“Still Investigating” – Do Detectives Think Boeing Whistleblower John Barnett Was Murdered?

Patrick Bet-David is joined by Robert Turkewitz, the attorney representing Boeing whistleblower John Barnett, as they discuss if John displayed any signs of suicidal tendencies before his death.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Was he a man of Faith um yeah I think he was I think he Was would he was he a church coin man Was he a praying man was he a man that Would talk about God was he a man who Was optimistic about looking that future Looks bright he had hope he was Optimistic was he that kind of a Person well he wasn't the kind of person Who wore that on his sleeves but um you Know he comes from a really good family And you know belong to a church and are Active in the church so you know I mean That's so he wasn't an atheist he was Not an atheist he was somebody that Believed in God you could tell that he had some kind Of Faith oh yeah okay he did you know he Cared you know what he cared so much About people and that tells me he had Faith and that's the feeling I get from Him so what I did while you're saying This it creates a couple questions for Me um let me first ask this question I'll go to the next one how much Progress do you think he was making uh By creating pressure for the new boing Obviously to to clarify he loved the old Boing not the new boing which means the First 15 years of him being that boing Prior to the you know the Douglas uh uh You know whatever the name is uh merger That took place so the old so the old Boying he was there 15 years the new

Boing 17 Years do you feel he was making progress To create um the kind of level of Accountability where boy and Cat to Finally get their act together He was hoping that that this case this Whistleblower case on air21 would uh Would bring that about uh I mean at one Point he was wanting to talk to the CEO Of the company and just tell them look You know this company is no longer the Company that he started with this Company I started with put quality and Safety before anything and this company Now puts shareholder value above Everything else and because of that you Know Production and moving the assembly line Takes precedent over quality and you Know he saw the writing on the wall and He and he was saying there's going to be A reckoning Someday so okay if that's the case this Is kind of where I go and you know you Seem like a nice man you seem like a man You know military Navy you worked for The Jag you sound like somebody who is a Man of value Probably a good father family you sound Like the kind of a father a girl would Like to have like a girl that you you Have a gentle yet firmness to you okay That's how you present yourself to me I Don't know you we've never broke bread

But my first impression that's the Impression I get from you and I go to The website while I'm talking to you I Go and say why do I feel suicidal I go To this website suicidal feelings okay Let's go through a list common causes of Suicidal feelings number one Mental Health problems okay I've seen the Documentation that he was dealing with PTSD and etc etc okay that's some of the Recent stories that comes up okay Bullying Prejudice or stigma all right Again sexual identity gender this is not The case different types of abuse Including domestic sexual physical this Is not the case uh bereavement including Losing a loved one to Suicide okay not Lost a loved one to Suicide but of Course the wife we're talking about her Health he moved to do that okay the end Of a relationship makes sense long-term Physical pain or illness doesn't sound Like that's the case here adjusting to a Big chain such as Retirement or Redundancy he retired in 2017 it's been Seven years so it's not like you know it It just sudden that typically would Happen more within a year to two years Money problems was he having any money Problems would you say he was in a bad Financial Stage I I don't believe so but but you Did mention one thing and that is he was Really frustrated about how long this

Process was taking And um you know we've talked a lot about The need for the air21 law to be amended And changed to provide more protection For Whistleblowers um the air21 complaint That was filed it took almost four years For OSHA to investigate that so he also You know he made not only the Retaliation allegation ations but he Made allegations about what he saw as Being Serious uh serious defects that he Believed had gone un properly addressed That had been Unaddressed and um so when you're when You're a Whistleblower and you're you know you're You're being you're having to go through All this because it's you know it could Be really stressful as it was for him And then when it takes that long for it To be Investigated and you're you know you're You're thinking that the complaints that You made need to be addressed quickly And the only way really it's going to be Addressed is through litigation down the Road it took four years for us to get to The litigation part of it and you know In all this time it's his life and he's It's something that's just weighing on Him so um it just I think the system Right now needs to be needs to be fixed

Um there's OSHA which is the agency that Investigates it they're undermanned They're underfunded it was clear to us That they were and um you know then when We got into court uh you know even Though the the judge is trying to move The case as quickly as possible you know It was just dragging on and this Situation is dragging on because you Know we're running into a snags and Getting documents produced um we had a Move to compel twice to get Boeing to Produce documents because they they Refused and even at the end of the day We still haven't received all the Discovery that we had been promised or That the judge had ordered to be Produced so all of this now we're Talking about seven years for this Individual who you know believed you Know that this system is supposed to Work or was or was depending on the System it's taken seven years for him to Get to this point and what was you know Really that that shocked us most of all Is that we were really close you know His we were looking at a trial date in June late June and uh you know he only Had a little bit left for his Deposition uh and then we were going to Take depositions throughout the month of March uh but his was was really for the Most part the first Deposition and it just you know I I

Think that it just wore on him it it Just wore him to the point where he just Got to the point where he just said I This is it I I reached my my Limit and that's assuming that you know That he that he took his own life we we Still don't have the final report on That but um you know the coroner's Report was or at least coroner came out And said it was an appar apparent Suicide they came out and they said it's An apparent suicide the coroner did Coroner did and um yeah but the police Are investigating it still and so and I Think the corridor is still Investigating as well I mean you have to You know I can no longer remain in Today's Democratic party Tulsi gabard Say she is no longer a Democrat a Potential tulsy gab VP where we are Being told that we just have to comply And go along with whatever they say People are smarter than this however we Must remain Vigilant to recognize their Propaganda for what it is pure life Unfortunately we live in a time where Free speech is under attack whatever They say goes and we we have to just Fall and the people who suffered under Your reign as prosecutor you owe them an [Applause] Apology taking on kamla Harris on a Debate stage before I would look forward To doing that

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