took care of this Let me pour this so I don't burn my I'm Taking I'm I'm acquiring one of those After this watch this here so you pour The hot water in there if it's hot o Guess what it turns into by the way While you're having this hot tea or the Drink let me see if this thing is hot it Is hot All of a sudden slowly but surely you See the color changes I see it to the Pbd podcast Colors oh that's sick and Yes you'll see the red and the blue of Pbd podcast color coming in I don't know You like one of those models on those Late night like bu QVC Back in the Day Q Your pbd QVC here's what we're doing we Got the value tment mug you have two

Different op four different options on Whichever one you want to get whether It's the gold the black the red the OG Red or the black you buy two you get the Third one for free pick and choose which One you want the Link's going to be Below the discount code's going to be Pbd mugs I believe right Rob pbd mugs Plural pbd mugs and what's the website To go to VT merch.com find the mugs Order two and you'll get the third one For free so if you like this clip and You want to watch another one click Right here and if you want to watch the Entire podcast click right Here

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