Steven Crowder Breaks Down His Feud With Daily Wire

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Steven Crowder, Adam Sosnick and Vicent Oshana talk about steven’s feud with daily wire.

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You know daily wire is going to be Watching this tonight so you and I know You can't say yes or no but they're Watching this okay and they're watching To size you up they're watching to see If you guys are going to be able to Compete with them or not the world of Competition is very brutal and they They're you know that I don't need to Tell you any that they're watching it And by the way whether they're gonna say They watch it or not you know sometimes You're like oh did you watch it now no Should I bet you know so but a true Competitor which they are they'll be Watching this now here's a question If If the vision is like that so it's not Like you guys are here saying we're Gonna build one of the largest media Companies and be able to do XYZ and Fight the fight against the you know the Uh woke the establishment with what They're doing we're gonna do our part And we're going to build a company That's going to be able to go out there And fight for the average conservative In America for the values and principles That we have and by doing so we're going To be able to build a multi-billion Dollar company to do movies Documentaries shows they're that's not The vision that's not what you're Selling or is that no that's that's not

But here's here's the big difference so For example you can bring in someone Who's let's say is immensely talented Like a world-class stand-up comedian for People who are working with okay you can Bring them in and say by the way or a Documentary filmmaker who yeah we have Some people so different people who we And we'll be making probably tomorrow There might be some announcements as far As you know you have tentative Agreements but there'll be at least Twice the content starting March 20th Okay and eventually triple it'll be Quadruple as long as no one has to Compromise what what it is they believe But we don't bring in for example a World-class stand-up comedian and say You need to do a daily show that you Don't want to do and then a documentary We say hey you're looking to do a Special let us give you a a Tailwind let Us be the win under your sales for that Special you're a comedian be the Best Comedian you can be we're not trying to Fit them into a box and then if a Documentary filmmaker comes in and says Hey I want to make this film it's going To cost x hundred thousand or x million Dollars to produce it we don't go okay You can do that but you have to do a b c X y z for us to fund that we say okay Great be the best documentary filmmaker That you can be the issue is there

Really is no platform out there where People can be exactly who they are Without certain strings attached that May not be by the way with any malicious Intent but it ends up having the same Net result where it becomes very very Homogeneous you and I both know this on The conservative like there's a reason It's really easy for the left to say Look they're boring it's a bunch of a Bunch of well Tucker Carlson like on CNN Crossfire days with a bow tie it's a Tucker Carlson look-alike convention Right This this is this is your conservative Movement where it all looks and sounds The same thing everyone on the left I Mean how here's here's the the best most Effective attack that someone on the Left can do okay And we'll get this sometimes we'll be on The show and like you just mentioned Anderson Cooper right or sometimes like Chris Cuomo yeah where you just run the Clip And that's it it the setup is its own Punch line because it's so bad it Doesn't require commentary that happens A lot from people on the right where if You're maybe some people go I really Like what they're saying so they don't Realize how it comes across maybe to Someone who's just looking for the Content side of it and you'll see the

Left often they'll just run something And go All right there you go and they'll move On you think so not all not all the time But sometimes yeah yeah because okay so There's a reason they put together reels Hit reels for us like box listen I'm not An owner of Fox I don't know shares I Look you know I watch what Russell Brand Did yesterday two days three days ago on Uh what do you call a Bill Maher and he Called that that MSNBC person and he was A bam bam bam bam bam well you tell me You know you keep calling out the Fox News but how about you guys what have You done look at yourself so tell me one Thing that we've done that says you're Serious you want me to talk about Joe Rogan so yeah and it was so embarrassing I don't you saw I'm assuming you saw This yeah actually I don't know if I Could uh I think I'll because I'm in Florida be doing a show tomorrow oh Fantastic and then like Lex Friedman Like I said I'm this is I'm doing press For a couple of weeks right before we Phenomenal yeah so so himself when he Comes in so so then even Bill Maher was Almost uncomfortable like oh okay like Melissa slow down well no no it's really Also meaning there was a moment Where the left could do that with the Right but some are saying Fox could come Up right now and say listen we are the

King Kongs to day yeah number one comedy Greg Gutfeld is doubling camel and Fallon combined okay so that's data They'll say that they'll say tucker is What 2.6 2.7 million and number two is What they'll say out of the top 20 shows We have the blah blah blah okay you look At the bottom down lemon where he's at These things you've heard I've heard we See the data and it's very easy for them To take the shot the way they do right Like Joe Rogan oh you want to talk as Much crap as you want to talk about Joe Rogan 11 million an episode that one you Know data that came out with the podcast I don't know if you remember this was Like a year ago maybe nine months ago When it came out everybody was silenced Hey here's how much just kidding so so The fox could throw their weight around And say yeah you guys can say whatever You want we are still kicking everyone's Ass gut Phil Tucker this that they can Push their weight around sure the only The only thing I'm asking from you is I Hope they do yeah no I hope they do and I hope they start you know supporting Real like conservative causes and Candidates and a lot of people see Fox News as Republican not so much I'm not I'm not a Fox News Republican I'm a Traditional conservative what's the Difference Uh well the difference for example would

Be if you look at the way they treated Certain candidates uh I mean for example If you look at like what happened with Kerry Lake and the question the loaded Questions that they would ask the same Thing where if you look at the way they Would treat Donald Trump the same thing If you look when I was there and Mitt Romney was kind of a coronation uh the Same thing if you look at some of the Topics that they'll cover whether it's Covering you know the gender bender That's going on with bathrooms like some A lot of the time because I know that I Would tune into it and it doesn't Represent what it is that I believe or Certainly I should say not the entirety Of it Um and a lot of conservatives feel that Way certainly a lot of conservatives After the election Um there's one thing to say like look The lawsuits were terrible and of course They were like we were on there reading The amicus briefs it's another thing to Say anyone who thinks that there was an Issue going on with the election is Crazy and I'm not by the way not Everyone is the same there like Tucker Is very different from someone like a Greg Gutfeld who's very different from Uh I don't necessarily know all the Other Ingram Laura Ingram Kennedy and Yeah everyone has different points of

Janine and Judge Jeanine yeah I had done Uh Herschel quite a bit on the weekend She's actually she's a lot of fun she Was a lot of fun to hang out with she She carries a stick when she goes out She's not afraid to but here's the thing I don't see it as competition because Our viewership isn't 74. it's not a 74 Year old and I'm not just saying as a Slate that is the median viewership it Might be 70 times that high though I Know it's in the 60s that high it's in The 70s let's call it 65. sure 2019 yeah 28 years old and not that we don't Target young people to give you an idea A lot this is kind of what you were Saying about I see where the puck is Going not where it is now what time is Going it's just it's who I am and so I'm Able to speak to that group of people The issue is I think you need to reach All of them the problem is it was never Profitable to reach younger people and That's why the median demo just got Older and older and older and older Because it's a lot harder to get a bunch Of 20 and 30 year olds to tune in it's Much much more difficult than to uh have The current conservative base tune in so It's not the same thing and by the way I Hope they reach those people look the Baby boomer generation 2 they were Incredibly liberal flower power turn is One of the most conservative generations

Of all time I'm just I'm the only one Saying there isn't only one one way to Skin a cat because I've had to do it and Been told that it would never work and That's what hopefully we can provide for Other people out there who feel the same Way there are a lot of people in the Industry and March 20th you know people Are going to see uh they're looking Forward to them people have been begging For you to come back for four years we Have a much younger demo than Fox News We we do of course By the way your what time do you do Is it 11 o'clock they do your show is it Uh when you would was it 11 A.M is it It's 10 a.m Eastern right 10 a.m 10 a.m 10 a.m East okay I know that because We're 9 to 11 is our show and then I was Like oh Stephen Crowder no no it's great But the point is the point is that's the Amount of influence you've developed now For us you know we're in the space we Have a message our audience shows up Maybe our audience is slightly different Than yours they come because they follow Business and we follow business stories Yeah it's not necessarily the same thing So it's not I don't see us competition No any more than I see Fox News or what Other people like really wires Competition but where I where I'm going With this on on the fox part of what You're saying is

Um okay so here's a different question For you as somebody that is in talks With a lot of people right now we're Going to be signing some talent and we Want to bring them on board to Valuetainment we're going to be doing That because that's part of what we want To do we have a vision where value Tema Wants to go what could could the could Daily wire had really done anything to Have kept you meaning you know some Relationships don't work out yeah and You're kind of like dude like I really Don't want this relationship to work out And we're very good to not make a Relationship you're dating a girl you're Like I have a lot of fun with you we're never Going to be married and we're never Going to have kids so let me create a Problem hey let me tell you how you know You're going to say oh my God I can't Believe you said you know what I was Thinking about the other thing you know I was thinking about I was having a Fantasy about going and doing this I Would never could oh this this is why I Don't think it's going to work out it's Not you it's me in a boom and you follow Okay how much fantasy that involves a Parrot tuba lipstick three sticks of Butter yeah Yeah It's what we call the litmus test yeah I

Got four sticks of butter in my world But hey were you were you really open to The idea going daily wire or not yeah Yeah and by the way it wasn't it wasn't Just them just to be clear they've been A lot of suitors sure of course yeah um So let me let me just yeah so we were we Were doing the uh the Nashville show Right you were doing stand up about the Ryman which is yeah and the the whole Thing there was like you know we we had Some of the guys were there from daily Wire we knew they were going to be there And we're like you know there's just a Lot of stress and a lot of pressure like I really want to perform well because This after the election stream on Rumble That week just yeah went crazy and so he Was very much in the mode of like I Really want to perform well I want to Show these guys what kind of stuff we Can do in in the live space as well Doing stand-up and not just on the show Right so the answer to that question is Yes like there wasn't nervousness Because he was like I just don't like These guys and I don't want to do Anything with them ever it was like I Really want something to be possibly to Be able to work out but he said it many Many many times there was just something In there that we've spec we've Specifically gone into it that just is a Non-starter all the other terms all the

Other stuff you get to right in Negotiations that was the thing that I Didn't like it was like of course you Negotiate yes but if there's something In there that basically says in this Term sheet that you're going to do Something that it just it's antithetical To who we are then no we can't get past That like that's just some something That's never going to work so that's why I said look just take me out of this Let's just talk about the movement he's Talked about a bench that's part of the Vision of what we're doing how is there Another Stephen Crowder in this current Age will Fox News step up and go into a Newer media category and try to reach a Younger audience and swing the big stick That they have to do something for the Conservative movement it's bigger than That bigger than that right will they Stand up and do that and so when we're Looking at we're like well we don't want To just do this and then kind of right Off into the sunset we want other people To be able to come up and do this as Well yeah because there needs to be more Than just Fox News there needs to be More options for conservatives so you Guys do want to build something as big As Fox News if not bigger not as big as Fox News oh yeah like I've talked about With YouTube is look I will build we Will build something that will be as big

As it grows to be provided that we can Believe in what it is that we're Building in other words if it comes to a Point where I go okay but We gotta start we got to start silencing Ourselves and discussing these issues Because look at the look at the 10 15 Million we've foregone on YouTube the Minute I find myself making this yeah I'm done can I ask you a question on the Money then yeah um you know they say Everyone has a price yeah and 50 million I'm 50 million okay well I think that Was that was my price yeah one night You never heard me talk about the money It was 12.5 million in a Content that Would go six for an entire production Company with a 110 penalties at minimum Right 45 actually 65 of which would have Been enacted immediately like could have Been redlined and eliminated okay we Have 25 30 employees we have millions of Dollars that we have to pay just in Equipment costs and insurance costs Right the costs and legal for us are in The few million dollars per year just to Operate the show and you know doing this That's not necessarily about right yeah So take well put a bigger number with The work that you do some of those Things it's a pretty accidental number You actually act you do skits you do you Mean it's not like a lot of production Costs yeah yeah we had to bring an

Entire uh a one and a half like metric Ton of sand into a Saving Private Ryan We have to have lawyers on retainer like Crazy because some of the we do is Horrendous sorry can I say yeah you just Did I apologize it's all good like Sometimes we look back and we go like do We do that but I said that whether it's 50 million you said even if it was a Billion no yeah that you're you're Ideologically opposed to what was going On with big Tech censorship yeah Everything like that there's no future To believe in if if we do the bidding of Big Tech and by the way no amount of Money no this is a hill you will die Nothing more predictable than me yeah There would be nothing more profitable Than me for example leaving getting a Bunch of people to sign up for a mug Club right now just the People by the Way who've already entered in their Email at mug Club forever there would be No way to make more money than for me to Say sign up do it for two years not Produce any other shows pocket the money And walk Or to have done that before that would Be the money play the money placard Certainly wouldn't be bleeding money to Bring in Talent right to try and produce Content we don't need to do it what Really and this is the challenge we run Into is

Um there are very few people who we can Bring in who would be for example like An exposure benefit for us but we don't Really care we know that we can be an Exposure benefit for them and there are A lot of good people out there who've Had the door slammed in their face and Yeah I know some of them have had the Door slammed in their face at Fox News At some of these other places because There are very specific instances of Them not playing ball that they Shouldn't have to play I'm not talking About anything really pernicious I'm Talking about like hey don't discuss These issues hey you know don't be so Rough around the edges some people need To be and that's okay only one side is Saying we don't need to do it one way so We'll be as successful as it is based on People saying what it is they believe And not compromising it but it's just a Different starting goal right I use this Analogy with pastors like your job as a Pastor is not to grow your church your Job as a pastor is to Faithfully convey The word of God to whoever shows up and Let God take care of the growth it's Just the focus is slightly different Right so we're saying look our goal is Not to grow a company and become a Behemoth like Fox News or anybody else That's out there our goal is to make Sure that there's a pathway for creators

And that the audience is always the Number one the only person that we have To perform for that's the audience What's that Jew and if that into your Church I want you to get me to convert Yeah there you go well we could talk About this I went to Ministry School and Your goal could be if you're Joel Osteen's stuffing money in the wall yeah You got to put that somewhere and you Need insulation so so guys so uh Obviously the left has a choke hold on Think about it when you name name the Top five conservative we were having Problems coming up with yeah three they Have a choke hold and it takes like Thank God little moments like Elon who's I don't really know where he's political But he buys Twitter we're seeing fathers Seeing the lives we're seeing all this with the league Lively do you guys Do you think Steve like the the tides Are shifting and people like you like What Pat's doing what you guys are doing Do you think it's there's light at the End of the tunnel there's the other side The other voice yeah you know it's a Good question there's definitely been a Shift so actually I wanted to go back to Something and this kind of ties in that Uh that Patrick said Um and he said Niche I don't have the Numbers but I remember uh a Breaking Bad I think there was about 14 million it

Was 12 million people tuned into the Finale and when they did some focus Groups I believe it was like 80 Something it was a significant majority Were Republican take the highest Viewership ever on Fox News it's still About a third of that so when people say Oh what you do is more Niche no no and I Think even like we don't really talk About our numbers a whole lot they're Reflected in that right with no seed Money it's not Niche to have an Entertainment show that people will tune Into whether they're conservative or not I would say it's more Niche to just do Rah-rah talking points because if you Look there's a huge con think of how Many people vote Republican and you're Talking about like these huge numbers Right Fox News like Tucker is like two Point something million three million is A huge Peak and that's what the Nielsen Rating right where the viewership is for Seconds right you're lucky if it's a Couple of minutes Um I think that's more Niche than for Example every single comedy late night Show all of Comedy Central ABC NBC but It's entertainment it's very different So going to what you're talking about I Will say this I've noticed a shift when I was obviously in in the entertainment Industry and then um particularly in the Stand-up Community like in Montreal

There were no people who were even Right-wing or libertarian I mean people Get furious I was I didn't even know it Was conservative but I would go up and I Would make a joke uh that I remember one Time I got in a lot of trouble because It was a joke about Muhammad uh So I would get in trouble back then uh And no one understood that there was an Issue with that everyone it was like a Comedy Witch Hunt remember when George Bush was president everyone just came Out and he sucks isn't he an idiot isn't He a yeah and it's fine but I was Going there's no no one else at that Point in time That's changed a lot as a matter of fact Now we're when you go to comedy clubs And not just people like Rogan but you See at least a lot of people understand The idea of freeze but you still get Sort of the Indie old Comics who say Like it's not cancel culture it's Accountability culture but really I had To take we had to take a lot of bullets Early on doing that because there were There was nobody in the industry doing It and I think now for some people it's A little late they've uh woken up and Realized it I mean I think Joe Rogan has Done a lot to help with that obviously You're talking about his numbers it's Unbelievable Um you see like someone like Russell

Brand like I'll be doing a show tomorrow I hope it goes well because I used to Lay into that guy hard because he loves English yeah and he had this I don't Know communist but back then uh he would Do this thing called the true the truce News all the news that you're not Hearing anywhere else and he would talk About it and they would he would Constantly go into Fox News and here you Would think that I'm anti-fox news my Issue was I felt compelled to back then Say well hold on a second what about ABC NBC CBS CNN MSNBC and he wasn't talking About it back then and I was the only Conservative on YouTube and so I would Dress up like him and do an impression Of him and make fun of him uh and and by The way not mean spirited like I Understand talented right uh but I don't Think he liked it of course uh and uh Now you see him transition I don't know Where he lines up politically on every Single issue but I do know that he Understands the threat we're facing he's So necessary his voice he's unbelievably Necessary that's a transition though Back then it was him with the entire Industry yeah and me kind of in this Corner and now it's at least split it's Almost like a Schism in the church yeah So if you like this clip and you want to Watch another one click right here and If you want to watch the entire podcast

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