“Silicone Valley People Will Lose Their Jobs!” – Reaction To OpenAI Being A $29 Billion Company

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In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Neil Tyson and Adam Sosnick talk about the consequences of open AI.

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Open AI okay open AI is a conversation I Don't know how much you're following Chat gbt or not no in six weeks these Guys have gone from zero in valuation to Now being a 29 Billion Auto Company give Or take okay in six weeks and so in two Years it took Facebook two years to get To a million users it took Instagram two Years to get to a million users it took Pinterest five months to get to a Million users it took Angry Birds 34 Days to get to a million users it took Chanji BT five days to get to a million Users every other hour when you're on Chat gbt the website's shut down because Of the amount of activity so you haven't Used the app yet right you haven't I Know about it the website yeah so what Are your thoughts about the direction We're going with AI and and you know Things like Chad gbt and what else you See this thing going to I know you made Predictions on the Rogan show where you Said you know here's some of the Predictions I heard you know cancer you Know this well that stuff designed to be Shown that I would be wrong in 30 years They were not here's my crystal ball It's all going to happen right it's I in My chapter of the book I spent Pages upon Pages showing how people's Predictions at the beginning of a 30-year period had no meaning at the end Of a 30-year period going from 1870 to

2020. and so I said so that you don't Think I'm just being mean to other Futurists I will join this exercise so That in 30 years you can tell me how Wrong I am that was how where that came Out but I would say that that Um we can be impressed with what AI is Doing and we should be and so I don't I Don't have a problem with that but were You worried what what's your what point Are you making about this no no because There's the debate right now I'm very Neutral on this I love advancement I Love Innovation I'm excited about it but This morning I'm having my CEO call with Our c-suites and I'm talking to our CTO Who is a guy that's done very well for Himself he's sold companies he's been Part of companies being acquired by IBM For 700 million dollars he's on very Well so I said so what do you think About this whole concept of Chad gbt Because the other day I don't know if You can go to see if it's working the Website's working I know we're not if Okay search up the connection is secure Or not proceeding okay it's down right Now it it's it's often down but Yesterday not yesterday Saturday we're Here shooting a video And I said Write a 1000 word paper on the Iranian Revolution in Donald Trump's voice okay It wrote the paper sure

I said write a hip-hop song by Tupac on The subject of this if Tupac was alive Today it wrote the okay the song If This Was live right now what I would want to Do is to ask it ask any question from Ask a unique question of Neil deGrasse Tyson what would you ask him to show so So this is kind of like the the best Explanation is you go to a library Google is I like to read books on the Subject of The Big Bang Theory here's 273 books versus this one you go to this Library and say I would like you to Write a paper for me in seventh grade Level thousand words on The Big Bang Theory no problem in 10 seconds here's Your paper yeah yeah that's what this Thing does yeah so copywriters gone this Can write code this can write rap songs This can write lyrics this can write Papers this can write anything to it Just declare I don't think you can write Music yet it can write Rhymes no no it Can't write no I didn't say no Awards Like if you want to do hip-hop or by the Way can you do me a favor go go to UK Education and type in chat gbt okay so Is what's this going to eliminate but What creative what is your concern what Is your concern I'm excited about it I'm Not concerned about what are other People's concerns a lot of people's Concern is it's going to replace jobs For copywriters a lot of Silicon Valley

People like for example the store that I Came out with New York Times type in New York Times gbt and I put code red New York Times gbt code red okay so this is A recent article right there a new chat About is a code red for Google search Business okay A lot of people are Talking about how this new wave of Chatbot like chat gbt using AI could Reinvent or even replace traditional Internet search engine okay so what's Your point I'm excited okay that's what They're saying okay I think it's Exciting I would say yeah by the way and One time I I tweeted this I said Um People who cheat on exams Do so Because the system values your grade More than the student values learning Okay so if we're worried that people Will create a a a paper In in whatever whatever oh there it is Thank you You found 2013. yeah yeah no I've been I've been at this thank you to be the 10-year anniversary of that thought Because our school system values grades More than students value learning that's Such a powerful tweet yeah so the point Is why why would you cheat at all right If it's only to get a grade so that the School system thinks more highly of you When being in school is about learning

Yeah and so if you have the AI bot Create your papers you didn't learn a Thing but you got the grade this is this Is the problem we began with here in This conversation the the value we put On a grade is out of proportion with who And what you actually are and become in Life so so yeah you can submit papers Like that fine But you'll be an idiot at the end of Your school you'll get a degree because This you fooled the system but did you Fool yourself did you fool your life no You don't you didn't And here's another Point guessing on an Exam Okay Uh yeah that works sometimes okay Because you might be right but guessing In real life just shows your ignorance Period If you don't know something say you know I don't know I want to go find out I've Asked people questions uh who knows what They're thinking and they'll say well Let me guess it was no no if you if you Know it or you don't the urge to guess Was because of school multiple choice Tests If you don't know the answer then guess And then maybe you'll be right and then We'll think highly of you for guessing The right answer no no I'm an educator I Care that you learn stuff and yeah if

The chat bot makes people think you're Smart even though you're not who Benefits from that I don't know How much you think that translates into Whether it's current events politics You know Global Affairs where it's like Well I think this and we famously Interviewed uh Philip Mudd uh former CIA He said he said it's not about what you Think it's about what you can prove the Facts so that you know everyone has an Opinion these days and everyone can Tweet their opinion how does that how do You grapple that uh thought process I'd Like opinions I have nothing wrong with Opinions provided they're not based on Objectively false knowledge then you It's a malformed opinion and you should Think to yourself if there's something Flawed about my opinion I should be in a Position to change it And if not then once again you've Ossified into a point of view and Truth Doesn't matter to you and fine go live In a cave somewhere but that is not the Seeds of an informed democracy or the Seeds of a civilization that needs to Become better Shepherds of its own own Decisions and its own inventions and its Own plight in the future of civilization Uh So so I see AI is a helpful tool when you

Can't otherwise get something done as Well as you could if if but not as a Replacement for your own learning I Don't see that you don't think you think AI will ever replace you Some tax of mine for sure what will it Not replace what will it not replace What will it not replace specific to you I'm specifically talking to Neil DeGrasse Tyson what can you do that AI In the future won't be able to replace I Don't know okay it's possible that AI Will replace everything about me that's Entirely possible however However tomorrow I might go to the Bahamas and meet someone new the AI Didn't do that that person might give me New insights in my life that didn't Happen to the AI I will have new Thoughts because of that experience than The AI had so the AI will be Frozen with Whatever was my last published Searchable content on the internet If I have thoughts that I write down by Hand and they're not on the internet Right and I have enlightened ideas the AI will not be able to track that unless I post it online which I might then do Then it'll catch up with me they're fine Do you think everything under the sun uh Uh has been thought of and written about Online no of course not oh my gosh of Course not okay new ideas are not yet Online so I'd like to see AI invent new

Understandings of the laws of physics I Haven't seen that yet okay you know what That's a good way of uh think about it I I that makes sense because meaning human Beings working together in a Collaborative way invent things AI Hasn't had hasn't independently yet Invented something big but people who Claim that General AI will one day Arrive there and okay fine but here's uh Something else sure uh on the back of my Phone is a A section of Uh Van Gogh's The Starry Night okay uh You could tell AI To paint something in the style of Van Gogh of this scene and they'll do it But you can't tell AI to be Van Gogh in The first place Does it need to yes why because that's The style that van Gogh pioneered Did you get my point so uh It's not going to be Van Gogh it's it Can ape the style of Ango because it has Data on that it doesn't have data on Something that hasn't happened yet This painting had not happened before he Painted it and his entire style of Painting had not really happened yes its Impressionist but his is distinct Is the AI going to give me something Distinct that no one has happened yet That isn't aping anybody else's style Maybe that day will come and maybe we'll

Praise it but that we're not there yet What if that day comes what becomes Boring what becomes useless what becomes A waste of time what what happens to Life what happens to ambition what Happens to you you know what I'm saying What happens AI does everything yeah Then we all go to the beach and and play What a boring life no no you can still Write books you can still do things Is AI going to do this podcast no No ai's not going to be you It could right yeah so so I'm I I don't fear AI you know people say It'll become our overlords you know and Turn us into their pets uh in the in the Mind and body chapter of the book I Comment that if Uh you know we treat our pets Royally I mean are cats and dogs you Will step over a homeless person in the Street to go home and feed your pet Okay this is what in America this is What we do so if that's the case then Maybe if AI becomes or some alien Intelligent species becomes our Overlord And makes us their pets Maybe they will treat us much better Than we treat ourselves Hmm I think a natural question would be what Everyone asks is like are robots and Computers and Technology ever going to Replace humans they already have

How many farmers did we need a hundred Years ago to produce the crops that they Did relative to today you can go your Whole life living in a city and never Even meet a farmer yet most people in The 1800s had had a profession that was Somewhere involved in the farming or the Food production industry so yeah Machines are doing that machines are Doing the irrigation talking to Satellites that measure the moisture Content of soil knowing when to irrigate We have machines that do machines are Doing everything this is not some new Weird thing yeah with every next wave You'll lose some jobs yeah there are no Buggy whip manufacturers today no There's not that take a look at a phone But I did this growing up the Yellow Pages I looked at the Yellow Page I used To keep them at for every five years you Look at them and I'm old enough to Remember in 1965 1970 1975 1980 as we Entered the 80s Computing company started showing up Relative to other companies that were Disappearing from the Yellow Pages and How many people are employed in I.T When that number 40 years ago was Zero So I don't I don't lament the loss of Jobs but you have to be flexible enough To move with the with the that that that Ascending Frontier of Science and Technology and civilization and who's

Getting paid to do what If you're a parent 20 years ago the kid Says I want to be a YouTube influencer You say what the hell kid shut up get a Life kid get a life kid all right now The YouTube influencers that out earn Everybody who's walked into this Building okay so and that's a job Unthinkable 15 years ago But it's a job today so I'm not I I don't lose sleep over any of this Are you making there's a difference There's a difference because this is uh I'll give you this perspective and then You give me wait you're not going to Tell me it's different this time is that Really you're going to tell me that Really you're going to say no this time Not at all not at all did you read the Book the economics book This Time It's Different no I have not but don't do That book it's not every time there's an Economic collapse yeah but this one this Time is different So here's here's a question it's all the Same here's a question for you here's a Question for you so let's just say You're the the you're playing in this Playground in Venice Beach basketball You're the sickest basketball player in Venice Beach and everybody's gonna have To watch you and have covered this is This is during covert you're killing Nobody is there yes

I was just trying to be fun oh we go to Covert right afterwards but so so you're The best basketball player I've been in Speech Everybody comes to watch you on Sundays And Joe girls are like oh my gosh you Know Joe You're great and they're Fantastic and then all of a sudden these Five guys show up and they play in the NBA and they show up and you play Against them and they embarrass you you Don't score a single point they dunk on You all of a sudden those same girls That were like oh my God Joe they forgot What your name is okay yeah you're Replaced by five guys that can do it Better than you so the only thing is About Chad gbt can it replace that Joe Who's been fantastic now he is being Replaced by AI that he used to be Important now he's just a guy that was Very smart and famous 15 years ago yeah So you take on something else stay Flexible enough To Shift what your job Ambitions are In the possibility that you could be Replaced By a machine but I have an example I Personally knew a calligrapher Who drew the letters in a dictionary uh The opening letter because the Dictionary you you start out you get to Like the letter G well the first entry

In a dictionary in the G's is the letter G all right and so that was a Calligraphy thing that was hand done for Many many years and the company said we Need you to make a template of this okay Which she did because she was on staff She was on payroll and then they scanned It and then she was laid off So Okay yeah that's sad but You know I mean Look for other jobs that are arising There are more jobs think about it the 330 million people in this country And 20 years ago there were 200 million Or whatever the numbers were the point Is All these new people who didn't exist Back then have jobs today The job market has grown in all kinds of Dimensions in all kinds of ways Be aware of that that's why you should Never take job advice from your parents Hmm why they're stuck in the old days They don't have any idea what's coming Around yeah in the all in the old days You could take job advice from them Because things didn't change on a time Scale that would matter between high School and college But right now no it it's like getting Car advice from your father you would Never do that they would hear that Mom What's your calligler friend uh

Calligraphy I haven't been what are you Doing now I haven't caught up with her Best guess what do you think she's doing Don't she be retired now okay I don't Know so are you making the case for or Against Andrew Yang's famous Ubi Experiment all right so Ubi is an Interesting Solution to this if AI is making all the Money Then you know put it into the system I Would say that there might still be Things humans figure out to do that AI Doesn't really know how to do yet And has to be trained or get better at It or whatever so I I don't know that Ubi it's an intriguing idea it's Completely intriguing and uh you know What I think AIS can't build the bridge Okay or erect the that that's a long Time coming before that happens what I Think we should do is We should redouble double double down on The re on the on the maintenance and Modernization of our infrastructure Those are actual human jobs With tractors and you know yeah maybe AI Can build a prefab home with with Construction Bots but uh unique Structures that are on a hillside that Those are human being those are actual Construction workers is an AI bot going To come in and fix your plumbing I don't See that happening yet but if you do you

Got to give them a butt crack Tape it onto the back so if you like This clip and you want to watch another One click right here and if you want to Watch the entire podcast click right Here Foreign [Music]

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