Social Networks Have More Power Than Some Governments w/ Jordan Peterson

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Ron Paul started social media influence On politics Ron Paul raised I think six Million dollars in 2004 on MySpace in 24 Hours in 24 hours he raised six minutes Like Obama's like what This guy raised six million dollars in 24 hours a month and he's how old I'm I'm young I'm cool I'm handsome I want To raise billions and then he took Social media and he raised and he's a Two-term president and then Trump you Take Jack dorsey's Twitter out I don't Know if Trump's president today so Trump Learned how to use Twitter to his Advantage now that everybody knows the Power of social media the concern now Becomes everyone knows what you need to Do if you want to be a president two Years from now or six years from now Right you know if you played a game of Social media whoever's got the big Following so now the people at the top Who control these social media platforms Are more powerful than some governments Are Today

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