Showdown with Ottawa: Alberta’s New Premier | Premier Danielle Smith | #306

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Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Premier Danielle Smith discuss the election front in Alberta, the danger of intermittent power as winter arrives, the true utility of oil, and why the press needs to hold themselves to a higher standard once again.

Danielle Smith is a Canadian columnist, talk radio personality, talk show host, and politician, originally from Calgary. There she attended the University of Calgary, earning her bachelor’s degree in English and economics. At this time, Smith became active in federal and provincial conservatism, and became the president of the campus PC Club. She also ran successfully for the board of trustees, and held the position for a year. After college, Smith became a columnist for the Calgary Herald. She would go on to succeed Charles Adler as host of the national current affair talk show, Global Sunday, as well as hosting two radio shows focused on health policy and property rights. In 2008, Smith left the PC party to much scrutiny, and joined the Wildrose Alliance. In the course of a year, across multiple elections, she had seen the party support base quadruple. In 2014, Smith once again joined the Provincial Conservative party, citing new leadership had been able to find common ground, with specific attention on economic standpoints. Due to this controversy, she was unable to win her next election, and opted instead to host the radio talk show CHQR, which she would later leave, along with Twitter, in response to egregious internet trolling. In May 2022, it was announced Smith would run for leadership of the United Conservative Party of Alberta, after the resignation of Jason Kenney. On October 6th, with 53 percent of the vote, she was sworn in as Premier.


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(0:00) Coming Up
(1:30) Intro
(3:16) Confederation of Canada
(7:26) The energy sector in Alberta, canceled futures
(11:20) Alberta forced to supplement eastern Canada’s economy
(16:30) Pushing back federally for regional success
(18:39) Simplifying the process, including the First Nations
(20:46) Breaking the ice, the coalition of the willing
(23:20) Fracking vs utopian moralizing
(26:03) Climate extremism is a waste of glue
(28:00) Greta Thunberg and the pseudo-green wave
(31:40) The worlds’ poor are facing a dangerous winter
(36:20) The true utility of oil, why we will never “phase it out”
(38:54) A more profound narrative
(41:24) We will NEVER get to one hundred percent renewable resources
(43:11) Fascism running rampant veiled as crony capitalism
(45:05) Small grid nuclear power
(47:30) On the election front, Alberta
(50:45) Energy costs drive everything, Jagmeet Singh
(55:00) The NDP, cannibalizing their own support
(59:45) The values of conservative Alberta
(1:02:09) The problem with identity, cultural battleground or distraction?
(1:05:25) LGBTQ+ and conservatism
(1:07:16) Central planning, the fundamental flaw
(1:11:55) Polls only sample the short term whim
(1:14:07) Where the conservative movement has ceded ground
(1:17:07) Polarized media results in a polarized country


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And we always forget that that our our Biggest supporters of all of our Institutions fundra funders of hospitals And wings at universities and all of our Charitable organizations are the people Who really did well through a free Enterprise and they feel like they need To give back to their community that is The full cycle of what conservatism is About and I don’t know why we don’t talk About all of that because that to me is A full vision I know part of what’s Tearing our culture apart at the moment Our battle is about identity I’m Whatever I say I am what I say I am is Whatever I feel I am moment to moment It’s it’s intrinsic to me and that’s a Really pathological narcissistic and Egocentric Viewpoint and it’s doomed to Failure the young people that I’ve been Communicating with around the world are Dying to hear a proper story about Identity and if you say to them take on Some responsibility have some Entrepreneurial daring establish a Long-term relationship get married have Children engage civically right grow up And become part of your family your Community your state your Province your Country and and dedicate yourself to a High-level religious view of the world Then you have an identity you’re Embedded in multiple layers and that Actually constitutes psychological

Stability and purpose and the Conservatives have done a very bad job Of delineating that vision for young People but if you do they’re Extraordinarily receptive [Music] Hello everyone watching and listening on YouTube and on the associated podcast I’m very Um honored today to have the new premier Of Alberta speaking with me Danielle Smith who’s quite a Firebrand from the West uh Alberta that’s Canada’s version Of Texas I suppose and it’s the province In Canada that’s blessed or cursed Depending on how you look at it with I Think the fourth largest fossil fuel Reserves in the world which that Province struggles continually to get to Market for reasons of idiocy that we’re Going to discuss in some detail in this Podcast Premier Smith is a newly uh newly Occupies the the Premiership role in Alberta and is starting to put her Government in order and to use battle I Would say with the with liberals in Ottawa and that’s partly what we’re Going to start talking about today about Uh the relationship between Alberta and The federal government uh historically And current Welcome to the conversation Premier Smith it’s it’s very good to have you

Here well Professor Peterson it’s a Delight to talk to you thanks for having Me on today so let’s talk about Trudeau And the Liberals and what you have to Offer albertans and as a as an Alternative and Canadians for that Matter I know the conservatives in Quebec are pretty interested in Alberta’s push for increased provincial Sovereignty uh so it’s not as if you’d Only be speaking for albertans when you Talk about a more distributed Balance of powers in this country United Country of ours I wonder if people know How our country is has been established Compared to others because as a Confederation there’s an app there’s a Great deal of powers that have been Given to the the provincial order or Sub-national level of government not all Not all governments are structured that Way and I think it creates a little bit Of confusion about why we have these Battles in in Canada I think because we Have an international audience I think Walking through that would be very Useful for people as a beginning of the Conversation well I might go back to an Academic Journal because as soon as I Started talking about the Alberta Sovereignty Act of course there was a Mass freak out in the Eastern media and So I went back to an academic paper that Had been written just after the Canada

U.S Free Trade Agreement had been had Been written in in 1993 and at that time They said you have to be very mindful of How you implement international trade Agreements in the Canadian context Because there is a sovereign exclusive Level of jurisdiction at the federal Level and a sovereign exclusive level of Jurisdiction at the provincial level and They use the term sovereignty Interchangeably with autonomy it wasn’t It wasn’t a provocative term back then And that is really the appropriate way Of talking about how we are supposed to Operate as a country that I have no more Right to legislate in the federal areas Of government I can’t set up military Bases I can’t go out and negotiate International trade agreements on my own I can’t sadly even manage passport Offices much as my my residence here Would probably wish I could because They’ve been managed so poorly but it’s Supposed to be a two-way street that Means that the federal government should Not be legislating or interfering in our Areas of jurisdiction either and they do It all the time they pass legislation That is unconstitutional Force us to go To court to strike it down they are Constantly reaching in to whether it’s Our Municipal level of government or our Universities or middle level management In every single Department and trying to

Get funding deals so that we end up Compromising what we want to do here in In service of Ottawa interest and at the Same time they show massive disrespect To us as a province and being able to Develop our our own resources so I can Tell you that albertans have had just About enough of this and it’s we’ve had Times in the past where we’ve had Conservative governments at the federal Level have been far more respectful of Our jurisdiction and our rights even We’ve had liberal governments in the Past that were far more respectful of Our jurisdiction and rights the past Seven years have been a catastrophe in Our relationship with the federal Government and as a result that we have To take some pretty dramatic steps in Order to save Confederation to get the Country working like it was originally Intended to work and that’s what the Sovereignty Act is about it’s telling Ottawa stay in your own lane otherwise We’re going to put up a shield and we’re Just not going to enforce any of the Laws you’re trying to impose on us that Fall in our areas of jurisdiction or That violate the charter rights and Freedoms and I’ve been delighted to see That having this conversation it was Initially sort of shocking I think for The country for Alberta to be talking This way but if you notice Saskatchewan

Recently has put forward the Saskatchewan First Act which is very Much along the lines of what we’re Proposing here so I think that we’ve Started a bit of a trend and I think it Is going to lead to a better country Better a better Confederation Right so for everyone listening Canada Has 10 provinces and three territories And the provinces as Premier Smith just Pointed out have a fair degree of Autonomy and and uh and power ceded to Them so it’s a distributed Confederation And uh Alberta is one of the uh most Economically has been one of the most Economically successful provinces in Canada for the last 30 or 40 years Primarily because of the energy industry When it’s not being cut off at the knees By the federal government and as Premier Smith pointed out there’s a constant Battle for power depending on how Centralized the federal government is Between the federal government and Canada and the provinces and that’s Really reached ahead again Over the energy issue in Alberta so What’s happened to the energy sector in Alberta since the Trudeau liberals took Power it’s it’s been devastated since 2014. and and some of that has been Technological change there was a new Type of of a development called Horizontal multi-stage tracking which

Allowed for us to open up massive oil And and gas fields and as a result the Prices ended up collapsing so that Happened just before the federal Government got elected so we were Already struggling in this province but Then as we’ve been trying to find our Feet find new markets we have been Stymied at every single step there are Multiple uh multi-billion dollar Transmission projects whether it’s an Energy East pipeline That was supposed To go to the Atlantic Coast or the Northern Gateway project that was Supposed to go to the western coast or Whether it’s even Keystone XL That was Supposed to go to the U.S Gulf Coast Every single time that we have tried to To find a way to get more of our Products to Market we have either had a Federal government that has actively Canceled it in the case of the northern Gateway actively stood in the way on the Regulatory environment energy East They’d spent a billion dollars in the Regulatory environment before pulling The plug because they could see a way to Get to the finish line or even keys Don’t Excel billion dollars President Joe Billion dollars just in the regulatory Process and then you had the Keystone XL Pro project as well which U.S President Joe Biden canceled within five seconds

Of becoming President we didn’t have a Single word of support that came from Our national government and so that has Been when you don’t have takeaway Capacity now what’s the point uh is the International investors are looking and Saying what’s the point in developing New Fields if there is no place for us To to be able to get our product to Market and so we have seen multi-billion Dollar projects that have been canceled There have been those I was just talking About with oil there was a major oil Sands project in uh called the the tech Frontier mine same story uh it would Have been a 20 billion dollar project a Billion dollars into the regulatory Approval process they couldn’t see a way To the Finish Line they pulled the plug They’ve been 18 I believe different LNG Projects that have been proposed Starting around the same time so they Can find natural gas yeah well that’s The that’s the liquefied natural gas That uh the new leader of Germany came Looking for cap in hand talking to Trudeau who said that he couldn’t make a Business case for that kind of Transaction and then decided to make an Agreement with shots to ship Non-existent hydrogen from non-existent Green plants on the east coast to a Country that’s desperate for energy now You’re following it very closely and and

We started talking about developing These plans at the same time Australia Did in the same time the US did they are Well Along on that and we haven’t even Really gotten to to square one and all Of that is because of federal Interference we have the ability to Develop our resources at the provincial Level so when we’re talking about the Sub-national level of government we have Exclusive right to develop our resources To develop conservation policy around Them but the federal government has the Right to to develop the pipelines that Go cross-border and they have stymied us At every single step and that is part of The reason we find ourselves at the Impasse that we’re at today I I just Feel like there is a an absolute Hostility on the part of Justin Trudeau And his environment Minister Stephen Gibbo towards our industry industry I Mean to talk about the ultimate slap in The face you we when we had a a Referendum to try to talk about a better Way to share the wealth in the in the Country they take a lot of wealth out of Alberta and don’t have it go come back Our way when we had a referendum on that The answer from the federal government Was to give us Stephen guilbeau who Earned his stripes by climbing the CN Tower to protest oil and gas development And so if that’s the answer that the

Federal government gave us when we were Trying to in good faith seek a new Arrangement with the rest of the country We know where we stand and that’s part Of the reason why we’ve we’re taking Such a strong stance and pushing back Getting a good night’s sleep is one of The most important things you can do for Your health just like your diet and Exercise routine are unique to your Body’s needs so are your sleeping habits That’s why Helix sleep provides tailored Mattresses based on your unique sleep References myself and a bunch of us here At the daily wear have tried Helix sleep Mattresses I gotta tell you once you Switch over from your store-bought Mattress to the Helix Sleep mattress There is no going back the Helix lineup Includes 14 mattresses each designed for Specific sleep positions and preferences They’ve got side sleeper models with Memory foam layers offering optimal Pressure relief stomach and back sleeper Models feature a more responsive foam to Cradle and support your body plus Helix Mattresses offer enhanced cooling Features to keep you from overheating at Night Don’t compromise on Comfort take The Helix sleep quiz and find your Perfect mattress in under two minutes Helix mattress ships straight to your Door free of charge try it for 100 Nights risk-free go to

Shorten take the Helix sleep quiz and Get up to 200 off your mattress order Plus two free pillows that’s Jordan for 200 off all Mattress orders and two free pillows So I’m curious so for those of you Listening who aren’t Canadian for many Of you those who are it’s the case that There are transfer payments in Canada From richer provinces to poorer Provinces to try to balance out the Economic status of the different regions Of the country and Alberta sends a Tremendous amount of money out of the Province and this referendum that you Were referring to I believe was one that Put I’ll put the question to albertans About whether or not they wanted Essentially they wanted to transfer Payments to continue given the hostility Of many of the recipient provinces to The mode by which Alberta generates its Revenue and I believe albertans voted to To uh cease offering the transfer Payments what is it have I got the story Right and what became of that all things Considered I I believe the transfer Payments are still occurring as they Were it was essentially ignored by the Federal government and we got a 62 Mandate from albertans and I I think the Thing to understand is that that Albertans are very generous because We’ve put up with this a

Disproportionate way of of Distributing Resources for for decades if you look at The amount of money that has come out of Our little Province to fuel the rest of The country it’s 600 billion dollars Since the 1960s and and the fact that we Haven’t put put up a fuss before now is Because we realized that there was a Partnership with the rest of the country That we would develop our resources we Would ship them to Eastern Canada Eastern Canada would use our energy to Develop products that we would need we Would purchase them back and they broke They’ve now broken that compact they They not only do they want the dollars To keep on flowing uh to Eastern Canada But they want to stand in the way of us Being able to to develop more of our Resources and that’s and that’s part of The reason why I think loud and clear I’m hearing from Albert and saying you Know if that’s the if that’s the way you Want to operate maybe we should start Thinking regionally maybe we should Start develop flipping Partnerships with Just the Coalition of the Willing the Two adjacent provinces who share our Values maybe uh the American states Maybe going up to uh to the north to Northern Canada maybe there isn’t much Point in US continuing this relationship Where uh we have such a trade-in balance With Quebec and Ontario if they’re not

Going to assist us in getting our Product to Market that’s the Conversation that we’re beginning now it Seems a bit much To both have to deliver the money that’s Produced by the oil and gas industry and Also to have the oil and gas industry Demonized and shut down like you can’t Have both of those right you could maybe Get away with one but to get to to ask For both is just you know it’s it’s Funny I used to live in Alberta it’s a Long time ago now and I was I would I Would say fairly federally inclined when I lived in Alberta I liked the idea of Canada but as I’ve been out in the East And watching what’s been happening to Alberta over the last especially the Last 10 years and Saskatchewan for that Matter I keep thinking it makes less and Less sense the array the arrangement Just makes less and less sense Especially now especially given what’s Happening on the oil and gas front it’s So pathological and so why why is Alberta still delivering the transfer Payments we don’t have have much control Over that because what happens is they Over tax us at the federal level this is Sort of the the one of the flaws of our Constitutional Arrangement that we set Up is that the Federal Government Can Tax us into Oblivion and then they hoard A pot of money and then they sort of

Dribble it back to us saying oh if you Run your programs our way then we’ll Transfer you some of the dollars back so They they the real problem with the with The way the country operates is that the Federal government is is taxing and Taking more money than they than they Need and then they’re using that federal Spending power to essentially dictate to The provinces and that’s a real problem That’s part of the reason why when you Look at what Quebec has done they start Taking back more authority over their Provincial power so they um they collect Their own their own income taxes and the Reason why I think they ultimately want To do that is one day I think they want To move to a more European style of System where each of the sub-national Governments collects all their own taxes And then they pay to the central Authority only those dollars that go to To support the federal areas of Jurisdiction and that I think is is when Quebec moves in that direction we need To be prepared to move in that direction Too but I think that’s the evolution of Where we’re going is Quebec farther Ahead on that road than Alberta and is Your plan to to bring Alberta down that Route and and or is Saskatchewan on Board we are going to take as uh as as Much action in our areas of jurisdiction As Quebec we want to be treated just

Like Quebec and Quebec has had the the The provincial tax collection powers for A number of years in fact a couple of Years ago they put forward the motion Exactly as I described they said okay Now we want to be able to collect all Taxes and we’ll just remit to Ottawa our Share and even the conservatives Supported that motion so they’re very Close I think if there’s a change of Government at the federal level they’re Very close I think to being able to to Get that kind of arrangement and we Don’t want to be left behind we want Exactly the same the same treatment what Stands in your way at the moment in in In Practical terms in implementing that Why not Is there reasons not to just move ahead With it I mean it does seem to me to be That it’s time for push to come to shove In Alberta and Canada because things are So absurd on the energy front and Alberta is fighting for its life Economic life in many ways I can’t Imagine that any any investors with any Sense are going to have the kind of Confidence that’s necessary to invest in Major oil and gas exploration projects Given the absolute uncertainty with Regards to delivery and and to spend you You pointed out that in two different Projects two billion dollars had been Spent merely on trying to overcome

Regulatory hurdles before anything of Any practical significance whatsoever Was brought it’s no bloody Wonder true It could make a business case for liquid Natural gas for shots when his policies Had made it bloody impossible for the Entire country to produce enough oil and Gas to ship to our allies in Europe Let’s say even when they’re freezing in The dark completely and this is the the Fundamental problem we have in Canada is That the the power of trade and commerce Was given to our federal level of Government with the idea that provinces Might be scrapping over jurisdiction and Might be wanting to block each other’s Products and so the federal government Was given that power so that they could Streamline the process to make sure that We could get our products to Market They’re using it in an offensive way They’re using it to block access for our Products to get to Market so my view of It is this that we were prepared to work Collaboratively with the federal Government taking the lead and now we’re Going to take the lead and what that Looks like and I I just recently wrote a Letter to Scott Moe the premier of Saskatchewan and Heather stefans of the Premier of Manitoba because if we could Get an economic trade route along our Northern Territories between our three Provinces we can get access to a port

That will allow us to export our Products internationally and so I I Propose that we meet in Churchill which Is the foundation for report that that Might be able to begin that that process And but that’s not the only one I mean We could and I’ll tell you the Difference on this because the the issue That we have right now is we’ve been Making our proponents of a pipeline Fight every little battle on their own So they propose the route then they have To negotiate with every single landowner They have to negotiate with every single Municipality they have to negotiate with The different levels of government they Have to negotiate the federal government Then they have to go through court and There’s First Nations and then on top of That you can have a court process that Throws the whole thing out so if we Reverse that process and said you know What we’re going to do the work in Advance uh Alberta saskatchew Manitoba We’re going to get together and we’re Going to identify the corridor we’re Going to work with our first nations in Maine T to make them equal Partners in Ownership we’re going to address the Environmental issues of caribou habitat And other endangered species we’re going To make sure that we’re avoiding the Areas that are archaeologically or Ceremonially significant for our first

Nations communities and once this Corridor is built then we’ll invite the Proponent to come in because then we Will have done our work of clearing away All those hurdles and be able to reduce Those billions of dollars in regulatory Costs and that’s a scrap that I’m Willing to have with the federal Government this is their work and they Have failed to do this we’ve been asking For them to do this since the 1930s We’ve got a fantastic relationship with Our first Nations communities of which a Hundred of them are oil and gas Producers themselves they want to get Their product to Market too and so I Believe if it comes down to it and the Federal government tells us wait a Minute you’re invading our jurisdiction I’ll just say look we’ve got the right To develop our resources conserve them Get to them to Market our first Nations Under the U.N Declaration of the rights Of indigenous people they have the right To be able to develop their resources Too and I think that we’ll win that Scrap if it goes to the to the court but I think we have to start taking the lead Stop acting like a junior player start Acting like a senior partner and get Some of these built In today’s world we sometimes lose sight Of the judeo-christian beliefs that Built our society this is why it is so

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British Columbia and they have a huge Coast but British Columbia tends to vote More left and socialist and it’s been Very difficult again stop me if I’m Speaking out of turn here but it’s been Very difficult over many decades for Alberta to negotiate with British Columbia to get its products out to the West Coast and so that’s a big problem But is Churchill is the Hudson Bay Because the Hudson Bay is is the Coastline of Manitoba it’s it’s with It’s in the center of Canada is is is The coastline Are the ports in Manitoba Suitable for for export use for these Sorts of projects I have a number of Technical experts who have been working On developing different proposals and my Understanding is the answer to that is Yes the uh there is also a port a little Bit further south that I think is open And Ice free Um more more months year round but look At look at Russia I mean Russia is not Uh they’re not saying oh there’s some Ice in the way we can’t build there they Said oh there’s ice in the way let’s get 47 icebreakers and to me if if we we Have the technology to be able to keep These ports cleared year-round we just Have to have the political will to work Together on on getting the work done and In the past maybe it’s because you have

A if you have to deal with multiple Jurisdictions there’s election cycles And it becomes difficult I think we were Also holding out hope that some some Sense of sweet reason might might just Set in at the federal level yeah well You can forget it it appears no I mean That’s not even in this environment Where we are facing because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine were facing Massive disruption in our supply chains Massive disruption in our ability to get A secure supply of energy massive Disruption in affordability for for our Citizens all around the world great Fears about what might happen in winter And Germany if we don’t fill this Gap if If reason hasn’t set in with that as a Backdrop then we owe it to the world to Take the lead in making sure that we Provide energy security as well as Energy affordability and we can’t wait For the for the federal government to Negotiate on this this on our behalf Yeah well that could it sounds like that Could be a real Boon to the people of Manitoba too I mean Manitoba is often a Kind of economically underpowered Province there’s not that many people There but a thriving Port industry there Seems like just the ticket for Manitoba It’d be lovely to see Alberta Saskatchewan and Manitoba form a Coalition that had the kind of political

Power and population that could serve as A buttress against the centralists and And the people people in the East who Think they don’t need oil and gas or Energy except they still want the money From the West which I still that it’s so Appalling that attitude that it’s almost Indescribable well let me add a layer to That too because when I spoke with Premier steffensen I’d asked her if they Had ever scoped out what it would look Like to build transmission lines back to Alberta so that we could have a Non-emission non-carbon dioxide Emissions fuel in the form of Hydroelectric power coming to fuel our Oil sense development and I gather They’ve never really even considered That but that’s the kind of win-win that We’re looking for because the other part Too is that as our our bitumen becomes More valuable it gets put on rail cars Because we can’t put it into pipelines When you put it on rail cars now you’re Crowding out all of our grain producers And so we need to not only build Pipelines for oil for gas we could build Transmission lines we can also look at Building new highway new rail line and That’s when you start getting a full Service Corridor that’s the kind a Proposal that our first Nations Communities have told us that they want To see so that we can start building out

Some of our Northern Territories as well But this notion as well that if we can Bring in some lower emissions Electricity and power to be able to Develop our resources then then what in The world would would Stephen Gibble and Justin Trudeau have to complain about That’s the vision that our oil sense Producers have incidentally they they Don’t the green types they don’t even Support nuclear power they don’t support Liquid natural gas the the fact that America Americans used fracking allowed The U.S to cut its carbon dioxide Emissions 15 from 2000 to 2015 or think It was 12 they’re the only Industrialized country that has done That and they did it because of fracking And the greens opposed fracking and they Oppose nuclear and so looking for logic In that Rat’s Nest of of of what would You say utopian moralizing is absolutely Pointless and you you pointed out Something very main I think is that Given the severity of the energy crisis That’s confronting Europe If that in and of itself isn’t enough to Wake up the people who are putting the Brakes on nuclear power and on liquid Natural gas development then nothing Short of mass starvation is going to Wake them up and probably not even that And so it does look to me like the time The iron is hot and it’s time to strike

It and the West could not only I think Could the West do an excellent job of This Saskatchewan Manitoba and Alberta But I think that that Triad of provinces Would find tremendous amount of International support for doing so and That’s another that’s another thing that Might be worth considering on the Strategic front is to be looking for Allies in Europe and in the UK and in The United States that would put their Full weight behind such projects and Those people definitely exist and we do Absolutely need to do that I want to Talk just for a minute if I could about This environmental piece because I I Think that this is the problem is that The extinction Rebellion types you know The ones who are gluing themselves to to Sidewalks and the top of subway cars and The headquarters of buildings I have no Idea why anyone is giving them any air Time whatsoever that is an extremist Group that I do not think represents the The genuine concern that that more Moderate environmentalists have about The challenges that we face I’m looking At someone like Michael schellenberger Who has has immersed as such a Reasonable voice on the environment he’s Very concerned about emissions and I get That but he also has realized that we Are not going to address issues of Emissions and environmental

Harms by focusing on wind and solar and Battery power and I think he’s done some Brilliant work on this because we and Also I might also give a shout out to Michael Moore with his planet of the Humans documentary that kind of blew it All wide open where we now be have begun To have a conversation that guess what You cannot produce a wind turbine with a Wind turbine because there’s a lot of Steel that comes from coal and there’s a Lot of fiberglass that also comes from Fossil fuels and you have to transport 1500 truckloads to get it to a site Using fossil fuels and so until you have A situation where you’ve got solar and Concrete and and transportation fuels And fiberglass that are emissions free Those are not those are not Emissions-free sources of production and Besides that they’re intermittent so Because they’re intermittent you have to Build three times as many of them and When you have to build three times as Many of them you’re eating up a lot of Landscape and when you’re eating up a Lot of landscape and putting these Turbines up well now you’re also putting If they’re in the path of migratory Birds you’re killing birds and bats and Why aren’t we talking about all of the Environmental impacts that come from That so that we can have a fulsome Discussion this is the thing that well

Look I think part of the reason is is That people are looking for easy moral Virtue you know and so it’s easy to be Virtuous by having a messy life and Saving the planet and then it’s simplest To save the planet by concentrating on One thing and then it’s simplest to Concentrate on carbon dioxide as if That’s the only environmental challenge That confronts us and so you have this Overweening prideful and ignorant Requirement to put yourself forward as Some kind of planetary savior you reduce The complexity of that problem to Opposing carbon and then if you can Stick it to the rich just as an Additional benefit to your Envy so so Much the better no one wants to talk Like Bjorn lomberg talks about the Multi-dimensional environmental Challenges that confront us about rank Ordering them in some kind of Economically intelligent way you know in In in in treating the challenges that Confront us like adults might do it Instead of like Greta thundberg might do It and I think the treatment that’s been Handed out to her is exactly emblematic Of the whole problem she’s a Um relatively eccentric 13 year old girl She doesn’t know anything about how the World works and yet green leaders around The world count how to her like she’s Some sort of

Dionysian prophetess and that’s a real Indictment of the situation that we find Ourselves in you know that but but I Think we have to do though um is that We’ve got to elevate the voices that are Aligned with us voices like Bjorn Lomberg and voices like Michael Schellenberger because this notion of Energy density is is is really the key To being able to reduce the impact on The planet and there when you and this Is why uh schellenberger is a supporter Not only of nuclear and small modular Nuclear reactors are becoming Increasingly of interest to different Jurisdictions but also he’s a supporter Of of LNG because you can have a smaller Footprint in developing those and when You have a smaller footprint you’re Going to have just by definition less Impact on the environment and that to me I think what I what I worry about in Them and I call myself a Libertarian Conservative maybe we’ll get into what That actually means but what I worry About in on our side of the spectrum is That we only talk in dollars and cents And we try and we don’t address this Environment mental peace this is the Emotional piece that everybody cares About I mean I was born in 71. the first Earth day was 1970. so I I grew up Surrounded by that environmental Messaging and I think we have seeded the

Ground to the extremists like the like Extinction rebellion and we haven’t Elevated the more moderate environmental Voices and and that to me is is going to Be my big challenge is that I want People to understand that yes we can Provide energy security yes we can Address issues affordability and we can Do it in a way that is going to be the Most environmentally responsible Bar None looking at all of the other options And all of the other producers around The world that is going to be I think Our big communication challenge but I Think that that’s that’s the way that we Start building those allies that you’re Talking about in Europe yeah well it Would be it would be great for Conservatives in Canada and I would say Across the world to reach out to people Like Schoenberger and laurenburg perhaps Above all else because they have Extraordinarily well thought out Arguments on the environmental front And also our astute economically and so And that’s a rare combination and the The conservatives have aired Tremendously on the central liberals as Well the middle of the road liberals by Letting the radicals take the moral Upper hand on the environment front and Their story you know you look at what’s Going to happen in Europe and around the World likely this winter as we put

Tremendous stress on poor people by Jacking up energy and food prices is all That’s going to be disastrous for the Planet in in the terms that the Environmentalists themselves Hypothetically hold dear the idea that We can make the planet more habitable on An environmental on the environmental Front by impoverishing poor people by Raising Energy prices and food prices is Absolutely it’s not only Um absurd logically but I I think it’s Tantamount to genocidal in its attempt Intent it’s really appalling it’s it’s It creates grave danger for those who Are on fixed income I’m going into an Environment especially in our Northern Climates January February March April It’s it’s dangerous not to have a Reliable power not to be able to have Reliable Home Heating and we have to be Mindful that as you say the people most Impacted by that are the ones at the Lower end of the income scale and so if You are forcing a senior citizen to make A choice of reducing their food bill or Reducing their Pharmaceuticals that they Can keep their electricity and their Heating on those are not decisions that Any government should be forcing are That they’re people to make but that’s The decision that is that this this is Logically where the the policies of Those on the extreme green left have led

To is that they have they are now Sacrificing those at the lower end of The income scale which they they put Their heart on the sleeve and they say That that’s who they care about but it Is is just a demonstrably untrue when You see the impact of it and I’ll add One more to it the only people that I Have heard talk about uh the plight of Those who are living in countries that Do not not have reliable energy and the Impoverishment that occurs from that are Some of the energy Executives that are At our Global conferences this is part Of the reason why we need to get Reliable natural gas around the world Because when you look at some of the Most impoverished countries in the world They’re using wood and dung and coal to Heat their their homes I I talked to Somebody a researcher in British Columbia who said we have 44 million Deaths per year because of indoor air Quality problems And so why why has that not elevated as An issue that we know we can solve by Having these secure types of energy the LNG is going to be a solution and Specifically that’s a great question if There were if there were 5 000 deaths From nuclear power a year which there Aren’t the Legacy press and the Left-wing liberal types would be all Over that like mad but the fact that

There are 40 million people are Thereabouts a year who die from indoor Pollution from using substandard fuels Which by the way are not environmentally Friendly in the broader sense either That just goes under the radar Completely and so you you look at you Look at facts like that and that’s a Bloody blatant fact that one and and It’s children that are Disproportionately affected on that Front too and then you also look at the Willingness of the so-called leftists Who are hypothetically in favor of the Poor to impoverish the poor as a Consequence of their non-effective green Policies and you really have to ask well Just what the hell is driving this and The only answer that I can think of is That it’s something fundamentally Predicated on envy and that the desire To bring down the capitalist system that Produces those who are richer than the Typical environmentalist let’s say that Takes precedence over everything it Takes precedence over care for the poor It takes precedence even over Hypothetical care for the planet it’s Like tear the bloody capitalist system Down and it doesn’t matter what or who Gets destroyed in the process because Otherwise how do you explain it like the The the indoor air pollution fact alone It’s like that’s incomprehensible

Obviously the thing to do is to get Cheap energy that’s clean as clean as Possible to developing countries as fast As possible and then you know on the Environmental side the stats are pretty Damn clear that if you can get the gross Domestic product of a country up to Something averaging approximately five Thousand dollars U.S a year then people Start taking a Long View and caring About the environment and so it’s quite Obvious that if we did everything we Could to eradicate absolute poverty Mostly by driving Energy prices down Then we could get people off of their Reliance on those primitive biofuels That poison them and poisoned the planet And Denude the territory and we could Get them caring about the environment And so Why not do that okay now do you want to Become premier of Alberta because this Is exactly the points that I I want to See me on the international stage and I Don’t know why it’s so hard to get these Messages out it does seem and maybe it Is that we’re facing something that is Is more of a culture War underneath the Surface that we think it’s about Dissolving environmental issues and we Think it’s about caring for those who Are more who are vulnerable and we think It’s about obliterating International Poverty and it’s not it’s about it’s

About something else altogether and I Would say I need to be very very clear Because I know the world keeps on Talking about some transition to some Other fuel that might someday exist in The future and I I’m I’m going to tell You that our our messaging here is going To be very very different we are not Going to transition out of oil or Natural gas we’re going to transition Away from emissions we’re going to Produce these products in a way that has Lower and lower emissions and we’ve got Great technology to be able to do it We’re learning how to capture CO2 and to Embed it into products to make them more Durable or bury them underground we’re Talking about developing out our Hydrogen economy LNG is going to be one Way that we’re able to reduce more Polluting fuels around the world and Reduce Global emissions but when you Start doing all of these things you one Of the things I don’t think is well Understood is that out of a barrel of Oil comes about 6 000 different products And not all of them are combustion about 70 of them aren’t we’ve got lubricants And Plastics and building material Asphalt so even the the enthusiasts of Zero emission Vehicles they’re going to Need roads to drive them on which means That we are going to need to produce Bitumen and if we can produce bitumen

With lower and lower emissions then this Is a this is a win for everybody this is A win for the environment it’s a win for The economy it’s a win for affordability It’s even a win for the Environmentalists so they don’t realize This and so we need to get away from any Notion that these fuels are going to be Kept in the ground I think what it is is Ludicrous to talk about phasing out oil And natural gas as it is ludicrous to Talk about phasing out concrete as we’re Phasing out steel we are we are Increasingly using our our base products For construction materials for Plastics And we are always going to need to have Those and as Michael shellenberger has Pointed out again quite brilliantly is That when you start using these types of Alternative construction materials it Means that you don’t need to go to the Natural environment to be able to to Harvest them there and so you’re able to Preserve more habitat you’re able to Preserve more of the environment we just Need a paradigm shift in how we talk About the environment Shopify makes it simple to sell to Anyone from anywhere Whether you’re selling succulents or Stilettos start selling with Shopify and Join the platform simplifying Commerce For millions of businesses worldwide With Shopify you’ll customize your

Online store to your brand discover new Customers and build the relationships That will keep them coming back Shopify covers all the sales channels to Successfully grow your business from an In-person POS system to an all-in-one E-commerce platform even across social Media platforms like Tick Tock Facebook And Instagram thanks to 24 7 support and Free on-demand business courses Shopify Is here to help you succeed every step Of the way it’s how every minute new Sellers around the world make their First sale with Shopify and you can too Sign up for a free trial at Jbp go to jbp to start Selling online today that’s Jbp [Music] You you said you don’t necessarily think That what’s going on is about the kind Of micro issues that you just described And I think that’s absolutely true you Know I’ve been working with Conservatives internationally and Centralist liberals too on the Construction of something like uh more Profound underlying traditionalist Narrative and I think what’s happened Too is the conservatives The traditionalist and the and the Liberals increasingly have been set back On their Heels by the increasingly Strident moralistic claims of the

Radical leftists and haven’t really been Able to respond to that properly and Have been in some sense Um What would you say the victims of their Own guilt You know because the thing about Conservative types is that they tend to Be conscientious and so if you go after Them for not doing their Duty they tend To take that quite seriously and so when The left levees on accusations of less Than dutiful Behavior against Conservatives the first thing the Conservatives do is get guilty it’s like Well we probably could pollute a little Less more we could be a little less Sexist we could be a little less racist We’re sorry it’s like it’s time to stop Being sorry it really is on the Conservative front to say look your Bloody policies are not only raising Energy prices to levels that are Absolutely unconscionable but certainly Dooming a large percentage of the Population in the world and in the Western world as well to undo poverty And privation and you’re not doing a Damn thing on the planetary front in Fact you’re making the situation worse And so we’ve had enough of your cheap Moralizing we’re going to go ahead with What the adults do which is to deal with The world as it is you know I got some

Stats from Bjorn lomberg recently I just Wrote a an article for the telegraph uh That’s quite popular about a delusional Genocidal globalists and their Willingness to sacrifice the poor and Lombard pointed out that the International Energy agency and the Biden government have both Projected that we won’t be at a hundred Percent renewable energy till at least 22.40. Right not 20 35 or 2050 that’ll still be At best at something like 20 percent Assuming everything that’s planned works Out which it won’t And so that the idea that we’re going to Somehow transition to these magical Technologies that are just going to Suddenly appear is absolutely Preposterous even when you don’t take Into account the facts that you laid out Which is we make all sorts of other Things from oil and so what are we going To do stop making them it’s like well Maybe because you don’t need those if You’re going to decrease your carbon Load you know I mean we’re never going To get to 100 renewable I may as well I May as well just put that on the table Because when you think about what you Need to get to 100 renewable especially If you’re talking about battery power to Back it up where are we going to get the Lithium and the Cobalt and the nickel

You have to mine the the the surfaces in Order to do that but the Environmentalists are opposed to mining As well every time you try to get a Mining operation going you’ve got a wall And an army of of environmentalists Trying to stop you there also the you Have to move a lot of Earth in order to Be able to develop the the all of those Resources to be able to feed the battery Power and you have to use a lot of Landscape in order to put on the solar Panels in the in the winter by I think Laurenburg has estimated that there is Something under 10 minutes of battery Power sufficient battery power in Europe To power the European power grid at the Moment something like I think it’s Actually three minutes it’s somewhere Between three and ten minutes and all The vaunted improvements in Battery Technology that we’re supposed to be Zipping along like mad by now haven’t Manifested themselves and so that’s That’s a non-starter as well well let me Tell you what I think the future is Honestly and I think Canada is well on Its way in in helping to develop this Future I think hydroelectric power is The future I think nuclear is the future A particularly small modular nuclear Reactors which we’re going to be rolling Out in Ontario no Brunswick very shortly And then on top of that using developing

Natural gas and using carbon technology To capture the emissions so that you’re Not putting anything into the atmosphere That those to me are the and perhaps Even geothermal we have to be looking at Ways that you can get secure reliable Base load that doesn’t have a huge External impact on the environment on Across the whole range of environmental Impacts and I think we have to get away From this idea that that solar and wind Are the only answer it’s sort of Interesting you said that um that There’s this this Envy or this hostility To capitalism I see it I see it a little Differently I feel like those on the Other side of the spectrum have their Own favorite capitalists that they like To support and because I mean like Foreign Subsidies that go to wind and solar Panels as a solar power as well and so I I think really that’s what we’re seeing Is that there’s a multi-trillion dollar Market at play here and that we’ve got We’ve got two different interests that Are lining up and one of those interests On the other side is also seeking to Have a huge amount of government support For it and I tend to believe be believe In free enterprise if something is is Going to be supported it should be able To be supported on the basis of the Market that it’s the best use of the

Resources the lowest cost delivering the Best best product for the lowest price That that is how we’re supposed to be Operating if we’re if we’re going to be Operating from a position of crony Capitalism where you just have to get Your guy elected and then you can secure A bunch of of Grants so that you can Push your agenda for it that that’s I Think what has been has been has been Driving things for the last 10 or 20 Years yeah well I also think that’s That’s another undiscovered area for Genuine tradition analysts conservatives And liberals alike to start making Headway on the moral front is that a Little less crony capitalism would be a Good thing because crony capitalism is Really fascism to give it its proper Terminology and this collusion between Huge industry and huge government that’s Got to stop it’s it’s not the free Enterprise Market that that that that Properly responds to transformations of Demand and Supply it’s it’s top down Collusion and it’s aided and abetted by Very large players and that’s really Gone out of hand as well I think the Conservatives would do well to address That as much as they possibly can you’re Very right you talked about small Nuclear modular reactors what’s Happening on on the Canadian front in Relationship to that what do you see as

Promising well we we have an expert in Nuclear development in Ontario the uh The Ontario Market is power at 60 on Their power grid by nuclear and so they Are looking at ways of bringing these These smaller units I think in the and Some as low as 15 megawatts some in the In the 50 to 200 megawatt range and this Is proven technology I mean if you look At nuclear submarines we’ve managed to Find a way very safely to have men and Men and women uh in in nuclear Submarines powered by by this kind of Small-scale technology so now it’s a Matter of going through the regulatory Process getting it approved getting it Implemented proving it out so that we Can get it so we can get it into other Markets so in New Brunswick my Understanding is they’re rolling out one Of these very small ones under 15 Megawatts by 2026 and at the DAR in Darlington in Ontario they’re rolling Out a small one in 2028 and so once that Begins there’s no reason why our oil Sense producers wouldn’t be able to to Use that technology to develop to Develop their products and that also Then will reduce the overall emissions Of our energy sector so those are the Things that we’re watching but of course The federal government stands in the way Even on these promising Technologies They stand in the way of allowing those

To go through a streamlined regular Military approval and it’s because again We have an environment Minister who Takes this Paradigm view that the only Way that we can develop electricity is To to use the the sources that that he Thinks we ought to use and that excludes Natural gas and that excludes nuclear so That’s another big battle coming up Because I I think that Canada will be Able to to export that to the world and Also reduce overall Global emissions if We can just get our policies right I Should say incidentally Europe is Already there Europe has already allowed Allows for green bonds to be issued for Nuclear developments as well as for Natural gas developments with a carbon a Carbon capture a component to it it’s It’s Canada who has also an advantage in Developing these types of energy sources That our federal government is standing In the way and so I think that gives us Some common cause with our friends in The rest of the country particularly Ontario and making that argument more Broadly So what’s happening on the political Front In Alberta at the moment when’s the next Election how are the conservatives doing In Alberta Um how are you how are you negotiating With your primary opponents which is the

Socialist the NDP and Alberta Um and what what does what does the what Does the political Horizon look like for You At the moment in Alberta we had a change In leadership because obviously we had Some internal conflict in our in our Party around some of the issues that We’ve been talking about are we are we Are we getting our our fight out to Ottawa enough I think some of our our Supporters were feeling that that we we Weren’t uh fighting Ottawa enough on our Areas of jurisdiction we weren’t getting Progress on being able to get our energy To Market we weren’t getting progress on Changing the the uh the the transfer Program in our country and also on Issues of Liberty that that our Government didn’t didn’t do a good Enough job of standing up for freedoms And so we have a some repair work to do With our conservative movement to stitch It back together conservatives Leadership race is help in that regard Because it gets everybody out there Talking and meeting with people and Making apologies where apologies need to Be made so I feel like our movement is Pretty unified but we are facing a very Tough competitor in in the NDP they they Have have cemented themselves as this as The aggressive vote and they have been Polling strongly ever since they left

Government last time around so I don’t Want to take take it for granted but I I Think these are the issues that are Going to turn the election that is as Much as the NDP and all of the Socialist Parties like to to act as as though They’re they’re looking over the middle Class they are not they used to be a Party that looked out for the little guy Now they want to maintain the elite Institutions and the elite structures That we have which only benefit those at The very top and also benefit those who Are in decision-making roles in the in The bureaucracy and it it hurts the Little person I mean when you have our Government talking about a 300 percent Increase in the carbon tax at the Federal level and the the provincial the Provincial opposition leader is walking 100 behind that and then trying to do Videos about how much she cares about Affordability it’s it’s baffling you Can’t do that it’s impossible you can’t Say we’re going to increase the cost of All of your energy used by 300 percent But my goodness what happened why is Food going up in price why is Electricity and and Home Heating going Up in price why is gasoline and Diesel Going up in price you have no Credibility the only way you have Credibility is you say remove the retail Carbon tax to give people a break while

We’re going through this inflation Crisis so I think that that’s going to Be one of the big points of difference Between us and the guys on the other Side is I think they are revealing that Um they aren’t who everybody thought They were and and this is why we have to Show our heart a lot more conservatives Sadly when conservatives often when we Run campaigns we often talk about how Much we’re going to cut and we’re going To reduce taxes and anybody who relies On a government service whether it’s Health care or education or Post-secondary or Children’s Services or Social services they think are you Cutting the things that that I need to Be able to survive and so we we have to Develop a different philosophy of Government so that way as much of a Vision you know but it is One Vision That conservatives can offer which I Think is pretty damn straightforward is Um cheap plentiful relatively clean Energy for everyone because everyone Obviously everyone knows if they have an Iota of political or economic sense that Energy costs Drive everything they drive Their transportation they drive their Food costs they drive their heating Costs and the best thing you can Possibly do for poor people over any Reasonable span of time is to drive Energy costs down to the lowest possible

Level And so and that’s a great example of Combating the moralism of the left it’s Like you guys you’ve already shown your Colors you’re perfectly willing to Sacrifice the poor to not save the Planet it’s a very bad strategy I think The NDP is weak on the federal front too Because maybe you can clue me in on this A bit I do not understand jagmeet Singh So here here’s here’s a proposition for You so this is a man who wants to run For the leadership of the country in Principle and uh he essentially Established a coalition government with The Judo liberals who wouldn’t be able To hold on to power without them and he Didn’t even negotiate to get a cabinet Seat even though what he produced was Essentially a coalition so you have a Man who is so unable to govern that he Couldn’t even get himself a seat at the Table for the price of selling his soul To the Liberals and he’s the leader of The Socialists in Canada now can you Explain any of that to me I for the life Of me I can’t understand what the hell Is motivating him and I don’t and I Cannot understand what that means for The Socialists and the NDP I think that There is a there’s a story that the Socialists tell themselves that the last Time they were most effective in getting Their agenda passed was when there was a

Minority liberal government and they They had the balance of power I think That’s when the pension came in or There’s there’s certain things that they Believe that they take credit for Because they form the balance of power At that time so I think they believe It’s enough to just have that threat of Being able to call an election at any Time I think it’s even worse for my Opponent Rachel notley because as you Know since you were NDP politics you Don’t actually buy a membership in the Federal NDP you buy a membership in the Provincial NDP which gives you your Membership in the federal NDP they’re Per they’re embedded and I don’t know How on and the world she’s going to run A campaign saying yeah my Federal leader Is in this partnership with Justin Trudeau and both of them are taking Actions that are damaging Alberta I Don’t think that’s a very strong Position for her to be in so I I’m sort Of mystified about why she’s walking in Lockstep and supporting that agenda Which is stopping our development at That agenda which is raising the the Price of everything so I I don’t pretend To understand the the world of socialism The one thing I do understand is that I Think that there is this is probably the Most left-wing liberal government we Have ever had and so maybe they should

Have a formal Coalition I we I got Accustomed to seeing more moderate Liberals um in in those positions in the Past like genre Chen and Paul Martin Which ran balanced budgets and surpluses And helped to develop the economy I mean Liberal who wants us to do well so they Can steal our wealth is it is a is a Liberal government I can understand like Let’s scrap over who gets to to the Benefit of the wealth creation a liberal Who wants to destroy wealth creation and Then think that you can have phony Wealth creation by printing money is is Somebody who I I simply don’t understand But that might explain why the two of Them are actually more in lockstep than Than you might have thought is because I Think foundationally they just believe In central government planning central Government decision making Central Bureaucrats making all of the decisions Printing money and everything will be Fine I just don’t I think they have a Foundational Um hostility towards free enterprise [Music] And an economy as volatile as this one It’s important to have control when You’re making a big purchase like a new Car that’s where Cars Inc comes into Play cardzing is completely changing the Way you buy a car online by partnering With Credit Agencies lenders and

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Party’s Superfluous and you saw what Happened in the Ontario election I mean The NDP got obliterated and I think That’s a big part of the reason and I Don’t know how Rachel notley is going to Justify her alliance with Singh given Precisely what you said and it’s Especially the case when as far as I can Tell there’s zero evidence whatsoever That the green higher energy cost agenda Has done anything but harm the Environmental Outlook and we’re going to See a lot more of that making itself Well look at what and look at what it Did with regards to precipitating a war Between Russia and Ukraine that’s also Something And impossible to win war that’s also Something that Beggars the Imagine Imagination Far be it for me to give advice to the NDP but let me let me let me tell you What they have done they’ve they’ve Really cannibalized their own base of Support because the NDP used to be the Party of the of the working person they Used to be the party of Labor they used To be the the party of the blue-collar Guys and gals and and they’re not that Anymore because every single time a Resource project comes up they end up Taking the opposite position they take a Position that makes it more difficult to Get those projects approved they make

And they take the environmental position Which actually sacrifices all of those Building Trades workers who would be Commissioned to build those pipelines And build those projects so this is the This is I think the fundamental Insight That Doug Ford had is that the that that Is a pool of Voters that are no longer Represented by the left and so he’s Reached out his hand and say come and Join the conservative party we want you To have a good paying job we want you to Take care of your family we want you to Feel secure we want you to to be proud Of your industry and that’s what we’re Saying as well I I just don’t I can’t Imagine why anybody in one of those Resource sector jobs one of those blue Color trades I can’t imagine why they Would vote for such an extreme green Agenda that’s being manifest in the in The NDP party and and especially with That partnership with the liberals so I Think that they have created an Opportunity for us as conservatives and We just have to make sure that we’re Addressing that those issues in a in a Meaningful way and I think we are I Think we’re beginning to understand that We’ve got us we’ve got to speak more Broadly about about those aspirational Issues it looked like Pierre polio did a Pretty good job of that on the Leadership front in the conservative

Campaign and I want to talk to you a Little bit about that strategically Speaking because polio basically Circumvented the Legacy Media and went Directly online to people and I know That’s part of the reason that you’re Also graciously agreeing to do this Conversation with me I mean it does look To me like there’s absolutely no reason And increasingly this is going to be the Case for conservatives and centralist Liberals to talk to the Legacy Media Types at all you just run your own show And I mean pauliev was producing his own Ads and they were getting like 500 000 Views on YouTube which is quite much Much greater than he could possibly hope For on a legacy platform like CBC curse Curse be its name and so it’s possible I Think for conservatives and Traditionalist liberals to take their Message their political message or their Cultural message their philosophical Message directly to people in Conversations exactly like this and to Say look And I do think it was the case that back In the 1970s you know the the NDP was a Genuine working-class party because most Of the people who ran it and many of the People who were members were actually Labor party labor Representatives right Union types back when the unions were Powerful and many of the leaders

Regardless of their Stance with regards to the basics of Free market competition really were for The working class but as you pointed out That’s all disappeared in the last 10 or 15 years you saw that with Hillary Clinton I mean she basically abandoned The working class in the United States To go with the woke types and that cost Her the election and certainly Contributed to Trump’s popularity and so The conservatives and I think pauliev Did this conservatives could capture I Think not only the working class quite Straightforwardly especially Working-class men but can probably also Capture the Immigrant population because Immigrants are a lot more conservative In Western countries then the population At large and the fact that they Generally vote for the liberal left is Really a consequence of egregious errors That have been made by conservatives in Communicating with immigrant populations Because the message to them should be Look we want you to come here and Thrive And we basically share your values and So don’t be voting for the for the Handout people because they make false Claims of you know diversity and ethnic Inclusivity it’s all a bloody ruse and That isn’t what you came here for There’s a lot of lip service paid I Think on the Progressive side of the

Spectrum to reaching out whereas I think You’re very right that the values that We have in the conservative movement are Really reflective of of newcomers who Who come to Canada I don’t want it to Sound slogeneering but I do I do frame Out how we build our Coalition out and How we describe what it is that we want To do from a philosophical point of view On a a range of of six different values So obviously freedom and you saw you saw That Pierre palia really talked a lot About freedom of the individual to make Their own choices get The Gatekeepers Out of the way and just allow people to Make to to have more control over their Lives but there’s also family and this Is the other part that I think builds Out our coalition to include social Conservatives is we know that the best Environment for an individual to be able To thrive is when they’re surrounded by A supportive family so any policies we Can do to support families staying Together thriving helping each other is Going to be something that builds our Movement then there’s faith and I I Would say that there’s an open hostility To to Faith on the other side of the Spectrum whereas we Embrace Faith Communities across the the full range Because we know that that adds that Additional layer of support if something Goes wrong our faith communities are

Some of the most generous communities When you look at how they support Members who end up in trouble on top of That then you I would add Fellowship Because there are some people who are no Longer part of the faith community but They’ll join the rotary club or their Elks club or their Lions Club and that’s Another way that you can build community And some of the most amazing initiatives Happen in a community at a local level When they’re able to identify an Individual issue and come together and Government stays out of their way and Then on top of that free enterprise it Won’t surprise you I was a intern at the Fraser Institute from years ago and to Me free enterprise genuine free Enterprise where a person with an Entrepreneurial spark is able to get Together the capital and try something New and have that creative destruction That happens when you come up with with Something truly transformational to the Economy that’s what we’ve got to nurture Because that is what genuine Entrepreneurship and capitalism is Really all about and then the last one Is philanthropy and we always forget That that our our biggest supporters of All of our institutions fundra funders Of hospitals and wings at universities And all of our charitable organizations Are the people who really did well

Through a free enterprise and they feel Like they need to give back to their Community that is the full cycle of what Conservatism is about and I don’t know Why we don’t talk about all of that Because that to me is a full vision one Of the things that’s worth worth Pointing out is you know part of what’s Tearing our culture apart at the moment Our battles about identity and the Progressive solution to the problem of Identity which is really the problem of Meaning and purpose in life let’s say is Subjective definition I’m whatever I say I am what I say I am is whatever I feel I am moment to moment it’s it’s Intrinsic to me and that’s a really Pathological narcissistic and egocentric Viewpoint and it’s doomed to failure and The reason and I mean this technically The reason it’s doomed to failure is Because Your mental health isn’t something you Carry around in your subjectivity Your mental health is in large part a Consequence of being properly and Harmoniously nested in that hierarchy of Institutions that you just described and This isn’t taught properly to young People because and young people are Looking for purpose which the left by The way provides them with right because It provides them with a mess ionic Vision you don’t know what you’re doing

You could be saving the planet right you Could be a rebel who’s saving the planet And that’s a hell of a lot better than Nothing but the conservatives can say Look You need to get married you need to have A long-term partner because without that Well first of all you’re not going to Grow up and second you’re going to be Lonesome and third you’re going to need Love and it’s like find a partner That’s The basis for a family and then you know You should probably think about having Some children in a stable monogamous Heterosexual long-term family why Because you’re not going to be sane Without that now sometimes you’re not Going to be sane with it either but you Know otherwise you’re Lonesome and Alienated and juvenile and depressed and Nihilistic and and your life is Pointless and then well you need that Civic engagement because you need to Contribute to the community and with Regards to faith-based organizations is The left and the radicals are opposed to Such things but it’s not like they don’t Have their own faith-based propositions They just substitute they substitute for Traditional religion idiot rational Religion and it’s completely Counterproductive and Preposterous most Of that religion is based on something Like a recounting of the Marxist story

And every time the Marxist religion has Taken the reins of power in any country Whatsoever ever all there was was Genocide and poverty and so that’s if You want an example of a pathological Religion you can certainly point to Marxism and they they’re the young People that I’ve been communicating with Around the world are dying to hear a Proper story about identity and if you Say to them look Take on some responsibility have some Entrepreneurial daring establish a Long-term relationship get married have Children engage civically right grow up And become part of your family your Community your state your Province your Country and and dedicate yourself to a High-level religious view of the world Then you have an identity you’re Embedded in multiple layers and that Actually constitutes psychological Stability and purpose and the Conservatives have done a very bad job Of delineating that vision for young People but if you do they’re Extraordinarily receptive I think you’re Very right I think part of the challenge Was that we’ve had so much social change Over the last 20 years and the Conception of what it meant to have that Strong stable relationship was was very Binary it was one man one woman I think Now that we’ve broadened out the

Understanding that everybody needs a Life made and it doesn’t matter whether That’s someone of the same gender or the Opposite gender having a life mate is What is important and now we’ve also Broadened out so that uh those who’ve Who’ve married in even same-sex Relationships also are developing Families as well and I think that that Has made the conservative movement far More inclusive than it might have been Historically and you see this all the Time I mean there there is this notion That Um that that those who have Um uh that that sort of characteristic From the lgbtq plus Community are Automatically aligned with the Progressives and I can tell you that is Not that is not the case that that we Have uh gay leaders in the conservative Movement we have gay staff members of The conservative Movement we actually Have a transgender woman who heads up Our chief Firearms office in Alberta I Don’t know why nobody has written that Story because it’s a really amazing Story and she’s an amazing woman and That and she has great support from the Firearms Community because we are able To CR to have a broad enough uh reach And Broad enough Coalition that Everybody is invited in and we we we Agree on the core values that we were

Talking about we agree on the issues Associated with individual rights and Freedom and Entrepreneurship and family And community and when you can have that Common Ground then you can have a very Broad Coalition so I think we had a bit Of a bumpy ride for a couple of of Decades as we were trying to to sort Some of those Traditional Values out but I I am very proud of where the Conservative movement is today and how Inclusive it is and I want to make sure That we continue to be that inclusive oh You wanted to talk a little bit too About Um your philosophy of government and Social issues from a conservative Viewpoint and we’ve talked a fair bit About energy in the environment and We’ve touched now a little bit on social Issues but I’d like you to talk a little Bit more about your your views on social Issues you said the conservatives Generally present themselves at really Fiscally in some sense right we’re going To make government efficient we’re going To cut back taxes we’re going to let you Do your own thing and that’s a negative Vision and I don’t mean negative Emotionally I mean it’s We’re here to pair we’re here we’re here To pair things back and that’s not an Expansive Vision let’s say of care in Some sense and I understand why that is

But you talked about some of the ideas You had we briefly talked about them on The social front so maybe I could get You to elaborate a bit on that I’ll tell you because I because I see Alberta we we’ve gone from in the 1970s Having 1.5 million population to 4.5 Million today we are continuing to Attract people from uh around the Province and around the globe who I I Want to create Alberta’s little Bastion Of of freedom and free enterprise uh Amid a bit of a sea of chaos that we’re Seeing in North America right now and I Think that that message is causing People to to look here and want to come Here and so if we’re going to continue Growing our population and I think we’ll Double if we continue this this um this Attraction over the net by 2050. so if We’re going to double our population it Means we’re going to need more teachers And more nurses and more social workers And more doctors and more roads built And more schools built more hospitals Built so so talking about cutting in That framework doesn’t really make much Sense what also doesn’t make much sense I don’t think is that this is what Conservatives do is that we spend a lot Of time creating an excellent business Environment to attract investment and Grow the amount of Revenue which is Fantastic that’s one of the things that

I think people can reliably count on Conservatives to do but then what we do Is we take that big pot of money and we Hand it to the central planners and say Go deliver stuff we we hire the exact Same people that the Socialists hire When and somehow we just think oh well We’ll hire better Central planners Without realizing that Central planning Is is the fundamental flaw in how we’re Delivering our programs and Conservatives fall victim to this all The time is that we think oh well if we Just eliminate that layer of government And centralize we’ll eliminate Administration and will end up Delivering better services and it never Ever happens because the more you Centralize the more you’re creating Layers of managers who are disconnected From delivering those services so you End up with a very costly system that Gets worse and worse results so so what I have been I I started on the free Enterprise side as I mentioned with my Internship at the Fraser Institute so I’ve always been thinking how do we Apply our free enterprise values to the The delivery of public programs and if We were to apply our free enterprise Values then we would say it all be Begins with the individual giving Individual Choice empowering them with Dollars so that they can then go and

Purchase the things that they need to Purchase it you would have competition You would have not only public sector Providers but non-profit providers and Charitable providers and for-profit Providers all competing with each other To deliver the best service at the Lowest cost you would also make sure That you we have this bizarre situation Where we give all this money to a Central planner they use it to deliver Services themselves and then they Evaluate their own performance and say We’re doing such a bang-up job give us More money and we always do those are Not roles that in any uh Enterprise are Concentrated in in one entity you have To have a different purchaser and a Different provider and then somebody Else saying evaluating the performance To see how you’re doing and this is the Way that you apply conservative Principles to how you deliver health Care how you deliver seniors care how You deliver Advanced education how you Deliver K-12 education and that’s the Project that I want to to engage and get Started on conservatives normally shy Away from these types of issues and we Normally don’t put forward a vision of How we want to do it differently and What I observe with the left and they The left does this very well is that They will do polling on a particular

Issue and find that there’s very little Support for it so then they go out and They Advocate and they get their fellow Travelers and they write columns and Then they pull again and now the support Is a little bit higher and they keep on Inching up the level of support until They’ve got 50 plus one saying yes and Then they act on it whereas Conservatives do the opposite we say oh We’ve got this idea let’s go out and Pull on it oh people don’t like it well Let’s put that back on the shelf that is Not what our job is if we want to win The ideas War I also think that Reliance On polls is also devastating to Conservatives because conservatives take A medium to long-term view of things and Pulls samples short-term whim and what The conservatives need to do I believe In order to maintain anything even Vaguely traditional which means to Maintain Society itself is to put forth The kind of vision that you were talking About today and to and to rely much less On the hypothetical expertise of Hypothetically expert pullers you know As a as a clinical and research Psychologist I know full well that asking people Questions to find out what they think is Way more difficult than it looks you Know if you as a research psychologist If you want to find out what a group of

People think about any given political Issue that probably takes one dedicated PhD researcher two years to manage Because you can’t just ask the questions That you think are obvious because they Beg the answer and you’re not sampling Anything that has any longevity in terms Of attitude and if you re if you phrase The questions slightly differently you Can get completely opposite responses And so conservatives get set back on Their heels when they do opinion polling And I think they do that very frequently To abdicate responsibility it’s like Well we can’t do this because it’s in Popular well you know Maybe it’s unpopular maybe it’s your Responsibility to put forth a coherent Medium to long-term vision and and to Hope that you can communicate it well Enough so that people come on board you Have to tell the right story you have to Tell the right story and you have to Find The Advocates who will help tell That story for you as well you you Um your audience may not know my history But I have been in this world of public Policy for 27 years I’ve been at a think Tank with the Fraser Institute I’ve done Uh landowner advocacy with the Canadian Property rights Research Institute Business advocacy with a couple of Different business groups I’ve been in Media in print media television media as

Well as radio media I’ve had my own Podcast and so I’ve I’ve seen the and I’ve and I own my own business so I’ve Seen the full spectrum of how you try to Push ideas along and I’ll I’ll tell you What I would observe is that the Conservative movement has pretty well Seeded the ground on so many of the Culture shaping institutions that we Have in K-12 education we don’t have a Large number number of conservative Libertarian-minded teachers helping to Connect kids with all of the different Ideas that are out there as well as all Of them Completely we don’t even we’ve even Pulled trans education out of most of Our schools so how is the some young Young kid supposed to know he wants to Be an electrician or a plumber or a Welder if he doesn’t have access to the Opportunities to try it out so that’s One thing that we’ve seeded we’ve also Seated the universities and you know This probably better than anyone else How difficult it is to get your research Funded if you happen to have something Beyond woke views it seems like there’s Only one particular type of research That gets funded these days so our our Universities I don’t think are giving us The support that we need in the Conservative and libertarian movement on Top of that all of our Arts

Organizations our filmmakers the Messages that come through all of all of Our our Hollywood and other popular Popular film is almost uniformly Negative to a conservative ideals or Capitalism or Liberty all those you know There are some some notable exceptions Um and then uh and then of course I Think as well we we haven’t cultivated Our friends in in the union movement in The way that we should have because Increasingly they’re having the the same Conservative values that that we’re Talking about here and so I feel like so Many of the different forces that shape Society and shape the conversation I Should add media I mean media as well I Remember years ago uh Lydia Milgen who Was a researcher at one of the Ontario Universities but she worked for the Fraser Institute it’s almost like a Mirror image of of how many people in The media self-describe as being atheist Or agnostic compared to the general Public and that shapes the the kind of Stories that get told so all of the Opinion shaping that is done is done by And large by by the by the progressive Side of the spectrum even on the uh Advocacy groups we have far more active Advocacy groups on environmental and Social issues from a leftist perspective Than we have from a liberty sharing Conservative perspective so what I’m

Talking about the things that I need to Do to try to advance the message but I’m Not going to succeed unless we also have The backup we need to have the advocacy Groups and the think tanks and the Academics and the universities we need To be hiring teachers and filmmakers who Are going to tell our stories and I Think that this is a a 20 or 30 year Project because it took 20 or 30 years To get to the place we are right now It’s going to take 20 or 30 years to get Us to some sort of balance but we’ve got To start by recognizing the nature of The problem we created for ourselves and Starting to undo it so what’s your What’s your strategy at the present time For communicating the ideas that we’ve Talked about today to albertans you you Can’t obviously rely on the centralized Legacy Media especially given that They’re government funded now which Doesn’t exactly help their bias so how Do you how is it that you plan to get The ideas that you’re describing out There to albertans especially in short Order because as you said you have what Seven months till the election eh is That it and that’s when it has to be Called old yes it does I’m I’m losing a Bit of I had lost a bit of heart in the Legacy Media as I mentioned I started There I was um an editorial writer and Columnist at the Calgary Herald

Beginning in 1999 and and the and the Mantra when I was there by my bosses was That I had to be fair I had to be Accurate and I had to be balanced and That’s all I ask of the Legacy Media is Just go back to the kind of Journalism That we that we used to do because that Is I think what is alienating Um people when they’re when they’re Looking at the mainstream media if they Don’t see that their view is going to be Presented in a balanced way then they’re Going to go to Alternative media sites And and this is part has led to a number Of alternative media sources some more Credible than others but we’re seeing a Polarization now of you so that if You’re going and looking for Confirmation bias and you’re on the left You’ve got your a handful of left-wing Sources you’ll go to if you’re looking For confirmation bias on the right You’ll have your handful of confirmation Bias sources to go to but what really Moves us forward as a society is when Those can meet in a public square or Thrash it out so that we can come to Some common understanding on how we move Forward so I I maintain a great hope That some of these Legacy Media will Either get back to their original Foundational purpose or that some of the New Media is going to to develop those Same principles of being fair and

Accurate and balanced I think some are And I think that’s very positive so I Will continue to do interviews with the Mainstream media but I do so knowing That they’re sitting and waiting for me To say the one sentence that they know That they can light up on Twitter to get Something trending so that they can then Write a follow-up story about how I had Some Gaff that that is that is not Journalism in my view journalism is Here’s an issue let’s talk to three or Four different sources let’s educate People and analyze and I I would love to See that return but you are getting some Of that in these long-form interviews on Podcasts you’re getting it in some of The alternative media that has developed And quite frankly Elon Musk taking over Twitter I think is going to be a net Positive for Humanity that we are going To be able to finally have some genuine Balance in the discussion that we Haven’t had for the for probably about a Decade so I I’m watching it I will Continue to do my my own um my own Videos and and my my own memes that I Push out on those different platforms I’ll do these kinds of interviews I will Talk to the mainstream media but I’m I Do I do remain very concerned that we Don’t have anything approaching any kind Of balance when we’re when we’re looking At what we see out there in the Legacy

Media and that’s a real problem yeah so So what’s in the immediate future for You now like both on the poll on the Policy front on the strategy front on The communications front what do you see Unfolding in front of you in Alberta in The next seven months well number one Before the end of the year we are going To make major strides in improving the Health experience of people who are Having to to use an ambulance or appear In an emergency room at a hospital we All have studied this to death we know What the issues are and we just need to Have the political will to act on them So before the end of the year people Will begin to see some major Improvement In in that part we’ll also start Clearing the surgical backlog because We’ll do the kind of things that I was Describing I’ve already asked all of our Uh whenever I go to any speech I ask People to to talk to their doctors and Who are and surgeons who are at local Hospitals to to uh to engage with us on Trying to bring some entrepreneurship Into how we deliver health care so those Are that’s going to to be the the most Important thing we also have to address The affordability issues I mean my I Have an economics professor from Um from University who always told me That inflation is always an everywhere a Monetary phenomenon and if I knew that

That printing more money would lead to Inflation from the time I was 23 years Old I don’t know why it is that the Bank Of Canada and the politicians making the Decisions didn’t understand that what Happens so we are now in a position Where I didn’t create this problem but We at the provincial level we have to Solve it we have to make sure that we’re Addressing the issues of cost of foods By supporting our food banks we’ve got To address issues of electricity and Home Heating by providing offsets we’ve Got to address the issues of cost of Gasoline and Diesel at least for this Temporary period of time until we start Seeing prices stabilize so that’s going To be another big focus of ours another Area is going to be getting telling the Alberta story on the international stage In the past our governments have Defaulted and allowed the federal Government to represent us at Conferences like cop 27. we’re not doing That anymore It was a terrible idea so we’re going to Be sending our environment Minister and It’s not to offer a counter message it’s To offer an accurate message that Alberta is at the lead on addressing Issues of emissions at our companies Have carbon technology and hydrogen and Want to export LNG and we are here to Help so that is you’ll see us be a lot

More aggressive and getting our own Message out on the international stage And we’re going to going to keep this Fight going with Ottawa that we we have To fix this country we we have to get to A point where each province realizes That they have sovereign powers in their Own right and they should stop allowing Ottawa to push them around Ottawa will always try to take more Money more power more decision making Away from the provincial level and small Provinces maybe felt felt the the Federal government was here to help we Now know they are not and so we are Going to to be working very hard to make Sure that all of our areas of Jurisdiction come back to us at the Provincial level so that’s going to be An ongoing an ongoing project and I’m Just delighted that we’ve got other Provinces who are thinking very much Along the same lines those those would Be the main things that we work on great Well it’d be very interesting to see a Solid Western Prairie Province Coalition Form itself and start to act more Independently in some sense Within Confines of Canada at the moment I can’t Think of anything that would be better For the for the West certainly for the Country in the long run and also for People everywhere else given that Canada Has abundant sources of clean cheap

Energy and could provide them in the Most politically and economically stable Manner possible right why is that not a Good story to tell everyone in the world And I guess that’s part of what we’re Doing today It’s an excellent story to tell the World and I’ll add to it food security As well I mean I’m very concerned that You’ve got the same strange Um don’t don’t don’t build anything Attitude that is now being applied to Our agriculture food producers as well That you’ve seen in in Hall and the Netherlands that they want to Dramatically reduce the amount of Fertilizer use and we see that our Federal government is proposed is Preposterously proposing the same thing And fortunately you’ve seen in our Province here as well as in Saskatchewan We said no way we’re not going to abide By some arbitrary fertilizer reduction Limits because it means we’re going to Reduce the amount of food we can produce At a time that we’ve got a global food Security crisis I was just speaking to a Woman who’s involved in trying to find Food aid for Africa and she was saying That the projections for starvation are In the 40 million person range why are We not talking about that and all the Things well you know that the planet has Too many people on it anyways and so

There’s always that little bug bear Lurking in the background that genocidal Statement so yeah I know well the word The World Bank already estimates that at Least 220 million people are in a Situation of food insecurity which means Borderline starvation known if the Winter is particularly brutal and maybe It won’t be and good if it isn’t then We’re going to see well and those 10 Things sorts of things tend to spiral Out of control once they get started so No it’s it’s absolutely appalling cheap Energy and cheap food that’s good for The poor it is it’s good for the poor And it’s good for the planet too I I Read a a book by Hans Roslyn called Factualness I don’t know if you read it A couple of years ago it’s a great book It is a great book and he talks about What a great new story we have about the Elevation of people out of poverty that Has taken place over the last number of Decades and it also we also find that When when women have economic choices Rather than having 10 or 15 children They end up having two or three children And so even those who are concerned About the impact on our resources and Whether or not we can support the Increase in population the the solution To that is to make sure that we have a Good supply of food a good supply of Energy economic opportunities for men

And women so that so that we can see Everybody elevated to the same standard Of living the the prescriptions of the Extreme greens is the exact opposite and And it’s going to lead to to more Poverty and more Devastation and it’s Not going to address some of these Issues of economic opportunities for Women as well so I think that we’ve got Such a good such a good story to tell Not only here in Alberta but also across The the country nationally and also a Message for the International Community And I I can’t wait to get out there and Start talking about it Great great well that’s a that’s a very Useful and uh profound place to end and So thank you very much for talking to me Today Um I look forward hopefully to meeting You in January when I’m in Alberta if if We happen to overlap that would be Lovely and uh I’ll put you in touch with Some of the people that I talked about Earlier and Um I appreciate very much your Willingness to talk unscripted in such a Courageous way for an hour and a half so That everybody can actually hear what You’re thinking instead of being forced Into 15 second carefully uh machine Sound bites and so it’s a nice new style Of political discourse you know and I Think it enables people who can actually

Think to shine so more power to that as Far as I’m concerned well it’s my Pleasure the last thing you want to call A policy politician is courageous I used To watch Yes Minister and yes prime Minister and that was something that the Deputy Minister would always say when he Wanted politician not to do something I’m going to keep on doing this though So thanks for the conversation today Yeah my pleasure really my pleasure so Thank you to everyone who was watching And listening and I’m going to continue My conversation With the premiere of Alberta Danielle Smith on The Daily wire plus platform We’ll talk a little bit about the Development of her career which is what I do for an additional half an hour for Those of you who are interested please Consider subscribing to the Daily wire Plus platform they’ve professionalized My podcast made a lot of projects Possible that I wouldn’t be otherwise Able to do and also allowed me to Continue doing all the other things I Was doing and so uh consider heading on Over there and and checking out what They have to offer and thanks again Premier Smith much appreciated Hello everyone I would encourage you to Continue listening to my conversation With my guest on

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