Steven Crowder Destroys Jon Stewart’s Stance On Gun Control

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Steven Crowder, Adam Sosnick and Vincent Oshan talk about Jon Steward’s stance on gun control.

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Did you see Jon Stewart today with the Holder not today three days ago the Second Amendment yeah yeah but but I Have my thoughts on this what was your Reaction on the way he handles like Eight minutes here's the thing Jon Stewart is is really good yeah and uh For example like I can look at this Objectively when Jon Stewart was on with Back then it was uh Tucker and uh was it Chris Crossfire yeah right and then he Was on with Bill O'Reilly Look I agree with obviously Tuckerman I Would agree with Bill O'Reilly more it Was a master class I remember uh John Started answering Bill I said it's like Okay but Stuart you do this and you say And uh you know people do trust you as News and he said that may be but I don't Know if you know the lead into our show Is uh puppets making crank calls yeah Exactly and it just completely disarms Them it's like a master class but in This there's here's the problem he's Brilliant it'll and this is the beauty Of someone who's really Adept with Comedy he sells to the audience that he Knows what he's talking about I watch it Right away and go bing bing bing because I've been off here it's like I've been Championing at the oh my God uh Where he quoted so against the leading What is the leading cause of death with Kids it's not no it's not drag shows

We've done a whole segment on that you Know that number is completely fake Right where they said the leading cause Of death with kids is firearms that Includes kids 19 years old and when you Eliminate that stat of 16 to 19. it's Not even close when you eliminate the Stat of 14 to 19 and it's all intergang Related when people say hey this is the Leading cause of children you're right It's a parent and this is the disservice To me media does as a parent you want to Know oh is there a danger in my bathtub Should I not throw a toaster in there When my twins are you know learning how To how to play with a rubber duck that's Probably a bad idea not going okay hold On a second how do we save kids don't Join a gang at 17 years old in Memphis That's the stat that he throws out but He's so smooth and collected and so much Experience in dealing with adversity and I don't know how he edits it to be fair No and I it's the editing though see if I could see it cutting because the guy Invited about the speaker who's the guy He's a congressman in uh in Oklahoma This guy was you're talking about this Is a heavyweight versus a lightweight Right exactly when I saw the answers Then kind of he just kind of fumbled Through his response I was just like Gosh there's like five things that you Can say in response to this like do you

Hate women Jon Stewart because people Use their gun to defend themselves over A million times a year and most of those Are probably going to be women that need To be able to have a force equalizer do You hate women why why do you hate women Right like there's an easy way to say This isn't as simple as you're making it Seem yeah I just had an argument that's Why we're slightly late with a Canadian At the hotel pool I was like Joe like This is Like people say what is it like I'm this Way I'm a little more quiet sometimes Off there because I just kind of get Tired up at the Canadian but I was at The Canadian he was sitting there Talking he was bitching about uh all These stops that he had to make and Checkpoints where they would stop you on The road because he was going out to Moncton a new uh or maybe he was going To somewhere I don't know if he's going To Pei or Mountain New Brunswick and he Was talking about this I'm thinking oh This is a guy who gets it right like Like Johnny boy who's out there a friend Of mine from I've known since I was 12 In Canada Um and then all of a sudden I realized He starts talking about Parkland and how America hasn't done anything and I said Well hold on a second what should they Do

And he goes well you know and Ken if you Had our laws I said you just had a man Go to uh go to prison for 10 to 20 to Life for defending his house when two Men broke into his house with guns one Was roughing up his wife likely going to Rape her and he shot this home Intruder And he's the one who's doing time and The Prime Minister came out and said you Do not have prime minister blackface by The way I did like 15. I love it We've done blackface many times in the Show as Justin Trudeau the ongoing Sketch uh and uh he said oh I don't know About that I said yes you know about That your prime minister said you don't Have the right you do not have the right To defend yourself with a firearm that To me like Gandhi said is a far greater Act of evil in robbing a nation of Honors by the way you also don't have Freedom of speech in Canada I went Through my friend Mike Ward who had to Go all the way up to a supreme court for A joke and a human rights tribunal it is A subjugated conquered people in Canada And they don't even know it and that's The rest of the world outside of the United States and they don't even know They just accept it wholesale so anyways Well your question I wanted to hear what You had to say about Jon Stewart I think He's brilliant but I don't like what he Did here was dishonest yeah and uh but

Very clever but here here's the part Though I mean okay say John's Booker Team let's go to who John's Bookers are Booker that they booked yeah guests People have you mean to tell me you Didn't have 90 other people to get on There that are big or heavyweights than Bringing him on of course I I don't Understand You couldn't have brought in a a Ben you Couldn't have brought in uh how many Presidents how many that's by Design but But that to me that Um because let me tell you I watch it's Got 11 something million views can you How many views no I'm sorry it's now at 12 and a half million views what is the Number you see there do you see a number Well that's just Twitter no no that's Not the right number it's got 11.5 Million views yeah this thing crushed it It went viral there's no question about It with a whale win by the way from YouTube and big Tech that's a problem Yeah but but if you watched it he Handled himself so well he says so more Guns equals uh more safety right then Why is the we're going up well you can't Really and the guy tried to make the Argument of He just he was not a good debater to Represent this argument he goes he Leaned in and he goes when when will it Be when yeah exactly right but nobody

Was a billion guns well exactly he's Like how many it's like nobody was Prepared to counter and say well Actually the stats that you're quoting Aren't accurate we've talked about that Right the take out suicides take out Gang violence and you're looking at very Low numbers relatively speaking he Wasn't ready with any of that stuff and Of course this guy was picked well he's A paper tiger now I had to run it so one Of my who by the way I'm still friends With a manager had to drop me back then I don't want to say his name because Unfortunately he has to be in the closet That he was a guy who man he was Conservative and uh he had Jon Stewart's People reach out to him and say do you Do you have anyone else out there like Like this Stephen Craig but we don't do Conservative pundits but do you have Someone like him in other words they Were saying we like that he's young Because they'd see me from a comedy and Maybe a reel was sent I said we like all These things but we don't do Conservatives so if you have anyone like Him who doesn't believe his he believes We'd love to have them wow and then when I released that uh that was like a long Time ago like talked about it of course They called my manager I just talked About it they called my manager like This guy can't be talking about what

We're doing behind the scenes you know We're never gonna have any of your Clients again and I just remember kind Of speaking about it off the cuff but That happened like they keep people away By Design Stephen what's the difference Too between John Stewart and uh and Bill Maher Hmm oh not much and here's the thing Bill Maher now I think is going to I Don't know and I I would always say I Never questioned motivation but you know I did go through a pre-screen with Bill Maher's person and I'm not saying that Uh you know I would be the smartest Person on the panel far from it but Certainly if you look at some of the People who are on there like I Definitely would hold my own uh and I Remember the pre-screen process with Bill Maher she said what do you want to Talk about And uh and I was like because I'm Thinking Bill Mars you know a comedian You know by that he often like throws up His hands like okay left but uh I Remember saying like well I did just you Know I did just uh just read the hashtag Oscar so white and just go to see the New live-action Beauty and the Beast Film where in 1740s France I saw Mary J Blige be royalty fold into a bookcase so I don't know at what point like is what Point we start saying hey you know we're

Giving some roles that don't even make Sense just so with everything's going on You want to talk about Disney I said no I think when you're talking about Oscar So white and in 1740 slavery right when In that era they would have been slaves Now making black which of course by the Way just to be clear slavery bad okay All right slavery bad not supporting but I was saying it's hilarious that at that Point in time it's so historically Inaccurate you're creating roles uh for For black actors at that point that Would never even be possible and she Said well what do you think about Russia Russia gate and I said what do you mean She said what I said what was it and I Said this is there something new I don't know like I haven't checked the News in the last 12 hours but so there's Been someone that's broken like evidence Late breaking she goes no she goes no But I mean the whole situation I said Well okay do you want to talk about Fusion GPS do you want to talk about the Steel dossier because all this is Something that was basically paid Apple Research and we know it's completely Fabricated and it's I said so You condemn me for talking about a Cultural issue at large that we know is A sham but you want to discuss a sham And then when I hear Bill Maher going Out saying I told him to stop talking

About Russia it's like that's what your Booker was doing yeah yeah so I hope That his transition is real Uh I really do I think he's probably Been beaten up by the left a little bit But then he comes out and still says That Biden's doing a great job and he's Going to vote for Biden I'm going well How do you how do you come to that Conclusion I don't understand the Disconnect yeah unless you have to say It well it's the same thing with Jon Stewart he's like it's odd to say it's The Wu Hand Institute right biology for The Covenant it's like yes of course These are the same people that you trust And now you say you still trust why why Do you still trust them yeah I think I Think you're right they had those little Moments or like God like the real the Real Soul wants to come up but then like You said they they're owned by somebody Brother they're surrounded by people 100 Who wouldn't allow them to say certainly Oh for sure and uh I mean he is at one Point he took it one time like he took a Pot shot at me and just like some random Podcaster or something I was like okay I Don't care but he's done jokes from our Show my mom Bill Maher has verbatim oh Wow verbatim and we know that it's been On his radar because his Booker reached Out and so like you know it's just this Happens a lot and I don't mean like kind

Of you know sort of veering into the Same topics Um I really I would love to but when he Says hey look this is a problem with the Ultra woke and the okay fine then he Says Joe Biden's done a really good job As president and I would vote for him Is that really a net benefit Because you've gotten people to listen To you yeah and then you've taken them To the end game of this is what you Should do politically and I go oh God so I don't know but the John Stewart thing The guy is really funny Um he's very talented and that can trick People into him sounding like he's right A lot of what he said there was Factually inaccurate which tells me he Doesn't even do basic research because It just takes one link deeper into the Study Either that's a good cut either that is A terrible uh uh opposition representing Second Amendment uh or you know he just Did a master class on asking questions To put the pressure on the guest and There's an art in doing that as well Yeah and he's very very good at doing That part so okay so if you enjoyed this Clip you want to see another one click Here to watch another clip and if you Want to take advantage the latest gold Signature Series products that just came Out we have a bunch of new merch that's

Out this is a color changing mug when You drink coffee that lion turns into a Real lion and then we have hoodies with Vitamin gold on it the gold Signature Series hat shirts I'm an entrepreneur Anyways we have a lot of items they're Selling out if you want to take Advantage the gold Signature Series Click here place your order Sports your Right taming gear and tag us with the Hashtag valuetainment Foreign [Music]

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