“She’s The Worlds Biggest Gold Digger” – How Great Cities Get Destroyed

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Tom Ellsworth, Adam Sosnick and Vincent Oshana explain how great cities get destroyed.

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AOC may be the biggest gold digger In all of America they're digging gold Let me go take all the money from the People that built an incredible City Like New York and see if I can destroy Them and demonize them so every time you Give this argument about it is harder to Manage a liberal City no no no don't Feel sorry for these guys let's not get Sympathetic for Nancy Pelosi on how hard Our job is San Francisco was once an Incredible City Those bridges were not built by Socialists okay that City that Incredible all over the place you go to When you look at is like I cannot even Believe a city like this exists how Beautiful it is right A capitalist a conservative build that City and then eventually a socialist Someone on the left came and destroys The city That's how Cycles work companies are Founded and built by capitalists they're Destroyed by socialist leaders within a Company that want to please everybody A company that's built at the beginning Stages of it they're built knowing They're gonna offend some people then It's destroyed by annuity that comes in That's afraid of offending the people That are not growing the company rather Than being worried about the people that Have grown the company I did a video uh

Uh yesterday with Kai and Brandon and Kelly And Mike and we're sitting here we're Kind of going through it and you know What this whole thing was about here's What the videos was about Um And right after this I want to go into This article because I don't want to do This without this and I got Max 7 call I want you to think about Adam in your Life Vinnie yes Tom Who gets the best out of you Think about the people in your life that Got the best out of you who got the best Out of you Think about names I can't give names who Got the best out of you in your life Who got the best at you can you think of Names give us some names yeah like my Mother okay my high school football high School football coach give us his first Name uh Mike okay who else got the best Out of you Tom who got the best out of You Gary and one Hill my parents who Else got the best at you powerful who Else got the best brother who else gets The best at you rob who gets the best Daddy in your life who got the best at You my father okay who else gets the Best out of you In your life friends teachers coaches Colleagues who got the co-workers yeah Co-workers who gets the best out of you

Driven bosses driven bosses who else Gets the best out of you Think about the names you're going to Place right now on who got the best at You okay Now here's the thing you ready for the Flip side This guy uh Trevor uh mawad who was the Coach mental coach for Russell Wilson He met him in 2012. Trevor my what okay When he met him he says you're going to Be great you're Mike's on Rob you're Going to be great because I'm going to Make you mentally great For 12 years this guy and him not 12 Years till he died they talked every Single day Russell Wilson said there was not a date That went by what I've been talking to This guy and he wins a Super Bowl this Guy's mental coached 12 different first Round draft picks number one picks I Think I think it's 12 or 14. it's a big Number if he can find this five key Principles he follows five key Principles he follows five key Principles he follows And he's going through all the stuff That he's developing Russell Wilson wins Russell Wilson just had his worst career Worst season of his career last year Right he's been on a downslope you know When this guy died 2021. what yeah There's five things he talks about

Number number one he talks about the uh Go neutral no matter what happens in Your life try to stay neutral stop Giving credence to feelings that's Exactly what they are they come and go Use what you have don't be like I'm not As tall as that guy I'm not gonna use What you got don't compare yourself Number four focus on reducing negativity Not increasing positivity and number Five watch your language on how you talk To each other as a teammate okay stay on Number four so remember how I asked you The question about who gets the best out Of you now watch this let me flip it on You let me flip it on you Who do you know in your life that gets The worst out of you People That somehow someway got the worst out Of you you had an idea it was a great Idea they always shut down the idea here Like I don't want to share ideas with This guy okay Who got the worse out of you who always Compared you who always said why can't You be like Mary's husband why can't you Be like such and such as boyfriend why Can't you be like such and such a son Who gets the worst Saturday same type of People no not necessarily it's different People so here's here's how life is Sometimes we think it's better to get More of the people that get the best out

Of us but what Trevor talks about The battle is to eliminate the people That get the worst at you it is more Effective to eliminate the people that Get worse out of you Then to increase the number of people That get the best out of you yet still Keep those people that get the worst at You in your life what's the moral of the Story here hey those people that get the Best out of the people in that City Built these incredible cities those People that get the worst out of people Destroy these same cities so these same Cities that started off as capitalist Conservatives found what is conservative By the way conservative means what it Just means fiscally responsible get to Work be responsible do your part Carry Your Own Way take care of your family Why are your kids doing this Adam take Care of your kids Vinnie pay your bills Man why don't you do this why don't you Do that Patrick do your thing Conservatives do your part accountable Right it's accountability that's how Great companies and great cities are are Built and destroyed by the rest so if You like this clip and you want to watch Another one click right here and if you Want to watch the entire podcast click Right here Foreign

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