State Treasurers Reject Blackrock. You Should Too | Derek Kreifels | EP 344

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Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Derek Kreifels discuss the primary role of the state treasurer and why now, with the onslaught of ESGs and anti-fossil fuel divesting, their stewardship is so important.

Derek Kreifels is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the State Financial Officers Foundation (SFOF), the only nonprofit in the U.S. that combines ground-breaking free-market research with a strong network of states’ treasurers, auditors, and other financial officers, to actively sustain the health of each state’s economic outlook.

Before co-founding SFOF in 2012, Kreifels spent five years as Assistant State Treasurer of Kansas, where he oversaw the state’s college savings plan, ABLE plan, debt and bond management, and pension investments. During his tenure, his office processed over $21B annually, and he managed 42 employees with an annual budget of over $3.5M.

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(0:30) Coming Up
(1:33) Intro
(2:33) Background, the State Financial Officers Foundation
(5:50) Free Market first
(6:28) What a State Treasurer is responsible for
(8:25) Trust and treasuries
(9:36) Fiduciary responsibility defined
(11:02) ESG’s intro
(12:48) Environmental, Social, and Governance
(14:15) The vision being put forward
(17:18) Vanguard, Blackrock: the giants
(18:04) Leveraging your money against your values
(20:19) SFOF’s stance on ESG’s
(23:41) The “mad rush” to abandon fossil fuels
(27:39) The ESG movement will not work
(28:24) The issue of poverty and human flourishing
(29:19) Banning gas stoves, the scope of metro-products
(30:49) Leveraging US funds for Chinese coal investment
(32:22) To the residual environmentalists: It’s the same air
(33:40) Why Fink bends the knee
(35:04) Cobalt Red and covert buying
(36:40) Conservatives have been slow to respond
(39:08) Evil capitalists
(40:41) CEOs, you’d have to be daft…
(41:39) Why we typically listen to our elders
(44:11) The top 3 ESG firms own 20 percent of the market
(46:02) How Blackrock co-opts your funds
(49:17) Most people don’t vote their shares
(51:41) Weaponizing money
(54:39) The absurd precedent set by Trudeau
(56:19) Pushing back on IRS over-monitoring
(58:37) 15-minute cities
(1:00:00) Digital currency and crypto
(1:03:11) 50 states, 50 answers
(1:03:58) SFOF goals for Americans: divest in Blackrock
(1:06:30) Vanguard lost 2 Billion in a year
(1:08:04) Vivek Ramaswamy, Strive
(1:09:59) America: a beautiful mess or progress and insanity
(1:11:59) What you can do


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